Confinement 24

Chapter 24 Second Confinement

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 Just as Fujiwara-san was smiling, the bell rang, signaling the end of the lunch break.

 ”Oh, geez, I’m all sticky because of Fu~min”

 ”But I didn’t say I wanted to shoot on you face or anything…….”

 ”But you did, didn’t you?”

 ”I…… did”

 ”Nfu~….. the honest Fu~min is cute. Then I’m going to clean your p*nis-chan”

 When she said that, she took my thing in her mouth.

 ”Chu, chu, chu…… Chuuuu…….”

 She lovingly crawled her tongue over my thing and began to suck up every last drop of semen that was left in my urethra.

 ”Kuh, Ughh….!?”

 Because I had just come, I was sensitive, and the stimulation was too sharp for me, and I squirmed involuntarily.

 ”Okay, thanks for the food. Then put your p*nis-chan away. I’m going to wash my face in the nearest bathroom, so Fu~min, you go back to class first”


 I left the rooftop with my hair pulled back. When I turned around, I saw Fujiwara-san waving at me.

 After I returned to the classroom, I felt a strange gaze on me.

 It was easy to imagine that my classmates had shifted their lunchtime conversation from Kurosawa-san to me and Fujiwara-san.

 Come to think of it, I hadn’t eaten lunch.

 I thought about eating a little before the teacher came, but I didn’t have the courage to open up my lunch box under these insolent stares.

 Then shortly after the fifth period started, the door at the back of the room opened and a female student walked into the classroom.

 It was Fujiwara-san…… But probably the same question was floating in the minds of all my classmates.


 No, I know. I know it.

 The blonde side-tail hair, the brown skin, the revealing blouse and the ridiculously short skirt.

 I don’t care how I look at her, it can’t be anyone else but Fujiwara-san.

 Only her face is different.

 She is a beautiful girl with slanted eyes and a calm atmosphere.

 Such a girl…

 ”Ah, I’m late, I’m late~! I’m sorry, Sensei, but I’m having a hard time with the menstrual period…”

 She said, after entering the classroom with the usual Fujiwara-like stupid comments.

 I was freaking out. Of course, I was surprised and confused.

 Even as a man, I had no choice but to shut up when she said something about menstruation.

 The teacher replied with a puzzled “O-okay” and then did not blame her in particular.

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”What do you think, Inomoto-senpai?”

 On the way to the parking lot, I asked the senior detective who was working on this case with me.

 ”Nn? What do you mean?”

 ”About that student, Fumio Kijima”

 Inomoto-senpai put his hand on his chin and lowered his eyebrows a little.

 ”Oh, I think that kid is definitely going to be bullied. He has that kind of vibe. He doesn’t have the guts or the ability to take revenge. He’s the type of person who lives in the world while sulking. I feel sorry for him”

 ”……Is that true?”

 ”What’s the matter, is there something on your mind?”

 ”No, at first glance he looks frightened, but sometimes he has a strange air of confidence in his face. ……Did you notice that?”


 ”When I asked him about Misuzu Kurosawa, unlike other children, “he replied in the present tense”. He said, “She seems to be playing”. But there were other girls who said the same thing, but they all said, “It looks like she was playing”. I wondered if he knows about Misuzu Kurosawa’s current situation……”

 ”Aren’t you thinking too much?”

 My senior made a pretense of laughing.

 ”But there are no other clues, so I thought I’d stick around for a while”

 ”Well, I don’t mind, but your…… wedding is coming up. Don’t push yourself too hard. If you don’t, you’re going to be scolded by Nakamura”

 I―― Ryoko Terashima will become Ryoko Nakamura in about a month.

 My fiancé is Takehiko Nakamura-san, a classmate of Inomoto-senpai.

 He is a senior employee of the main office.

 And I’m not going to stop unless I can find a way to end this Misuzu Kurosawa’s disappearance as my final shot before I get married.

◇ ◇ ◇

 After class, I ran out of the classroom as if to escape from Fujiwara-san.

 I ran to my home in a hurry. But unfortunately, Fujiwara-san easily caught up with me.

 I hated myself for my lack of stamina.

 ”Fu~min, that’s terrible! You’re leaving your girlfriend behind and going home ahead of her, that’s bad!”

 ”You’re not my girlfriend!”

 ”Ahaha, here you go again~”

 ”Stop playing it like a joke”

 ”Really, Fu~min, you’ve got a very bad sense of humor~. It’s time to pay the price”

 ”Price, What price!”

 ”We’re going back the same way, so let’s have some fun~”

 ”Oh, no, I’m tired of being dragged along by you”

 ”That’s worrying, so let’s go and take a break somewhere”

 ”If you put ‘go’ in there, it changes the nuance, okay? That’ll make me even more tired!”

 ”Well, well, why don’t we take a break at my place? I’ll introduce you to my dad”

 ”Are you kidding me!?”

 ”Oh, come on. Just say hello, and I’ll take care of everything else”


 ”Yeah, I’ll book the wedding venue, apply for a student marriage license, arrange the new house, come up with 20 names for the kids. I’ll even arrange for Dad’s inheritance and write the names on the tablets!”

 ”What’s that horrible pattern logic? Just because I say hello, you’re going to arrange for my life to end!”

 ”That’s just perfect. So, you! Marry me! I don’t mind if it’s our wedding night! I love children very much. I want to have them as soon as possible. I want a lot of them”

 ”Damn…… I’ve been spotted by the most ridiculous person”

 All the talk about whether or not she was my girlfriend or not was instantly left behind about a hundred light years away.

 They say that marriage is the final place of one’s life, but the place is closing in on me at the speed of an Olympic athlete.

 It is true that Fujiwara-san is an unexpectedly beautiful girl when she takes off her flashy makeup.

 And if she stopped tanning and wore a white one-piece dress, she would be as beautiful as Kurosawa-san. Unless she doesn’t talk too much.

 An Ojou-sama, a beautiful girl, and a devoted type.

 If I think about it, it is a very rare and excellent girl……

 (She’s supposed to be the one whom I take revenge on……)

 To be honest, I’ve almost lost the desire to take revenge. But…….

 Fujiwara-san, who may have guessed what I was thinking, whispered into my ear.

 ”Rather than getting your hopes up for Masaki-chi, there’s a girl who love Fu~min. And here she is”


 I know it’s pathetic, but when she says that, my heart wavers.

 If I put aside the issue of marriage, Fujiwara-san is certainly cute.

 And to tell the truth, I don’t think the chances of me going out with Masaki-chan are very high either.

 (But it’s not zero, is it?……)

 I nodded my head, but suddenly…

 ”That? Isn’t that’s Masaki-chi!”

 Fujiwara-san said, pointing her finger at the direction she was pointing.

 I looked in the direction she was pointing and saw Masaki-chan sitting on a bench in a small children’s park in a residential area.

 ”I wonder what she’s doing there? Masaki-chan”

 It was true that this park was not on the route back to Masaki-chan’s house.

 Her house is two stops away by train, and this one is directly opposite the station.

 How do I know where Masaki lives?

 Of course, it’s because I’ve been following her.

 I hid behind a bush, and Fujiwara-san joined me in hiding.

 ”Why are you hiding? ……That’s fine, let’s go”

 ”No, why you? Uh, goodbye, Fujiwara-san”


 I ignored Fujiwara-san, who puffed out her cheeks in a big puff, and stared at Masaki-chan.

 In a word, she’s cute.

 Anyway, Masaki-chan was paying attention to her watch.

 I wondered if she was meeting someone.

 After a while, one boy stepped into the park.


 I couldn’t help but groan as the boy walked up to Masaki-chan, raising his hand lightly.

 ”That’s ……Kasuya-chi”

 It was Kurosawa-san’s boyfriend, Kasuya-kun.

 As soon as she noticed him entering the park, Masaki-chan stood up, leaving her bag on the bench, and walked over to him.

 Her face was somewhat tense. She was talking to Kasuya-kun in a somewhat fidgety manner.

 ”I can’t hear what she’s saying. I’ll try to get a little closer”

 ”Wait, wait!? Fu~min!”

 I shook off Fujiwara-san’s attempts to restrain me and moved from one bush to another.

 But all of a sudden, when I was only about three meters away, Masaki-chan squeezed Kasuya-chan’s chest.

 ”I know it’s not fair, but I don’t care if you still like Misuzu-chan. Please, Junichi-kun. Go out with me. I want to become your girlfriend”

 For a moment, I felt as if my eyes had gone completely dark.

 ――I don’t feel like going out with anyone.

 The shadows of the window frame formed a grid pattern on the floor of the library where the sunset was shining.

 The image of Masaki, quietly lowering her eyes, flashes back to me.

 ―― I don’t feel like going out with anyone.

 Oh, I see. I’m the only one who’s stupid.

 It’s only me who’s an idiot for believing the person I’m supposed to take revenge on.

 While I was in a daze, the two of them disappeared from the park.

 I brushed the dirt from my knees and stood up.

 ”Fu~min, that ……”

 Behind me, I heard Fujiwara-san’s worried voice.

 (Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with me…….)

 But as soon as I turned around, Fujiwara-san choked out, “Hiii?”.

 (Ahaha, Fujiwara-san, it’s awful, you’re surprised by my face)

 ”Well, I’m leaving”

 ”Ah, uh, yeah…….”

 Fujiwara-san remained standing there, dumbfounded.

 And she didn’t come after me.


 And then…


 At midnight that day, I confined Masaki Haneda.

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