Confinement 45

Chapter 45 Judgment Day, Part Two

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 ”You see…… I love Fumi-kun, but…… I’m still …….”

 I then interrupted Kurosawa’s words.

 ”Wait, I’ll ask you the rest in the next room”

 ”The next room?”

 She tilted her head suspiciously.

 That would be natural. Because there was only one door leading outside. And it would have never occurred to her that there was a room next door.

 ”Hey, can you step aside?”

 ”Eh… Yes”

 As Kurosawa-san and I were still connected, I need her to move aside because we need to went the other room.

 ”Oh…… Nnh…….”

 As she slowly raises her hips, she brushed her teeth against her bottom lip and raised her eyebrows slightly. Then, after my cock slips out, the semen spills out of her crotch in a stream with her twin-tails swayed.

 I then wiped the dripping semen off my stomach with the sheet, got off the bed and walked over to the wall.

 ”<Connect Room>”

 I muttered to myself, and a door appeared on the wall.

 It was a simple iron door.

 Apparently, the design of the door changes according to the room.

 I was somewhat impressed.

 I turned around and motioned to Kurosawa-san, who was kneeling on the bed with a puzzled expression on her face.

 ”Come here, Misuzu”

 ”Y…… yes”

 She looked afraid. Still, she did as she was told and followed me to the other side of the door.

 When I confirmed that she had fully entered the room, I closed the door behind me and cancelled the <Room Connect>.

 ”F-Fumi-kun. It’s pitch black! I’m scared!”

 I felt her press her breasts against my arms.

 She’ve been trapped in a dark place for quite some time, but it seems that what she’s afraid of is still scary.

 ”It’s okay, see?”

 As I say this, a few lights suddenly illuminate.

 First, a pin-spot light illuminated an extravagant single-seater chair at the far end of the room.

 Next, the green lamps embedded in the lower part of the wall began to light up one after another, dyeing the floor and walls covered with riveted steel plates with green color.

 The only decoration was a plain green tapestry hanging behind a chair.

 Simple, yet bizarre.

 This is what Lili calls “the room of the leader of an evil secret society”.

 ”It’s kinda…….”

 Kurosawa-san’s voice trembled as she looked around the room.

 ”Bad taste”

 (Why?! It’s so cool, you know!)

 Apparently, girls don’t understand the coolness of this room.

 So to speak, this is a man’s romance.

 It’s certainly not perfect. Because I gave up on some parts.

 Before, I tried various things to see if I could make smoke with dry ice under my feet, but it seems that smoke machines are not counted as furniture, so I couldn’t install them using <Furniture Installation> method. It made me very sad.

 However, it is still my masterpiece, combining the elements of the throne room (fantasy) and hangar (SF) that boys love.

 But I can’t stress that too much.

 I cleared my throat and said.

 ”Look over there”

 I coughed and pointed to the corner on my left.

 Then, as soon as she turned her eyes to where I was pointing, Kurosawa-san gulped and said, “Eh!”.

 ”Ma… Masaki!?”

 Yes, lying there was a completely naked Masaki Haneda.

 She had been pinned up in the same state she had fallen asleep in yesterday.

 And right now, Kurosawa-san rushed over to her and helped her up.

 ”Masaki! Masaki! Hey, stay with me! Open your eyes!”

 ”Don’t worry. It’s not life-threatening. It’s just that she’s unconscious”

 When I spoke to her from behind, Kurosawa-san glared at me.

 ”What’s going on? ……Why is Masaki here?”

 The reaction was almost predictable.

 I switched to the villainous tone of voice that I had practiced beforehand.

 ”Phew~……… did you think you were the only one being held captive? She’s the same with you, Misuzu Kurosawa. She was also confined in this room for a long time”

 ”No way …… did you hold Masaki too?”

 ”Of course, Masaki wasn’t a virgin now”

 ”…… You’re the worst!”

 ”Hahaha….. That’s a compliment to me”

 With that, Kurosawa-san untied the ribbon that tied her hair, curled it up and slammed it on the floor.

 I quietly look at it.

 I thought that if I could get her to rebel this much, I might be able to get her to go down a level, but apparently it’s not that easy.

 I smiled again at Kurosawa-san, who was glaring at me.

 ”But I’m not going to lie, I’m going to let Misuzu choose. Do you want to stay here or do you want to go back to your beloved Kasuya-kun?”

 ”It’s obvious! I’m leaving!”

 ”Then Masaki will be my s*x slave for the rest of her life”

 Immediately, Kurosawa-san widen her eyes.

 ”What…… do you mean?”

 ”I’m a lonely person. I can’t bear to lose two women I love at the same time. If Misuzu goes back, I won’t let Masaki go. In exchange for never touching Misuzu again, Masaki will be my s*x slave for the rest of her life”

 ”Kuhh…… you coward”

 ”Well, that’s a compliment too, because I’m a villain”

 I can hear her bite her teeth together and her fists are shaking.

 Although she’s in a [Subjugated] state and won’t try to hit me, Kurosawa-san’s eyes are returning to the look she gave me when she stood around my desk.

 To be honest, I’m scared.

 ”Well, let’s start preparing to leave. I don’t like the idea of throwing you out dressed like that. So, I’ve prepared your uniform and luggage when you came here. Then, all you have to do is forget about me, forget about Masaki, and go back to your normal life”

 Then Kurosawa-san looked down and asked in a voice that sounded as if it was being squeezed out of the back of her throat.

 ”If I stay…… here, you’ll let Masaki go…… right?”

 I responded as I walked to the chair in the back.

 ”It’s not enough to just stay. I need you to swear absolute obedience to me as a witness for Masaki-chan. You must swear to love me, to give up Kasuya-kun, and to be my s*x slave. And……”

 I slumped back in my chair, grabbed a ramune tablet from the side table, and said.

 ”Use this fertility drug, today! Right here! You will conceive my child”

 A painful silence fell over the room.

 A long, long silence.

 Eventually, it was Kurosawa-san’s sobs that broke the silence.

 ”Uuuu, okay…… I’m going… to stay…… Sob, so, please let Masaki go home”

 With that said, she grabbed the hem of her babydoll and shook her shoulders slightly.

 Everything went according to plan.

 But it still hurt my heart to make a girl cry.

 I don’t resent Kurosawa-san or Masaki-chan anymore. On the contrary, I have grown to love them.

 It was a gamble whether she would choose to stay or not.

 But if she’s the kind of woman who would abandon the girl she even called her best friend, the girl she even said she had to protect, then she has nothing left to lose.

 I know that’s not the case, and that’s why I love her.

 I don’t want to let them go, that’s what I think.

 That’s why I want to degrade them to a state of [Enslaved] by any means necessary.

 So far, everything has gone according to plan. Now I just have to finish the last part.

 While making Kurosawa-san serve me, and she said, “I’m going to give up on Kasuya-kun completely. I will become a s*x slave. I’m going to conceive my child”.

 As usual, I pretended that the ramune was a fertility drug to make her think that she had conceived a child, so that she would give up completely.

 It’s only a hypothesis, but I think that by making her give up completely on returning, I can bring her into a state of [Enslaved].

 But what would happen to Masaki-chan if she witnessed this?

 Kurosawa-san’s action, which she took with the intention of saving Masaki, ironically ended up killing her.

 Her marriage partner. The father of her baby. Her first lover.

 Her best friend takes the man she thought she was married to and conceives a child right in front of her.

 The girl who has been defeated by her on her entire life.

 The girl who had a complex against her.

 She is defeated by Misuzu Kurosawa again.

 Naturally, her heart would be torn to shreds. Then, I’ll throw her out of here mercilessly.

 How far will she fall? I don’t know.

 But when she has reached the bottom, I will be there to save her.

 Well, I don’t know if this will work either, because the conditions for falling into state of [Enslaved] are not clear.

 But I have no choice but to do it.

◇ ◇ ◇


 I was supposed to be asleep in bed, but when I woke up, I found myself on the cold floor.

 In my sleepy eyes, I searched with my hands for the touch of the man who was supposed to be sleeping next to me.

 ”Nnn… Fumio-kun? Hey, where are you, Fumio-kun?”

 I couldn’t find him.

 I rubbed my eyes, sat up and looked around.

 Then I stiffened up.

 In the back of a suspicious room with a green light illuminating the floor.

 There, under a pin-spot light, I saw Fumio-kun sitting on a luxurious chair.

 But he wasn’t the only one there.

 There was a woman sitting sideways on his lap, kissing him with her tongue.

 There was a shameless woman wearing a see-through babydoll that had no other purpose than to seduce the man.


 It was impossible to mistake her for someone else. She is my best friend, we have grown up together since we were children.

 As if she heard my voice, Misuzu-chan twitched her body, parted her lips and turned around.

 ”Haa, Haa…… Masaki, don’t worry. I’ll definitely get you home”

 The look on her face was one of pleasure and debauchery. A nasty face with tears and a wet mouth. I can’t help but feel disgusted.

 (Sexy underwear …… no way did she seduce Fumio-kun with that!)

 ”Misuzu…… she’s awake, it’s time for you to take the oath. Can you say it like I taught you?”

 Fumio-kun urged Misuzu while squeezing her breasts.

 Then, Misuzu’s eyes fell down and she gulped.

 ”Haa~, Ah…… I …… Misuzu Kurosawa loves Fumio Kijima-sama with all my heart and will continue to serve him as a s*x slave, Ah… for the rest of my life. I’m going to give up on Kasuya Junichi…… give…… up, hyan, no, don’t do that! …I swear that I will love Fumio-sama for the rest of my life ……. To prove it, I’m going to…… be impregnated by Fumio-sama right now”

 If I look at her, I can see that she has that medicine pinched in her fingertips.

 (What are you saying! Misuzu-chan! Fumio-kun is my husband, the father of my baby! Stop it, don’t take him!) (*Note: she calls him Danna-sama)

 My best friend is trying to steal my boyfriend.

 Even though we became lovers by chance, my boyfriend, with whom I’ve had many s*xual encounters, is squeezing another woman’s breasts.

 (It’s painful! Stop it! Don’t show me that! Misuzu-chan, why are you being so mean to me?)

 I feel like something is tearing my heart out. It’s painful. My heart is throbbing as if something is stuck in it.

 My heart is cracking, making piercing noises. And through the cracks in my heart, dark emotions leak out.

 ”Okay, fine. I’ll impregnate you as you wish. But first, I need you to service my cock with your mouth”

 (Don’t do it, don’t do it, Fumio! Don’t be fooled! Don’t show me that! No! No! No! Please, please! You can’t hold a woman like that!)

 ”Uuu…… Sob……”

 While spilling tears, Misuzu-chan kneels down between Fumio-kun’s legs.

 (I don’t want to see it! Stop it, Misuzu-chan! You! You’re taking away something precious from me again like that! That’s terrible! You’re really terrible…!)

 My heart is screaming. and inside my heart is creaking.

 (Fumio-kun is the man who will become my husband, the father of my baby! Why are you trying to take it away from me? Fumio-kun said I was better than you!)

 At that moment, something important shattered deep in my heart.

 (Ahhhh! Not again! Die, you thieving cat!)

 The moment I thought that, I was rushing to her.

◇ ◇ ◇

 For a moment, I didn’t even know what had happened.

 Satisfied with Kurosawa-san’s oath, I judged by the look on Masaki-chan’s face that her heart had been completely shattered.

 I then watched Kurosawa-san kneel between my legs, tears of regret wetting her cheeks, with a feeling of excitement.

 However, just as Kurosawa-san was about to take my cock into her mouth and hold it with her finger, something unexpected happened.

 Masaki-chan rammed herself into Kurosawa-san.

 Within my field of vision, I widen my eyes involuntarily, and Masaki-chan swept Kurosawa’s body away with all her might.


 Kurosawa-san rolls on the floor with a shocked expression on her face.


 At about the same time as I let out my voice, Masaki-chan was squeezing my object.

 ”What are you doing, Masaki-chan?”

 She didn’t reply.

 But the next moment she was sucking on my cock like crazy.

 ”Gobble! Gobble, Gobble, Slurppppppp! Goble, Slurppppppp!”

 She acted like a predator pouncing on its prey. She swallowed my cock all the way down to the base, and then began to slurp it up at a frightening rate.

 I couldn’t believe it.

 I had never imagined that the quiet and reserved Masaki-chan would behave like this.

 In the first place, I hadn’t let the innocent Masaki-chan give me oral services, not even once so far.

 But now, the stimulation was even more intense than Fujiwara-san’s oral technique. The vacuum was so strong that it almost sucked me dry.

 ”Ugh, aah, aah ……”

 The pleasure was so strong it was almost like pain.

 And I cowered pathetically.

 Suddenly, her unrestrained sucking caused sperm to rise from the base of my cock.

 ”Oh no, it’s coming out, it’s coming out! U-ugh……!”

 Spurt! Spurttttt! Spurtttt!

 Masaki-chan’s mouth was instantly filled with sperm.

 The sperm that couldn’t be contained leaked out of her nose, causing a ridiculous snot lantern to bulge in the middle of her cute face.

 But still, she didn’t let go of my object.

 She continued to suck it up with all her might, as if she was trying to suck up every last bit of sperm, not only from my urethra but also from my testicles.

 ”Ugh, Uooooh……”

 ”Ma, Masaki……”

 My moans and Kurosawa-san’s stunned murmurs were drowned out by the sound of the vacuum.

 Eventually, perhaps deciding that nothing more was going to come out, Masaki-chan looked up and showed me her gooey semen, rolling it around on her tongue and opening her mouth wide like a dog begging its master for attention.


 She smiled as she stretched her mouth wide from side to side with her fingers, showing off the generous amount of semen she had in her mouth.

 The look of triumph on her face like to say, “How is it? Isn’t my mouth the best?”.

 What pervaded her face was the sense of accomplishment of having kicked her rival to the curb and made me cum.

 And above all, a twisted sense of superiority that she had taken the man away from her.

 The true nature of wild female sprouted inside the angelic girl.

 Then, after gulping down the semen, she stood up and walked over to Kurosawa-san.

 As she thrusts her face into Kurosawa-san’s, who remains seated and stares up at her dumbly. Masaki-chan smiled at her.

 Then she snatches the ramune out of her hand and throws it away.

 ”Ma-Masaki…… that guy was trying to trick you into becoming his s*x slave…….”

 When Kurosawa, who had just come back to himself, complained, Masaki-chan’s eyes turned frosty and she spat out.

 ”Shut up, you thieving cat. Go die”

 ”Eh? Ma…… Masa……ki?”

 With her back to Kurosawa-san, who widened her eyes in shock, Masaki-chan smiled flirtatiously as she walked up to me.

 ”Fumio-kun…… Don’t be fooled by that woman”

 Then, with me dumbfounded, she straddled my waist and began to swallow my object inside her vagina.

 ”Nnn… Ah, Ah, Ah, Ahh…”

 I was stunned when she began to shake her hips, and Lili appeared in front of me in the air, laughing with her stomach in her hands.

 ”Ahaha! It’s great, Devi! As I expected, this is what will happen, Devi. Fumi Fumi, you underestimate girls too much, Devi. If you push them too hard, they will turn on you”

 ”Did you know …… that this would happen?”

 ”Yes, Fumi Fumi’s method will not make Kurosawa-chan a slave, nor will it discard Oppai-chan. It was an obvious failure. As expected, it was a huge failure, Devi”

 ”Then you can stop it…….”

 When I moaned involuntarily, Masaki-chan looked back at me, shaking her hips violently.

 ”Nnn, Ahh, Ah, Fumio-kun, who are you talking to, doesn’t it feel good? Ah-h……”

 ”I-It feels good, Masaki-chan”

 ”B-but, I’m sorry, I’m too excited. …..Ah, I’m going to come first……!”

 Immediately, Masaki-chan’s body began to shake and shudder.

 While watching the scene with a smirk on her face, Lili whispered in my ear.

 ”Why didn’t I stop you? Of course, experience is important, Devi. And just because you failed…… doesn’t mean the results are all bad, you know”

 At that moment, as if to drown out Lili’s whispers, Masaki screamed out.

 ”Cumming, Cumming! I’m cummmmmmmmmmming!”

 At about the same time she shuddered and slumped against my chest.

 An electronic tone rang out in the room, announcing the level up.


 ”Masaki Haneda’s status has been changed to [Enslaved].

 ”Along with that, the following functions are now available”

 ”● The Dress Room”

 ”You can install a dress room with all kinds of clothes, from ancient to modern”

 ”● Quiet”

 ”The subject will no longer be able to tell others, explicitly or implicitly, anything that could be considered harmful”


 Kurosawa-san who looked dumbfounded at the sight of Masaki-chan lying limp on my lap, let out a moaning voice.

 ”What…… is going…… on?”

 It’s no wonder that she has no idea what’s going on.

 Her best friend, whom she had tried to rescue with all her might, had called her a thieving cat. Honestly speaking, I can only feel sorry for her.

 So, I decided to talk to her.

 ”Misuzu, I’m happy for you. Masaki-chan is going to stay”

 ”No! This is some kind of mistake……”

 ”That’s okay. You can now return to Kasuya-kun”

 With that, I looked at Lili.

 As soon as I did, Kurosawa-san stopped moving.

 She stopped her movements with a look of despair on her face.

 Then I placed the panting Masaki-chan down on the chair, stood up, and walked over to Kurosawa-san’s side.

 I activated my newly acquired <Quiet>, and then added <Forget Person> to her.

 With this, she forgot her relationship with me and couldn’t talk about anything.

 ”Fumi Fumi, that’s a wise decision”

 Lili nodded her head in admiration.

 ”What do you mean?”

 ”The decision to return her to her daily life. If we leave her here, she will never reach the state of [Enslaved]”

 ”Well, I suppose”

 ”But don’t worry, she’ll be back for sure”

 ”I hope you’re right…… So let’s go get her back for now, Lili, get her clothes and belongings ready for her when she gets here”

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”Kurosawa-san, Misuzu Kurosawa-san”

 When I came to my senses, I looked around.

 (Outside? Is this in front of the main gate of…… school?)

 As I was puzzled, two people came running up to me.

 ”I can’t believe it, but it’s exactly what the…… report said”

 ”Yes, that’s why I said it was highly credible”

 A man who looked like a masculine gorilla and a woman with a slim, wavy short cut. I don’t recognize them at all.

 ”…… Um?”

 ”We’re from the police. We’re here to protect you”

 That’s how I, Misuzu Kurosawa, returned to my daily life after 13 days.

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