Confinement 41

Chapter 41 You’re All Smiling

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 And then the night came.

 I placed a piece of paper and a ramune tablet on the table, and lay down next to Masaki.

 I had told Kurosawa-san that Tuesday would be her last day, and this would be the last brainwashing for Masaki too.

 My plan was the more Masaki loves me, the bigger the wound will be when she is betrayed.

 Why do I have to go so far as to…… think that way?

 To be honest, I don’t have any resentment towards her for betraying me anymore.

 No, it’s not gone, but it’s…… pretty thin.

 In fact, I’m afraid of it. I’m afraid of being betrayed again.

 She told me that she loved me.

 But I haven’t lived my life in such a way that I can innocently believe those words.

 Lili told me that if she was enslaved, she would be locked in that state. Once that happens, she won’t betray me anymore.

 However, the only one who has reached that point is Ryoko.

 And despite all my effort, Kurosawa-san has stopped giving in, and Masaki has also stopped giving in.

 To be honest, I also don’t understand why Fujiwara-san has reached a state of [Subjugated], yet at least she hasn’t reached a state of [Enslaved].

 What’s the difference between these three and Ryoko?

 Maybe raising normal romantic feelings to the maximum does not lead to a state of [Enslaved].

 But more than that, I thought to myself, I need to imprint my existence to them strongly.

 If it worked, Masaki would be severely hurt, resentful, cynical, and resentful of me and the world. Then, she might even fall to the bottom.

 And I can make sure that I, and I alone, will be engraved in her heart.

 That’s what I thought, that I could bring her into a state of [Enslaved].

 Of course, this was only a hypothesis, and the possibility of losing her was greater.

 If possible, I would like to bring Kurosawa-san into [Enslaved] state at the same time, but that would be too greedy.

 When I mentioned this to Lili.

 [Fumi Fumi is still a brainwashing beginner, Devi. Even if you fail, don’t get depressed, Devi]

 She gave me a very kind look and told me that she assumed I would fail.

 Then, I thought, why don’t you tell me how to bring them into [Enslaved] status, but there was nothing else to do but whine.

 If it got to this point, I had no choice but to do it.

 ”Lili, it’s okay now”

 As soon as I said that, the pin must have been pulled out. And Masaki’s eyelashes trembled a little. Then, this is a continuation start.

 ”Good morning…… Fumio-kun, Ehehe…….”

 She smiled softly in her sleepy eyes today.

 ”Good morning. Masaki-chan, shortly after waking up, could you please take a look at …… this?”

 ”What… is it…?”

 When I pulled the fluffy Masaki’s hand to help her up, we walked over to the table.

 ”There was something like this on the table”

 She looked at the table and opened her eyes wide as if her sleepiness had been blown away.

 ”What …… is that ……?”

 No wonder she was speechless.

 A sheet of paper on the table had this printed within it in gothic characters.

 [I’ve prepared a fertility drug. If you insert it and have s*x with him, you will surely conceived. If you want to get out of here, you’ll have to conceive a child]

 ”Why is this happening……?”

 Well, that’s true.

 Why is this happening? I’ll try to find a reason like that.

 ”It seems there are some girls who is jealous of Masaki-chan’s cuteness. So, they are trying to make you conceive a baby with an ugly boy to harass you……I guess?”

 ”I don’t think jealousy will get them this far, but ……. For that matter, Fumio-kun. I don’t want anyone to embarrass my boyfriend. It’s not that you’re ugly, it’s just that you’re a bit unique!”

 ”Oh, yes, thank you”

 When I thanked her, Masaki chuckled.

 And then, with a smile on her face, she said something outrageous.

 ”Yeah…… then let’s have a baby”


 I was taken aback by this.

 I had imagined that I would have to persuade Masaki, who was crying and disliking the idea, to reluctantly accept it.

 I had imagined such a flow of events, but I was surprised to hear her say such a thing so bluntly.

 Moreover, if it was Fujiwara-san, I would have understood, but it was the quiet and shy Masaki.

 ”Why do you look like that? Fumio-kun. After all, you have already put it in my vagina many times……. It’s not surprising that we’ve already done it”

 ”That’s…… true, but it’s not exactly the same as being sure……”

 ”It’s the same. I don’t intend to leave Fumio-kun, in fact, the sooner I have a baby, the sooner I can marry Fumio-kun”

 ”M-marry me!?”


 ”No, it’s not…….”

 What is this? Masaki is unusually pushy.

 Is it because she has a boyfriend and her complex about Kurosawa-san has weakened? It seems to be like that.

 ”It’s probably for the best because my father would never allow us to get married if we tried to get married normally…… But my father is scary, you know? He’s the principal of the school. He probably won’t hit you, but he will definitely give you a long lecture. Good luck with that. Dear~”

 ”Ah, yeah”

 Somehow, the person who initiated this idea was completely carried away by it.

 As if to care for my confusion, Masaki hugged me tightly.

 Then, as she pressed her cheek against my chest, she whispered.

 ”I’m sorry…. but when we get out of here, let’s do all the things that normal lovers do. We’ll go on dates, go on trips, stop by a fast food place after school, and talk randomly”

 Without a second thought, Masaki and I put our lips together and fell into bed.

 Our lips devouring each other’s and we play with each other’s bodies.

 Masaki seemed to be more excited than usual.

 Her crotch was easily wet, and when she parted her lips, she stared into my eyes and said.

 ”Put some of that drug…… in me”

 I put the white tablet into her vagina, feeling the hot, already wet folds of her flesh.

 ”Oh…… it feels fizzy”

 (…… Well, it’s ramune)

 She blushed and giggled embarrassedly as she took my face in between her hands when I looked away.

 ”Please insert it… and give Masaki a baby”

 I couldn’t hold back when she looked at me like that.

 So, I pressed my meat stick against her vulva and pushed my hips out firmly.

 Immediately, a wet feeling enveloped my thing.

 ”Nnn… Nnnn…”

 She raises her eyebrows and closes her eyes.

 Eventually, when my thing was completely buried inside her vagina, she let out a deep breath.

 ”I’m going to become a…… lovely wife. I’m going to give you my body…… and my heart, so please love me forever…… Haa~, Haa~…….”

 ”I love you”

 ”……Me too”

 I don’t move my hips right away, but bury my face in Masaki’s extraordinary breasts.

 Then, while inhaling her sweet scent, I slowly moved my hips and devoured her with my meat stick.

 ”It feels so good inside your vagina, Masaki-chan”

 ”Ah, Ah, Ah… I feel good too, Nn, Nnnh, Nnn! Ahhh… Nnnh!”

 She must be excited about the situation of being impregnated. Because her vagina is hotter than usual and wetter than usual.

 ”Haa~, Haa~, Fumio-kun, you can do whatever you want with me… I want to be more and more the kind of girl Fumio-kun likes”

 ”Then, let’s make it even harder”

 ”A-ahh, yess, A-ahh… Nnnh… Nnnn!”

 As I began to move my hips faster, she became even more aroused and wrapped her arms and legs around me like a baby monkey to hold me tight.

 ”Make me feel better and better…….”

 ”M-Masaki-chan…… Nnggh!”

 At that moment, I choked on my voice.

 To be honest, I was surprised.

 Because Masaki suddenly started shaking her hips dexterously from below and rubbing my object up against her vagina.

 I think she was trying to make me feel better.

 As we rubbed our bodies and breathed in unison, we moved our hips involuntarily.

 ”Fuhh, Nnn, Nnnn! Ah, Ahh, Ahhh, Ahhhhhh!”

 As she became more and more excited, her breathing became more and more ragged.

 And her moans echoed throughout the room.

 ”Fumio-kun, Fumio-kun! Love me more…… Take care of me…… I’ll become a lovely wife……. I’m going to be a lovely wife for you… A-ahhh… Nnnnn!”

 Masaki seeks my love as she shouts. And if you say something like that, I can’t stop now.

 Then, to answer her, I thrust into the vagina, which was soggy and wet, and Masaki moved her hips frantically to devour my object further.

 ”Kiss me, kiss me……”

 I devoured her wildly as she pursed her mouth.

 ”Chu, Slurp… Chu… Nchu…”

 As our lips are connected and we play with each other’s tongues, our tongues also intertwine with each other along with the rough sides of the tongue, pouring saliva in, sip saliva up, drink, and make her drink.

 ”Nfu…… Fumio-kun’s tongue tastes so good…….”

 After that, we separated our mouths, and only our tongues intertwined with each other.

 Masaki seemed to be more and more aroused by such an indecent kiss.


 ”Nchu, lick… I-I can’t do it anymore… Haa~… Haa~…”

 She finally overheated. It seems that the pleasure made her lose her strength, and her hips stopped moving.

 ”That felt good. Thank you”


 I gently stroked her head, and she narrowed her eyes happily.

 ”I’ll take care of the rest”

 With that, I lifted her legs, lifted her hips, and slammed my p*nis down hard.

 ”Hii! Suddenly, it’s so intense…… Amazing! A-ahhh! Nhi! Ah… Ahhhhh!”

 ”I’ll go harder!”

 I pushed my legs further forward and bent my body to crush Masaki’s vagina, which was now completely facing upwards, from top to bottom with force.

 ”Nhii!? Your cock is throbbing! No, don’t do that, you’re making me crazyy, N-nnnnn!”

 ”Don’t worry, just go crazy”

 Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud!

 I increased my movements, thrusting deep inside of her. My glans thrusts against her uterus like a siege weapon crushing her gates.

 ”Nnn, Nnnnnn!”

 Suddenly, Masaki’s body began to convulse.

 It seemed like she was about to come.

 I saw her clenching her teeth and trying to hold on to the idea of climax.

 She looked like that now.

 But I couldn’t stop here. And so, I thrust my glans up into her uterus, again and again, pushing her even harder.

 ”Nnnh! Aahhhh! A-ahhh… I’m cumming, cumming, cumming! I’m cummmmming!”

 Her body shuddered, and her expression was disheveled and debauched.

 It seems that she came.

 But then again, I’m probably a little S.

 And because I hadn’t come yet, there was no reason to stop.

 As I thrust harder and harder into Masaki’s vagina, she changed her tune.

 ”Ah, Gya… O-ohhh, Ahh, Ahh… Ahhhh…”

 Her panting became muffled and her body began to shake unsteadily like a broken robot.

 ”You have a great look on your face right now”

 ”Even though you told me that…… Nnn~…….”

 Her mouth was hanging open, she was drooling, and even her nose was running.

 Of course, her vagina is flooded, and her love juices are dripping down to the point where I can hear the sound of them dripping down.

 Her whole body was covered in sweat, and she looked like a sticky, mucousy creature.

 And with that, I wanted to see what would happen to Masaki in the future.

 With such a desire, I forcibly suppressed my desire to ejaculate, which was on the verge of rising.

 And to prevent me from coming too soon, I restrained the speed of my hips and gouged her cervix hard.

 ”Nnnh! Oh! O-ooh! Ohhh!”

 As soon as I did, Masaki’s condition became even crazier.

 She turned her eyes upward and let out a dry voice from the back of her throat.

 ”Aaahhhhh….. Aaahhhhh ……!”

 She was no longer panting but moaning.

 Masaki’s tongue was hanging out sloppily, and she was climbing up with an expression without a trace of reason.

 (Masaki is broken)

 As soon as I thought that.


 I almost ejaculated.

 She must have sensed the bouncing of my cock inside her vagina. Therefore, Masaki tightened her legs around my waist.

 ”Please put it out inside… concheive me… with Papa’s baby”

 As she drowns in a sea of pleasure, there is no longer any trace of reason in her eyes.

 In fact, it looks as if she is begging for impregnation almost by instinct alone.

 But I’m glad about that.

 I was proud that I had been able to drive the quiet and reserved Masaki to this level of madness.

 ”Conceive it! Masaki! Conceive it!”

 I was so excited that makes me feel like I’m on fire.

 And so, I shake my hips violently.

 I thrust up hard into her vagina, which is hotter and more slippery than usual.

 ”Nnnnnnnhhhh! It’s so deeeeeeppp!? Hyahhhhhhhhhh!”

 ”I’ll put it out! Here it comes!”

 ”Ahhhh, uohhh, uohhhhh….. N-nnh!”

 She looks like she’s trying to answer, but it’s no longer anything more than a moan.


 As I shouted this, the hot mass that was swirling around my ball burst out.

 Spurt! Spurtttttt!


 I frowned at the sharp, painful sensation that assaulted me.

 It feels way too good.

 However, Masaki seems to be more than that.

 ”Nhi!? Hyaa, Ahhh! Aaaaahhhhhh!”

 The moment the semen was spewed into her vagina, she looked surprised for a moment, and then immediately her face became slack with pleasure.

 Her white neck was exposed, her back was leaned back, and her legs, which had been tightened around my waist, were stretched toward the ceiling.


 And in the end, she couldn’t speak.

 After climbing to climax with her mouth agape, her strength drained from her body as if she were running out of steam.

 But I was at my limit, too.

 I fell down to bury my face in her ample breasts, kissing her nipples lightly and trying to catch my breath.

 The only sounds in the room were our breaths, heaving, and puffing.

 I wondered how long we had been doing this.

 After a while.

 ”…… Masaki-chan”

 I tried to look into her face, but she quickly covered it with her hands.

 ”Don’t look at…… me, please”

 ”Why not? I like your s*xy face, Masaki-chan”

 ”No, it’s not that”

 ”So, what?”

 She shakes her head no, no, no, and I tilt my head back.

 ”Because when I think of…… Fumio-kun’s baby in my belly, I’m…… burning”

 At that moment, the electronic sound of the level up sounded.

 Now Masaki is also [Submissive] -> [Subjugated].

 Let me get this straight.

 Kurosawa-san: [Submissive].

 Masaki-chan: [Subjugated].

 Fujiwara-san: [Subjugated].

 Terashima-san: [Enslaved].

 Kurosawa-san, who is the first to be kidnapped, is the lowest level.

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