Confinement 32

Chapter 32 Marking Her

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 Even though we were kissing, we couldn’t even see each other’s faces in the pitch black.

 [Eh, Ehhhhhhhh!? I’m being kissed!? Kijima-kun, wa-!? Wait!! Wait!!]

 Even though I sealed her mouth, the voice in her heart was still noisy.

 (……I can’t wait!)

 I’m not going to let her go, even if she twists away or turns away.

 And with force, I break her lips and let my tongue enter her.

 [Ha-awa-wa!? H-his tongue entered my mouth. W-w-w-what should I do?]

 How can I do this?

 Of course, I’ve trained myself to make a girl climax with just a kiss and a caress.

 Then, as soon as I enter her mouth, the game is already over.

 ”Nnn, Haa~, Nnn~….No~, stop it….. Nnn….”

 I trace her gums, licks up her smooth upper jaw, and intertwines her rough tongue tip with it.

 ”Slurp….Haa~, Haa~, Ah…. Haa~…. Nnn….”

 I slurped her saliva and poured my saliva into her, and instantly the sweet nuances of her breath began to melt.

 [W-why….. This is so good…… I can’t resist it anymore…….]

 I’ve never had any intention of making her resist.

 And so, I traced her spine with my fingertips, stroking up along the shape of her shoulder.

 ”Hii….. It’s ticklish…… An, no…… Haa~, haa~, haa~…….”

 Then, I crawled my fingertips down the sides to tickle them, and restrained her body from resisting and bouncing.


 ”Nnn! Nnnn!?”

 The fingertips that crawled up her side roughly grabbed her breasts.

 [No, it’s hurts. Noo, don’t be rough!!]

 The voice in her heart is really refusing. But this is a process. No need to worry about it.

 And so, I pushed her down on the bed, devouring her mouth with kisses.

 She struggles with her arms and legs. But her resistance is weak.

 While she struggles, in my palm, there are balls of flesh that too big.

 It’s not just big breast or super breast, but now it’s the realm of abnormal breast.

 I wonder what kind of cups she has. I think it’s probably about the same as the H cup actresses I’ve seen in AV.

 The softness is impressive and completely different from Kurosawa-san or Terashima-san.

 I wish she could share just a tenth of it with Fujiwara-san.

 Although I can’t see it now because it’s pitch black, the tip of this huge breast has a vulgar nipple that I can’t imagine from her baby face.

 And the thought of it turns me on to an unusual degree.

 After thinking so, when I parted my lips, she let out a raspy breath.

 ”……No, it’s so embarrassing. Don’t…… squeeze my breasts so hard”

 It’s fine, I like it.

 And in response to her request, I took her nipple between my fingers and rubbed it, and as soon as I did, her nipple became erect and hard.

 ”A-ahhh, Ah…… Hyan, Haa~…… Haa~…….”

 (The sensitivity was good. Although, I’ve heard that the bigger the nipple, the less sensitive it is)

 ”Your nipples are so hard…… Masaki-chan is naughty”

 ”Ah, no, that’s not right! I’m not naughty!”

 [A-am I really naughty? Because my nipples are burning and it’s starting to feel really good]

 ”You can’t lie to me. Masaki-chan’s body is telling me that it wants more and more”

 While saying that, I pinched both nipples and twisted them with my fingertips.

 ”No, I’m not like that….. Ah, hiiiii!? Don’t pinch my nipples……”

 When I pinch her erect nipples, she trembled and shuddered as her hard nipples swelled.

 [No, don’t make me feel any better……]

 This is the reaction of a woman who has not been teased much. It seems that Masaki’s weak point is her nipples. Then, I had no choice but to give her a thorough assault.

 ”Your body is burning up and your face looks so debauched and…… disheveled”

 That’s a lie. I can’t see your face.

 ”Don’t look……”

 Still, I felt Masaki cover her face with her hands, and her elbows raised her breasts.

 And with that, I pinched the left and right nipples, pulled them to center and took them into my mouth at once.

 As I sucked up on them like a baby, Masaki leaned back.

 ”Hya, A-ahh, No…. D-dwon’t, Dwon’t suck it together, A-ahh, It mwust be really erotic….”

 Her voice became much more sweet and debauched.

 ”Kurosawa-san’s breasts can’t do this, you know. So, Masaki-chan’s breasts are better than her”

 ”Ah, that kind of praise doesn’t make me happy,……”

 [I see…… Ehehe, so my breasts are better than her, ehehe. I see I see…… I’m better than you, Misuzu-chan……]

 (Aren’t you happy?)

 After all, she has a very large complex about Kurosawa-san. So, no matter how much she tries to fake it with her mouth, the phrase “better than Kurosawa-san” seems to make her feel better.

 With that said, I take her nipple in my mouth and roll it around with my tongue.

 ”Haun!? Nya-yah, A-ah, Ahhh…… A-ahhhh……”

 [No way, it feels so good, what is this, what is this!?”

 Her reaction was dramatic.

 And she covered her face with her hands while shook her head from side to side.

 It seems that it’s working really well.

 I could make her come like this, but I want to make her more embarrassed.

 Although it’s a pity that the effect of <Monologue> will wear off, I decide to turn on the light.

 [Install the Lamp]

 I muttered in my heart as I took a nipple into my mouth.


 Instantly, a small lamp appeared on the bedside table, revealing Masaki’s puzzled expression in the darkness.

 She has a round, childish face. Her black eyes are large and debauched, and her chestnut hair is shoulder length. Her bangs were sticking to her forehead with sweat.

 As expected, cute things are still cute.

 And when her eyes met mine as I sucked on her nipple, she let out a scream.

 ”Aaahhhh! Don’t look at me, Kijima-kun! Don’t look!”

 She tried desperately to hide her face with her hands, but her face already covered with pleasure and her cheeks were flushed red.

 While she doing so, I pulled my mouth away from her nipple and whispered in her ear.

 ”You’re so cute right now, Masaki-chan. You’re not even close to Kurosawa-san”

 ”No, don’t say it, don’t say it……”

 ”Your naughty expression and big breasts are very, very cute. No matter how I look at it, Masaki-chan wins overwhelmingly”

 ”Don’t call me cute, it’s embarrassing……”

 I can’t hear her heart anymore, but I’m sure she’s very happy.

 Then, I continued to crawl my tongue from nipple to breast, stomach to navel. She writhed in shame as I tugged at her pubic hair, which was thinner than most people’s, with my lips.

 And now, her crotch was right in front of me, and I have to admit, I was excited.

 The unused cunt of the girl I used to love.

 A tightly closed, secret garden. The beautiful peach-colored frilly labia overlapping each other.

 ”I knew it, Masaki-chan was cute right down to her crotch. It’s a beautiful pink color with a plump bank high”

 I dared to say it out loud, thinking it sounded too perverted. And instantly, Masaki-chan tried to close her legs, but I wouldn’t let her. Maybe because of her embarrassment had pushed her over the edge, a stifled moan escaped from her mouth, “Nnnn……”.

 As I opened her wet labia a little with my fingertips, the nectar overflowed and dripped down to her cute little asshole.

 Then, I licked it off with the tip of my tongue.

 ”Hyaa, Ah, Ahh!?”

 Her body twitched and jerked.

 I immediately smelled something very similar to rare cheesecake, the scent of a female in heat that lures men.

 It’s a smell I’ve smelled many times in the past few days.

 It doesn’t really matter, but lately I get an erection when I smell rare cheesecake.

 I’m quite a pervert, huh.

 ”Ah, Ah, Ahh….. Ah, Ah….”

 Her voice was sweet and debauched as I traced the folds of her pussy vertically with my tongue.

 Of course, I can’t stop caressing her. And so, I dared to stroke her inner thighs with my obscene hand.

 Chu, Chu, Slurp, Slurppp

 When I put my lips on her petal and sucked it up, the sound of water echoed louder than ever.

 ”Nnn, Fuuu, Fuuu….. Nnnn…….”

 I looked up at her face, and she was holding her mouth in her hands, desperately trying to hold back the sound of her voice coming in.

 It’s a lovely resistance. But it’s a futile resistance.

 When I spread her clitoris with my fingertips to the left and right, the pink vaginal opening twitches invitingly within the salmon-pink vestibule. And at the end of the folds, the clitoris, which had already shed its foreskin, peeked out plumply.

 Seeing so, I pecked her clit sweetly with my lips.

 ”Ahh!? *Twitch, Twitch* W-what’s ……happening?”

 She leaned back in a big way.

 She was clearly confused. This reaction suggests that she’s never played with one before.

 I shudder.

 It’s like making footprints on fresh snow that no one has ever trodden on before.

 I became obsessed with ravishing her clit.

 I licked it up, sucked it, and bit it sweetly with my teeth.

 ”No, it’s hurt, A-ahh, Hii~, it’s hurt, please stop it, Ah~…. Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah….. Nnn…. Aaaaah”

 The sharp-edged pleasure is similar to pain.

 I was very excited by the sight of her frowning face melting away again.

 I couldn’t stop. Maybe thirty minutes had passed since then.

 And when I looked up from licking her crotch, I saw that her face had melted into a disheveled mess.

 ”Haa~, haa~, haa~……”

 She was red all the way up to her ears, and her whole body was limp and weak. Her face was turned away and she was breathing hard, her breasts moving up and down.

 She was already at her mercy.

 She was no longer able to close her legs, exposing her crotch in a V-shaped position.

 So, after that, I brought my face to hers again and kissed her, and without any resistance, her lips invited my tongue in.

 ”Nnn, Chu…. Chu…. Ah….”

 Rather, her tongue is entwined with mine, as if she’s been waiting for it.

 It’s almost time.

 ”Masaki-chan…… I’m going to make you my girlfriend. This is not a confession. It’s already been decided”

 ”Fuehh…… I’m gwoing becwome Hijima-jun gwilfriend……?”

 She tilted her head with a debauched face.

 ”Yes. I’m going to mark you now”

 With that, I grabbed my own cock and placed it in her vagina. I felt a wetness on the tip of my cock.

 Then, slowly and forcefully, I pushed my hips into her.

 ”Hii!? No, no, it’s impossible!”

 Her eyes widened and she nailed my back.

 But my cock still continue to pushes her tightly closed virgin vagina apart.

 And then.


 At the same time, she screamed out.

 Buchi! Nu, buchi!

 The tip of the glans reached her virgin membrane and entered her.

 ”Ah, Aaaaaaa――――――!”

 And with her scream, the rest of the inside reach was completely filled.

 All of my meat stick was inside her. The tip of the glans touched the entrance of her womb like a kiss, pressing and pushing up.

 It was different from Kurosawa-san’s and Terashima-san’s.

 The tightness that is unique to virgins. It’s an overwhelmingly enveloping feeling.

 ”Uuuu….. It hurts….. It hurts…..”

 She moaned with tears in her eyes as I looked down at her, and I couldn’t help but twist my mouth.

 I made the girl I had been in love with so much, and who had betrayed me, a woman with my own hands.

 When I think about it, a rush of satisfaction runs up my spine.

 ”Are you okay? Masaki-chan”

 ”Uuuuu…… Why are you doing this terrible thing ……?”

 ”Terrible? Don’t worry, I’ll make you feel better in no time”


 I started to pull my cock out of the vagina that has just been ripped open, leaving only the glans behind.

 And when I look it, my rod is soaked and covered with fresh blood in places.

 After that, I begin to move my hips slowly.

 And I keep moving it slowly, slowly, and slowly.

 ”Hiii, I-it hurts…..! It hurts……”

 She frowns and continues to complain about the pain.

 However, when the situation continues for a while, the tone of Masaki’s voice suddenly changed.

 ”E-ehh….. What is this…..!? Nnn……! Ah, ah, ah, ……”

 Her voice became more debauched as my cock slowly rubbed up and down inside her.

 ”Ahh….. I-is this how s-s*x feels….? Haa~, Ah, W-wait a minute….. Ah….”

 From that point on, she was at her mercy.

 When I tried to pull out the meat stick, her vagina tightened to keep it in place.

 ”Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, A-ahhhhh….”

 As I increased the speed of my thrusts, her moans became more rhythmic.

 I hugged her head. And her ample breasts, which were between us, crushed.

 Unintentionally, her arms and legs were entwined around my body in a hugging position.

 Splat! Splat! Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop!

 ”Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah――!”

 As the piston movement became faster and stronger.

 She starts to shake her hair and squirm violently.

 She could no longer afford to close her eyes, so she opened them wide and made eye contact with me, just shaking her sweaty naked body.

 ”Hishima-hun, I-I lwo you!”

 ”I love you too, Masaki!”

 ”A-ah, What dwo ywo like abwout me!”

 ”All of it. You’re so cute”

 ”Ehehe…… mwore than…… Mishuhu-han?”

 ”Not even close. Masaki is the cutest girl in the world”

 ”Ehehe, An, Aan, Ah…… Hishima-hun, I lwove ywou, I lwove ywou so mwuch…….”

 It was satisfying to have her say that she liked me, but she must be out of her mind. And she’s already on the verge of fainting.

 ”Amazwing….. I cwan’t beliewve pwenis is amazwing….. Ehehe, it’s made mwe idiwot…. It’s make mwe idiwot….. Hijima-hun, even if I bwecome an iwdiot, I will still lwove ywou……”

 And so, last spurt.

 ”Ahh, Ahh, Ohhhh, Hyaaaaaa”

 I gouge her vagina wildly and she moans and screams as she is being skewered.

 (Ah, damn, this feels so good!)

 Then, the climax of my brain and body came rushing in.

 ”Ohhhh! I’m cumming!”

 I scream out.

 And after a momentary cramp similar to a warrior’s shudder.

 Spurt, Spurttt! Spurttttt! Spurtt, Spurtttt!

 The meat stick that was still stuck deep inside her burst open.

 ”Ahh!? Swomething is cwoming! Is thwis how bweing impregnated is dwone!! Eh, what is thwis? This is so goooooood!”

 Immediately, she screamed like she didn’t know what was going on, and her body convulsed violently.

 It was probably her first vaginal climax.

 A tremendous feeling of pleasure must be swirling inside her right now.

 As I poured the last drop of my cum deep inside her, I collapsed on top of her.

 Her large breasts twitch beneath my body.

 Savoring the feeling, I quietly reach for her hair.

 Then she turns her eyes to me, breathing hard.

 Then, with a slight smile on her debauched face, she said.

 ”Haa~, Haa~…. I’ve been marked…… as your girlfriend…….”

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