Confinement 35

Chapter 35 Black Gals are Surprisingly Smart About Games

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 The black-clad man collapsed from his knees, and behind him, I could see Fujiwara-san’s eyes widen in surprise.

 Because, if someone suddenly collapsed in front of me, I would have been surprised too.

 But despite her reaction, I was inwardly relieved and patted my chest.

 If it had been Fujiwara-san who had come in first, I would have had no choice but to paralyze her.

 According to Lili, if a person is paralyzed, he or she will not be able to stand up for half a day, though it is not enough to kill him or her.

 In fact, there was a 50/50 chance that Fujiwara-san would come in first.

 If the blackmailer had been a little more cautious, he would have tried to get her into the room first to prevent her from escaping.

 Thinking about it, Fujiwara-san may be in a surprisingly lucky position.

 It’s not just that she avoided getting paralyzed.

 But, also…

 ――If she hadn’t come to my house.

 ――If she hadn’t received the threatening e-mail at that time?

 And by this time, she would have been raped by this blackmailer without anyone noticing.

 I also remember asking Lili after Fujiwara-san had left the room in the afternoon.

 ”What did it say?”

 As Fujiwara-san was looking at her phone, Lili was staring at the screen from behind her.

 ”A picture of a half-undressed black gal and “Come to the front of Ravian Rose at 07:00 PM tonight”, Devi. What’s Ravian Rose, Devi?”

 ”It’s a love hotel. It’s near the school……”

 If it’s a half-undressed image, it was probably taken by Teruya-san and her friends at the old building school. Someone must have gotten hold of it.

 Naturally, the person who threatened her was definitely a man. He wanted her to come to the front of the love hotel. So, there was only one meaning to this.

 No wonder Fujiwara-san’s expression was cloudy.

 She had been blackmailed into letting him hold her if she didn’t want her picture to be exposed.

 ”What are you going to do, Devi?”

 ”What do you mean….. Is it a bad thing to help her for the devil?”

 Lili shrugged her shoulders.

 ”Of course, Devi. There’s no way I’m helping anyone, Devi”

 ”That’s right, huh…..”

 ”Rather, I just want Fumi Fumi saying, “All the pretty girls in the world are mine. Anyone who lays a hand on my property, I’ll beat them to a pulp”, Devi”

 ”Beaten to a pulp……?”

 You’ve been reading too many mangas, you know. Are you Gian*? (*Note: ジャ〇アンか -> Gian* from Doraem*n)

 But I understand what Lili is trying to say.

 I can’t let the little bastard get away with it.

 Do you really think I’m just going to sit around and let him get his hands on my stuff?

 ”Surely it’s no fun for anyone but me to feel good”

 Yes, it is. It’s no fun at all.

 I hadn’t even gotten my teeth into her “brown skin pink nipples” yet.

 I have yet to press my glans against her plump, erect nipples.

 When I thought about it, I began to get angry at the blackmailer.

 It was really horrible anger, even for me.

 ”Lili, can you assist me?”

 I asked, and Lili raised the corner of her mouth in a smile.

 ”Of course, Devi”

 The designated time is 07:00 PM o’clock. There’s plenty of time left.

 And then…

 ”Fumio! She has left, but you didn’t do anything weird, did you?”

 ”No, I didn’t!”

 I gave a vague reply to my mother’s question as I ran out of the house and started to ride my bike towards the hotel.

 ”Since you don’t know what kind of guy you’re dealing with, don’t be careless, Devi”

 Lili followed me as I flew right next to her, and her words made me say what I had been thinking.

 ”I know. So basically, I’m going to pull them into “the room”. And since he’s trying to get her into a hotel, I can put “the door” over the entrance to the room”

 ”Yes, Devi. Then I’ll have my servant take control of the hotel, Devi”

 When I arrived at the hotel and peeked inside the front desk, I saw two men who looked like employees in a coma with their lower bodies exposed.

 ”Was this the work of someone called Freesia?”

 ”Yes, Devi”

 ”I think I’d like to meet her at least once……”

 ”If you want to die of being drained, I won’t stop you”

 With this exchange, we got ready.

 I set up “the door” at the entrance to the farthest room on the fifth floor so that everyone but me can see it.

 And all that was left was for Lili to monitor the front desk and guide the blackmailer and Fujiwara-san to the room where I was.

 I also made sure to change “the room” into a love hotel using <Furniture Installation> and <Interior Construction>.

 Now, I can’t keep Fujiwara-san confined yet.

 And I need to make her think it’s just a room in a love hotel.

 Therefore, I waited for two hours, thinking of cool poses and lines to say.

 Finally, the blackmailer opened the door of the room and I paralyzed him.

 So here we are now, as soon as she saw me, Fujiwara-san’s expression became twisted. She looked happy as she cried. Her tears spilling down. She seemed to be overcome with emotion as she stepped inside the door.

 Just then――

 The room was filled with the usual electronic sounds and synthesized voices.


 ”Mai Fujiwara’s status has changed to [Submissive]”

 ”Along with that, the following functions are now available”

 ”● Room Creation Level 5″

 ”You can use up to sixteen rooms at once”

 ”● Furniture Installation Level 4″

 ”You can now furnish your rooms with quite luxurious furniture “

 ”● Special Facility ―― Corridors”

 ”You can connect multiple rooms with corridors”

 ”● Prohibit”

 ”You can prohibit a single action only within a room”




 ”Mai Fujiwara’s status has changed to [Subjugated]”

 ”● Periscope”

 ”You can monitor the outside world from inside a room”

 ”● Forget Person”

 ”You can erase the memories of anyone who was in the room”


 I didn’t expect this.

 This is because Fujiwara-san has not been trained in any way.

 And yet, it’s too easy, regardless of the amount of circumstance.

 I wonder if she rushed to my side in a rush.


 ”Whoa, wait a minute!”

 She jumped on me like a human rocket and pushed me down on the bed with all her might.

 And then.

 ”Fu~min! Fu~min! Fu~min! Fu~min! Fu~min!”

 She rubs her cheek against my chest while calling out my name. It hurts. The buttons are stuck in, and it hurts like hell.

 ”F-Fujiwara-san, let’s calm down for a moment! Okay! Okay!”

 When I complained, she stopped moving and quietly raised herself up.


 ”No way. If I stop now, I’ll explode!”

 And now, she starts raining kisses all over my face.

 ”Chuu! I love you! Chuu! I love you! Chuu-chuu! I love you! Mwah! I love you!”

 ”Whoa, Fujiwara-san, stop! Wait!”

 ”No! Chuu! Chuu! Chuu!”

 I had just dressed up, but now, it was ruined.

 I’m now at the mercy of the world.

 Of course, it wouldn’t end with a kiss on the cheek.

 While I was confused, she put her hand on my belt and began to unfasten it.

 ”I want to have a baby right now! I want Fu~min’s baby! I feel like I can have six kids right now. And you can make me do anything you want!”

 Now, the one being raped is me, and I’m still being raped.

 I really don’t understand why I come to the rescue of a girl who is being raped and but she is going to rape me.

 Thinking so, she finished unbuckling my belt and tried to take it off, this time with her hands on her own clothes.

 But then――


 When I thought I heard her say, “Ah” she froze with her clothes rolled up to her navel.

 When I looked up at her, I saw that she had an expression on her face that said, “What should I do?”.

 I remembered something very bad. That’s the atmosphere.

 ”Y…… you know, Fu~min”


 ”……Let’s meet again later, how about it……?”


 ”I’m afraid I can’t show you, or I don’t wanna be seen by……Fu~min in that underwear…….”

 I have no idea what she means, but I would appreciate it if you did.

 It’s not that I was trying to impress her.

 After all, emotions are supposed to be built up by each other, and if one side gets off to a rocket start, the other side can only be turned off.

 In fact, I didn’t have an erection at all.

 I’m not impotent. Please don’t misunderstand me.

 ”…… Well, okay”

 When I gave her a slurred reply, she got off my body with a sullen look, as if the excitement she had just experienced was a lie.

 ”Have you calmed down yet?”

 ”Y-yeah…… somehow, I’m really …… sorry”

 When she became calm, she suddenly felt embarrassed. She replied in a muffled voice.

 I adjusted my disheveled clothes and turned my attention to the black-clad man convulsing around the entrance of the room.

 ”So, Fujiwara-san, who’s that?”

 ”It’s Tateoka, but ……”

 She didn’t even want to call him “Tateoka-kun” anymore.

 If it’s Tateoka-kun, then the source of the photo must be Teruya-san.

 It may have been Teruya-san’s idea, but I have a feeling that this idiot with long hair would do something like this with a casual attitude.

 In fact, he seemed to be so used to it that it wasn’t as if this was his first time. If I look for him, there might be other victims of this idiot.

 ”Hey, Fu~min, can I ask you something?”

 ”What is it?”

 ”You told him not to mess with other people’s women, right? That means you’ve accepted me as Fu~min’s girlfriend, right?”

 ”Eh…… No, that’s nothing to do with it, but…”

 ”It’s kind of depressing”

 ”…… Actually, I’ve already had three girls, and Fujiwara-san is the fourth”

 I wanted to be a little mean, so I told her, thinking of Kurosawa-san, Masaki, and Terashima-san’s faces.

 Then, an unexpected answer came back to me.

 ”The fourth person? I guess the fourth one is okay”

 ”You don’t mind?”

 ”Yes. Well, we are the Four Heavenly Kings”

 ”Four Heavenly Kings?”

 ”Ahaha, the Four Heavenly King is a big promotion from a small fish who is neither a girlfriend nor anything”

 I was speechless at this.

 Apparently, the black gal had a surprisingly smart mind for games. Well, she probably thinks the idea of four people was a joke in the first place.

 ”So, what are you going to do about Tateoka? Are you going to turn him into the police?”

 ”No, I’ll leave him for now. My friends will take care of the rest”

 ”Fu~min, do you have any friends?”

 ”Yes, including Fujiwara-san”

 ”I’ve been downgraded to a friend!?”

◇ ◇ ◇

 After Fumi Fumi took the black gal out of the room, I looked down at the blackmailer left behind and thought.

 ”Hmm, it’s not a good idea to keep him confined like this, is it?”

 Predicting the future development of the case, it would only be an obstacle to have a missing man now. But that doesn’t mean I should let him go scot-free.

 ”Today is Saturday……”

 There is no problem if I let him go home so that he can go to school on Monday. One day on Sunday is enough to punish him.


 When I called out, a silver-haired maid appeared from the corner of the room. As soon as she saw the blackmailer lying on the floor, she gave him a greedy look.

 ”My “milk” supply just died, so may I have this one?”

 The High-ranking Succubus has a terrible habit of embedding kidnapped males in the wall, leaving only their mouths and genitals exposed, and milking them of their essence when they are thirsty. Such a terrible habit.

 And they call them “milk supply” for the fun of it.

 ”No, not yet. I don’t want him to go missing now. In the meantime, take him to Baron Mohawk. I’m sure he’ll be able to teach this idiot “the joys of being a woman” in a day”

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