Confinement 44

Chapter 44 Judgment Day, Part One

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 ”Kurosawa-chan already standing by, Devi”

 Lili told me as soon as I came home from school and stepped into my room.

 ”Yeah, I know……. But I won’t be there until a little later”

 This would be her last night.

 She must be thinking that.

 And she probably has her own thoughts on the matter.

 However, the real battle would be after midnight, after the date had changed.

 At that point, if she was exhausted, what could go well would not go well.

 So, after dinner, I took a relaxing bath in the living room, watching TV with my family for the first time in a long time, and waited until ten o’clock in the evening before I opened “the door”.

 Then, after I opened “The Door”, the room was dimly lit with warm orange lights in the four corners.

 There was no point in letting her treatment drop any longer.

 That’s why I left her room as it was, with the canopied bed and indirect lighting, instead of the empty stone room it had been.

 And right now, Kurosawa-san was sitting like a girl on the bed, waiting for me. Seeing her like that make me couldn’t help but turn my head with a goofy expression.

 Because she was wearing a short pink babydoll.

 Her silhouette was that of a kindergartener’s smock, and her underwear, which could be seen through the see-through fabric, was a slightly darker pink with lots of frills.

 The most exciting thing was that her hairstyle was different from usual.

 Her hair was tied up in twin tails on either side of her head with the same pink ribbon as her underwear.

 To be honest, I was a little bewildered because Kurosawa-san, who is very mature for her age, looked surprisingly cute in this somewhat childish way.

 ”……You surprised me”

 ”It doesn’t look good on me……?”

 I hurriedly shook my head at Kurosawa-san’s anxious face.

 ”It’s the opposite. You’re too cute and…… it makes my heart pound and it hurts so much”

 ”Ehehe…… I see, ehehe…… that’s good”

 Seeing the sight of her relieved and smiling face, made my heart race even faster. It’s not good… I’m really excited about …… this.

 ”Today, I’m going to do everything for you. Fumi-kun, you just need to lie down and enjoy. Now take off your clothes and come over here”

 She patted the bed to encourage me to do so.

 I lay down on the bed in just my underwear, and she climbed onto my stomach.

 ”Um…… Fumi-kun. After all, I choose…… Jun”

 She was just about to say that when I put my finger to her lips.

 ”It’s still Monday. It’s not Tuesday yet”


 She smiled sadly and slumped onto my chest.

 Then, she leaned her nose against my chest.

 I couldn’t help but let out a sigh as her hot breath and shapely bridge of her nose tickled my skin. For some reason, I’m more tense than usual.

 ”You’ve taken a bath. You smell like soap”

 She whispered sweetly as her nose was relentlessly pressed against my chest.

 ”But… I also like your scent, Fumi-kun. Sniff Sniff, Ah…. Just sniffing it makes my inside tingle”

 Every time a sweet breath was blown on me, I felt the sensitivity of my skin increase.

 ”I wonder if you’ll be doing this with other girls when I’m gone…… I might be a bit jealous”

 ”There’s also the possibility that you won’t be gone”


 She didn’t reply, but clung to my body tightly.

 Two mounds of flesh, wrapped in a thin baby doll, are pressed hard against my abdomen.

 I felt a soft, pliable sensation in my abdomen. I can’t help but remember how good it felt when I squeezed this bulge with my hand.

 She continued to wipe my skin with her crushed twin mounds and slowly slid her body upward.

 The softness of her baby doll against my chest, stimulated by her breath and the bridge of my nose, was irresistible.

 ”I know I’m being selfish, but……”

 When I whispered this with a hint of exhale in my voice, Kurosawa-san brought her lips to my neck.

 Then, “Chu” her lips sucked on mine like an octopus’ sucker.


 Despite my confusion, Kurosawa-san continued to suck hard for almost a full minute.

 Eventually, she looked up and letting out a deep breath.

 ”Haaa~, I left a mark. Kiss mark”

 The spot where she had sucked on it was now burning. Almost as if it were a bruise from the blood.

 ”Ahem, it seems I couldn’t cover it with a shirt……”

 ”Of course. Also, I don’t have the right to say anything about Fumi-kun going out with other girls, but…… it’s a bit of a protest from me”

 With that, she flicked her tongue out and smiled mischievously.

 After that, she rained strong kisses all over the place on a whim and sucked on my nipples as hard as she could.

 ”Ugh, that tickles. Stop it!”

 ”But you sucked my nipple so hard too…”

 As she doing that, I shuddered at the different feeling from the rest of my body, and she continued to suck relentlessly on my nipple.

 Her lips traced across my nipple ring, and her curled tongue licked the center of my nipple relentlessly.

 I had never been aware of it before, but I could clearly feel my nipples getting hard and erect.

 However, it wasn’t that I felt much. Rather than feeling it, I squirmed at the frustration of the stimulation.

 ”Ufufu… Fumi-kun, you’re starting to look greedy…”

 She smiled mischievously as her saliva dripping from the corner of her lips.

 Then, after lovingly stroking her saliva-stained nipples, she reached for my crotch.

 ”Then, Fumi-kun, I’m going to make you wet and snug, Ahaha~”

 She then pulled down my underwear.

 I wonder what she will do…….

 I don’t feel anything when I’m treated like a child by Masaki, but when it’s Kurosawa-san, I feel irritated because it reminds me of the way she used to look at me.

 ”Wow, Fumi-kun’s p*nis is getting so big!”

 However, I’m mature enough not to show my grumpiness in such a situation.

 As I thinking about it, Kurosawa-san reached for my p*nis.

 Perhaps she didn’t know how much force to apply, but when she squeezed me hard enough to crush my swelling sponge, I couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow.

 ”Be a little more gentle…… It’s delicate”

 ”Oh, I’m sorry, did that hurt?”

 She moved her face to my crotch, kissed the glans, stroked it around, and began to stroke the straight, slender trunk with a speed that left me breathless.

 ”Hey, hey! Suddenly too intense, slow it down a bit!”

 ”Eh~, but Fumi-kun didn’t stop either, even though I told you to. Don’t worry, I’ll make you feel good soon”

 I thought she was just going to rub me up and down roughly, but her hand started to change its movements.

 And while watching my reaction, she increased the speed of her movements, then decreased them, rubbed the frenulum with the ring she had made with her index finger and thumb, and at the same time her other three fingers stood up and rubbed the back of my thing.

 It was hard to believe that she was just an amateur. The stimulation that I could not feel from simple up and down friction alone was assaulting my object.

 It was a terribly exquisite touch.

 ”Wait, Misuzu, where did you get that technique?”

 ”Ehehe…… I said I wanted to make Fumi-kun feel good, and Freesia-san taught me a lot. What do you think? Is my training paying off?”

 ”Special training?”

 ”Yes, I’ve squeezed a hundred fish sausages. So don’t hold back, you can let it out freely. See? My hands feel good, right?”

 No way, it was a direct instruction from a high-ranking Succubus.

 (Her servant only does unnecessary things…)

 Kurosawa-san looked down at me and moved her hand without a break.

 The service of her right hand is too greedy. Even if I clench my teeth, I can’t stand it. And a feeling of climax washed over me.

 ”Mi-Misuzu! No, stop it! I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum!”

 ”Ehehe, Cum ❤”


 At the moment I frowned, the glans in Misuzu’s hand swelled to its full size.


 Spurt, Spurttttttt…..!

 Pure white hot semen gushed out from the ballsack and stained her palms.

 ”Ahh, there’s so much! Wow, it’s so slimy……!”

 Kurosawa-san slowly opens and closes her fingers, enjoying the feeling of the white slime trailing down her palm.

 Her expression was like that of a dog being left to its own devices before a feast. Drool was dripping from the edges of her lips, and her breath seemed to be getting hotter.

 ”Phew……Misuzu, let me take a break…….”

 I was a little frightened by Kurosawa-san’s obvious excitement as I felt a slight fatigue right after my ejaculation. It’s bad if I don’t cool down.


 ”Nopeee ❤”

 Kurosawa-san smiles down at me when I’m out of breath.

 Splat, Splat, Splat, Splat!

 With the sound of my semen making a violent noise, she began to move her hand again.

 ”Hey, hey! I just came!”

 It was a big blow from the glans to the base, squeezing the entire rod even harder than before. I couldn’t help but shout out as my sensitive rod was stimulated hard right after my climax.

 ”It’s okay, it’s okay. Because Freesia-san said it “Once the men is out, that’s when the real work begins””

 (Really, that girl’s servant is a jerk!)

 It’s a forced reboot.

 The stimulation was so strong that it hurt more than it felt good. My whole rod felt numb, and I felt as if my lower body was being held in place, making it hard to breathe.

 However, Kurosawa-san’s hand kept moving harder and harder. At this point, I don’t care how good it feels, my p*nis becomes erect on its own.

 ”Waaa~, your p*nis is so tense! I’m going to squeeze you so hard today”

 As she did so, my cock was roughly squeezed, and its tip began to drip with the residue from the urethra and the new pre-cum that was building up.

 ”Let it out! Let it out! Cum until it’s empty! I want you to remember me even when I’m gone! Remember me with your cock!”

 (What kind of selfishness is that?)

 Almost at the same time that I was complaining in my heart, Kurosawa-san sucked on the tip of the already sloppy meat stick.

 But that didn’t stop her hand from moving. The wet tongue licks around the glans, and the lips tighten just below the glans.


 I moaned.

 There is no way I can take this.

 On the other hand, Kurosawa-san’s lust-fueled tongue moves eagerly as she occasionally sucks and sucks with her moist eyes.

 ”The flavor is…… delicious…… Ii’s very delicious…… Hamu……”

 While she was doing this, she looked up and muttered to herself, her eyes glistening with debauchery.

 Come to think of it, it was me, no one else, who made her recognize that semen was delicious at the beginning of her training.

 But I had never imagined that I would be forced into such a situation.

 ”Let it hout, Let it hout…”

 As she sucked on the glans, she pleaded with me to get it out. The hand movements were still the same. Her twin tails swayed violently as she shook her head from side to side in frustration.

 She was licking and rolling it eagerly in her hot mouth along with the sound of the water squirting and chuckling. And the semen from earlier was licked away and replaced by thick saliva.

 ”Let it hout, Don’t hold hack!”

 She relentlessly poked at my glans with her curled tongue, making a muffled sound.

 When she pushed hard to widen the hole, a surprising amount of stimulation ran down my spine.

 ”Cum, Hum, Hummm!”

 I can’t hold back any longer.


 ”Mggghhh!! Nmuuuu! Fumi-hun is humming a lhot. Gulp, Slurp, Chuuu!”

 A powerful ejaculation struck the back of her throat wildly.

 Even though the force of the ejaculation made her swallow lightly and tears welled up in her eyes, Kurosawa-san never loosened her lips and let the white slime accumulate in her mouth.

 When the ejaculation was complete, she slurped it down and swallowed it.

 ”Puha… it’s so thick that I can chew on it. It’s so delicious…… I want to live on this drink”

 I’ve never had Kurosawa-san serve me with her mouth since the first time I did it.

 But I never imagined that she would be this much of a semen junkie.

 ”Haa~, thanks for the food……. Then, I’ll clean it up. It would be wasted if there was any leftover”

 Kurosawa continued to suck on the towering erection, sparing no time to brush the hair from her sweaty forehead.

 As if she didn’t want to waste a single drop, she placed the tip of her thin, curled tongue to meatus and then she sucked hard.

 ”Puha… it was delicious. Now I think I understand why Freesia-san said that she likes to sip on Tokoroten while smelling the semen” (*Note: Tokoroten -> a dish in Japanese cuisine made from agarophytes)

 ”…..You’re not supposed to know that”

 ”Ehehe ……, but you’re so tough, Fumi-kun. You just came, and now you’re all stiff again…….”

 ”That’s …… true, if I get sucked up like that”

 That’s right. The cleansing blowjob had already revived my own thing. Of course, it is thanks to the energy drinks of the demon world.

 Without the doping, I would have been exhausted by now.

 ”Well, let’s feel good together…….”

 With that said, Kurosawa-san straddled my waist and slowly lowered her hips, spreading her legs in the shape of an “M”.

 I hadn’t noticed it until just now, but there was a slit in the fabric between her legs, the underwear behind the see-through fabric.

 When she pushed the fabric open with her fingers, her vagina was exposed between the slits. Then she grabbed my thing with her other hand and placed it at her vulva.

 The stiff, tense glans made a sizzling sound as it was swallowed by the warm, moist hole.


 ”Nnnnhhhh! Fumi-kun’s p*nis…. Nnn, Nfuuh… is entering… Haa~, Ahh….”

 Kurosawa shuddered as she slowly lowered her hips gradually. It’s frustating. The sensitive glans is gradually buried between the sticky folds. I couldn’t help but feel my hips lift up at the stimulation.

 Eventually, my cock was completely inside Kurosawa-san.

 ”Nnnnhhh…. Haa~, Haa~…. I can see that my vagina is really shaped like Fumi-kun’s p*nis. I like the way it slips in. I also like the way it twitches inside my vagina……”

 She murmured with an enraptured expression.

 Perhaps it’s the excitement of doing something indecent on her own, but her vagina is twitching and twitching as she guides my object deeper and deeper into her.

 ”Then…… let’s feel good together”

 Kurosawa-san, unable to contain her excitement any more than her pleasure, begins to slowly sway her hips.

 The movement of her hips is like a s*xy belly dance. As if in sync with this, the inside of her vagina is exquisitely squeezing my object.

 ”Nnn, Nn, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Fuuh… it’s amazhing, Haa~, you mustn’t move, okay? Nnn, Nn, I’m the one who will going to make, Ah, you feel good, Nnnh…….”

 The movement of her hips became more and more intense.

 Her voice was agonizing and moaning as she shook her twin-tails.

 And when I lifted my head lightly to look into her crotch, I could see the wet vaginal folds of Kurosawa sucking mine into her hole between the nasty slits of her underwear.

 It was absurdly nasty that she was wearing that underwear…….

 And if I look closely again, I can also see a slit in the tip of her bra.

 Through the see-through babydoll, I could see her nipples erect through the tip of the bra.

 ”Nnng…… Ah, Ah, Aah…… it feels …… so good!”

 The movement of her hips seemed to slow down, and she opened her lips slightly, drooling off the edge of them as she gazed up at the ceiling, entranced.

 After a short break, Kurosawa-san began to sway her body again, bouncing her ass.

 Splat, Splat, Splat, Splat!

 An obscene water sound echoed while her vagina is devouring mine.

 Even the folds of her flesh were writhing madly. And inside of it, my object moves back and forth violently in time with her hips.

 At the joint, our bodily fluids are bubbling up and getting tangled in her pubic hair.

 ”Ah, Nnn, Ahh, it’s so good, it’s so good!”

 It’s made me excited when I saw her obscene M-shaped silhouette. Her lascivious underwear and juvenile twin-tails also add to the excitement.

 Her hips are firmly down, and when she moves her hips around, the glans rubs against my cervix without hesitation.

 It feels too good.

 I was aware that the hot thing at the base of my cock was slowly making its way up my urethra.

 I can’t go on like this much longer. As if at the end of my patience, I felt my cock jump inside her.

 As soon as I did, Kurosawa-san’s face broke into a happy smile.

 ”Aha! Are you about to cum? Yes, give me one! Let it out! Let it out! Pour it all inside me!”

 The vaginal pressure instantly became stronger. The suffocating tightness of her vagina was the perfect stimulus for my engorged rod.

 Kurosawa’s twin-tailed hair waved wildly as she spurred her hips into action.

 And as she moves, the twin mounds wrapped in her nasty underwear sway and bounce on the other side of the see-through fabric, and the peach-colored bulge peeking through the slit in her underwear is hard and pointed, just as she is in a state of emotional excitement.

 It was truly a sight to behold. As a result of the stimulating scene in front of me, the hot honey pot squeezing me began to swell with such force that it pushed back the intense tightness.

 ”Damn…… not yet!!”

 I wanted to taste more of this pleasure. But the moment I reflexively lifted my hips to try to hold back.

 Kurosawa-san lowered her hips hard, and my object collided with the back of her vagina with such force that it seemed to pierce her womb.

 The stimulation was so strong that I lost consciousness for a moment.

 At that moment, my sphincter muscles relaxed, and the hot semen that I had been holding back to the brink rushed up my urethra at a furious pace.

 Spurt! Spurt Spurt Spurt! Spurtttt!

 A huge ejaculation noise reverberated from her vaginal opening. The white semen flowed into the center of Kurosawa-san’s beautiful waist and into her womb.

 ”Hyaaa, it’s so hot, it’s so hwott! A-ahhhhhhhhhh!?”

 Kurosawa-san’s face became sloppy and debauched as she cried out in climax while her vagina continuing to tighten as she squeezed the meat stick from the entrance to the back.

 It seems she doesn’t want to leave a single drop in my urethra.

 And there was no way I could resist the movement of the vagina that made me feel such will, so I just went limp and continued my long ejaculation.

 As the semen overflowed from the slightest gap in the joint, Kurosawa-san fell down on my chest with my thing in her hole.

 ”Haa~…. Haa~…. Did it feel good?”

 ”Yeah, I can see now that Misuzu is a very naughty girl”

 ”Whose fault do you think it is……?”

 She then squeezed my face between her hands.

 At that moment, the electronic sound of leveling up echoed through the air.

 Of course, Kurosawa-san wouldn’t have heard it.

 Now the arrangements are done.


 ”Misuzu Kurosawa’s status has been changed to [Subjugated]”

 ”Along with that, the following functions are now available”

 ”● Charm Correction”

 ”Your interpersonal favorability will increase in proportion to the number of captives in state of [Enslaved]”

 ”● Backdoor”

 ”You can set up one back door to a room for each [Enslaved] captive. The backdoor can be placed anywhere, but once it is placed, it cannot be moved”


 After that, both of our uneven breathing piled up in the quiet room.

 Behind Kurosawa-san’s back, Lili appeared in the midair near the ceiling.

 She gave a silent thumbs-up, winked, and disappeared again.

 The day of judgment had finally arrived.

 ”Misuzu…… it looks like it’s Tuesday”

 ”……Yes. You know, I love…… you, Fumi-kun, but I’m still…”

 I interrupted Kurosawa-san’s words there.

 ”Wait. I’ll ask you the rest in the next room”

 ”The next room?”

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