Confinement 33

Chapter 33 Home Invasion

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 ”Masaki Haneda’s status has changed to [Submissive]”

 ”Along with that, the following functions are now available”

 ”● Room Creation Level 4″

 ”You can use up to twelve rooms at once”

 ”● Furniture Installation Level 3″

 ”You can install some rather luxurious furniture in your room”

 ”● Special room ― Pool”

 ”You can install a swimming pool”

 ”● Paralyze”

 ”You can paralyze anyone in the room”


 The usual electronic sound was heard, and then the usual synthesized sound, which I couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman, told me so.

 And from the look of Masaki, it seems that only I can hear this.

 (<Paralyze>, huh… Sounds like a mess)

 Masaki’s status is [Submissive].

 Does this mean that there is still a sense of rejection in her?

 Looking at her in my arms, I honestly don’t think so.

 It might be better to think of it simply as the first of the three stages of enslavement.

 And right now, she’s lying on the bed with my chest as a pillow, her body tucked in close to me, trying to catch her breath.

* * *

 Her sweat-soaked body is vivid, and the fresh blood dripping from her part makes my thighs sticky as she twines her legs around me.

 Her breath is hot and her cheek is even hotter.

 Her eyes were moist and her cheeks were pink, she was really cute.

 It’s not exactly post-play, but I lie down on the bed and hold her body close to me as I continue to gently caress her.

 She had a petite body and shoulder-length chestnut hair. She has a round face and a babyface. She is modest and quiet, but when she smiles, she looks like the sun.

 Such a girl is now clinging to me with the face of a female in heat.

 When I thought about it, even though I had just ejaculated, my thing already started pulsating.

 However, I was still uncomfortable with the idea of a second round with a virgin.

 To put it bluntly, I’m injuring her inside.

 More importantly, she had to love me as her lover. So, any more forceful would only be negative.

 After a few moments, her breathing began to calm down.

 I gently stroked her hair, and she narrowed her eyes in pleasure.

 But soon after that, she looked up at me with a slightly anxious face.

 ”Um…… Fumio-kun”

 ”What is it?”

 ”I did something bad to Mai-chan…….”

 ”Mai-chan means Fujiwara-san? Why?”

 ”Because…… I ended up in this situation with Mai-chan’s boyfriend……”

 I can’t help but sigh.

 After all, that’s how everyone misunderstands…….

 I think it would be better to keep some distance from that black gal.

 Because if I don’t, I can’t revenge Masaki if she thinks I’m Fujiwara-san’s boyfriend.

 ”Wait a minute, you’re mistaken! It’s a misunderstanding. I don’t have anything to do with Fujiwara-san!”

 ”Eh…… but Mai-chan was very much in love with you. She said, “Geez, Fu~min, even though, you’re so crazy about me, and unless you marry me, you’ll cry like you’re going to die”. So, Fumio-kun, some girls call you little crybaby boyfriend……”

 ”Little crybaby boyfriend?”

 ”Yeah, they call you Little Crybaby Boyfriend……”

 (Those poor breasts!! ……I will kill you!)

 ”Anyway, Fujiwara-san and I are neither boyfriend nor girlfriend! In fact, I’m even troubled by the one-sidedness of it all!”

 ”Oh….. I see”

 She looks relieved.

 Then, with a slight frown, she whispered into my ear.


 ”What is it?”

 ”Ehehe…… You know. Some girls say their favorite type of person is the person they fall in love with, right?”


 ”I used to think that was a lie, and that they just didn’t want to tell you what they liked. But you know what? But now I understand”

 ”Is that so?”

 ”Yes, because when I see Fumio-kun’s face like this, I feel like, “Oh~ I love you!””

 She smiled happily and kissed me on the cheek.

 ”But I like Masaki-chan more than you like me”

 ”Why are you trying to compete with me there……?”

 Masaki looked dumbfounded for a moment and then smiled.

 ”Okay, if you’re going to say it like that, let’s have Fumio’s “Top ten favorite things about Masaki Haneda”!”

 ”Oh, you’re going to make me say that?”

 ”Not that many?”

 ”Ten isn’t enough”

 She and I giggled as we touched our foreheads together.

 The conversation between us was too sweet, and we were like a new couple.

 It was something I had longed for but had never gotten.

 From a cold perspective, it was because the two of us were alone in the room.

 If we were the only two people in the world, we could be like this with any partner.

 However, for now, I’ll just think of it as a perk and enjoy it.

* * *

 From there on out…

 We just kept flirting.

 I kissed her over and over again.

 I kept squeezing her breasts.

 There was no way I was going to not rub her breasts when she had such firm breasts by my side.

 She was shy at first, but then she started to let me do whatever I wanted.

 Sometimes when I touched her nipples, she would make cute noises and bounce herself. Then she would puff out her cheeks and say, “Geez”.

 ”So cute”

 ”Fufu, Fumio-kun. That’s all you’ve been saying since a while ago”

 ”Cute thing is still cute”

 In fact, I had become like an aborigine who had lost the ability to say anything other than “cute”.

 How long had we been doing that? I think it was probably around mid-afternoon, according to Masaki’s sense of time.

 And with the warmth of human skin, it made her feel sleepy.

 Before I knew it, she had fallen asleep on my chest as a pillow and she looked relieved.


 ”It looks like she fell asleep, so I pinned her down, Devi”

 As she said this, Lili appeared out of thin air.

 ”What will you do from here, Devi?”

 ”Well, I don’t know. But she still looks in pain, so I think I’ll just let her sleep it off for now”

 I gently pushed Masaki’s sleeping body away from me, who was using my chest as a pillow.

 And when I got off the bed, Lili said teasingly.

 ”Ahaha, you’re so sweet, Devi. Did you regret it, Devi?”

 ”It’s a little…… but I’m not going to let it get to me here. Masaki Haneda betrayed me. It’s not more or less than that. More importantly, I think I can use Masaki to completely corrupt Kurosawa-san……”

 I tell Lili what I have in mind.

 ”It’s interesting, Devi! It’s really devilish, Devi! ……But that approach might produce a different result, Devi”

 ”Different results?”

 ”Well, it’s fine, Devi. Fumi Fumi came up with the idea on his own, Devi. So, just give it your best shot, Devi. Either way, it’s the same thing, Devi. To make sure that Oppai-chan can’t stay away from Fumi Fumi, you have to make out with her more and more, Devi”

 However, I’m done with Masaki for today.

 But that doesn’t mean that I can sleep quietly like this.

 After all, I’ve been rubbing those big breasts all day.

 And my thing was looking up at the ceiling in frustration, begging me to do more.

 ”What time is it, Lili?”

 ”It’s just after 2 AM, Devi”

 ”Two o’clock, huh…….”

 For a moment, I thought about going to Kurosawa-san’s place, but then I remembered the exchange with Masaki that made me sick when Kurosawa-san trampled me.

 And because of the arrangement, I need to give her a lovey-dovey peck next time, but if I don’t do it now, she’s probably going to end up getting bullied by the demon pistons.

 Then I had an idea.

 ”Hey, Lili. Can you get me a collar and leash? I’m thinking of taking the dog for a walk”

 ”A dog? It’s easy to prepare, Devi. But did you have a dog, Devi?”

 ”Tonight, Ryoko is on watch in front of the house, right? Isn’t it a lot of fun to have a beautiful detective walking around in the open air?”

* * *

◇ ◇ ◇

 I made Ryoko in her underwear wear a collar and took her for a walk in the park.

 I also had her wearing only a garter belt and made her mimic the sound of a dog while I fucked her until she fainted, and I enjoyed the immoral and liberating outdoor s*x until I was satisfied.

 After I let her leave in a daze, I decided to take a nap. And now, it was almost morning.

 (Tomorrow…… or is it already today? Well, today is Saturday, so I can sleep until noon)

 I guess I was tired to a certain extent, despite what I said.

 By the time I woke up, it was long past noon.

 I crawled out of bed with the dullness like a sea lion and walked downstairs to the living room in my sleepwear, and heard my parents chatting with someone.


 I poked my head through the door and looked into the living room to see a girl chatting with my parents across the table.

 It was a young girl. She was about the same age as me.

 She was beautiful, with slightly slanted eyes. She had the air of a classy young lady.

 Her hair was black and shiny, and her hair was covered with a navy-blue headband. Her slightly tanned skin, perhaps from tennis, stood out against her white dress.

 When she noticed that I was watching her, she gave me a gorgeous smile.

 ”Good day to you and good morning. Fumio-sama”

 I couldn’t help but raise my eyebrows.

 (Fumio-sama? Who is this girl? Wait…… I think I’ve seen her before……)

 Then I realized.

 ”Aaah! What are you doing relaxing in someone’s house?”

 Then, my mother rebukes me.

 ”Hey Fumio! I know you’re embarrassed, but you can’t talk like that. She came to visit you”

 ”Well, she’s…….”

 ”Oh, when did you get such a beautiful girlfriend? You surprised your mom!”

 ”My, I’m not beautiful, Okaa-sama”

 She then covered her cheeks with her hand, as if embarrassed.

 This is what it means to be a cat. This is exactly what it means.

 She must have dyed her hair black. I guess there was no way to change the color of her tanned skin.

 But my father asks her to confirm.

 ”To be honest, I can’t believe it, but are you really dating Fumio, uh……?”

 ”I’m Mai. I’m Mai Fujiwara, Otoo-sama. I’m in a pure relationship with Fumio-sama on the premise of marriage”

 It is said that running into the night and running into the morning is part of a strategy, and right now I am being attacked by Mai Fujiwara, the black gal in love with me.

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