Confinement 30

Chapter 30 Three Different Types of People

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 ”So, after that. My father held the dog…… and…… and……….”

 In the middle of the conversation, her tone of voice became slurred, and then it was cut off.

 If I listen it carefully, I can hear her breathing faintly “Suu~ Suu~”.

 It seemed that Masaki Haneda had fallen asleep.

 I let out a sigh, “Phew ……” and stretched out.

 It was much harder than I thought to sit in one place and talk to a girl for a long time.

 After all, she had been talking for so long that I thought she would die if she stopped talking.

 It was midnight now, according to her sensory time. That’s how long it’s been.

 I was impressed that she had so many things to talk about, but I couldn’t help but understand her feelings.

 I guess that’s how anxious she was.

 First of all, there were no windows or exits in this building, and there was some food in a drawer.

 Once we made our situation clear, there was nothing more we could do but talk to each other.

 We started off by talking about our abnormal situation.

 Who is doing this, what is their purpose, and what will happen to us? Can we tear down the wall? Can we scream for help? Would the police be able to investigate?

 Her view was quite pessimistic, and I could feel her voice sometimes getting moist.

 I guess she was trying to drown out her anxiety once the conversation reached an impasse. After that, we talked about trivial things.

 I think it was because I was trying not to talk too much, but she kept talking about herself.

 Psychologically speaking, the barriers to talking are significantly lowered in the dark.

 That’s why interrogation rooms and confession rooms are dimly lit.

 And people prefer to talk to people who listen to them.

 A person who is a good talker is more popular than a person who is a good listener.

 So, in order to make her like me as quickly as possible, I forced her to talk to me, even though she was reserved and quiet.

 If it had been me a while ago, I would have been very happy.

 After all, what she was telling me was her private information that I had been dying to know.

 Well, now I’m not interested in that information.

 She was born on October 10th, she is an O-type Libra, and she has a younger brother who is in middle school.

 Her father is a principal of an elementary school and her mother is a former nurse.

 She has many relatives and makes a fortune in New Year’s gifts. Every year, she struggles to escape from her mother, who tells her to save her money.

 Her favorite foods are peaches and salmon roe (Ikura).

 She has known Kurosawa-san since kindergarten, and their families have been friends since then.

 She is dissatisfied with the fact that Kurosawa-san is acting like an older sister because they grew up like sisters.

 And so on.

 Now, if there was a Masaki Haneda cult quiz, I think I could even win.

 As I was thinking about this, Lili appeared in the midair, glowing with light.

 ”Good night, Devi. For now, I’ve pinned Oppai-chan, Devi”

 It seems Lili has decided that Masaki = Oppai-chan.

 When Lili shows up, the room becomes a little brighter.

 Her breasts, glimpsed in the light, had a tremendous presence.

 It can be said that her breasts are her main body.

 And they’re not sagging at that size.

 They were magnificent rocket breasts.

 However, her large nipples, which were unimaginable from her baby face, were extremely vulgar and nasty.

 Since there was no need to worry about her waking up, I thought about doing something rash while I could, but I held back. I decided to save it for later.

 ”Well, Fumi Fumi, get ready for school now, Devi”

 It was midnight in Masaki’s mind. But in reality, it was morning.

 I can’t afford to go missing along with her.

 Every time Masaki goes to bed, I pin her down, and I go back to my normal life during the day.

 For me, it’s intermittent, for her, it’s continuous, and it’s a way to push forward with the brainwashing of Masaki Haneda.

◇ ◇ ◇

 Around the same time.

 I, Misuzu Kurosawa, was on the verge of crying.

 ”Uuuu…. W-why won’t you come……?”

 Kijima-kun is not coming. He’s not coming.

 It’s dark in the room, but probably, it’s morning.

 I’ve been waiting for him all day with excitement.

 I thought for sure that he would come at night.

 Even though you told me you love me so much.

 Even though you made me say that I loved you so much.

 Why aren’t you coming!

 I’m getting a little angry.

 As I puffed out my cheeks, the cosplay girl appeared in the midair.

 ”Hello~. Kurosawa-chan, it’s time for breakfast, Devi. Today I’ve gone all out and got four slices of bread! It’s a thick slice of bread, you know~”

 Usually it’s six slices, but today it’s four slices. That’s a big deal.



 The cosplay girl waved her hands in the air.

 It’s not very cute, to be sure, but for me, it’s a valuable conversation partner.

 ”Hey, Kijima-kun, why don’t he come over?”

 ”Well, you know. Maybe he’s having a good time with another woman, Devi?”

 ”……He is the worst”

 I mean, how can he say he wants me to be his, but then start messing around with other girls?

 ”Ahaha, you’re just pretending to be his girlfriend, Devi!”

 ”But I’m his girlfriend”

 I’m not sure why the cosplay girl looked so surprised when I said that.

 ”What’s that look? It’s the only kind of relationship where we tell each other we love each other and we have embraced too! I’m not going to allow him to cheat on me!”



 ”Isn’t it cheating if Kasuya and Fumi Fumi are both your boyfriends?”

 ”It can’t be helped. That is that, this is this”

 ”That is….. that, this is this”

 The cosplay girl, for some reason, recited dumbfounded.

◇ ◇ ◇

 After getting ready, I left the house.

 There is a white sedan parked about five houses over along the hedge.

 If Ryoko’s story is correct, it is Detective Inomoto who is watching out the place.

 I feel bad for making him waste his time. He’s a good guy.

 But that doesn’t mean I can’t let him catch me.

 When I arrived at the school and took my seat.

 ”Good morning, Fu~min!”

 As usual, Fujiwara-san jumped on me in no time.

 This had already become a routine, and there was no one to make fun of.

 When I looked around the classroom, I felt that things were a little different from usual.

 It seems that Kasuya-kun hasn’t arrived yet today.

 Because of this, the top caste members were not gathered in one place, but were chatting with each other.

 After all, this is what happens when there is no central figure.

 When homeroom started, the first thing Gorioka said was that Masaki Haneda had disappeared.

 The classroom was buzzing.

 When I looked up, I saw Fujiwara-san looking at me with a worried look on her face.

 The detectives didn’t seem to be here today, and the morning class ended without a hitch.

 The lunch break was on the roof, just like any other day.

 Fujiwara-san brought me a homemade lunch box.

 It consisted of shiitake mushrooms simmered in soy sauce, followed by sweet black beans, lotus root, and eel stew.

 It was very brown and looked like the leftover food from the New Year’s Osechi (a traditional Japanese New Year’s food), showing that she would make a good wife.

 When I finished my lunch and squeezed my chin, Fujiwara-san said, “Yes, yes” and gave me a lap pillow.

 We were like a mature couple.

 ”After dinner, a lap pillow…… Really, I don’t know what kind of comment to make after making you go this far and not be happy……”

 ”Even if you’re not in love with me, you’d still want a lap pillow, right?”

 ”No, I don’t”

 When I opened my eyes with a lap as a pillow, I saw a clear blue sky.

 Normally, the breast would be blocking the view, but in the case of Fujiwara-san, they were flat as ever, and the blue sky was dazzling.

 I heard a bird chirping in the distance.

 A moment of silence passed, and then Fujiwara-san let out an uneasy sound.

 ”Masaki-chi is missing. Hey, Fu~min……Fu~min has nothing to do with this, right?”

 ”Do you think I have the physical or financial strength to kidnap her?”

 ”Ahaha, I don’t think so. Yeah, you’re right. I don’t know why I’m so worried about you, though”

 Then I sit up…

 ”Nnn!? Nnn……”

 I kissed Fujiwara-san.

 To be honest, I don’t know why I did it.

 I guess it was because she looked so anxious and cute, or something like that, but putting it into words instantly made it sound fake.

 I don’t know why, but I wanted to kiss her, so I did. That’s all.

 I think I did it partly because I was used to girls and partly because I was sure that Fujiwara-san wouldn’t mind me doing it.

 She rolled her eyes for a moment, and then looked at me with a look of melting delight in her eyes.

 For a long time, we devoured each other’s lips and tongues, slurping up each other’s saliva.

 Eventually, when we parted our lips, Fujiwara-san opened her mouth, looking rather embarrassed.

 ”T-that’s…… so weird. I-I’ve already sucked your Ochinpo-chan. However, why I’m so nervous about kissing you now. Aha…… ahaha, that’s weird…….”

 While I was watching her puzzled expression, the bell rang for the end of the lunch break.

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