Confinement 36

Chapter 36 The Lovey-Dovey Play begins

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 ”Ryoko-san, can we stay together tonight?”

 My fiancé, “a man named Nakamura”, gently laid his hand on top of mine.

 He had silver-rimmed glasses and a slender face. He was a man with very elite-looking, with his hair combed into seven-three.

 (What did I like about this man?)

 Not so long ago, I thought he was a man I could respect, but now I felt nothing but disgust.

 I want to get rid of him right now, but I can’t just ignore my master’s order to live as usual for the time being.

 This man works at the main office, so I can only see him when he is on vacation.

 For that reason, previously, I had been looking forward to this date with a thousand thoughts.

 I was looking forward to having a slightly luxurious dinner and spending the night in a hotel with this man, Nakamura. That’s what I should have been looking forward to. But…

 ”It’s impossible now”.

 Now that I’ve tasted Master’s wild performance, I can see how insignificant my relationship with this man is.

 As a male, he is much lower in rank. To compare the two was just blasphemy against my master.

 ”I’m sorry, Takehiko-san. Actually, I have to go after this because of a case I’m pursuing”

 ”……I see. Haha, in that case, there’s no…… choice”

 An understanding man. A kind man.

 He thought he was going to be able to hold me. Unfortunately, I’m sorry.

 Now, my body is full of Master’s semen, which he poured into me during last night’s naked walk.

 And since I’ve taken the trouble to plug it up and enjoy the aftermath, there is no way I can afford to welcome this man’s short stick.

 (I guess it’s time for me to go home…… )

 As I was thinking about this, I casually looked out the window and gasped.

 (It’s Master! Master is here!)

 I saw Master pushing his bicycle across the street in front of the stylish bistro behind the station, and there was a young girl.

 (Oh…… Master……)

 I felt my part begin to sizzle and moisten. If I hadn’t plugged it, it would have made a stain on the chair.

 The girl walking with him, I remember her name was Mai Fujiwara. She was a friend of the first missing person, Misuzu Kurosawa, as I recall.

 Could she be the next target of my master?

 However, the two of them seemed to be very close, and if I didn’t know any better, they would look like lovers.

 Could she be the master’s lover?

 If so, I should call her “Mai-sama”.

 There was no way I could be jealous.

 There was no way I could be so ignorant.

 I am nothing more than a tool for Master’s libido.

 I’m just a shallow existence, hoping to be used as many times as possible.

 ”Ryoko-san, what’s wrong?”

 As I stared blankly at the distant figure of my Master, a man named Nakamura peeked suspiciously into my face.

 How annoying. Don’t put a damper on my happy mood of being able to see my Master.

 But I tried my best to push down my irritation and responded with a smile.

 ”I’m sorry. It’s just that someone I know who looks like my friend passed by”

 ”Hmm, I see”

 Oh, I wish I could go back to my Master’s room……

◇ ◇ ◇

 After getting Fujiwara-san to calm down with a single kiss because she was insistent that I must drop by, I went home and found my mother waiting for me.

 I told my mother that Fujiwara-san left suddenly because we had a little fight. I also told her that we had made up and that everything was fine.

 ”That beautiful young lady from a good family is going out with you, it’s like winning the first prize in a lottery, you should take good care of her!”

 She gave me a lecture full of unnecessary care.

 Then, as if to escape the barrage of questions at the dinner table, I quickly finished my dinner and went back to my room.

 Then I saw Lili floating in the air, looking awfully bored.

 ”I’ve already read all the manga, Devi. I think you should go to get a new one, Devi. The latest issue of the beach volleyball manga should be out next week, I think”

 Why should I buy it for you?

 I kept those words to myself and diverted the topic.

 ”So what happened to Tateoka-kun?”

 ”I sent him to the demon world, Devi”

 ”Demon world!?”

 To be honest, I thought he might be on the same level as Terashima-san, but to send him to the demon world is too far out of line.

 ”It’s okay, Devi, I’m just rented him to a friend until tomorrow evening. He’ll be back for sure, Devi”

 What do you mean, “rented to a friend in the demon world…….?”

 It’s too disturbing.

 ”So what are you doing tonight, Devi?”

 ”Y-yeah. I’m thinking of…… Masaki for now”

 ”But Kurosawa-chan can’t be left alone much longer, Devi. If you neglect her too much, her feelings will turn to hatred, Devi”

 ”That’s true, but I have to keep Masaki’s sense of time-reversed to avoid problems, so I guess I’ll deal with Kurosawa-san tomorrow morning……”

 While saying this, I make “the door” to “the room” where I have Masaki confined appear.

 As I stepped into “the room”, I lit the lamp I had set up yesterday.

 On the bed, Masaki Haneda was lying in the same position as when I left “the room”.

 I had taken her virginity and forced her to become my lover. Now, it’s a continuation from the morning after that.

 The brainwashing was quite simple compared to Kurosawa-san’s. Just make her fall in love with me, make her crazy about me, and then throw her away.

 It takes a little creativity to get rid of her, but that’s basically it.

 During the process of brainwashing Kurosawa-san, I acquired three weapons: kissing, gentle touch, and my tone of voice.

 Although she was a virgin until yesterday, the current me should be able to make her melt.

 ”Fumi Fumi, as you know, the brainwashing method is different from Kurosawa-chan’s, so you don’t need to treat Oppai-chan any worse”

 If she asks me, it’s true.

 In the case of Kurosawa-san, it was necessary to make a difference in the treatment before and after the time she was with me.

 But with Masaki, all I had to do was to nurture her affection as a lover.

 In fact, it would be better to have some fun together.

 ”So…… first expand the room to about double its size”

 The room expanded with a rumbling sound.

 ”And change the bed to a bigger one…….”

 Masaki was still asleep, and only the bed was instantly replaced.

 Thanks to Fujiwara’s fall into [Subjugated], the level of <Furniture Installation> has risen considerably, and the bed has a magnificent canopy as if it were in a foreign resort hotel.

 ”After that, install a kitchen, a bathroom, a table set, a sofa set, stylish indirect lighting, plants, and some stylish paintings. Then, change the wallpaper to white…….”

 Despite the rather random instructions, the room quickly became as luxurious as a resort hotel suite.

 ”I like it, I think I’ll live here”

 ”Fufu, I will also prepare some gorgeous ingredients in the kitchen, Devi. So, you can enjoy your lovey-dovey life to your heart’s content, Devi”

 ”Oh, that’s nice. Masaki’s homemade food …… is not bad”

 Far from being bad, it’s great.

 ”Then, you have to go back to the position you were in yesterday when I pinned her, Devi. When you are ready, I will pull out the pins, Devi”

 ”Hold on…… Okay, I’m ready”

 I lay down on the bed and nodded, hugging Masaki’s body close to me.

 Immediately, Masaki’s eyelids twitched.

 She slowly opened her eyes and looked up with a sleepy look in her eyes.

 ”Ah… It’s Fumio-kun. Ehehe, good morning”

 I pecked her lips like a little bird, and she giggled happily.

 (What is…… this cute creature?)

 ”Good morning, Masaki-chan. Take a look around”

 ”Eh? W-what…… happen?”

 While looking around for a moment, she rolled her eyes.

 This is the kind of reaction that would be expected if the room had been transformed from the plain and dreary one of yesterday into a resort hotel suite.

 ”What…… is this?”

 ”I don’t know. When I woke up, it was like this”

 ”T-that’s scary. Are you saying that we were carried…… while we were sleeping? I-is there a surveillance camera somewhere?”

 ”I don’t know…… I was curious too, so I looked around, but I couldn’t find any surveillance cameras at all”

 ”Oh yeah……. There are two doors, Fumio-kun. Maybe we can go outside……”

 I shrugged my shoulders and shook my head.

 ”Unfortunately, but that’s the bathroom and that’s the kitchen”

 Masaki’s eyes lit up.

 ”It’s a bath!? I want to take a bath!”

 I guess that’s natural.

 It would be terrible for a young girl not to take a bath for a day, and on top of that, her legs were soggy from having her virginity lost yesterday. The semen that had spilled down her legs was so dry that it had formed white streaks on her inner thighs.

 ”Then, do you want me to come in with you?”

 ”No, geez! Fumio-kun’s pervert!”

 Are you Shiz*ka-chan?

 ”I don’t think it’s too late for that. We have been naked for a long time”

 As if she remembered, she suddenly turned bright red and covered her breasts with her arms.

 ”Ehehe ………… that’s right …….”

 Her large breasts twisted and twisted, and that was enough to make my thing react.

 Once we were both in the bathroom, we hugged each other while showering hot water with our bodies covered in foam.

 Even with Terashima-san, I was impressed by how soft a woman’s body was, but with Masaki, it was a whole new level.

 It’s mainly the breasts…… or rather the breasts.

 ”Umm… Masaki-chan. Does it hurt anymore? That part”

 When asked this question, she turned her cheeks red and looked down.

 ”Yeah, I think it’s …… probably fine”

 ”No, no, no, no, don’t push yourself. Let me see”

 I crouched down and peeked between her legs.

 ”Wait!? Hey!? Nya!? Fumio-kun, you’re embarrassing me! Idiot!”

 She seemed to be surprised by this and hit me on the head. But it didn’t hurt at all to be hit a little by her.

 As the shower is running, the hot water drips down her skin. The sight of the water dripping down her thin pubic hair was very s*xy.

 ”No, no! Don’t look! No!”

 I pried open her legs, which she was desperately trying to close, and put my nose between her legs.

 Now, my position was near the bottom of her tiny, boat-shaped slit. There, Masaki’s vaginal hole is secretly open. The hole is very small and narrow. I can’t seem to get even a finger in there.

 And to think that I was going to change this tiny hole into my own shape made me very excited.

 ”You have to wash the inside of the vagina well”


 Without giving her a chance to resist, I dipped the tip of my index finger into the hole.

 There was a slippery feeling on my fingertips, a warm liquid feeling that was different from hot water.

 (It’s wet……. That means she’s expecting it”

 ”Ah, Hyaa…….”

 I slid my index finger in and out of the entrance and then all the way to the back.

 ”A-ahhh, it’s coming in…… Don’t put it in……”

 I searched the inside of the vaginal cavity and gouged the throbbing point that I could feel on my fingertip.

 ”Ahhh, there, that place makes me shiver!”

 Her naked body immediately twitched and jerked. She twitched. Apparently, I had stimulated a good spot. As I continued to stimulate her there.

 ”A-ahh, Ahh, Ahh…….”

 Her moaning voice changed to a pleasant one.

 ”It’s funny. I’m washing it, but it’s getting wetter and wetter”

 I say this to her, but she doesn’t have time to reply.

 ”Ahh, no, I’m cumming, I’m cummming….”

 Masaki was being pushed to the brink of climax, with her fingers nipping anxiously.

 She would have climaxed in a few more minutes.

 But that’s no fun.

 ”Then let’s cum together”

 I pulled my fingers out and put my hand on her shoulder to hold her breathless hand against the wall.

 Then I grabbed her smooth hips and thrust my cock into the center of them.


 Her voice became louder and louder as she squirmed. I thrust my hips toward the spot that I had been stimulating with my fingers earlier.

 ”Hiii, Fumio-kun’s p*nis is amazing! My most uncomfortable part is already exposed. I’m getting hit all over there, Na, Nyaaaaan, I’m going to cum so soon with this……”

 The sound of the flesh hitting the crotch, which is named Doggy Style, is like a percussion instrument. I’m not sure what to do, but I’m sure it’s a good idea.

 ”Haa~, Ah, I love it, I love it! I can’t stand this…… Nnn, I’m cumming! I’m cummmmming!”

 *Twitched, Twitched* Masaki’s body shuddered violently. Her vaginal flesh tightens around my object.

 Then, I held her naked body and her hips tightly and gave her one last thrust deep inside.

 Spurt! Spurt! Spurtttt!

 The semen overflowed instantly, and her body was twitching and convulsing.

 ”Nnn….. A-ahh….. it’s coming in, it feels so good…..”

 She leaned back her body and closed her eyes as if she was feeling the aftermath.

 And then, after a few moments of lingering enjoyment–

 ”Geez, idiot, idiot, idiot! I hate you, Kijima-kun, I hate you!

 While I was soaking in the bathtub, I hugged the pouting Masaki from behind.

 ”It’s your fault for being too cute”

 ”Mu~, I’m not cute”

 ”If it’s not cute, then does Masaki-chan dislike me?”

 ”Uuu…………. I like you, but…… I want you to be nicer to me!”

 ”Okay, I’ll be nicer next time”

 ”……….. Unn, I forgive you”

 With that said, she leaned over my shoulder, giggling. Her breasts were floating in the hot water, and they were, well, amazing.

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