Confinement 29

Chapter 29 Masaki Haneda Brainwashing Program

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”Welcome back, Devi”

 As I entered my room, I found Lili, as usual, floating around, reading a manga.

 ”Put it back on the shelf after you read it”

 ”I’ll have my servant do it later, Devi”

 ”I pity your servant who has to be summoned just to clean up the manga”

 When I look at it this way, I think I’ve read through most of the manga in this room.

 ”Even so, a story about a yakuza who goes back in time is interesting, Devi”

 Don’t make comments that reveal what you’re reading. Because it’s dangerous.

 ”So, did you get tangled up with a black gal again today, Devi?”

 ”……Sort of”

 On the way home today, Fujiwara-san forced me to buy her a crepe.

 She also makes me to buy her a drink in return for the lunch. Even though she’s rich.

 When she forced me, the suspect made incomprehensible statements such as, “Fu~min treats me, so it tastes good, etc”. For a high school boy with no part-time job, six hundred yen is a lot of money, you know! But she doesn’t seem to understand the importance of it at all.

 I let out a sigh of disappointment and looked up.

 ”So, what’s going on with Masaki?”

 ”All set, Devi. I’ve already stripped her naked and laid her in the room, Devi. The pin is still attached, so there’s no need to worry about her waking up, Devi”

 ”Oh, thank you”

 ”Even so, she’s got some big breast, Devi. Her height probably is the same height as my chest, Devi”

 ”That’s a bit much, don’t you think?”

 I think she’s around 140 centimeters tall……

 ”Also, thanks to the corruption of Ryoko, there are many more functions that can be used, Devi. It’s a good idea to try it out, Devi!”

 ”That’s true. For now, I think I’ll change the walls to look like a log cabin, and the floor to be wooden, and lead the story to a…… cabin somewhere where we’re locked up. And ……well, what is a “Decent Furniture” on <Furniture Installation>?”

 ”It’s a furniture that costs around 30,000 yen at Home Center, Devi”

 ”Home Center……”

 Why do these people, even though they are devils, show a little bit of lifestyle every now and then?

 ”W-well, whatever. For now, just prepare a bed and a drawer in the corner of the room, and Lili, can you prepare some food?”

 ”Okay, Devi. So, what’s good, Devi?”

 ”Anything is fine”

 ”Then, a drawer full of mozuku seaweed……”

 ”It’s scary! At least sweet breads, sweet breads”

 Because if I open the drawer and find a whole lot of “mozuku”, it’s nothing but horror.

 If I think about it that way, I could say that “mozuku” is sort of demon.

 ”Okay, and when Fumi Fumi is ready, I’ll pull out the pin, Devi”

 ”Yeah, then, I’ll take off my clothes in a minute”

 ”Fufu, this is Fumi Fumi’s first training plan, Devi. I’m looking forward to it. It’s just that Lili has never been in a situation like this before, so I’m not sure what to expect, Devi”

 ”Well, I guess you’ll just have to be flexible”

 ”Okay, let’s get started, Devi!”

 ◇  ◇  ◇

 ”What’s happen……?”

 At first, I thought I was blind.

 Because I couldn’t see anything when I opened my eyes. It was pitch black. I thought maybe I was dreaming.

 And I thought to myself, “What kind of dream could make me go blind?”

 But you know what?

 As my head became clearer and clearer, I began to realize that this was not the case.

 The feeling of the place where I was sleeping. It was completely different from my own bed.

 After I realized that, I was in a complete mess.

 ”Eh, W-w-what! Eh……Ehhh……”

 The cushions were harder than my bed, and the sheets smelled brand new. Even though I flapped my hands and looked around, I couldn’t find my favorite stuffed animals anywhere.

 (W-where am I? T-this isn’t my room!)

 I hurriedly looked around, but it was still pitch black and I couldn’t see a thing.

 I tried desperately to reach out, but my hand hit the wall.

 The left side of the bed was against the wall, just the opposite of my room. I knew it was not my room.

 The texture of the wall that touched my fingertips was that of smooth, polished wood, with logs piled on top of each other. ……What was it called?

 A log cabin? It seems like that.

 Thinking back, I don’t remember anything unusual happening since I went to bed last night.

 I just fell asleep but when I woke up, I was somewhere else. I have no idea what’s going on anymore.

 (Could I have been kidnapped while I was sleeping……?)

 I think it was because of what happened to Misuzu-chan that I immediately came to that conclusion.

 When I started to fold my arms and thought…..

 ”Eh……? Kyaaaaaaa!”

 I noticed something crucial and let out a huge scream.

 I was naked, completely naked. I wasn’t wearing anything.

 Although many people don’t wear a bra when they sleep, in my case, because of my size and fear of losing shape, I use a non-wire bra. But I couldn’t find it. I can’t find it anywhere.

 Not just bras. I didn’t wear any panties, and I didn’t wear any pajamas.

 I’m completely naked. Thump, thump, thump.

 I don’t get it. I’m so confused.

 Calm down, calm down, calm down!

 I try to think calmly.

 But I don’t have a clue even if I tried. Practically no clue.

 I’m completely lacking in information to understand the situation.

 ”Fuehhh….. I don’t know what’s going on…….”

 Almost at the same time that I was nodding my head in frustration, I suddenly heard the sound of something moving on the other side of the darkness.

 I panicked, held my mouth, and stepped back to the wall.

 (W-what? Who’s there?)

 My throat gulped.


 ”W-whoa!? W-w-what is happening here!?”

 A boy’s voice echoed from the other side of the darkness.

 He seemed to be just as confused as I was.

 ”It’s dark!? Scary! It’s too narrow, no, it’s not too narrow. It’s wide. Where is this place ……Am I naked? Speaking of which, I don’t think…… has a habit of undressing while sleeping! I don’t have that habit!”

 (Why are you blabbering to yourself, and why are you making fun of me?)

 I’m too confused.

 Strangely enough, when humans see someone who is more confused than themselves, they instantly become calm.

 From what I could gather from his words, he and I were in almost the same situation.

 What’s more, his voice sounded familiar to me.


 ”……Eh, t-that voice…… Is it Masaki-chan? M-maybe I’ve been kidnapped by Masaki-chan?”

 ”No, I didn’t!!”

 I couldn’t help but raise my voice.

 ”I just woke up and found myself here, and I don’t know what’s going on”


 As soon as he said that, I felt Kijima-kun move, so I hurriedly raised my voice.

 ”Don’t come! Don’t come over here!”

 ”Oh, yes…… I knew you didn’t like me, but when you tell me not to come over here, it’s rather depressing…….”

 ”No, that’s not it! I didn’t mean that!”

 ”What do you mean “no”?”

 ”You see…… I’m also naked…….”

 In the darkness, I heard a gasp.

 ”I-I’m sorry! I-I get it! I won’t come near you! I will never come near you!”

 I couldn’t help but laugh at the panic in his voice.

 Although I didn’t understand the situation at all, I was honestly relieved that Kijima-kun was there.

 If I had been alone, I might have been in tears right now.

 ”Hey, Kijima-kun…… is it possible that we’ve been kidnapped?”

 ”I don’t know, but…… it looks like that’s the only way to think about it”

 ”M-my father is just a civil servant. We can’t pay a ransom”

 ”Me too. My father is just a salaryman……”

 It was strange to be talking to an unseen person in the dark, but when the conversation stopped and became quiet, I instantly felt uneasy.

 ”But then again…… where are we?”

 ”I’m not sure, but it seemed like they put us in a car. The road was rough, like a mountain road……”

 ”I see……”

 If Kijima-kun is right, we are in a log cabin somewhere in the mountains.

 Even if I scream, people can’t hear me…… Maybe this is one of those places.

 ”Anyway, let’s try to find a light or an exit. I’ll look on this side, and Masaki-chan, can you look on that side?”


◇ ◇ ◇

 ”Kijima-kun, did you find anything?”

 ”No, nothing yet. That’s weird, there is no way there’s no entrance or exit……”

 I sat down by the wall and gave an appropriate reply.

 Based on the time she had been pinned down, Masaki-chan’s experience was probably just before noon.

 Is it time for me to pretend that I’ve found some sweet bread and hand it to her?

 As can be seen, the “Haneda Masaki brainwashing program” started off very well.

 This brainwashing program was created from scratch by myself, not by Lili.

 As such, there are many parts that are entirely up to me, and a great deal of acting ability is required. I also practiced a lot.

 The general idea of this program is as follows.

 Masaki Haneda is confined in a dark room. This is the same as Misuzu Kurosawa.

 However, she was not the only one confined this time.

 Fumio Kijima, a boy in her class, was with her.

 A boy who is serious in his own way, who likes her, and who is kind to her. The only person she can rely on in this situation is, well, me.

 Alone with a boy in a completely dark room. And they’re both naked.

 In such an extreme situation, they will fall in love.

 The heroine is Masaki Haneda, and I’m her partner.

 And once I’ve made her fall in love with me to the point where she can’t leave me.

 ――I’ll throw her away.

 The trauma will be so strong that she will never want to get close to a man again.

 I’ll make her feel the pain and sorrow of being betrayed by the one she loves.


 Now, it’s the turn of the unpopular Masaki-chan. Will she be able to turn things around?

 I’m sure you’ll be able to enjoy her “goofy breast” as Lili calls it like that, but please be patient.

 Also, it won’t be Masaki’s turn for a while from here, so don’t worry if you prefer other girls!

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Edited by Kanaa-senpai.

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