Confinement 43

Chapter 43 Report from Ryoko Terashima, Loyal Dog

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“I see… So, Detective Inomoto said that Tateoka-kun’s story was “not helpful at all”, right?”

“Nnn, Nn, Lick, Yes……… So……… Nnn, there are no trouble at all, Haa~…..”

The woman who had her face between my legs replied.

Long sharp and cool eyes. She has a sharp jawline that is completely different from the girls in my class. She is a beautiful woman with a wavy shorthair – Detective Ryoko Terashima.

“Haa~, haa~…… Master, may I suck now……?”

“No. I’m not done talking yet”

She drooled all over her mouth, tracing the wrinkles on my testicles with her tongue, playing with her breasts, and letting out hot breaths.

She can’t wait to suck on my cock, but she’s not allowed to yet. She had to wait. The reason is that she can’t talk properly if her mouth is full.

Right after homeroom, Tateoka-kun left the classroom and went to the principal’s office.

He was back by the end of the first period, but I was still curious to know what was discussed.

Skipping my fourth-period class, I sent a short message to Ryoko and met up with her.

The place was the women’s restroom on the first floor. A private room at the far end.

Ryoko would go in there normally, and I would use <Passing Through the Room> from the men’s room next door to get to that room in the women’s restroom.

That way, no one would see us together.

As soon as she saw me, her eyes lit up with joy, and she knelt down on the spot without me having to order her to do so.

What a cute female dog she is.

“Master. If you wanted me to serve you, wouldn’t it be better if I did it in “the room”?”

“But I think it would be more thrilling to do it in the girls’ bathroom during class”

After I said that, I was surprised at my own word.

(Thrilling? What’s that?)

Basically, I’m a scaredy-cat. The idea of enjoying a thrill never occurred to me.

Maybe I’m slowly starting to change.

Then, after such an exchange, I was sitting on the toilet seat and Ryoko was kneeling with her head between my legs.

She is wearing a black pantsuit and a white shirt. She looks like a woman who can get the job done, but her shirt is open at the breast, exposing her breasts.

Although I’m not allowed her to take it in her mouth, she extends her tongue and carefully licks up my object. While she doing so, her cheeks are flushed, and she crawls her tongue all over my object as if she is loving it.

“Chu, Chu, Lick, Chu, Chu… Nnn…”

She reached up and hooked her fingers into the piercing that pierced her nipple, and her body trembled with delight.

According to Ryoko, Tateoka-kun told her what happened yesterday, keeping his bad part of the story to himself.

He said that he went to a hotel with his girlfriend and suddenly lost consciousness and was taken to a place that looked like a medieval castle, where he was being ass-fucked by a pig monster.

I see… because the events that occurred in the demon world took place outside “the room”, it was outside the scope of <Forget Person>. So, it seems that he remembers Baron Mohawk perfectly.

And while Tateoka-kun told the story, to Ryoko’s eyes, it looked as if Detective Inomoto had lost interest in listening to him at this point.

That was probably true. There was no way that a story involving a pig monster could have any credibility.

On the contrary, the principal, who was present at the meeting, questioned him for going to the hotel, and after the staff meeting, he was told that he would be disciplined later.

After that, he tried his best to appeal, but his story was too vague.

After he fainted from being ass-fucked by the pig monster, he found himself in an obscure stone room talking to someone.

But he doesn’t remember who he talked to or what he talked about at all.

But he’s sure that he was kidnapped.

He said that Kurosawa-san and Haneda-san might have been abducted just like him.

Yeah, he’s right.

That’s right, but his story doesn’t contain any hint.

I heard that Detective Inomoto was all smiles the whole time. Ryoko said.

“That was the expression on his face when he wanted to end the conversation quickly”

And so on. In the end, there was nothing to worry about.

“Nnn… Nnn… I don’t think there’s anything wrong with leaving him alone”

While saying this, Ryoko stimulated my thing with the tip of her tongue.

“You have good technique. Did your fiancé put you up to this?”

“Nnn, Chu… There’s no way I’ve ever tasted that man’s crude……. Ah~… I’ve been practicing using videos, Nnn, on the internet to satisfy…… Master”

“Haha, you say pretty cute things”

I stroked her head, and she giggled and swooned.

“Nnn…… Haa~…… I have one more thing to report …….”

“What is it?”

“It’s about the Teruya sisters, Lick, Nnn~… We’re currently conducting an internal investigation into the gang to which the older sister Anna’s husband belongs, Nnn~… Lick, Lick, Lick…to get the evidence of prostitution ring… Nnn. Then, we’re going to start searching, Chu, Chu… on her house soon……. Chu”


That’s a really interesting development.

“Then report back to me when you have a date and time for the search”

“I understand…… Um, in that case……”

“Don’t worry. I’ll hold you properly. And as the fourth period is about to end, you can suck my cock. Make me feel good”

“Thank you so much!”

She must have been very happy, because she smiled an innocent smile, and then she took my thing in her mouth as if she was very hungry.

The silence of class, the faint shouting of the students from the playground, and the sound of the piano in the music room echoing across the corridor.

“Nchu… Nnn… Nchu… Nnn… Nnnh… Nnn”

In addition to these everyday sounds, a damp breath and a nasal voice echoed through the women’s bathroom cubicle.

Slurp, Slurp, Slurp, Slurppp…….

Whenever she shook her head back and forth, her wavy shortcut swayed as if it were bouncing.

“Good, don’t just use your tongue and mouth, use your whole mouth more”

“Yesh… Nnn… Nnnh… Chu… Chuuuuuuu!”

She was so excited that sweat began to appear on her forehead, and saliva spilled from the edge of her half-open mouth, making a foaming, churning…… muddled sound.

“Shake your head faster”

“Yessh… Slurp…”

Her mouth was overflowing with saliva as she squeezed it back and forth with her lips.

This alone sends a shiver up my spine, and my voice naturally rises.

“Nuuuuu… Nmuuuuu… Slurp, Slurpp… Ngu… Mmmm…… Nfuuuu!”

Her nose swelled to the limit and Ryoko’s white skin burned.

“Here’s your reward. I’m going to fill your belly with my seed, Ryoko”

“Thanks hu vehy much, upu, I’m, so hwappy…… Nmu, Ngg, Nmmm!”

Ryoko’s moist eyes narrowed, and she squeezed her lips together as she squeezed the nub of my p*nis.

A fierce sucking with only the glans in her mouth. I also reached the limit of the stimulation that seemed to be driving me.

Spurt! Spurttttt!


At the moment of ejaculation, I grabbed Ryoko’s head, pushed my hips into her, and let out a long stream of cum while looking down at her beautiful face and the tip of her nose buried in her pubic hair.

“Gulp, Gulp, Gulp……”

After I made sure that her thin throat was rippling over and over again, I pulled my thing out.

As if bidding farewell to the rod, Ryoko moved her head, and her lips puckered up instantly as she tried not to spill the white liquid that filled her mouth at the moment my cock was pulled out.

Then she closed her eyes and looked up at the ceiling.

Her throat gulped greatly.

“Thank you for the food…….”

She said that while showing me the inside of her mouth after she drank it all.

With that, I patted her on the head and she narrowed her eyes happily.

“Now, if you’re too late, people will get suspicious. Also, make sure you rinse out your mouth before you go back. It’s not good to have a mouth that smells of semen”

“I’d like to enjoy the…… aftertaste more, but I’ll put up with it if Master order me to”

I can’t help but chuckle at Ryoko’s terribly disappointed look.

Then I remembered what I was going to ask her.

“Ryoko, there is one thing I’d like to ask you……”

“Anything you need!”

Instantly, she looks expectant. She’s so happy to be ordered around by me.

“It’s…… in the middle of the night. It’s about two AM or three AM. I’m going to release one of the missing girls in front of the school’s main gate, and I need your help to protect her. She might try to kill herself, but you can’t let her do that. Look, just listen to her and take good care of her. Okay”

“Very well……. Do you have any…… rewards for me?”

“Of course. Soon I will invite you to my bed. And I’m going to make love to you until morning, so just wait and see”

“Thank you very much!!”

I wonder what it is. I thought I saw a tail wagging furiously behind her.

Then, I moved to the men’s restroom using <Passing Through the Room> and went to the classroom.

As I walked down the corridor, the chime for the end of the fourth period rang, and students began to come out into the corridor.

“There you are! It’s lunchtime, Fu~min, let’s eat lunch!”

Fujiwara-san spotted me and ran up to me with a drawstring bag in her hand.

At that moment.

“That is…….”

I couldn’t help but keep a straight face.

Behind Fujiwara-san, I saw a group of people ascending the stairs at the far end of the corridor.

A group of short-cut-haired girls headed for the rooftop, led by Teruya-san. There was one boy with long hair mixed in with the rest.

He was holding his arm and nodding his head, and he looked like Tateoka-kun.

“Let’s go to the rooftop!”

“Well…… maybe we shouldn’t go to the roof today”

Fujiwara-san didn’t notice that Teruya-san and the others had gone up to the roof.

“Then let’s take a bench in the courtyard! Since we’re already official lovers, let’s make our debut in the courtyard!”

In fact, it was lunchtime on a beautiful sunny day. The courtyard is a hangout for couples who are flirting.

Therefore, the single student stay away from the courtyard.

“Who approved this? ……Phew~ well, fine”

“Yay! Nfufu!”

And then Fujiwara-san twines her arm around me.

Apparently, she was longing to have lunch while flirting in the courtyard.

――Still, Tateoka-kun left class early in the afternoon.

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