Confinement 26

Chapter 26 Creature

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 Last night, when I was going to kidnap Masaki-chan, there was someone following me. It was a female detective called Ryoko Terashima.

 Lili’s servant captures her, but if she’s not back by the next morning, the police will step in.

 And to relieve my flustered reaction, Lili has ordered her servant Torture, who has the power of healing, to use violence to bring her to her knees in one night.

 As I left everything in Lili’s hands, I left the confinement room.

 And the next morning――


 Just as I stepped inside the room, I heard the electronic sound of a level-up.

 The next thing I knew, I heard a voice that sounded like a synthesized voice, but I couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman.

* * *


 ”Ryoko Terashima’s status has changed to [Submissive]”

 ”Along with that, the following functions are now available”

 ”● Room Creation Level 3″

 ”You can now create up to eight rooms simultaneously”

 ”● Furniture Installation Level 2″

 ”You can now install a decent furniture in your room”

 ”● Special room – kitchen”

 ”You can install a kitchen in a room”

 ”● Connect Room”

 ”You can install doors that allow you to move between rooms.


 Apparently, the training is going well.

 But still, what is it?

 I’m not sure if the newly added feature is a hit or miss.

 I mean, what’s considered to be “decent” furniture?

 As I tilted my head, I heard the electronic sound of level up again.


 ”Ryoko Terashima’s status has changed to [Subjugated]”

 ”Along with that, the following functions are now available”

 ”● Interior Construction”

 ”You can change the materials and colors of interior floors and walls”

 ”● Room Extension Level 1″

 ”You can expand the size of a room up to four times”


 This one is easy to understand.

 I’m honestly happy to see the <Interior Contruction>.

 The stone floor was hurting my knees when I had intercourse.

 Yet, this was the end of the level up.

 There was no next electronic sound.

 In other words, Terashima-san’s current state was [Subjugated].

 It seems that she has not yet fallen into [Enslaved].

 ”Does that mean it failed……?”

 As soon as I muttered that…


 I covered my mouth with my hand.

 What pierced my nostrils was the smell of blood, so thick it was almost like the smell of rust.

 Frowning at the smell, which was very similar to rust, I pointed at the ceiling and shouted.

 ”Install the lamps”

 Perhaps it was because of the increased level of <Furniture Installation>, the ceiling was now illuminated by a rather luxurious lamp.

 But at the same time as the room became brighter.


 I choked out.

 Everywhere I looked was red, red, and red.

 The other half of the room was covered in blood.

 The floor was covered in blood, the ceiling was splattered with blood, and there were red drops dripping down like a leak.

 ”You’ve come to the right moment, Devi. I just planned to call you, Devi”

 Lili, who was standing near the door, turned to me and gave me a carefree smile.

 But that was not the point for me.

 Because on the other side of the room, I saw someone leaning against the wall at the end of the room, covered in blood, and it made me shocked.

 ”Do you know what a “limit” is……?”

 The person who was there was no longer that female detective.

 Her head was shaved into buzz cut.

 From head to toe, she was tattooed with a tribal motif resembling tangled ivy, and she was pierced with countless piercings on her ears, eyelids, cheeks, nose, tongue, navel, nipples, and private part.

 Her breasts have grown to the size of basketballs and hang down to the floor, and her tongue sticks out sloppily from her mouth, splitting in two like a snake at the tip.

* * *

 ”Ehe~………… Ehehe~, Aha~, Aha~, Hihi~…….”

 She looked at me with a look of delight in her eyes, drooling sloppily and occasionally spurting out her love juice from between her legs.

 (Bad….. This is really bad)

 The sight of her is almost traumatizing for me.

 In my eyes, she looked like an ugly creature.

 ”Okay, Ryoko-chan, your master has arrived~”

 Lili said to her.

 ”Uuuuu…… Mwas…… ter? Ehehe~…… Bohe! Mwaster~…… Ehehe~, Aha~, Gohe! I lwve ywu swo mwuch, Bohe! ……Ehehe~, Mwaster~”

 The creature swayed and groaned in Terashima-san’s voice.

 It’s really scary that every time it swayed, it would say “Gohe!” and “Bohe!”.


 As I retreated, Lili told me with a smile.

 ”To sum up, she’s one step closer to [Enslaved], Devi. Now, if Fumi Fumi can imprint her with pleasure, she will be Fumi Fumi’s slave, Devi. Now hold her, Devi!”

 ”Hold this!?”

 This is outrageous.

 This is impossible. I can’t even get an erection, you know.

 As a matter of fact, the beautiful detective who was in charge of the case now looks like a mysterious creature or a Butoh dancer. (*Note: Butoh is a form of Japanese dance theatre that encompasses a diverse range of activities, techniques and motivations for dance, performance, or movement)

 ”She’s not even close to human!”

 ”Gosh….. she’s not much to your liking, Devi? Even though this is much closer to her original appearance……”

 ”My taste is not at that level!”

 ”Gosh…… for some reason, Torture seems to like this woman a lot, Devi. I think she got a little bit carried away, Devi”

 Torture, who was on one knee next to Lili, looked up.

 I can’t see the expression on her face because she’s wearing a sack, but she looks somewhat proud of herself.

 ”I’m not complimenting you. I can’t hold this”

 ”It can’t be helped, Devi. Torture, cure the hair, Devi”

 ”She can cure it?”

 ”Of course, Devi. That’s what I said yesterday, Devi”

 ”Well, I also want you to cure her breasts, her split tongue, her piercings and her tattoos”

 ”Not all of them, Devi!”

 ”Shut up and do it”

 ”But Lili still don’t know how many times to make her breast that big……”


 ”Ugh…… can’t help it, Devi. Torture”

 With that, Torture stood up, obviously unhappy, and raised her hand towards her.

 Then, starting from the point where she raised her hand, the creature began to return to her original appearance of the female detective, Terashima-san.

 But when all the tattoos and piercings were gone from her skin.

 ”Uhhhhhhh, uhh!”

 Torture began to complain to Lili.

 ”She wants to keep the tattoos on her back and stomach because it’s the result of her efforts, Devi”

 ”Well, that’s fine. Oh, you can also keep the nipple piercings”

 Nipple piercings and a few tattoos can be erotic and pleasing.

 (And then, the rest is just this bloody room. Let’s try it…….)

 ”<Interior Construction>”

 I decided to try out the new function I just got. And as a test, I replaced all the walls and floors with marble.

 The walls and floors, all of them, were instantly replaced from the bloody cobblestones to the brand-new marble.

* * *

 ”That’s good…….”

 After trying out the new function, I turned my attention to Detective Terashima, who was laying flat on the marble floor.

 It was difficult to shake off the image of the creature, but she was basically beautiful.

 Her bloodied body has been cleaned up during the healing process, and with the ring piercings on her nipples and the crest-like tattoos on her lower abdomen, she is extremely erotic.

 But her eyes were still wandering in the air, and drool was still dripping from her mouth.

 ”You didn’t cure her head?”

 I asked, and Lili’s mouth twisted into a grin.

 ”This is a good thing, Devi. Because by curing her mind at the moment of climax, the pleasure will be completely burned into her head, Devi”

 The next thing I knew, Detective Terashima had crawled to my feet and was rubbing her cheek against my leg.

 ”Now, all this woman has in her head is her bare instincts, Devi. As Fumi Fumi is her master, you have to discipline her, Devi”

 ”What do you mean by “Discipline”? ……”

 ”Just fuck her as hard as you can, Devi. As you can see, she doesn’t need any foreplay anymore, Devi”

 She has a scornful look in her eyes and a wavy, grown-up short haircut. Her sharp chin line makes her look like a grown woman, completely different from the girls in my class.

 And when I think back to how sharp she was yesterday and with the look on her face now, it makes my thing hurt.

 And so, I grabbed her hair and made her look up at me.


 And then, as she let out a squeal of delight, I told her.

 ”Yosh…… Good girl. Now I’m going to give you a lot of discipline”

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