Confinement 37

Chapter 37 Whoever Came Up with the Idea of Naked Aprons is a Great Person

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”What are we doing……?”

 ”I don’t know……. Ahaha…….”

 I had finished my bath, but I didn’t have a bath towel.

 So, I had no choice but to jump up and down like Maasai people to dry our bodies, and then Masaki started jumping up and down as well. (*Note: Maasai People : Nilotic ethnic group inhabiting northern, central and southern Kenya and northern Tanzania)

 It became a bit fun, and we both said, “Uho! Uho!” while we were jumping up and down.

 But because Masaki’s breasts were huge, it made her moaned and crouched down, saying, “Geez…. it made my breasts ‘root’ is sore”. However, she immediately returned to her natural state and saying, “……Oh, that’s right”.

 ”B-by the way. Fumio-kun, there is a kitchen, right? I’ll make dinner! And I will make delicious food!”

 As if to make up for it, Masaki said this, which somehow raised her spirits.

 And the thought of a girl in my class cooking for me which I longed for was nothing more than a dream come true now.

 I cried tears of joy in my heart, knowing that this day had finally arrived.

 By the way, Fujiwara-san’s lunch was not included.

 With that, the two of us went to the kitchen to check the ingredients and cooking utensils.

 The refrigerator was full to the brim.

 There was even some cold rice wrapped in plastic wrap in the freezer, but for some reason, the only dessert-like item was Azuki Red Bean Ice Cream Bar from Imur*ya. (*Note: When I surfing the internet, I got that result)

 I honestly don’t know what sense the devil has in this area.

 Then, back to the kitchen, Masaki, who was checking the inside of the cupboard, shouted, “Oh, yay!”.

 ”Look, look! An apron!”

 Masaki happily put it on and said, “I’m so glad! Now I can cover up my private parts” with a smile on her face, and I stumbled over my words, not knowing what to say.

 But in my heart, I was screaming, “It’s too erotic!” I exclaimed.

 Just by wearing a piece of cloth, eroticism increased by 50%.

 I think the first person to do a naked apron should be celebrated as much as Buddha or Christ. That person is great man.

 Now my tension is soaring.

 And because of the back view of Masaki as she starts cooking and seeing her bare ass, I was so horny that I went to hug her, but she thrust a knife at me, said, “Don’t come in here while I’m using a knife!” and it made me cool down.

 Well, that’s true. It’s dangerous.

 After such ups and downs of tension, the dish presented to me was omelet rice.

 When I saw the heart mark drawn with ketchup, my first words were.

 ”That’s so cute!”


 I mean, Masaki-san, a heart mark on omelet rice?

 That’s like saying, “Am I cute?” you know.

 ”But I chose omelet rice because it was my specialty……”

 It seemed that she was a little unhappy.

 Seeing her like that, I regained my composure and sat down at the table, but for some reason, Masaki sat down next to me even though it was a table for four. And she scooped up an omelet with a spoon and held it out to me, “Say, Ahh~”.

 Oh, yeah, that’s it. This is the kind of couple that I often see in family restaurants and I want to punch their face.

 ”Why don’t you guys sit facing each other!” This is something that I would like to preach to them for an hour.

 ”Umm…… Masaki-chan?”

 ”Ehehe…. I’ve been wanting to try it when I get a boyfriend”

 If that’s the case, I can’t help it.

 Reluctantly, I’m going to join the Paripi. (*Note: Paripi : The person who often goes to the nightclub and enjoy dancing or hitting on girls/boys or person who is usually easy going and looking flashy)

 After all, my girlfriend with big breasts is wearing a naked apron and says, “Say, ahh!”.

 And her big breasts will touch my arms during the “Aahhhh” too.

 If I didn’t have the resolve to take on the curse of all the men in the world, I wouldn’t be able to do this, yes.

 So, in the end, I didn’t pick up the spoon from start to finish, and the meal ended in a way that would only be possible in a nursing home if we weren’t lovers.

 I felt exhausted as if I had been kept waiting for a long time, even though I was eating.

 And when I lay down on my bed, I thought of “Creature Terashima” to suppress my erection, which was rising to the sky.

 Then, by the time Masaki came back from washing the dishes, my erection was completely deflated, giving me an idea of the impact of “Creature Terashima”.

 ”Keep you waiting”

 As she said this, she jumped on the bed and cuddled up to me, using my chest as a pillow in a very natural way.

 ”Did you like it?”

 ”It was really good”

 She smiled happily as I answered.

 ”Why don’t you take off your apron?”

 ”Because if I take it off, everything will be visible”

 Masaki must be relieved to finally be able to hide it, but she’s wrong. It’s 50 percent more erotic, you know.

 After talking, she closed her eyes quietly and took a deep breath.

 ”It’s funny, we both smell the same soap”

 ”Of course, we do”

 In fact, we used the same soap.

 ”Fufu, it’s weird, isn’t it?”

 ”What’s weird?”

 ”I mean, I’m locked up with a guy I barely know, and I’m supposed to be scared to death, but I’m acting like a newlywed”

 ”Newlyweds…..? But we’re old enough to get married last month”

 Then she lets out a small laugh.

 ”You know what, dear?” (*Note: Anata)

 ”What is it, dear?” (*Note: Omae)

 We both giggled at each other.

 ”Would you like dinner? Would you like a bath? Or would you like me?” (*Note: It’s classic)

 ”That’s so silly”

 ”Geez…… Say it with style”

 ”I’ve had dinner, I’ve had a bath. So, I don’t have a choice”


 With that said, I turned around and put Masaki as it was.

 She doesn’t seem to be resisting.

 Rather, she seemed to be a little happy.

 I pulled the fabric of the apron and placed it between her breasts.

 ”Ah, Geez! Even though I was hiding it…”

 Her huge breasts appeared again, with large, vulgar nipples. Her large nipples are twitching as if in anticipation.

 The sight of Masaki with her breast fully exposed in her apron was so naughty that it made me dizzy.

 Seeing so, I gently reached for her breasts and began to rub them slowly.

 The texture was superb.

 I rubbed harder and harder.

 ”Haa~…… Nnn…… Aa~……”

 A pained gasp began to escape from her small lips.

 Still, I didn’t touch her nipples yet. Then, I rubbed them from the outside to the inside, and when I took my hands away, the flesh of her breasts shivered as if they were rebounding.

 ”Haa~, Haa~ ……Don’t play with my breast”

 ”I don’t mean to, but they’re really nice and firm”

 ”Noo, Geez, don’t talk to me like you’re a breast expert”

 (What is that?)

 “They are rich and dense, the aroma is strong, and they taste like a breeze running through the forest”.

 I couldn’t help but chuckle as I imagined a man in formal attire saying that and pressing his nose against my nipple.

 Finally, I stopped squeezing the entire breast and let my fingers wander over the surface of her breast.

 ”Ah, that tickles…… A-ah, Ah……”

 As I continued to circle relentlessly back and forth between the inside and outside of the nipple, her eyes gradually began to moisten.

 (It’s about time)

 Then, I touch her nipple with my fingertip.


 She jerked up and down, but I didn’t care.

 I still continued to crush her large nipples with my fingers, rolling them carefully like gummy candy, and then her reaction began to change.

 ”Ah, No, Ahhh…… Ahhh, A-aaah”

 If I touch them after enough teasing, the nipples quickly become a core of pleasure.

 If I caress it slowly, the pleasure will spread to the whole breast.

 But, whenever Masaki jumps in pleasure, her big breast still bounces like a rubber ball.

 (I can’t get enough)

 With that said, I bury my face in her breast, while attacking her nipples with my fingertips.

 Even though it was an impulsive thing to do, it was quite amazing.

 ”Hyaan, Geez, Pervert….”

 It felt as if I was washing my face with her breast meat. And it made my cheeks relax. It seems to be addictive.

 But I can’t stay like that forever.

 So, I began to take her nipple in my mouth and sucked on it so hard that my cheeks puckered up.

 ”Hii, A-ah~, you look like a baby…… Nnn, No~, you’re making my breasts swell……”

 I was so pleased with her reaction that I kept alternating between right and left until I gradually lost track of where to stop.

 However, Masaki pinched my cheeks with both hands to stop the movement and looked at me with moist eyes while breathing disorderly.

 ”Please, Fumio-kun. I can’t take it anymore……”

 ”What you can’t stand?”

 ”Uuu……. You’re such a tease. I want Fumio-kun’s p*nis…… in me”

 In fact, I was planning to ask her to give me a paizuri afterward, but for now, giving her enough pleasure to make her crazy is more important than my own pleasure.

 ”Then I’ll have you on top of me, Masaki-chan”

 ”What do you mean…… be on top of you?”

 I moved out of the way of her body and lay down on my back.

 Of course, my crotch is painfully erect, and it’s pointing up at the ceiling.

 ”Sit on this”

 ”Ehh……. I-I’ll try it. I’ll do my best”

 With a mixture of confusion and shame on her face, Masaki straddled my body and began to sit down quietly.

 Her fingertips picked up my thing, and then *Chu*…… I felt the wet flesh at my tip.

 ”Nnn…… Nnnh…… Ahhhh………….”

 Masaki sits down on top of the meat stick, raising her eyebrows in pain, and my object sinks into the narrow meat hole, slowly, and slowly.

 And then.

 ”Haa~, Haa~…… i-it’s in…….”

 Masaki smiled as she breathed heavily, with her hand on my chest after having placed my cock in her tiny body up to the back.

 The joint is hidden, but the breast is exposed. Her apron had been twisted so that it only covered the middle of her body.

 It was definitely more erotic than being naked.

 ”Then… I’m going to try to move my body…… A-ahh, Ah, Ah……”

 As she began to slowly move her body up and down, Masaki immediately began to let out a lusty voice.

 The movement of her hips, which was awkward at first, soon turned into a rhythmic one.

 Schlip, Schlip, Schlip, Schlip.

 Whenever she moved her hips up and down, her breasts, which were hanging downward in the cowgirl position, danced wildly, bobbing and swaying.

 ”Ah, Ah, Ah, Ahhh….”

 Masaki was rather underdeveloped in areas other than her breast. Because her waist is a little thicker, and her stomach is as smooth as a child’s.

 And when she bends over, the flesh of her stomach becomes stretched out in a horizontal line.

 She has what is called belly fat, but that sloppy look is also very erotic.

 ”Ah, Ah, A-ah, Ah, Ah……”

 As she looked up at me from below, with a pleasantly debauched expression on her face.

 Her hips were moving more and more violently, and she was starting to move in circles, even though I hadn’t told her to.

 ”Does it feel good?”

 ”Oh, it’s hood… it’s so hood! Your henis so hood…..”

 She responded with a lecherous look as if she was somewhat affected by a fever.

 And for me, it’s easy because I just lie there and let her rub me up and down.

 ”It’s convenient like an automatic masturbator”

 ”You’re terrible…… I’m not an Oraho, but your girlfrienh”

 ”Ahaha, sorry, sorry. Then I’ll make you feel even better”

 With that said, I grabbed her hips and thrust my hips up with all my might.

 Thud, Thud, Thud, Thud, Thud, Thud, Thud, Thud!

 ”Nyah!? Hii, you’re killing me, killing me!?”

 But I have no intention of stopping.

 I bounced up and down on the bed like a hot shrimp, thrusting deep into her.

 ”Ahh, N-no, hon’t ho that, I’m hoing to hum, Ah, Ah, Ahhhh, hummmming!”

 Once a girl learns how to climax, it is relatively easy for her to reach it.

 There is no exception for Masaki, who was a virgin until yesterday.

 Her eyes are blank and she can no longer close her mouth, drool is dripping from the edges of her mouth and her tongue is peeking out.

 ”Almost there, I’m going to cum too, just hold on”

 I started to move my hips even faster.

 ”I can’t, it’s too much….. I’m hoing to hie, I’m really hoing to hie, Hiii, No…..”

 Perhaps she couldn’t keep herself up any longer, she collapsed onto my chest.

 So, this is where I reached my limit.

 Spurt! Spurt! Spurttttt!

 My meat stick explodes deep inside her.


 ”Ooooh, I-I’m cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmming….!!”

 Her body bounced up and down, and her back arched.

 The huge ball of flesh bounced as if it was going to tear off.

 The meat stick is tightly sucked into her pussy, and she sternly asks for more and more semen to be released.

 ”Ughhh! Haa~….. Oh….. I-I’m being squeezed…….”

 I groaned as the vagina squeezed out every last drop left in my urethra.

 On the other hand, her body is twitching and twitching as she bends over.

 ”Haa~…… Haa~…………”

 Because of her baby face, her ahegao face was incredibly erotic and criminally nasty.

 She seemed to be trembling and checking the feeling of hot sperm filling her womb and the lingering ejaculation that was still going on.


 Next time, it will be Kurosawa-san after a long time. What is going on with her after being neglected for so long?

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