Confinement 31

Chapter 31 Masaki Haneda’s Complex

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 ”It’s annoying…… Seriously”

 On the open window of the classroom, I lean my elbow on the window frame and look down.

 In the midst of the students leaving the school, a blonde side-tailed girl stands out.

 I can see Mai Fujiwara-chan’s figure.

 She wraps her arm around Kijima’s arm, talks to him frequently, and walks out of the school gate with a lively gait.

 (Of all people, Mai-chan. Why that guy?…… Such bad taste)

 Ever since we were in the same class this year, I’ve had my eye on Mai-chan. The reason is simple. I thought she would let me “do” her right away.

 Although, I have a girlfriend, she’s been nagging me a lot lately and it’s starting to get annoying.

 So, I decided to switch to Mai-chan.

 I was taking it easy, thinking that I would drop her by the summer, but before I knew it, Mai-chan started flirting with Fumio Kijima, who was at the bottom of the class.

 To be honest, my pride was hurt.

 I mean, if that guy is better than me, surely her eyes are rotten.

 ”Tsk….. It’s no fun”

 As soon as I spat that out, someone called out to me from behind.

 ”Eh~, were you aiming for Fujiwara, Tateoka-kun?”

 When I turned around, Teruya-chan was standing there.

 She had an athletic build with a short haircut and healthy tanned skin. Her face is well-rounded, but her thick eyebrows are a bit strong and assertive. A boyish girl.

 Well, in a word, not my favorite.

 However, it is common courtesy to show a girl that you care about her.

 ”Ahaha, I don’t mind if it’s Teruya-chan. Can you soothe me?”

 ”No thanks”

 Teruya-chan shrugged her shoulders.

 It’s just flattery. I don’t want to do it either.

 ”Anyway. Why didn’t Junichi-sa…… Kasuya-kun come today?”

 ”Well, Jun heard from someone that he saw Misuzu-chan in the next town. So, he said he’s going there today to look for Misuzu-chan”

 ”Skipping school?”

 ”Yes, yes. Jun has been in love with her for a long time. I heard that he confessed his love to Misuzu-chan many times since middle school, and this year she finally agreed to go out with him……”


 Teruya-chan’s face became kind of sullen.

 Oh, by the way, was this girl also aiming for him?

 ”Even so, she’s been missing for over a week now. She’s probably off somewhere with some other guy right now. I think Jun is trying to decide where to give up”

 When I read the atmosphere a little, Teruya-chan immediately changed her mood.

 ”Y-yes, that’s right!”

 Well, I don’t think Teruya-chan has a chance.

 ”Listen…… Tateoka-kun, do you want to make a deal with me?”


 ”Actually, I’ve got Fujiwara’s big weakness”

 ”W-what’s that supposed to mean?”

 ”Fujiwara will listen to anything you say. For example, whether it’s to go out with Tateoka-kun or to be your saffle”

 ”Seriously!? No, no, no, no, that’s impossible”

 ”Even with this?”

 With that, the screen of the phone she held in front of me showed Mai-chan in her underwear with a crying face.

 (Damn, she’s serious)

 ”I also took other picture, but that part is not free”

 ”I want to see it! I will pay for it!”

 ”Also, if you can get Kasuya-kun and I to get along, I’ll let you do whatever you want with Fujiwara. Then you can take all the erotic pictures you want”

◇ ◇ ◇

 (Why did I kiss her?)

 I don’t know what I’m doing.

 Thanks to this, I had a hard time on the way home because Fujiwara-san was so excited.

 She was even more like a girlfriend than usual. She told me her horribly detailed plans for the future and asked me to drop by her house more passionately than usual.

 Well, I would never go.

 If I do, I’ll be put on the bullet train to the final resting place of my life, that is marriage.

 ”Phew~…… I’m back”

 As I stepped into my room with a sigh, I saw Lili standing in front of my PC with the headphones on, without turning around to look at me.

 The monitor was showing a very strange and bizarre erotic game.

 ”Fumi Fumi, do you want to grow tentacles or something between your legs, Devi?”

 ”Do I look like want grow that!!”

 If I get involved with these guys, I’ll be in trouble because she’ll be able to do it for real.

 And I’m not going to stray into the realm of the inhuman, either.

 ”I mean, don’t just casually open people’s computers! I thought it was locked! What happened to my password?”

 ”You think that’s gonna stop the devil, Devi?”

 ”Don’t look so smug!”

 ”Well, I’ve already analyzed the contents of Fumi Fumi’s computer, Devi, and I know your s*xual habits better than you do, Devi. Anyway, let’s get on with what we were doing yesterday, Devi”

 Lili made an absurd comment and walked into “the door” on her own.

 And when I entered the door too, I found a log-cabin style room with a exposed figure of Masaki Haneda on the bed at the far end and a drawer with food in the front.

 ”I’ve reloaded the drawer with three servings of sweet bread and bottled water, Devi”

 ”O-okay, that’s good, but my computer’s analysis…….”

 ”Now, when Fumi Fumi is ready, I’ll pull the pin, Devi”

 (No way, she’s not going to talk about it)

 As I still complain, I took off my clothes, threw them outside the door, closed it, and sat down in the darkened room where I had been yesterday.

 ”Then it’s time to pull it out, Devi”

 As soon as Lili said this, I immediately heard the sound of someone moving on the other side of the darkness.


 ”You’re up? Good morning, Masaki-chan”

 [Oh, yeah….. I’m still trapped in there, aren’t I?]

 As soon as I activated <Monologue> function, I could immediately hear the voice of Masaki’s heart.

 ”G-good morning…. Kijima-kun. I’m sorry I…… fell asleep while we were talking last night. I’m sorry”

 ”There’s no need to apologize to me”

 [Right!? It would be dangerous to sleep unprotected in a room with boys! I am naked too!]

 ”Hey, Kijima-kun. That…… y, you didn’t do anything, did you?”

 ”I didn’t, I didn’t. It’s pitch-black. And I promised you I wouldn’t go near you, right?”

 ”W-well, that’s right. I’m sorry I was so weird”

 [Thank goodness. Oh, right? Isn’t Kijima-kun is serious guy? I’m an idiot and rude, why do I doubt him!?]

 ”I found some bread and bottled water for breakfast, so I’ll throw them over there for now. I’m sorry if you get hit. The plastic bottle is dangerous, so I’ll roll it over”

 ”U-um. T-thank you”

 After a while, I could hear the small sound of eating a sweet bun in the darkness.

 ”Hey, Kijima-kun, could you sleep?”

 ”Yes, at least. Though the stone floor was hard and my body was bruised”

 [Kijima-kun doesn’t have a bed or anything…… What should I do? If I can’t get out of here tonight, I’d better change places with him……]

 ”You know…… Kijima-kun. There’s a bed on my side, so let’s change places. We’ll take turns one day at a time, okay?”

 ”Oh, there’s a bed over there!? I’m glad. But we don’t have to take turns”

 ”No, don’t do that!”

 ”No! Even though you say so, I don’t think there’s a man who can let the girl he loves sleep on the floor and then sleep in the bed”

 [L-love me!?]

 I heard a creaking sound, like something bouncing on the bed.

 ”P-please don’t say you love me or anything like that, please. It’s embarrassing……”

 (Oh…… I guess simple works better than I thought)

 ”I don’t care if you say so. I’ve already told Masaki-chan everything, so it’s weird to pretend that I don’t love you now”

 ”Well, you may be right, but! I-It’s embarrassing…….”

 ”But I love what I love, and to be honest, I think you’re the cutest thing in the world”

 [Hawawawa….. W-waitt, wait! Kijima-kun, you’re exaggerating! Exaggerating!]

 ”Kijima-kun, you’re mistaken! It’s a misunderstanding!”

 I wonder if this kind of thing is called compliment killing.

 But Masaki’s inner turmoil is too funny and I’m getting carried away.

 ”You’re an angel, you’re pure, you’re kind, you’re cute, you’re the perfect girl for me”


 [What…… pure? What…… is that? in the end, Kijima-kun can’t see anything either]

 The voice in her heart turned cold and chilly.

 It seemed that I had stepped on the minefield.


 ”What is it?”

 ”I have something to apologize to Kijima-kun for”

 Her serious voice echoed in the darkness.

 When I remained silent, she continued.

 ”You see. I confessed my feelings to Jun-kun…… Kasuya-kun. I asked him to make me his girlfriend, even if he just made me his woman of convenience”

 To be honest, I was surprised to hear her talk about it.

 However, I had to turn the conversation around.

 I pretended that I didn’t know anything about it and made a confused sound.

 ”Eh….. B-but you said you’re not going out with anyone……”

 ”I’m sorry I lied”

 [I’m not lying, but…… it’s just an excuse]

 It’s not a lie? What does she mean?

 Her words and the voice in her heart are at odds.

 Of course, the right one is the voice in her heart.

 In other words, she was serious when she said that she had no intention of going out with anyone.

 At least, that’s the point.

 She’s feeling guilty.

 And in order to get more out of her, I need to make her feel more and more guilty.

 So, don’t blame or get angry here.

 ”Well…… I’m sorry. You liked…… Kasuya-kun, didn’t you, Masaki-chan? I’m sorry too. I couldn’t read the air……”

 ”No, don’t do that! Don’t apologize! It’s me, I’m the one who’s at fault!”

 [It’s just that I’m a terrible girl!]

 The voice in her heart got louder and louder.

 ”Hey….. Masaki-chan. I’m not sure what the problem is. If it’s okay with you, let me know. Maybe I can help you?”

 [Stop it, Kijima-kun, why are you such a nice person. I told you to stop!]

 To be honest, it’s really irritating.

 Why? Because I can hear her voice in her heart.

 It’s not because I’m a nice person. You traitor.

 And I just don’t want to be bothered, so get on with it.

 Well, I’m too lazy to think about it too.

 ”I don’t despise Masaki-chan no matter what you talk about. But I wonder if you talking to it…… I could make it a little easier for you”

 Because there’s nothing more to despise.

 You bitch.

 I’m so angry that I can’t even think about it.

 [R-really?…. is it okay to talk about it?]

 ”It’s okay”

 I replied to the voice in her heart, and I hurriedly cleared my throat.

 ”O-okay. Then, since kindergarten, I’ve been friends with Misuzu-chan……”

 ”Yeah, you said that yesterday”

 ”You see…… Because I’m like this, Misuzu-chan has always protected me. I think she’s overprotective”

 So, that’s why I was bullied like that just for sending a love letter.

 Hah~, I’m starting to get sick when I remind it.

 The next time I embrace Kurosawa-san, I’ll try to bully her.

 ”Misuzu-chan is beautiful, good at her studies, athletic, and perfect, so she’s always been thought me as her little sister who needs help……”


 Unintentionally, Kurosawa-san’s ahegao face came to mind, and I laughed.

 Well, that’s perfect in a different way.

 ”And when I was still in middle school, Kasuya-kun was in the same class. He looked just like the protagonist of a novel I was reading at the time, and I…… fell head over heels in love with him. I think that was probably my first love……”

 (I see. So you’ve always liked him)

 ”I talked to Misuzu-chan and got up the courage to confess my love to him…… But he rejected me easily because he had someone else he liked. And the person Kasuya-kun likes is Misuzu-chan……”

 (What? Isn’t that strange? This was in middle school, right? Didn’t those two start dating around the end of last year? I remember Kasuya-kun declaring his love for her in front of a bunch of mediocre people during lunch break, and I was like, “Who cares?”)

 ”I didn’t know this either, but Misuzu-chan said that because of me, she kept rejecting Kasuya-kun’s confession over and over again. But you know what? Last year, before Christmas. Misuzu-chan said with a very pained look on her face”

 Then, her voice trembled.

 ””I can’t say no to him anymore…… Masaki. Can I go out with him? Can I be Jun-kun’s girlfriend?” She said. So, I can’t say no to that, can I?”

 I see, that’s pretty harsh.

 But even though I sympathize with her, it’s no excuse for betraying me.

 ”And because of this……. I’ve been reminded that I can’t win against Misuzu-chan”

 And with this one word, I was convinced.

 In fact, the most important thing for Masaki Haneda is not Kasuya-kun’s existence, but to win against Misuzu Kurosawa.

 ”I thought I’d gotten over Kasuya-kun, but…… you know. When Misuzu-chan went missing, Teruya-san and other girls began to gather around Kasuya-kun. And then, I thought, “Maybe I could beat Misuzu-chan now and I could take her boyfriend away from her?”. Isn’t that terrible? But in the end, I was rejected. Ahaha…… I knew I couldn’t beat Misuzu-chan”

 Before I started this brainwashing plan, Lili told me.

 When women confess their problems and sins, what they are looking for is not constructive opinions.

 That’s why men and women can’t understand each other.

 She said that even if I think hard and give my opinion for her, it will never strike a chord with her.

 Because the answer is already there in her mind.

 She just wants me to acknowledge it.

 She wants me to sympathize with her.

 She just wants to be affirmed…….

 So, I give her the words she wants.

 I’m just going to affirm everything she wants.

 ”But I didn’t send a love letter to Kurosawa-san, right?”


 [Do you mean he likes me more than Misuzu-chan? But that means I’m a compromise because Misuzu has a boyfriend, right?]

 (Phew~, she doesn’t have to look at things in such a twisted way….. It seems her complex is deeper rooted than I thought)

 ”What do you like about me, then, …… Kijima-kun?”

 ”Your face at first”


 ”I can’t help it. You’re cute. You were exactly right for my taste. And it was fun to be with you”


 ”Yes. I’m having fun now, and I’m having fun in spite of this situation”

 [I see…… But actually it’s the breasts, isn’t it?]

 ”Boys always look at breasts, so I thought…… Kijima-kun was the same”

 ”Ah…. I had to put up with that. And because Masaki-chan is an angel, so I tried not to look at her that way……”


 Then she raised her voice hysterically.

 ”But I tried to betray my friend! I’m a horrible girl! I don’t even know what I should look like when I see Misuzu-chan! And because of this, I wanted to disappear!”

 Her voice moistened.

 And this is the time to turn the tide.

 So, I began to walk closer in the darkness, while killing my footsteps.

 I have some sympathy for her.

 Because she’s covered in complexes.

 She’s suffering from a sense of inferiority to Kurosawa-san.

 I understand that.

 But it doesn’t change the fact that she betrayed me.

 It doesn’t change the fact that she hurts me.

 That’s why I’m going to make her fall in love with me and hurt her so badly that she’ll never fall in love again.

 ”You may be a horrible girl. But I love you so much. If you want to disappear, I’ll disappear with you”


 I heard her gasp in the darkness.

 And from the front, I hug her.

 I felt her ample breasts against my chest.

 I try to resist the urge.


 ――I cover her lips with mine.

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