Confinement 28

Chapter 28 Love Always Comes Out Suddenly

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 After a very intense lovemaking session in the morning, I used a special room installation to create a “bathroom” and brought the madly in love Detective Terashima into it.

 As I hadn’t had a chance to use the “Bathroom Installation” before, I found that the bathroom I had created was the size of a normal household. The bathtub was only barely big enough for the two of us.

 However, this was not so bad because it made us feel like newlyweds.

 And now I ordered Detective Terashima…… No, it should be Ryoko now, since she’s my slave to wash every inch of my body. Of course, she used her foam-covered breasts.

 When she doing so, she didn’t show any signs of displeasure, in fact, she seemed happy to be able to serve me.

 Her breasts are reasonably big, her waist is curvy, and if I look closely, I can see that she has a six-pack abs. Her proportions are too superb to be a detective.

 Naturally, there’s no way that my “wooden stick” can keep quiet when I let such a beautiful detective act like a soap lady.

 And once again, I poured a generous amount of semen into her, and then soaked her in the bathtub, holding her from behind while I played with her breasts.

 She was very obedient.

 The way she looked at me, it was as if she couldn’t help but love me. If it was a manga, there would be a heart mark drawn in her eyes.

 Lili has replaced her center of value to me. She told me that being played by me had become the most important thing in her life.

 I wondered what kind of state of mind that was.

 ”What kind of person am I to Ryoko?”

 ”My everything”

 She didn’t show any distress at all, but rather replied in a predatory manner.

 ”Then…… do you have a lover?”

 ”A-ahh….. I have a fiancée whom I’m going to marry the next month”

 ”You have?”

 ”Yes, but compared to Master, Nnn~, Ah~….. He’s nothing more than a bug. I don’t want to see him again. A-ah~…….”

 She replied with a sweet, breathy exhale, every time her ring pierced nipple was squeezed.

 (I guess that means I’ve cuckolded her fiancee……)

 Even though I couldn’t just let her go, I have nothing against her fiancé.

 I know it’s a little late for that, but honestly, I felt bad about it.

 ”So, what are you going to do now, Ryoko?”

 ”What will I do? Of course, I will stay by your side. Master can use me as a tool for his s*xual needs, and if permitted, I would like to give birth to your baby someday”

 ”Ahaha, w-well…….”

 I’m not sure if it’s a problem for me to pull it out after I’ve already spurted it inside her, but it’s still pretty heavy to hear her reply it again.

 (Either way, I can’t let her missing……)

 If the woman who had been watching me went missing, I would be a suspect in a serial kidnapping case. That would put me at the top of the wanted list.

 Although I don’t think they’ll find out about my ability, it’s not hard to imagine how much trouble it’ll cause.

 ”Hey Ryoko, can you live as usual for a while? And I would appreciate it if you could use your position as a detective to help me……”

 ”If that’s what you want, Master……”

 She makes a very disappointed face.

 Such a girl is cute, and adorable.

 And I couldn’t help but embrace her once more.

◇ ◇ ◇

 I had embraced her three times in the morning.

 Of course, with all that, I would be late for school.

 And to recover my strength, I took a lick of the energy drink from the demon world and ran into the classroom at full speed, almost at the same time as my homeroom teacher, Gorioka. It was just in time, just in time.

 And so, at the time of taking attendance, he said.

 ”What, Haneda’s off? That’s unusual”

 Aside from Gorioka’s tilted head, there was no mention of Masaki Haneda’s disappearance in homeroom.

 Apparently, the school hadn’t heard anything about her disappearance yet.

 Maybe her family hadn’t even noticed her disappearance too.

 And as soon as homeroom was over, Fujiwara-san came to my desk.

 She didn’t jump at me as she usually did, but rather spoke to me with a somewhat anxious look on her face.

 ”Um…… Fu~min, are you okay?”

 ”What about?”

 ”What I mean is…… that …… thing with Masaki-chi”

 I glanced around me to see what was going on.

 No one seems to be listening to us.

 However, even though the disappearance of Haneda Masaki has not yet been discussed, it is honestly not pleasant to talk about anything related to her now.

 ”I don’t really think anything of it, but…… either way, it’s none of Fujiwara-san’s business”

 The moment I said that bluntly, she glared at me with a piercing look.

 ”Heh…… I see. Is that what you think?”

 ”What do you mean?”

 ”O-ohh, so Fu~min is the kind of person who says it doesn’t matter after making me so worried. Oh, so…… that’s how it is”

 Her eyebrows, their edges twitching, trembled.

 ”It’s a fact, right? Fujiwara-san and I are just a classmate. No more, no less, right?”

 Immediately, she muttered in a muffled voice.

 ”I’ll…… kill you”

 ”What!? Go ahead and do it!”

 The words were so offensive that I couldn’t help but lose my temper.

 This is exactly what I mean when I say words for words.


 ”I’m going to use all my financial resources to tell everyone that Fu~min is a maniac who enjoys playing with baby diapers!”

 ”Socially killings me!?”

 ”And I’m going to show your address on primetime TV and make a commercial asking people to donate their used diapers to Fumio Kijima!”

 ”That’s not a good use of money!?”

 ”If you don’t like it, come to the roof at lunchtime!”


 Needless to say, the contents of the…… threats are strange, but I can already hear whispered voices around me saying, “She says he’s playing with diapers” and “Yikes, that’s disgusting”.

 My reputation has been damaged.

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”Oh, Terashima. How’s that Kijima kid?”

 When I showed up at the station, Inomoto-senpai tapped my shoulder and said so.

 Don’t touch me with your filthy hands. This body belongs to my master.

 However, suppressing the unpleasantness that threatened to come out in my voice, I smiled fondly.

 ”It seems that I was wrong. There was no movement on Kijima last night”

 ”Well, I suppose so. But it’s only been one day, right? I’ll be watching it out for you tonight”

 ”Yes, please do”

 I’ve already told master that this gorilla will be the one who watches over the house this evening.

 And there’s no problem on other case too.

 Because I had checked, and it seems that no search report has been filed yet for a girl named Masaki Haneda, but if I, the detective who was watching the house, can prove that master was at home when the girl was kidnapped, his alibi will be solid.

 The thought of being able to help my master immediately made my heart flutter.

 ”But that Teruya girl Kijima was talking about, that seems to be the real deal”

 ”Did you find out anything?”

 ”Yeah, her older sister is married now and her name is Anna Kamishima……”


 ”That’s right. She’s the wife of Ryuuichi Kamishima, the only son of Ryukichi Kamishima, the leader of the Kamishima clan”

 ”Speaking of the Kamishima clan……”

 ” Yes, that’s the same gang that’s under surveillance for suspected involvement in a girl prostitution ring. Looks like the dots are starting to connect”

 (You’re wrong. In fact, nothing is connected. You stupid!)

 I couldn’t help but smile as I shouted this in my heart.

 However, this stupid gorilla seemed to take that smile in a different way, and nodded broadly while smiling himself.

 Nevertheless, the Teruya sisters seem to be just right to take the role of my master. If I can manage it well, I can be of more use to my master.

 After all, I was born to serve my master.

 When I thought about it, my nipples, pierced by the piercing, began to tingle.

 I wonder when he will call me again.

 I can’t wait to meet him. I want to be embraced. I want to something hard to be put into me.

◇ ◇ ◇

 When the lunch break came, I went to the rooftop quietly.

 I thought I should confine Fujiwara-san as well, but my classmates already regarded her and me as a couple.

 The truth is that I have to be cautious because we’re so close.

 Besides, for the time being, my hands are full with my revenge against Masaki Haneda, which will start tonight. So, I don’t have time to worry about her.

 As I stepped onto the rooftop, Fujiwara-san, who was standing by the bench, turned to look at me.

 ”Sit there”

 She pointed to the bench with her finger, without any expression on her face.

 (Is she going to cry or complain?…… Either way, this is going to be a pain in the ass)

 Standing in front of me on the bench, she quickly offered me something.

 ”Here, lunch”

 ”What? …… a bento?”

 ”That’s right, I made it for Fu~min”

 She handed me a stainless-steel lunch box wrapped in a cute drawstring bag.

 ”I’m still sorry about this. I’m not going to give up on the fact that Fu~min is my dearest boyfriend, but I guess I was a bit pushy…….”

 ”……a bit?”

 But my question was completely ignored. It seems that her system is designed to prevent people from hearing inconvenient things.

 ”But if Fu~min likes Masaki-chi, I think it can’t be helped, yeah. Because love can happen suddenly. It same for me too”


 ”That’s why! I’ve decided to work hard to make Fu~min love me! Even though it’s inevitable that you’ll be attracted to other girls, I’ll try my best to make you say that you love me a lot! I’ve decided to do my best so that you’ll say “I love you so much!””

 This is a very strong statement.

 I can only say that she is the first type of girl who gets caught up with a bad guy and is treated as a woman of convenience.

 However, when I looked down at my lunch box, I thought of something else.

 (This girl is even trying to add the attribute of a messy character……)

 She’s a black gal, she has a dark past, she’s a bully, she’s a bullied girl, she’s a peeing girl, she’s an Ojou-sama, she’s an idiot, and she’s…… already overloaded with all these attributes.

 It would not be surprising if another attribute was attached to this process.


 ””It tastes just fine””

 Fried eggs, fried tofu, octopus and sausage. It’s a very ordinary bento. I’m not saying it’s delicious enough to make me jump out of my skin, but it’s just plain delicious.

 Fujiwara-san laughed as she poured tea from her stainless-steel water bottle.

 ” Originally, my family was a single-mother family. I used to cook for my mom until I graduated from the middle school”

 ”I see. No, I think it’s really delicious …….”

 ”Nfu, yay! I’m so happy!”

 She jumped up and down, and then she looked at me and spoke.

 ”How is it. How is it? That’s a high point, right! You must want make me to be your wife right now!”

 ”If you hadn’t said that, I would have fallen in love with you. Maybe”

 ”Seriously! Right now, what just you said! Fu~min! What just you said!”

 I think the flustered Fujiwara-san was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.


 In the heroine competition, Fujiwara-san has been growing rapidly lately, but Masaki-chan is expected in the next episode. Kurosawa-san is going to be left alone for a while. Terashima-san, I wonder about her…….

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