Confinement 39

Chapter 39 Your Choice on Tuesday

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 Fumi-kun looked a little surprised, then smiled in a very nasty way.

 ”Do you want to?”

 ”……N-no. D-don’t ask me back…….”

 After saying this, I felt incredibly embarrassed and covered my face with my hand.

 My face is on fire. My cheeks are getting really hot.

 There’s no excuse for me not to be a naughty girl when I tell a boy that I want him to do it.

 ”There’s nothing to be shy about. It makes me happy”

 ”You’re happy……?”

 ”That’s right. It’s a great feeling to have a pretty girl like Misuzu wanting to be with me. It’s a feeling that rises to the heavens”

 ”Fumi-kun, you’re also…….”

 (I see, he’s happy about it……)

 I was relieved and patted my chest.

 But that was only for a short while.

 ”But I can’t be gentle when I’m this excited”

 That said, he grabbed me from behind and suddenly pushed me forward.

 As if thrown out, my face fell on the bed. On top of that, he puts his weight on me and presses down on me.

 ”It’s heavy…… Fumi-kun, it’s heavy……”

 I can’t move at all. And the only thing I can do is to struggle with my legs.

 He crushed me with his own body, and he whispered into my ear.

 ”Hey, Misuzu, who do you belong to?”

 ”I am…… Fumi-kun’s …… property”

 It was a phrase I had been forced to say many times before.

 And I don’t have much resistance in answering.

 But today, for some reason, Jun-kun’s image crossed my mind for a moment.

 (Don’t worry, Jun-kun. It’s only while I’m here. When I get home, I’ll be back to Jun-kun’s)

 But as if he could see through my thoughts, Fumi-kun asked me this question.

 ”Kasuya-kun or me? Which one do you belong to?”

 I gulped.

 It’s obvious. It’s Jun-kun.

 But I can’t say that.

 If I tell it, everything will be over. I’ll be erased. I’ll be killed.

 When I became silent.

 ”You’re not giving me an answer……”

 He looked sad for a moment, then smiled and spoke.

 ”Today was Sunday, right? And On Tuesday…… I will let Misuzu choose. You can choose to stay here and become my property. Or will you go back to Kasuya-kun’s place”

 I opened my eyes so wide that I felt as if they were going to split open.

 To be honest, I was surprised.

 (Hey, what did he just say? He’ll let me go home?)

 He must have taken my expression as suspicion. He chuckled and spoke.

 ”Don’t worry, if you decide to go back to Kasuya-kun, I will definitely let you go. I will never get involved with Misuzu again”

 ”Can I trust you……?”

 ”Of course. But to be honest, the fact that you were thinking about another man while hugging me made me a little angry”

 ”Ouch…… that hurts, Fumi-kun”

 My breasts were squeezed up against the top of my negligee, and I moaned.

 ”I know I’m jealous. But I don’t think I’m going to be able to be gentle with you today”

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”Aaah! Aah, Ah, Aah! Hiii! Aah!”

 My panting voice reverberated loudly in the room.

 Pound, pound, plop! Pound, pound, plop!

 I was slammed so hard in the sleeping back position that my hip, which was slammed against Fumi-kun’s, made a bouncing sound.

 But that’s not all. The sound of my wet pussy making embarrassing water sounds was also mixed in.

 It had already been thirty minutes since the insertion. And I’m out of breath.

 On a large king-size bed, my negligee has already been pulled up to the chest, and with the lower half of my body exposed, my pussy is being thrust in from behind.

 ”Uh… Uh, Uhh, Ah!”

 I was being relentlessly penetrated in the same spot, just below my navel, and I was already climaxing over and over again.

 ”Wait! Fumi-kun, wait! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Aah, I’ve been cumming…… Since a while ago! Please stop once!”

 I’m not panting any longer, but I’m screaming.


 Pound! Pound! Pound! Pound! Pound! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!

 Fumi didn’t stop the rhythmic pumping as if he hadn’t heard me at all.

 ”Misuzu is such a naughty girl that she even said she “wanted” to do it. So, I have to live up to her expectations”

 ”No, stop it… Oh~! Fuah, Ah, Ohhhh…….”

 He grabbed my waist tightly and wouldn’t let go.

 (Is he jealous? is Fumi-kun jealous? Is this how intense if he’s jealous?)

 He keeps thrusting his cock in and out of me, relentlessly attacking the same spot in my vagina.

 (I’m going to die, I’m going to die, I’m going to get stupid, I don’t know how many times I’ve cum already, help me! Please help me!)

 ”Please forgive me…… I’m sorry, I’m sorry! P-please give me a break, I’m feeling more than usual. I’m going too crazy, I’m cumming so hard that I’m going to get…… stupid! Nnnn!? Haa~, Haa~…….”

 I writhed and begged desperately, but Fumi-kun wouldn’t let me.

 At last, my tongue began to tangle and my speech became slurred.

 ”Why…… Why this feels so good to me……”

 ”Well, I think you can feel it more than before because Misuzu is already accustomed to climax. Besides, Misuzu’s pussy is already in the shape of my cock. If the key fits the keyhole, the door will open, of course”

 Maybe that’s why I kept cumming after he inserted his cock.

 Each thrust pushed me to climax, and I couldn’t come back, drowning in a sea of pleasure.

 I desperately reached out and clung to the headboard of the bed, as if to escape the pressure from behind, or to call for help.

 ”Install a mirror”

 As soon as Fumi-kun muttered that, the headboard turned into a large mirror.


 ”Look at this, Misuzu. What do you look like now?”

 My eyes are vacant, my cheeks are pink and puffy, my tongue is hanging sloppily, tears are streaming from my eyes, drool is dripping from my mouth.

 In front of me was the image of a girl who had been penetrated by a cock from behind, her face beaming with pleasure.

 ”Nooo! It’s too naughty, don’t look at me, don’t look at my face like this!”

 But my body wouldn’t let me do it anymore.

 I can’t even hide my face.

 As soon as I thought that…

 ”Aah!? Aaahh, Ahh, Ahh, Ahh!?”

 I came again, and this time, a squirt came out of my pussy!

 (It’s so embarrassing, so embarrassing, so embarrassing……)

 ”Haha, Misuzu is really naughty for cumming again because of embarrassment. I understand. I’m about to reach my limit too. So, I’m going to give it to you. Then, just put your mind to it and squeeze my cock in your pussy”

 ”Yesh… I’ll squeeze your cock”

 After a while, I felt his cock swelling up inside my vagina.

 (Ah… it’s coming!)

 The next moment…

 Spurt, Spurtttt! Spurt! Spurt!

 I feel something popping and something warm spreading in my stomach.

 ”Ahhh, my stomach is hwot, Ah, it’s hwot, fuahhh…..”

 My body was already trembling.

 I couldn’t even keep my body upright, so I leaned over to press my cheek against the mirror.

 ”Ahー, Hiーーーー, Hiーーーー…”

 (My face looks awful…… but …… feels so good)

 The girl in the mirror, breathing heavily and resting her cheek against it, had a ridiculously nasty expression on her face and was very ugly.

 But she looked happier than…… anyone I know.

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