Confinement 42

Chapter 42 Every Monday

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 ”Masaki Haneda’s status has changed to [Subjugated].

 ”Along with that, the following functions are available now”

 ”● Mark”

 ”You can track the whereabouts of the captives (general term for those in a state of [Submissive], [Subjugated], or [Enslaved]).

 ”● Branch”

 ”You can temporarily lend the ability to set up a “door” to those in a state of [Enslaved]. However, no additional functions can be used in this case. Only the initial functions are available”


 In the meantime, I was able to bring Masaki into a [Subjugated] state, and I patted my chest in relief.

 It’s already past midnight and today is already Monday.

 Although the plan was set for Tuesday, it was practically tonight.

 The reason is that when the clock strikes midnight, Kurosawa-san will be forced to choose between me and Kasuya-kun.

 ”What’s wrong? You seem to be in a daze”

 Suddenly, Masaki looked into my face, and I smiled back.

 ”I was just ruminating in my head that you were really naughty today, Masaki-chan”

 ”Geez…… you idiot”

 After that day, we stopped having intercourse.

 Then, Masaki and I just hugged and talked to each other.

 What do you want to do when you get out of this room? What do we want to eat? Where should we go on a date? Do you want to have a boy or a girl? Do you want a girl? What should we name the child? Where do we want to live?

 We turned our heads away from the hardships that we would face if we actually had a baby, and just talked about dreamy things, while our fingers kept intertwining with each other.

 And when she fell asleep, it was already early in the morning.

 As soon as she started to breathe quietly, Lili appeared as usual and pinned her down.

 Then she floated up and looked at Masaki’s face, which had come to a complete stop, and smiled.

 ”She looks so happy, Devi. Not knowing that despair awaits her when she wakes up……”

 ”Lili, I thought you expected me to fail?”

 ”Yes, that’s what I think, Devi, because Fumi Fumi underestimates the power of women, Devi”

 ”But you are not against it”

 ”After all, failure is part of the experience, Devi. But if you’re going to do it, you’d better at least “direct” it”


 ”You’re going to tell Oppai-chan that you set up the whole thing, aren’t you? If that’s the case, you’d better make a room that looks like an evil one, Devi. After all, image is important, Devi. Even the Demon Lord’s throne room is usually staged to look scary”

 ”It just staged?”

 ”That’s right, Devi. It’s a difficult job to roll a skull, apply pinspots to the Demon Lord, and decorate the throne in a frightening way, Devi”

 When I hear about what goes on behind the scenes, I feel a strange affinity for…… the devil.

 ”Well, if that’s the case……. I’ll try to make it look like a villain’s room”

 And so, I followed Lili’s advice and tried to change the layout and decorations of the room in various ways.

 In the end, time is up and it’s time to go to school.

 With this compromise, the room was ready to be used.

 According to Lili――

 ”It’s like the room of the leader of an evil secret society, Devi”

◇ ◇ ◇

 As I woke up.

 I feel the fluffy blanket and there was the scent of the sun on my face.

 It has become a part of my daily life, waking up in that luxurious room. And by the time I wake up, I’m starting to think about what to have prepared for breakfast.

 ”Taiwanese porridge…… with lots of pickled mustard” (*Note: Zha Cai)

 I suddenly remembered that some of my model friends had told me how delicious the Taiwanese porridge was in Taiwan, where they had gone for a photo shoot.

 Somehow my eyes are swollen.

 Well, that’s because I’ve been crying so much…….

 It’s okay if the day is a day of relaxation, but if it’s a day of modeling, then I’m out, and I don’t want Jun-kun or Fumi-kun to see me like this.

 By the way, Fumi-kun was amazing yesterday. He was really crazy.

 It feels so good to have that big thing pounding me at the same spot.

 I think it’s cute too when a boy gets jealous, but it’s really bad when he puts it into play.

 I couldn’t help but shudder.

 (No, no, no! Don’t remind it! It makes me want it again)

 I wondered when I became such a naughty girl.

 (It’s your fault, Fumi-kun!)

 As soon as I shook my head to shake off the nasty fantasy.

 ”Have you woken up, Misuzu-ojou-sama?”

 Freesia-san called me.

 ”Good morning. Umm……. I’m”

 ”I have been told. You have to choose between Jun-kun-sama or Fumi Fumi-sama”

 ”Yes, And I’m going back to Jun-kun’s place, so I guess this will be the last time I see Freesia-san”

 ”So you’ve already made up your mind?”

 ”Yes, I didn’t expect to like Fumi-kun so much, but the reason I did was because I wanted to go back to Jun-kun……”

 ”I’m afraid Fumi Fumi-sama will be very sad. Losing the one he loves……”

 ”So, that’s why. I’d like to do something for him in the end……”

 ”If that’s the case…… Fumi Fumi’s s*xual preference is s*xy lingerie, so I suggest that you wear it and use it for service play……”

 ”I guess that’s the direction, huh…….”

 ”Yes, I think that would be best”

 ”B-but I won’t leave it to you, Freesia-san! So, I want you to bring me a few and I’ll choose one myself!”

 ”Certainly. Then let’s have breakfast. I have prepared the best Taiwanese porridge from Manchinro”

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”Ehehe, I just got my seat switched!”

 When I arrived at the classroom, I found Fujiwara-san sitting next to me.

 There was only one thing I could say.


 ”Don’t talk like a Fuzoku!” (*Note: Fuzoku -> Sexual Business)

 Being next to Fujiwara-san is no longer a peaceful time for me. So, no matter what, I would like her to go back to her original seat.

 ”Gorioka is going to get mad”

 ”Gori won’t care. Because the girl sitting next to Fu~min didn’t want to be sitting next to you, and she was very happy”

 ”Can you please stop tearing out my heart so naturally?”

 The girl sitting next to me was a quiet girl with glasses, but she didn’t like ……me. I see…… I’m sorry about that.

 ”Ahaha, it is a win-win situation, isn’t it? I’m really grateful that everyone is so blind”

 ”Umm….. Fujiwara-san. Can you please stop sticking your seat to me when you say that?”

 ”Why not? I left all my textbooks behind, so show me your Fu~min textbook”

 ”All my…. textbooks? So, why did you come to school!”

 ”To see Fu~min, of course!”

 ”How can you say something like that without embarrassment……?”

 ”Then fine. I’ll leave you alone if you give me a kiss!”

 ”Can I do that!”

 ”Why not? Fu~min is super cool and I want to show him off so he won’t be taken by other girls!”

 When Fujiwara-san said “Super cool”, everyone around us did a second look at the same time.

 ”So, if you want me to kiss you, try imitating a cat”

 ”That’s easy”

 With that said, Fujiwara-san made a cat’s hand and started inviting me with it.

 ”Nya Nya Mai-nya, I have a favor to ask you, Fumi-nya. Can you give me a kiss-nya?”

 ”Sorry, but cats don’t speak human languages”

 ”Fumi~nya! Nyan! Nya! Nya!”

 ”I can’t understand a word you’re saying”

 ”That’s terribleeeeee! Fu~min, you’re not even trying to kiss me!”

 ”No way”

 ”That’s terrible! Fu~min is such a shameless maniac!”

 With that, the words “Stupid Couple”, “Shameful play in the morning”, “Kimo-jima’s Pervert” and so on are already mixed in the whispering voices leaking from the surroundings.

 It was strange. Even though I’m refusing, I feel like I’m being burdened with a responsibility.

 At that time, Tateoka-kun came into the classroom.

 His expression was obviously pale and he didn’t seem to have a shred of life in him.

 I’m sure few people even noticed that he came in.

 ”How could he show his face……? That criminal s*xual predator”

 Fujiwara-san raised her eyebrows blatantly and whispered to me.

 ”I think you can forgive him? Because Tateoka-kun was in a very pitiful situation. He’ll never be able to attack a girl again”

 ”What? Did you cut his Ochinpo-chan to pieces?”

 ”Incorrect, but close”

 ”Close? ……Seriously!?”

 Whether or not he realizes we are following him with our eyes, Tateoka-kun sits in his seat as if he is frightened. After that, Kasuya-kun walked up to his side.

 ”Masahiro, yesterday, you didn’t appear”

 ”A-ah…… I’m sorry”

 As expected, Kasuya-kun must have thought something was wrong.

 ”What’s wrong with you, are you feeling sick? You look pale”

 ”Y-yeah. I’ve been sick like this…… since yesterday”

 ”Oh, I see. But you should at least call me”


 Their conversation was cut short there. This is because the school bell rang and the homeroom teacher, Gorioka, came into the classroom.

 According to Gorioka, the detectives were at school again today. As soon as he said the now standard phrase, “Anyone whose name is called should immediately go to the principal’s office”, Tateoka-kun raised his hand.

 ”I, I’d like to talk to the detective about something”

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