Confinement 25

Chapter 25 I hope She Falls Early

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 Late at night, I parked my car where I could see the entrance to Fumio Kijima’s house and watching the area.

 For dinner, I had a sweet red bean bun and milk.

 This is what I always do when I’m on a surveillance.

 This is the only choice for those who dream of working as a detective.

 If Misuzu Kurosawa-san is still alive and Kijima has confined her somewhere, it can’t be here at home with his parents.

 And if he is going to make a move, it will be after her parents are asleep.

 It’s also hard to imagine that he has a collaborator…….

 Because I have asked his homeroom teacher, and he says that he has no close friends.

 But strangely enough, he suddenly started dating a girl named Mai Fujiwara today.

 I also questioned Mai Fujiwara once.

 My impression of her is that she is a young person of today, and I heard that she was good friends with Kurosawa Misuzu-san.

 And it just for example, assuming that Mai Fujiwara had a grudge against Misuzu Kurosawa-san, so, she asked Kijima to kidnap her.

 As a reward, she was offered a relationship with him as bait.

 I know it’s unrealistic.

 But in any case, if he had a collaborator, it would be her, but if not, it is hard to imagine that he would keep someone confined and not have any contact with her for three days. Because human beings need to eat in order to survive.

 Therefore, if there was no movement during the three days of surveillance from today, I would honestly admit that I was wrong.

 My suspicions about Kijima were almost entirely based on intuition, and the surveillance was nothing more than selfishness on my part, but Inomoto-senpai said he would take charge tomorrow night. I’m grateful. I think he’s a really respectable senior.


 I yawned loudly as I leaned against the steering wheel, and suddenly Kijima made a move at the same time.

 I looked down at my watch and saw that it was a little after one AM.

 He came out of the entrance, dressed in a black hoodie and jeans.

 He looked cautiously from side to side, then pulled his bicycle out of the garage and rode it.

 I’m sure he didn’t go to the convenience store …… because of hungry.

 And the nearest convenience store was less than two minutes away on foot.

 But he had been riding for more than thirty minutes since I started tracking him.

 He didn’t seem to be as strong as he looked, and he kept speeding up and slowing down.

 I followed him within visual distance and checked the direction he was heading with the car navigation system.

 If he continues straight on the main road, there would be a residential area ahead, including Misuzu Kurosawa-san’s house.

 Speaking of things related to Kijima, a female student named Haneda also lived in the same residential area, but I couldn’t find any significant connection between her and Kijima either.

 If Kijima is going to visit Kurosawa-san’s house, it is more likely that he will drop a threatening letter in the mailbox.

 ”I’m pretty sure it’s definitely Kurosawa. Let’s just report it to my senior……”

 With that, I put my hand into the inside pocket of my coat.

 But I couldn’t find the phone that was supposed to be there.

 ”What? Where did I put it?”

 I wondered if I had thrown it on the passenger seat, but as soon as I turned to look in that direction.

 ”Are you looking for this?”


 A woman’s voice came from the back seat, making me jump involuntarily.

 It felt as if ice had been thrown down my spine. And the car shook, and I clung desperately to the steering wheel to straighten it up.

 I hurriedly turned my attention to the rearview mirror and saw the silhouette of a woman in the back seat.

 The light from a passing streetlamp illuminated a glimpse of the woman’s face.

 A foreign woman with silvery hair.

 She was holding my phone in her hand, smiling quietly.

 (W-what!? What’s going on!?)

 It’s impossible.

 There was no way anyone could suddenly appear in the middle of a moving car.

 Could it be that she had entered the car while it was stopped and was hiding?

 It was late at night on a rural road, and there were no other cars in front or behind me.

 I stopped the car abruptly, unbuckled my seatbelt and rolled out of the car.

 ”Who are you!?”

 I pulled my pistol from its holster and held it up with both hands.

 If I fired a shot, there would be a stack of papers waiting for me.

 But there was no time to worry about that.

 The backseat door opens and a woman gets out of the car.

 She has a nice face, silver hair, and looks to be in her twenties. She was wearing a maid’s uniform with a long skirt that looked like something out of a movie.

 ”State your name and raise your hands! Quickly!”

 Then she smiled kindly.

 ”Please don’t be so frightened. I am Freesia, a maid in the service of a nobleman”

 ”A nobleman? What are you talking about?……. If you want to play games, do it somewhere else”

 ”You yourself don’t seem to think it’s a game in the slightest……?”

 It’s true. This situation is too abnormal to be dismissed as playing games.


 Suddenly, as soon as I shut my eyes to focus on the maid, her figure disappeared from my sight.


 I unintentionally leaked a voice of astonishment, and immediately after, I heard a woman whispering in my ear.

 ”You’re so cute when you’re so frightened”

 Just as I was about to turn around in a panic.


 From behind me, a maid suddenly places her mouth on my lips.

 After that, my consciousness was swallowed into the darkness.

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”Freesia seems to have gotten rid of the feather bugs, Devi”

 ”Feather Bugs?”

 ”It’s the female detective, Devi. Looks like you’re being followed, Devi”

 Lili nodded as she flew alongside me while I rode my bike.

 It’s probably that wavy-haired female detective.

 The fact that I was being followed means that there was an element of suspicion on my part.

 ”That’s not good……”

 ”What’s not good, Devi? There’s nothing to worry about, Devi”

 ”I can trust you, right?”

 ”Of course, Devi. Let’s get started”

 I parked my bike at the back of Masaki-chan’s house and quietly walked into the backyard.

 It’s a normal family, not particularly rich.

 The only security is that the door is locked and the window is closed.

 Previously, when I followed Masaki-chan, I saw which room’s lights were on, so I knew where her room was.

 It was the room in front of the entrance on the second floor.

 So, I entered the house using <Passing Through Room> and enter it.

 And standing in front of her room, just to be sure, I use <Passing Through Room> to step into her room.

 Because I don’t even want to make the sound of the door opening.

 Her room was very girlish.

 It was illuminated by a pale orange glow bulb. Maybe she’s afraid of being in total darkness.

 Around the bedroom were a bunch of stuffed animals. On the cork board, there were many photos pinned up, taken with friends.

 In particular, there seemed to be a lot of two-shots with Kurosawa-san.

 On the futon, there was enough room for one person.

 I looked into the face of the sleeping person and nodded to Lili.

 ”Well, I will pin her soul, Devi”

 Lili touched her forehead, and the faint sound of sleeping stopped.

 ”Now she won’t wake up, Devi”

 ”Yes, thank you”

 I pulled off the blanket and saw that Masaki-chan was wearing a pair of slightly larger pink pajamas. She was curled up like a fetus.

 When I looked closely at her face, I saw that she had cried her eyes out.

 I wondered if Kasuya-kun hadn’t accepted her.

 Well, it no longer mattered.

 Because I want Masaki-chan…… No, I just want Masaki to taste the feeling of being betrayed by someone she loves.

 As my arm strength is not enough to lift her, I ask Lili to hold her legs and carry her into “the room”.

 Then I got back on my bike and hurried home.

◇ ◇ ◇


 I woke up when I heard a faint talking voice from somewhere.

 (……Am I naked? Are my hands and feet tied up?……)

 In my hazy consciousness, I struggled to recall what was going on.

 My memory was cut off when I was kissed by a suspicious foreign maid.

 My body felt terribly heavy.

 I felt tired, as if I had run a full marathon.

 ”Fumi Fumi, you should take it easy today, Devi. You look terrible, Devi”

 ”Is it that bad……?”

 The voices that I hear belong to a boy and a girl.

 The boy’s voice is familiar to me. It’s probably Kijima.

 ”Maybe you can’t act properly in your current state of mind, Devi. But Haneda-chan will be ready for you later, Devi. Fumi Fumi’s training plan is quite interesting, Devi. Your talent is finally blossoming, Devi”

 (Haneda? A classmate who lives in the same residential area as Kurosawa-san……?)

 As soon as I whispered that in my heart.

 ”You think so too, don’t you? Detective-san?”

 Suddenly, the subject of the conversation turned to me, and I jumped.

 ”It’s not polite to eavesdrop, Devi. But I’m honestly surprised that you woke up so soon after being drained by High-ranking Succubus, Devi”

 ”What on earth are you guys ……?”

 When I look up, a girl sits down in front of me.

 She wears a bondage suit that looks like from an anime character and has horns sticking out from her forehead. I can only assume it’s a cosplay.

 ”Devil, Devi. I’m just an ordinary devil who can be found anywhere, Devi”

 She laughed, and the boy behind her opened his mouth.

 ”Good evening, Detective-san…… or was it Terashima-san?”

 ”Fumio Kijima…… Untie this rope now”

 ”You’re a tough one. Do you understand your position?”

 ”I’ll say it again. Let me go now. My colleagues know that I’m watching you. If I’m not back in the morning, they will step in immediately”

 For a moment, Kijima’s eyes showed a hint of agitation.

 But the girl with the horns giggled.

 ”Fumi Fumi, is it okay if Lili takes care of this girl, Devi?”

 ”Sure, I don’t mind”

 ”It’s easy, Devi, as long as I get her off by morning. To be honest, it’s not very interesting, so I’m not keen on it”

 ”……W-what are you talking about!”

 ”Torture! Come out, Devi!” (*Note: Torture -> トーチャー)

 Ignoring me completely, the girl with the horns shouts out, and a figure appears from the darkness as if coming out of thin air.

 She wears a black bodysuit made of leather that sticks to her body. On her back, there is a single black wing. She wore a burlap sack on her head…… Probably a woman.

 ”She is Torture. She is the fallen angel, Devi. A former high-ranking angel with the power to heal any wound at will, Devi”

 ”First demons, now angels? That’s enough!”

 ”Well, listen to me, Devi, you middle-aged woman. As long as you’re alive, Torture can heal you, whether it’s skinning you, chopping off your limbs, or slicing you into little pieces. Do you know what that means, Devi?”


 ”It’s no use biting your tongue, Devi. It’s too painful, and it will drive you crazy, Devi. Although, she can force your mind to heal. But there’s only one way to get relief, and that’s eternal obedience, Devi”

 As soon as she said this, countless knives, scissors, pliers, drills, hammers, etc., came tumbling down under the feet of the sackhead woman known as Torture.

 ”How many times do you have to be torn apart before you fall, Devi? Well, in a few minutes, you’ll be begging for mercy, miserably, Devi. Then it was just a matter of alternating the taste of pain with the taste of lust, Devi. And in the morning, you’ll become a miserable M-slave who’ll do anything, Devi”

 I was left speechless, my eyes wide open, stunned. I had no idea what to do.

 ”What are you going to do, Fumi Fumi? If you want to watch, that’s fine, Devi”

 ”……Splatter is not my thing”

 As soon as Kijima said this, the room was suddenly filled with the sound of a raging engine.

 The sackhead woman is holding a chainsaw in her hand. Brum, Brum, Brum, Brummmmmmm! The chainsaw made a violent noise.

 ”W-wait! You’ve got to be kidding me!”

 I can feel my face twitching violently. But then Kijima turned to me and said.

 ”Detective-san, I hope you fall as soon as possible”

 As soon as Kijima walked out the door, a woman with a chain saw in her hand came at me with a violent screeching sound.

 All I could do was shudder.

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