Confinement 38

Chapter 38 Hey

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“Ahh……… Ah……”

Masaki was in a shameful position, slumped over with only her hips raised and her face buried in the pillow.

And when I pulled out my thing, liquid dripped down her inner thighs.

After the first time, she was in ecstasy, and I screwed her as hard as I could, and after about the third time, she just moaned and groaned.

Finally, on the fourth time, I knocked her unconscious.

“I guess that’s it for today”

I muttered to myself as I squeezed Masaki’s ass and enjoyed the feeling.

“Normally, you shouldn’t go that far with a girl who was a virgin until yesterday, Devi”

I turned around to see Lili cowering in disbelief.

“I have to make sure that the pleasure is so strong that she thinks she can’t live without me”

“And then dump her?”

“I’m just going to return her to her routine”

“Well, you never know, Devi. But I’m going to pin Oppai-chan for now. Also, let her sleep normally so that she won’t be upset the next time she wakes up, Devi”


When I rolled Masaki’s body over, her body, which had been twitching slightly until then, stopped moving.

“Then, once I’m out, I’ll have breakfast and then I’ll go to Kurosawa-san’s place. Hey, Lili, did you get what I asked for?”

“Of course, Devi”

“Oh, seriously! The magazine said it was a two-year waiting list, but I’ll give it a try”

“There’s no reason for the devil to accidentally fake another one, Devi”

“Thank you for your help. Because the best way to get a girl in a good mood is with something sweet”

“……But that words from a very sweet romance manga on Fumi Fumi’s bookshelf, Devi”

◇ ◇ ◇


In the darkness, my stifled moans echoed.

My emotions are on the verge of exploding. I’m so stressed.

“Even though, you made me say I love you so much…….”

In the end, Fumi-kun didn’t come to see me again yesterday.

He left me in this dark room for two whole days. It’s terrible, it’s too much. What do you think your girlfriend is?

Jun-kun was always ready to come over when I told him I was lonely.

When I thought about it, I gulped and said “Haa~……”.

Perhaps I’ve realized that I haven’t given up on Jun-kun.

The last time I had intercourse, perhaps I called Jun-kun’s name by mistake…….

It’s possible.

It’s not surprising that the second half of the intercourse, I’m getting carried away. Then, probably, I did something wrong.

Will I be erased after all? Am I going to be killed?

Once I get anxious, one anxious thought after another comes to mind, and I can’t stop it.

(Oh, noooo!!!)

At the moment when I was holding my head with my hands, I heard a creaking sound of wood, and a light shining in the form of a door appeared in the pitch-black room.

(It’s here! He’s here!)

His silhouette emerged in the light.


As soon as he called my name, my emotions overflowed.

And before I knew it, I was running towards him.

“Waaaa, you are too late. Sob, idiot… Fumi-kun’s idiot… sob… Uuuueeee…”

I clung to him and cried out at the top of my voice.

He looked surprised for a moment, then smiled gently and hugged me. It was the kind of smile that an adult would give to a spoiled child. He seemed to think it was funny.

“Did you miss me?””

“Uuuu, whose fault do you think it is, sob……”

“I’m sorry”

And then he hugged me tightly.

It’s warm.

Just that my anxieties that I had been feeling until just now melted away easily.

After I finished crying, I looked up and saw that my surroundings had somehow become dimly lit.

In the four corners of the room, there were stylish upturned electric lamps. And it was illuminating the room with a warm, orange-tinged indirect light.

Behind me, I saw a table set in the middle of the room.

(Eh, why? When did this happen? Did I just not notice it because it was pitch black until now?)

It can’t be, I thought, but it somehow made sense to me.

Ever since I’ve been trapped here, strange things have been happening.

I’m beginning to understand the pointlessness of thinking about things.

“Then, close your eyes for a moment and don’t open them until I tell you it’s okay, okay?”

“Eh……. Yes”

I did as he asked and closed my eyes for about 20 seconds. After about 20 seconds, he whispered in my ear, “Okay”.

When I opened my eyes, I saw a steamy teacup on the table and in the middle was a large cake roll.

“Wow, that looks delicious!”

“I wanted to eat it with Misuzu. Have you ever heard of it? “Leeds Lease”……?” (*Note: リーズリース)

“Rich Buttercream Roll Cake? Seriously! No way!!”

It was a hot topic among my model friends. And I’ve been waiting two years for a reservation. It’s rumored that even if someone piles up a lot of money, it’s hard to get a chance to eat this roll cake.

I can’t tell how many times the girls bragged to me about how the president of her office let her eat it.

(It must have been very difficult to get one of these. Fumi-kun, after all, seems to really like me……)

“Well….. Is it makes you happy?”

“Yes, I’m very, very happy!”

I kissed his cheek, and he kissed me back.

Immediately, I cut it into pieces and took a bite.

As soon as I took a bite, the rich buttercream melted in my mouth.


It was so delicious that I couldn’t help but flap my hands.

“Ahaha, so tell me what you think”


“That is terrible”

With that, we both giggled.

When we have finished eating, the table set disappears with the few remaining rolls, revealing a luxurious bed with a canopy.

(I’m not surprised by this anymore, but a… bed means that’s… right?)

I blushed, and he took my hand in his, got on the bed, hugged me from behind, and sat down so that we could lean against the headboard.

(I feel like a child being read a story by Papa)

Thinking about this, I lean back against his chest.

It’s a peaceful time, just feeling his body heat on my back. And I placed my hand on his hand, which was folded in front of my belly.

(After all, he is a boy…… His hands are rough……)

I wonder what kind of hands Jun-kun had. I’m sure we held hands many times, but I can’t remember properly.

I think it’s because I took it for granted and didn’t pay attention to it.

“Speaking of which, Masaki-chan and Misuzu are childhood friends, right?”

“Yes, we’ve been together since kindergarten. So, I feel like she’s my little sister. We’re the same age, though”

“Oh, you’re right, Masaki-chan seems so young”

“It’s not that she’s childish, but she’s so obedient that I’m worried about her being tricked by bad people…… She’s always in a dangerous situation since she was little that I can’t stand to watch her”

“And as a result, I was trampled by Misuzu”

“I-I’m sorry…… I mean, I got carried away at the time, or maybe I just got …… carried away”

“It’s okay. In fact, I’m such a bad person that I kidnapped Misuzu like this”


Stroking my head, I moaned involuntarily.

(Freesia-san said that Fumi-kun is a slight S. Sometimes he is mean)

“By the way, Masaki-chan…….”

As he was about to say this, I squeezed the back of his hand.

“You see…… Misuzu? It hurts”

“You’ve made me hurt. You’ve been talking about Masaki all day”

With that said, I puffed out my cheeks and continued.

“Well, Masaki is my best friend, and I think Masaki is very important to me. I think it’s probably the same for you, but…… if you keep asking me about Masaki, I’m going to start to wonder if you prefer her to me”

“I see…… I’m sorry, I’m sorry”

That said, he chuckled.

“Fumi-kun, you’re too insensitive!”

“Well, I love you, Misuzu”

He pinched my chin with his fingertips, turned me around, and put his lips on mine.

(You can’t trick me with that!)

While thinking about it, I wonder if…… I’m too easy. Because of his kiss, I slumped against him, squishy and shaky.

Then, from that point on, he hugged me for a while, gently stroked my hair, and whispered “Cute” and “I love you” to me.

(Ehehe, yes, it’s not a bad feeling, after all. Fumi-kun is really into me)

“When I hug Misuzu like this, I feel so relieved that I start to feel sleepy”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah, it’s…… fluffy…… Yawn…. Good Night…… Mi-”

The hand that was stroking my head fell down without effort.

(Eh? He’s going to sleep!? W-wait, wait, wait!)

I turned around and saw that he was sighing in his sleep as if he was enjoying himself.

(Wait!? He’s really sleeping! What is this, he’s been healed by me?)

This puzzled me, too.

Because he came to my room, and we were hugging each other on the bed. Then, of course, I don’t think it’s going to be anything other than…… doing something naughty.

It would be a problem if Fumi-kun doesn’t like me more and more, and uh… I don’t know why…… But I was also expecting that……..

To be honest, I admit that I was a little wet from the moment I thought he came into the room.

And because of that, I reminded when the first time he gave me a very forceful kiss, he said something awful like, “I’m going to make you a pig who gets wet when you see my face”. And here I am, but I’m not a pig or anything, I assure it!

But I wonder how long Fumi-kun will stay here today.

Maybe, when he wakes up, he may say, “I don’t have much time left, I’ll see you later”. When I thought about it, I couldn’t even stand to stay.

So, I shook his body with all my might.

“Hey! Fumi-kun, wake up! Please wake up!”

“Hmmm…… What is it? Misuzu, what’s wrong?”

“Isn’t it…… such a waste. I’m here with you……”

My face is hot. I think it’s probably bright red, but I can’t stand it any longer.

I stare into Fumi’s eyes and told him to go easy on me.

“Hey…. please…”

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