Confinement 27

Chapter 27 The Birth of Ryoko Terashima, a Female Slave

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 ”Nnn, Ahhh……”

 When I grabbed her hair and pulled her up, Detective Terashima looked up at me with a look of pleasure on her face, though her face was contorted in pain.

 ”She seems to like it when you rough her up, Devi”

 ”But ”She doesn’t like to be roughed up” before, does she? But you changed it, right?”

 ”Ahaha! Yes, that’s right, Devi”

 Lili smiled happily as she floated in midair.

 Since I only met Detective Terashima yesterday, I don’t know anything about her except her name and occupation.

 I don’t know exactly how old she is, but I’d say she’s in her mid-twenties.

 From my point of view, she is a grown woman.

 It would be impossible for me not to get excited at the idea of being able to do whatever I wanted with her.

 Now her eyes are moist with lust, and drool is dripping from her sloppily opened mouth.

 I remembered the cold look on her face when she questioned me yesterday, and as I looked at her face now, I felt my crotch unconsciously tense up to the point of pain.



 ”Do you know who I am?”

 ”Ywu……Are……Mwy Mwaster……”

 Then Lili puffed out her breasts with pride and spoke.

 ”When I give her pleasure, I give her the illusion of being held by Fumi Fumi, Devi. And when it comes to fear and pain, it’s the illusion of being abandoned by Fumi Fumi. Over and over again, her mind and body were broken and rebuilt, and the result was this state, Devi. Now all you have to do is put a real cock inside her”

 ”……I see”

 In other words, for her, I am the master who has already made love to her dozens of times, maybe hundreds of times, and the thought of being abandoned by me is associated with the memory of tremendous fear and pain.

 Then, there was no need for any concern.

 I take off my sleepwear and then my pants.

 And my pent-up anger already pointed at the ceiling.

 As soon as she sees it…

 ”Nhii…!? Ahiiiii!”

 Her voice suddenly erupted, and she began to convulse and breathe hard on her shoulders.

 ”Ahaha! I think she came just by looking at Fumi Fumi’s, Devi”

 ”Hey, hey…… seriously? I’m just getting started”

 With that, I grabbed her gasping body with my arm, forced her to stand up, and pressed her face against the wall.


 Her face is contorted horribly.

 Her neat well-groomed eyebrows were twisted into a c shape and a painful moan leaked from her lips.

 And as soon as I do, something runs up my spine that makes me shiver.

 I think I’m a bit of a sadist myself, despite what I say.

 ”Here, turn your ass to me”

 With that, I put her hands on the wall and slapped her ass.

 As I forced her to turn away, I could see the tattoos on her white skin.


 The design was different from the rest of her tattoos, which looked like tangled ivy. Because on her back, from her shoulder backbone to her waist, were two wings drawn in precise lines.

 I glance over at the Torture.

 Of course, I can’t see what’s underneath her sack.

 But I can’t help but feel sentimental about the fact that this is the tattoo that the fallen angel who had lost one of her wings.

 However, I couldn’t dwell on it forever.

 Because my tense crotch never faltered, and the love juice dripped down from her inner thighs as if she were suffering from incontinence.

 My lustful desires also kept hurrying me along.

 And so, I put my thing and placed it between her legs.

 Her labia were a little darker than Kurosawa-san’s.

 I traced the shape as I rubbed the dripping drops against the glans, and the inside of the nasty folds were bright pink.

 Her breath was full of anticipation, and her gaze was begging.

 She also leaned back sweetly.

 ”I’m coming in, Detective Terashima”

 When I dared to mention that she was a detective, an inexplicable sense of immorality twisted around me.

 I fuck her in a standing back position. And I want to make her crazy.

 With a long, slow exhale, I stir the vaginal entrance with the tip of my cock, and then slowly sink it into her vagina.

 ”A-hhh, Ahhhh, Ah, Ah, Aa…”

 Jupu….. It’s like being dipped in hot water.

 The slippery rubbery fold tightens around my own thing as her hot love juice sticks to it.

 (No way…… Terashima-san’s place feels so good)

 I thought that if it was this wet, it would be easy to insert it without much resistance, but it was not.

 ”It’s just too tight……”

 It was so tight, almost as if it was being held by hand.

 My face contorts with pleasure and it’s hurt a bit as if my skin is being pulled. And as I sink my hips down, her inside began to spread.

 ”Nnn….. Ah, Ah A-aahhh….”

 As my cock continued to push inside, inch by inch, she tensed up and let out a sweet moan.

 Finally, as soon as my cock broke through the last barrier, which was a narrower area in the back of the vagina. With too much momentum, my cock slipped deeper and crushed her womb as if it were on a crash.

 As soon as that happened…

 ”Gyah!? Nnnn, Aaaaahhhhh!”

 She screamed like a big dog who had bumped its head, and shook her head violently, while shaking her wavy hair.

 Apparently, she had climax again.

 I felt her body stiffen and her vaginal walls squeezed my cock even tighter.

 Her well-muscled, supple legs also trembling slightly.


 Deep inside her vagina, I feel the slightly hard flesh at the tip of my glans. This is the deepest part of this woman. When I thought that I had conquered this woman, a laugh naturally came up from my throat.

 Come to think of it, I wonder how old I was when Terashima-san came of age….. Probably I still in the upper grades of elementary school or junior middle school.

 The thought of conquering such an older woman, embarrassing her, and toying with her in the way I want from now on, made my already tense crotch feel even bigger.

 All of Ryoko Terashima’s life up to this point was ruined.

 The rest of her life, she would have to live as my slave.

 When I thought about it, I couldn’t take it anymore.

 ”I can’t wait to see……!”

 Then, I pulled out my meat stick until I could barely pull it out, grabbed her tight waist, and slammed it all the way in.


 I thought she was screaming in desperation. But in fact, she was in the midst of her climax. But I’m not going to spare her. There was no way to stop now.

 I started pounding my hips as hard as I could.

 ”Gyaan, gyaaahh! Nnn, Aaah, Nnn, Aaah, Aaah, Aaah, Ah-hhh……”

 The moaning started to have a rhythm.

 Pound, Pound, Pound! My balls are swollen to the point of bursting, and they slam into her crotch.

 And when I put my finger on the ring piercing at the tip of her breast, the ring of flesh that is fully occupied by my object squeezed together.

 Then I change the rhythm. I don’t want to make it easy for her.

 ”A-aaaaaah, A-aaah…..”

 I reduced my speed and violated her twitching and quivering vagina, and she began to lose her rhythm, shaking her hair violently.

 The area where we were connected was already bubbling with a fresh, gurgling sound, and drops of love juice which stick to her pubic hair.

 ”Ahhhh, Ahhh…… Nhiiiiiiii!?”

 She probably came the whole time.

 As proof of this, her vagina continues to squeezed in search of seed, following her instinct.

 Because of this, I reached my limit much earlier than I expected.

 Her vagina is too good.

 The semen stagnates at my ball like a trampled hose. And my desire to ejaculate is growing to the point where I can’t hold back.

 As a last spurt. The movement of my hips became even faster, and I gouged her insides harder and deeper.

 ”A-ahhh, A-hhhh, Nnnnn, A-ahhhhhhhh……”

 Pound! Pound! The sound of my cock slapping against her ass gradually became louder and louder, like a bursting sound.

 And then.

 ”Kuh!! I’m going to cum, Ryoko! I’m cumming!!”

 My cock swelled up horribly and pierced her flower core with all its might.


 She leaned back and raised her voice like the cry of a predator.

 I yanked on the ring piercing with all my might, and her nipple stretched out distortedly.

 At that moment.

 Spurt! Spurt! Spurtt! Spurrttttt!

 A spurt of semen violently shoots up into the depths of her vagina, right into her womb.

 ”Nnaah! Nnaahh! Nnnnaahhh! Ahh!!”

 She shook her head violently, and her abundant breast flesh shook violently.

 And then…

 ”Torture! The finishing touches, Devi!”

 Lili raised her voice.

 This is the moment! I had been waiting for this moment!

 Torture’s hands flashed, and Ryoko Terashima-san’s face came back to her senses.

 ”W-what! W-what is this!? Nnn!? Hiiii!? S-stop it…..Ki-kijima! I won’t let you get awa-……”

 But it was only for a moment, and her sanity was swept away in the tremendous pleasure that washed over her.

 And finally.


 Her black eyes rolled up and she revealed the most shameful expression on her face.

 Like a dog in the summer, her tongue sticking out of her wide-open mouth, and her face sloppy with pleasure. She leaned helplessly against the wall with her eyes white and her mouth twitching.

 And finally…


 A golden stream of fluid gushed out of her urethra.


 ”Ryoko Terashima’s status has changed to [Enslaved]”

 ”Along with that, the following functions are now available”

 ”● Summon Slave”

 ”You can summon a person who has been enslaved”

 ”● Monologue”

 ”Only when the room is completely dark, you can hear the thoughts of the people in the room.


 While listening to the synthesized voice that echoed through the room, Lili raised her voice with a mixture of joy.

 ”It’s a jackpot, Devi. <Monologue> is just right thing for training Haneda-chan, Devi!”

 Ignoring her, I look down at my feet.

 ”Chu, Ahh….. Master~, My… Master~…. Haa~…..”


 Detective Terashima, who was collapsed on the floor, took my toe in her mouth and sucked on it with an enraptured look on her face.

 This pretty girl is gone.

 And now, she is just another shallow s*x slave, Ryoko Terashima.

 ”So, Lili. What are you going to do about Terashima-san?”

 ”Nothing, I’m just going to let her go back to her normal life, Devi. In other words, her center of value is Fumi Fumi. Nothing has changed, except that she is no longer interested in anything else besides Fumi Fumi, Devi”

 ”I really like Terashima-san. I’d like to keep her around if I could”

 ”Still, for now, we have to get her back or else we’ll be in trouble, Devi. If you need her, you can always summon it with a <Summon Slave>. But…….”

 ”But…… what?”

 ”I think you’ll probably get bored with her soon, Devi. After all, a messy finished product is not very interesting, Devi. I think Kurosawa-chan’s work will be much more interesting, Devi”

◇ ◇ ◇

 When I woke up, as usual, I was in that dark room.

 No, I knew that.

 This was the second time.

 I knew it would be like this the day after I fell asleep in that luxurious room.

 But I was still depressed.

 In the darkness, I looked in the direction where I thought the door would be. I try to imagine it.

 The light shines on the shape of the door, and his silhouette comes into view.

 And then.


 He calls out my name.

 I don’t feel lonely when I’m in Kijima-kun’s arms. It’s warm.

 Even though we are in the same room, I feel as if it is filled with bright colors.

 ”Kijima-kun…… I can’t wait to see you”

 I held my knees and muttered to myself.

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