Confinement 34

Chapter 34 I Love You, I Really Love You, I Really Love You so Much

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 ”F-Fujiwara-san! Since you’re here, let’s go to my room”

 With that, I took her hand and brought her into my room for the time being.

 ”Fumio! I’ll bring you a snack later!”

 ”No thanks! No need for that!”

 I said that on the stairs and closed the door of my room.

 Of course, I didn’t bring Fujiwara-san to my room because I wanted to be alone with her or to do something erotic.

 It’s because I can’t stand the thought of my parents telling me any more random things.

 Even at this stage, my head hurts when I think about what my mother, who is already in the mood for something after Fujiwara-san leaves, will ask me.

 By the way, Lili is inside the room, of course. I guess Fujiwara-san can’t see her. She just floated around with a curious look on her face.

 ”Hmm….. So, this is Fu~min’s room… Uh, this is actually my first time in a boy’s room…”

 When it was just the two of us, Fujiwara-san returned to her usual tone of voice.

 It’s quite strange that she looks so innocent but only talks like a gal.

 ”Well, the first thing to do when coming to a boy’s room is to check the tissues in the wastebasket, right?”

 ”I won’t let you!”

 ”Then check under the bed…….”

 ”I didn’t hide something like that in plain sight!”

 ”Hoho…… now that you mention it, I’m sure there are other places!”

 ”Hey, don’t stare at my room…… What are you going to do?”

 ”You know, I invite you over to my house and you don’t show up, I ask you out on a date and you ignore me…… If I don’t see you on Saturday or Sunday, I won’t see you for two days. It’s impossible, right?”

 ”No, it’s not impossible!”

 ”I just want to be with you, you know. Isn’t it cute to have a cheerful girlfriend like that?”

 ”People who call themselves “cheerful” aren’t cute! In fact, you’re not my girlfriend in the first place!”

 Instantly, Fujiwara-san puffed up her cheeks.

 ”Heh……. But Fu~min kisses a girl who is not his girlfriend. So, that’s the kind of person you are. Heh~”


 At the time, I wanted to punch myself for kissing her on the spur of the moment.

 ”……I get it. So, now that we’ve met, you should get the hell out of here”

 ”Eh~…… Even though it’s just the two of us”

 With that said, she pulled up the hem of her one-piece dress.

 Naturally, I caught a glimpse of white panties decorated with lace.

 ”Let’s do something we can’t do at school……. Ah, I’m not even wearing a bra today…….”

 Certainly, if someone asks me, I don’t see any bulges at all on her breast.

 ”You….. What are the reasons you thought it would be appealing?”


 When I told her with a sigh, she had a shocked look on her face.

 ”Because I’m wearing no bra, you know! No bra. I’m an innocent young lady without a bra! Isn’t that erotic!”

 ”You are disqualified. Please leave. Not only is your idea too old, but it’s also just self-destructive”

 ”Fu~min, that’s terrible!”

 At that moment, I heard the sound of her phone ringing in her expensive handbag on the bed.

 ”What was that, the sound of email? What is that…… Mama?”

 It was understandable that I was skeptical. Because we live in an age where most of our communication with friends is done through social networking sites. So, these days, I rarely use e-mail.

 Apparently…… because I don’t really have any friends to communicate with.

 But as soon as she looked at the screen of her phone, Fujiwara-san’s expression suddenly turned cloudy.

 ”……Papa wants me to come home, so I’m going home”

 She turned her head and picked up her handbag.

 ”I’m sorry I called you my boyfriend…… I won’t say it again”

 She said and walked out of the room.

 ”……What’s wrong with her?”

 I could not help but be puzzled by the sudden change in her attitude.

 ◇  ◇  ◇

 ”Well then…… will she come?”

 I sent it via free email from a net café.

 Mai-chan wouldn’t know who was blackmailing her yet.

 Teruya-chan said she would let me do what I wanted with Mai-chan if I got between her and Jun, but …… that’s too hard, isn’t it?

 It’s hard to believe that Jun would fall for Teruya-chan, after all.

 So, after that, I desperately begged Teruya-chan.

 ”Please give me that girl in her underwear as a material, I get really excited when my classmates do that”

 Then Teruya-chan looked at me as if she was about to see something really gross.

 But she still sent me a less revealing one, and saying, “Isn’t this enough?”. The photo was when her blouse was open in the front and a little of her bra was showing.

 I don’t think I could get hot with that.

 But this was enough.

 With this, I could bluff that I had all the pictures.

 And once I’ve raped her, and taken one of my shots, there’s no way she can resist me. That means Mai-chan is under my control.

 ◇  ◇  ◇

 (I knew it was going to happen…..)

 I was born under a fate like this.

 I’m just a woman who gets violated around by men I don’t like.

 It must be annoying for Fu~min to be courted by such women. That’s why he won’t respond to me no matter how much I tell him I like him.

 That’s right, of course.

 It’s a bit too much to ask him to be my boyfriend.

 And now, in the email that was sent to me, there was a picture of me taken by Teruya-chan and the others at the old building school. And it had these words attached to it.

 [07:00 PM. Come to the front of Ravian Rose]

 Ravian Rose is a love hotel located behind the nearest station to the school. The other side of the station is almost deserted, and I’ve heard a few times that kids from our school use it too.

 There’s no way I can’t figure out what it means to come there.

 But I have time.

 I went home, cried for a while, and changed my clothes.

 I took off my wig and put on my usual gal makeup.

 And then――the least I could do was resist.

 I left the house wearing my old lady-like beige lingerie and skinny jeans that were difficult to take off.

 When I got to the designated place, a man with a knit cap and a mask covering his face came up to me from the alleyway.

 ”Oh, I’m glad you came to me obediently, I don’t think it’s any fun to spread these pictures around”

 I recognized his voice. It was Tateoka, the long-haired guy.

 ”Why do you have that picture?……”

 ”It doesn’t really matter, does it? You’re going to get laid anyway, so let’s make it a fun night”

 ”……I knew you were charming, but I didn’t expect you to be such a jerk”

 ”Ahaha, don’t worry, don’t worry. I’m confident in my technique. By the time I’m done with you, I’ll make you feel like you’re lucky to have me as a blackmailer”

 ”Are you crazy?”

 ”Oh, come on. I’ll take your complaints on the bed”

 Tateoka then took my shoulders and forcibly led me into the hotel.

 At the front desk, in front of the panel to choose a room, he shouted excitedly.

 ”Oh, my lucky day! They’re offering a special room at a lower price than the rest!”

 ”I don’t care about it…….”

 After choosing, the elevator took us to the fifth floor.

 In the elevator, I fought off the hands that were constantly touching me.

 But the more I resist, the more he gets on top of me, which is super annoying.

 As I stepped off the elevator, I saw the room number light up at the far end.

 I wanted to run away. But it’s too late. As if he could see right through me, Tateoka grinned and pulled my hand.

 When I reached the front of the room, I saw that it was the only one with a heavy wooden door that was completely different from the others.

 ”Wow! It’s like a special room!”

 Tateoka shouted with excitement. I clenched my lip and turned my head.

 (It’s okay…… it’s already too late too. Because I’m already dirty. I’m sorry……. Fu~min)

 ”Come on, Mai-chan, I’ll love you as much as I can!”

 Tateoka opens the door, shouting with excitement.

 And as soon as he stepped inside the room…


 Such a voice sounded.

 Immediately, Tateoka shouted, “Guoh!” Like a dog that’s been kicked, then collapsed on the spot.

 I was so startled that I looked up.

 Then, at the far end of the room, I saw my beloved boy sitting on the bed, looking awkwardly dressed.

 ”Don’t you dare touch my girl, you idiot”

 He’s bad-mouthing, and probably not the best-looking boy in the world.

 But I reconfirmed that I really, really like him, love him, love him, love him, and love him very much.

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