Confinement 40

Chapter 40 The Sad Curse of Baron Mohawk

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 The appointed time is two o’clock.

 Two PM on Sunday. Yeah, it must be today.

 Checking the time display on my phone. It’s almost there.

 I’m so nervous.

 I’ve never been this nervous before, even at a competition.

 The meeting place was in front of the bronze statue of an old man with a short mustache in front of the station.

 It is commonly known as the “Chobi Statue” and has become a popular meeting spot.

 [When it comes to a date, I will never show up. So, I’m going to invite him to karaoke to take his mind off his problems. The three of us, I, Teruya-chan, and Jun will go to karaoke, have dinner, and I’ll disappear at random. What about the rest depending on Teruya-chan’s effort, okay?]

 I remembered the long-haired Tateoka giving me a thumbs-up as he said that. Yeah, he’s annoying as hell.

 Koganei…… or is it Fujiwara now? I knew what she was getting into and she started dating a bottom-of-the-class guy who was a good match for her, so I basically left her alone, but I used her.

 I had Tateoka set up a date with Junichi-sama in exchange for her pornographic photos.

 I’m sure Junichi-sama doesn’t think so much, but for me, it’s a date without a doubt.

 Now that the annoying Misuzu Kurosawa is gone, I no longer have a rival. The way is clear for me to become Junichi-sama’s girlfriend.

 Today, I’m wearing a white dress and a pink cardigan.

 I’ve always been a track and field girl, so I’ve never been one to dress up.

 So, when I decided to go out on a date, I went through my closet and found only jerseys, which made me despair.

 I didn’t want my classmates to find out that I was trying to get Junichi-sama, and if I asked my sister for help, I knew she’d force me to wear country Yankee fashion.

 I had no choice but to gather my juniors and ask them to coordinate somehow, but I think it’s probably not strange.

 [It’s like spring, a little neat and clean]

 That’s what my junior colleague said.

 Yes, I think she’s right, but…… when I dress like this, I realize that I don’t look like a girl, and it makes me feel a little depressed.

 ”I think I’ll let my hair…… grow”

 I pinched my bangs and muttered to myself.

 And after a few minutes, I looked towards the other side of the circle, towards the station ticket gate, and saw Junichi-sama coming out of the ticket gate.

 (Oh no, he’s so cool!)

 His lightly bleached hair was a little long, but clean. He was wearing a light blue sweater that looked like it was for spring and white pants. The small silver accessory on his chest is casual and stylish.

 (Oh, Junichi-sama looks so cool in his casual clothes!)

 When Junichi’s eyes met mine, he smiled and raised his hand lightly.

 (I can eat three bowls of rice with this memory alone)

 ”Hello, Hikari-chan. Is Masahiro here yet?”

 Masahiro means Tateoka.

 ”H-hello, Kasuya……-kun. Tateoka-kun doesn’t seem to be here…… yet”

 ”It’s unusual, he’s always the first to arrive……. Hey, Hikari-chan”


 ”It’s rare, isn’t it, Hikari-chan? Playing with you. Is this your first time?”

 ”Y-yes, m-maybe it’s my first time……?”

 ”You look very different in casual clothes. I think you’re cute”

 (Cute!? He said I’m cute!?”

 ”E-ehh… Is that right?”

 However, I was only happy up to that point.

 Because that long-haired bastard didn’t show up at all, and Junichi-sama started to get annoyed that made the atmosphere became worse and worse.

 So, about an hour later, Junichi-sama finally lost his temper.

 ”Masahiro-san’s …… not even read my message, this is no good. He’s probably forgotten all about it. He’ll never come here”

 This is a good chance.

 Anyway, the long-haired bastard was going to disappear halfway through. It’s better to be alone with him from the start, of course.

 ”T-then. let’s hang out…… t-together”

 When I plucked up the courage to say so, Junichi-sama replied with a biting tone.

 ”Oh, I don’t want to do that. Misuzu might misunderstand me. Also, it’s really troublesome for me to be misunderstood when I play with a girl I don’t like”

 ”B-but Kurosawa-san is …….”

 Immediately, Junichi-sama gave me a glare.

 ”That has nothing to do with you, does it?”

 ”Y-yes, I’m sorry …….”

 ”I’m sorry, but I’m leaving now”

 ”Eh….. Y-yeah”

 As it was, all I could do was watch Junichi-sama’s back as he walked away.

 ”A girl he doesn’t even like……”

 I knew it, but it was still hard to hear it in words.


 The back teeth make a grinding sound. I’m pissed off, I’m pissed off.

 In the meantime, I’m going to beat up that fucking longhair.

 Above all, that girl.

 That’s Misuzu Kurosawa!

 Even if she goes missing, she still gets in my way!

 If I find her, she’ll pay for it!

◇ ◇ ◇

 Kurosawa-san was in tears for a long time after that, perhaps because her tensions loosened when she heard that she could go home.

 But the situation was such that she was ravished without mercy. And her tearful panting voice excited me to an unusual degree.

 Apparently, I have strong S-tendency.

 However, I don’t think Kurosawa-san herself really understood why she cried so much.

 It was an emotional problem. I’ve heard that this is the case with women in general. They say that crying is a way to relieve stress.

 And I should never ask a woman who is crying, “Why are you crying?”.

 And because she doesn’t know why she’s crying, she must feel more stressed if she can’t answer the question, which makes her cry even harder.

 So, the best thing to do is to wait for her to stop crying, which can only be described as hell for the man in the room.

 Well, I didn’t have the patience to wait for her to stop crying, so I just did as I pleased.

 At some point in the evening, she fell asleep, exhausted and soaked with tears, drool, and sticky liquid.

 Just then.

 ”Good night, Devi”

 Lili appeared, her cheeks twitching lightly as she continued.

 ”Uwaaa… It’s so messed up, Devi”

 ”I noticed that she was thinking about Kasuya-kun. And so, I give her a little spanking”

 ”Yes, yes, good, Devi. Jealousy and possessiveness are among the qualities of an evil person, Devi. Then I want you to leave Kurosawa-chan to my servant and move to another room, Devi”

 ”Another room?”

 ”Long-hair has been returned, Devi”

◇ ◇ ◇

 After getting dressed and moving to another room, Lili put her hand into the shadow which was coiled in the corner of the room.

 ”He’s here, Devi”

 What she pulled out was a man with long hair. Of course, it was Tateoka-kun.

 ”I’d rather not see a naked…… man”

 Tateoka-kun was completely naked, without a stitch of clothing. His eyes were white and he was fainting with what is known as ahegao.

 ”So what did you do to him?”

 At first glance, he doesn’t appear to be a creature like Terashima-san, and he just seems to be fainting.

 ”I lent him to a friend of mine named Baron Mohawk, Devi”

 ”Baron Mohawk? I’ve got an idea of what…… he is. By his name”

 ”Ahaha, that’s probably half right as far as what happened to the longhair, Devi”


 ”Well, let me tell you, Devi. Baron Mohawk is a nice guy who is called the best of gentlemen in the demon world. And according to the female devil! For a hundred years, he is number one devil that everyone wants to be embraced by him, Devi”

 For some reason, Lili is proud of herself.

 ”But unfortunately, he’s a homos*xual, Devi. He’s a really gay devil who’s particularly attracted to the dimples that form when he squeezes a human man’s ass, Devi”

 ”As I thought!”

 ”But he was tragically cursed during the War of Succession to the Demon Lord a hundred years ago, Devi”

 ”A curse?”

 ”Yes, a curse so tragic, Devi! If he crosses paths with his beloved three times, then, oh my! His loved ones are transformed into unlovable forms, Devi!”


 ”To put it bluntly, a man who is penetrated by him three times will become a complete woman, Devi. In the case of this long-haired guy, he’s only had it once, so he’s already a third of the way to being a woman, Devi”


 I was also surprised by this.

 It was probably the most surprising thing I’ve seen since I met Lili.

 When I hurriedly looked at Tateoka-kun’s body, I saw that his chest had also swelled a bit. Probably about the same size as Fujiwara-san’s. No, maybe Tateoka-kun is bigger than her.

 His thing is much smaller, about the size of an octopus sausage in a lunch box. Yes, I would kill myself if I were him.

 ”He’s barely fertile, Devi. Also, I think her skeleton is changing, Devi. If he gains a little more weight, the flesh around his waist will also change, Devi”


 It’s a shame. I can’t help but feel sorry for him.

 ”Well, he can still pass as a somewhat feminine man, Devi. But I don’t think there’s any woman who can be satisfied with his thing anymore”

 As we were talking about this, Tateoka-kun regained consciousness.

 As soon as he did, he cried out, “Hiiiiiiii!?” and shrank back in fright.

 He looked around, noticed me, and let out a voice that sounded like a scream.

 ”Ki-Kijima! W-what the heck is that pig monster?”

 ”Pig? I thought he was the number one devil”

 I asked.

 ”Devils are more concerned with the inside, Devi. I think Fumi Fumi will probably be popular in the demon world, Devi”

 ”What do you mean?”

 As we were talking, Tateoka-kun snapped.

 ”Don’t ignore me! It’s you, it’s your fault! I’ll never forgive you for giving me such a hard time! Remember that!”

 The fact that he could lose his temper in this situation was a good sign, but more than that, I couldn’t help but sigh, wondering how much of a sucker this longhair was.

 ”I’ll remember that. But I’m sure Tateoka-kun will forget”

 I spit it out, and I use my function.


 While I hear Tateoka-kun’s manga-like scream of “Gya-chin!”, I use more functions.


 Now, although he will remember what was done to him, he will forget who did it to him.

 Then I looked up at Lili, who was floating in the air and told her.

 ”Can you tell your servant to take this stupid long hair and dump it in the right place?”

 ”Okay, Devi”

 ”I’ll go back to Masaki’s place at night, but until then I’m going to take a nap. Because I’m getting a little tired”

 ”How is Oppai-chan’s preparation going, Devi?”

 ”It’s going well, I’m going to use this tonight”

 I showed Lili a white tablet-like item that I had brought from the kitchen earlier this morning.

 ”What is it, Devi?”

 ”It’s called Fertility Drugs……. That’s what I want to say, but actually, it just a ramune tablet”

 With this, I’m going to push her over the edge.

 And that was the end of Masaki’s plan.

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