Confinement 46

Chapter 46 Ryoko Terashima is Still Corrupted [Interlude]

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 When I leaned my elbows on the steering wheel.

The time was a little after 2 AM.

There’s no need to foolishly go on a watch now, but I’m here hoping foolishly that my Master will call me if I stay nearby.

(I wonder what my Master is doing now)

It’s obvious.

Misuzu Kurosawa-sama, Masaki Haneda-sama.

He must be loving one of the princesses that my Master has chosen.

Of course, I’m not in a position to be jealous.

However, I only hope that I could be loved like one of princesses.

When I start thinking about my Master like this, I immediately feel my inside grow hot. The inside of my vagina moistens.

The day I was released from my master’s room and returned to my home, I had a really hard time.

All I could think of was my Master’s face. When I thought of his face, my love juice became sticky and thick, and I couldn’t stop my fingers.

In the end, I indulged in intense fingering as if on fire until just before I left for work.

And now, in the car late at night, I’m trying to reach my fingers between my legs again.

(A little bit…… is okay, right?)

Just as I was thinking about this, there was a sudden knock on the passenger window.


When I turned my head in that direction in a panic, I saw a shadow opening the door on its own and getting into the car.

The person smiled at me as I hurriedly prepared myself.

“Good evening, Detective Terashima”

An oncoming car passes right next to me. The headlights illuminated the dignified figure. A lovely face.


As I fasten my seatbelt, Master tells me.

“Let’s go for a drive. Can you take me to Suematsu Park?”

“Y-yes!! I-I-I-I-I’d be happy to!”

Suematsu Park is the largest park in this area. In there, a long walkway circled through the dense pine forest, making it a famous date course.

I was surprised by the suddenness of the event, but I was in high spirits to be able to drive with Master.

The happiness that had suddenly come to me made me faint.

“Ma-Master, are you feeling hot or cold?”

“Oh, nothing”

“Do you want anything to drink……?”

“Oh, nothing”

I was completely blank.

It takes about fifteen minutes to get to Suematsu Park.

I hesitated for a while, wondering if it was okay to ask, and finally decided to ask Master.

“W-what brings you to Suematsu Park at this hour, Master……?”

“I heard that there are many peepers and molesters in that park”

“Eh, well…… we do a lot of patrolling, but the danger is a little earlier in the day. At this time of day, there are no couples…… So, ummm”

“I’m just asking. And I’m just taking a walk, Detective Terashima. My little dog”

I glanced towards Master’s hand and saw that he was holding a red collar and lead.

(It’s here――――!!)

Bad, bad, bad, it’s very bad!

I’m so happy right now. I feel like my face is smiling. I was so excited to know that he loved me that I was about to make a mistake with the steering wheel.

“Where are the places in the park where there are many victims of peeping and molestation?”

“Y-yes! It’s on the forest road up from the second parking lot……”

“Then, let’s go there…….”

At this point, I had a pretty good idea of what to expect.

Outdoor exhibition walk play …….

When I think of being dragged around with a collar along a forest path where there might be peepers or molesters, I feel like I’m going to come off easily just by thinking about it.

I was already out of breath and had a few minor orgasms by the time I reached the second parking lot.

“Haa~…… haa~…… Master…… We’re here…”

“Well, how many times did you come just from your imagination?”

“Three …… times”

“Yeah, I’m never getting into Ryoko’s car again”

“Ehhh!? Did I do anything wrong?”

“Nothing, but it’s scary when the driver suddenly starts shaking and jerking! Every time it happened, the car could roll over. And I thought I was going to die!”

“I…… I’m sorry”

When Master still wasn’t happy with me, he threw me the collar.

“Well then, as your master, you must live up to my expectations. Ryoko, put it on”


I noticed that the way he called me had already changed from “Detective Terashima” to “Ryoko”. The tone of voice was harsh, and it seemed that Master had already switched to training mode.

After getting out of the car, I picked up the collar that was handed to me and put it on. It was a perfect size, as if it was made to order.

“Take it off, Ryoko”

Master’s words made my body jump.

Even at this time of night, there are still occasional cars passing by on the national highway facing the parking lot. There was no guarantee that I wouldn’t be seen.

But Master’s orders are absolute.

First, I take off my jacket on the driver’s seat and remove my shoulder holster.

The way plainclothes officers carry their guns is left up to each individual, but I prefer to use the shoulder holster because it is easier to handle.

Then I pulled down my pants and took off my blouse.

It was embarrassing to be in my underwear outdoors at night.

But I am confident in my underwear today.

I had chosen the most expensive underwear I could find in the hopes that Master would call me.

A black top and bottom. In addition, I bought garter belt and net tights in the hope of pleasing Master.

“Nice. It looks good on you, Ryoko”

“T-thank you so much!”

I made a gut pose in my heart.

But right after that.

“But it’s a little dangerous to leave your gun behind. I don’t want your car to get vandalized too. So, you’ll take off your underwear and wear the holster. But, keep your tights and garter belt on”


(Even though, it’s my most expensive underwear…….)

But there’s no way I can argue with that.

Although, I’m confused, but I’ll do as I told.

So, I began to unclasped my bra, took off my panties, which were already heavy with water, and put the holster around my arm.


“Ahaha…. it’s bad. You’re like a perverted detective”

I think I remember reading a manga once where the character was a perverted detective wearing only a swimsuit and a holster, but this one was even worse.

I just wore garter belt and net tights. Besides that, my holster is hanging from my shoulder, and my breasts and crotch are exposed. On top of that, my nipples are pierced with rings and I have a tattoo on my lower abdomen that looks like a crest.

No matter how anyone looks at me, I’m a pervert. I’m a pervert in the last stage of perversion.

“Let’s start the walk, shall we? Get down on all fours”

“Y-yes, Master”

I got down on my knees and put my hands under Master’s feet. Normally, this would be too humiliating a position. But for me, it was the right thing to do.

After I do that, Master tied the leash to my collar and pulled me lightly toward him.

“Let’s go for a walk”

“I-I understand”

As soon as I replied, Slap! Master slapped my ass.


My breath caught in my throat. And when I looked up hurriedly to see if I had done something wrong, Master put his finger on the tip of my nose as if to say to me.

“It’s not “I understand”, right? Because, right now, Ryoko is a dog. So, you shouldn’t speak human language, right?”

“I-I’m sorry!”

When I apologized, Slap! Master slapped my ass again.

“That’s not correct. You stupid dog!”

“Kyaun ……”

“Yes, yes. Haha, I like the way you look like a dog nodding off after being scolded”

I was praised. The thought of that makes me instantly happy.

“Ryoko, sit down”

I obeyed and sat down on the spot.

“Ryoko, your hand”

I quickly put my hand on the hand offered to me.

It seems Master intends to treat me like a dog thoroughly.

(But ……why am I so happy?)

My nipples have already hardened to the point of pain. Every time the piercing shakes, I feel a rush of pleasure like a weak electric current.

“Yeah, like that…Then, today, I’m going to strip Ryoko of all her human dignity, so be prepared for that”


(What will he do to me? ……)

When I thought about it, my throat made a gulping sound.

“Oh, yeah, I forgot”

Master suddenly reached for his sweat pants. And he began to play with his pockets.

“Lili prepared this for me. And now, it’s a good opportunity to try it out. Do you know how to use it?”

Then Master took out a pink oval.

(No…… I mean, I know what it is because if you are in the police force, you may see it as a confiscated item……)

It was a pink rotor…… so-called adult toy.

◇ ◇ ◇

“Then let’s go for a lap around the park”

Master said this, but walking on all fours on an unpaved gravel road is uncommonly hard.

On top of that, there was a rotor inserted into my vagina. Even now, the sound of the machine is echoing.

Whenever Master grasps the switch and turns it on and off, or changes the intensity of the vibrations, the inorganic s*x toy stimulates my inner vagina.

“Uhi, Hihi… Ngghh!”

Each and every time, Master will mercilessly slap my ass as I stop walking and squirm.

With that, my ass quickly turned bright red and heated up.

But Master is enjoying himself, and shows no sign of slowing down his rotor torture.

“Wahiii!? Haa~, Haa~, Haa~, Nkuhii… Fgghhh…”

My reasoning is melted by the endless rotor blame, and as if I’ve really become a dog, my mouth naturally opens and a ragged breath escape.

“Haa~… Haa~… Haa~… Haa~… Haa~…”

My body, which has been taught s*xual pleasure, immediately tries to rise towards climax. But once I reach it, I can’t walk.

It’s hard. It feels good. It’s painful.

It’s sweet, sweet, then hell.

“You’re late, Ryoko”

“W-woof! Woof!”

When the lead is pulled, I feel hurried, but there is no way I can increase my speed while I’m walking four-legged.

By now, the knees of my tights were torn and it was sore from the pebbles that had embedded themselves in them.

I wondered how long I had been playing like a female dog. I’ve lost all sense of time.

“What’s wrong? Are you at your limit?”

“Kun, Kun, Kun”

I want to rest a little. With these thoughts in my gaze, I flattered myself as much as I could.

“But…. your body seems to be saying that you want me to tease you more?”

Then, Master pulled out the pink rotor and inserted his finger into my vulva.

“Kyan!? Ah…… Ahh…….”

Master inserted his finger up to the second part of my vagina, and then bent his finger.

As the finger clawed at a nice spot below my navel, my thought process instantly short-circuited.

“Fuahhhhhhh! With f-finger, I’m going to cum!”

I can’t believe my body is being so honest.

The pink rotor had heightened my lust, but a flick of Master’s fingers sent it into overdrive.

With that, my whole body relaxed at once, and I sat down slack-jawed.

The love juice that overflowed from the vulva dripped down my inner thigh and created dots on the ground.

“Haa~… Haa~… I-I have come”

“Are you satisfied?”

“……It’s no good. Please give me Master’s strong cock to this shallow dog. I’ll do anything you want……”

Forgetting to imitate a dog, I squirmed at my Master’s feet and begged.

“I can’t help it…… Oh well, I’ll just sit on that bench and take a break, you can do whatever you want”

“Do what ……?”

“Yeah, you can stick it in yourself if you want”

“Thank you very much!”

After getting down on my knees, I slid down my master’s sweatpants in an excited mood.

Then, when I slid down his underwear, his erect cock stood out in front of me.

“Oh…… Oh…… It’s so nice……”

The glans is soaked with pre-cum, and the ruggedness of the cock is so strong that it makes me swoon.

“How long are you going to do that?”

When I was in a state of euphoria, Master pulled the lead and urged me on.

“Y-yes, welcome back”

I stand on the bench, straddle Master, and begin to lower my hips, making an M-shape like a squatting exercise, aiming at his cock.

I grab my Master’s erect cock, point the tip upward, and rub my slit against the tip.


It felt so good that it made me moan.

Then, I pushed the entrance of my honey pot against the tip of the glans, and I lowered my hips at once.

And then, with a simple thrust, half of his cock was thrust into me.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh… Haa~… Haa~…. Haa~…”

I slowly start to move my hips. It’s a terrible squatting movement.

And after several times of extraction, my womb which was thrust up by a muscular spear, has already descended, and the surge in the internal organs spread, and my charming voice is squeezed out from the back of my throat.

“Ahh, Haa~, it’s going in, it’s going in so deep….”

“Ryoko’s vagina feels so good”

“Yes, Ah, Ahh… Thank you very much. Please feel more comfortable”

I continued to move my hips up and down while holding Master’s head against my breast.

His cock, erected to the limit, is pulled out smoothly, and just before it is completely pulled out, my throbbing honey pot is sucked again.

The repetition of the process was furiously pleasurable.

“Haha, you’re desperate, Ryoko. Did you want it so badly?”

“I-I-I wanted it……! Hii, hiiiiii!”

Suddenly, Master suddenly thrusted his hips up and a spark exploded in the back of my head.

“It stabbed me……! Master’s cock is stabbing…… my baby’s room……!”

I was almost knocked unconscious by the shock of having my spine electrified by the violent thrusting up of my cervix, which had just begun to descend.

“What? You don’t like it?”

“I-I’m so happy, Hiii, I’m so happy, Master, I’m so …… happy!”

I got off my head, messed up my hair, and started shaking my hips again.

Master’s hardness engulfs the soft folds of my folds, and while my pink pussy lips are raised, I repeat the greedy back and forth movement.

My vagina is now like that of a whore. My vagina is like a whore’s, drooling with pleasure.

I want to come. I want to come as soon as possible. That’s all I can think about anymore.

Suddenly, however, Master held my waist.

“Ah, no, what? Why?……”

“Be quiet, there’s a person in the woods behind Ryoko. It’s looking at us”

“P…… person?”

“There seem to be a lot of people around. If someone is filming you, you’re in trouble, slut cop. I might see Ryoko’s face on the TV news”

“Eh, Eh, Eh……”

“What do we do? If we run now, it might not be too late”

I wonder what the people who saw me would think.

What will they think when they see me like this, so pathetic as a human being? I’m sure they will despise me.

I couldn’t stop myself from getting excited when I imagined that I would be looked down upon.

I might even be featured on TV and in magazines as a perverted detective on a rampage.

On the past, I am an excellent student, and I even went to a national tournament in kendo. I’m proud to say that I’m one of the best cops in the department.

I had a career fiancée, and my life was looking bright.

It was supposed to be.

That life was ruined. I had fallen to the bottom of the pit.

But when I think about it…

――”I was thrilled”.

Inside my body, I felt an irreversible sensation of pleasure swirling around me.

That’s it. I should just fall.

As long as I can stay by my Master’s side, that’s all that matters.

And then he can use me up until I’m a wreck.

“Nooo…I want to come like this……. I don’t want to stop…… I want to fall to the bottom…… I don’t care if I fall…… I want to comeeee!”

When I screamed, my Master laughed and smiled.

Oh, he really is a bad man…… I thought.

But that’s why I can’t leave him. I love him.

“I will corrupt you!”

Immediately, the meat stick that had been pushing open the womb began to move with a gurgling, swollen movement. My Master accelerated the movement of his hips and pierced me with terrifying force.

“Hiii, Ahh, Hyaa! Aaahh, aaahh!”

The blood in my body boiled as my uterus was struck wildly.

With each wet thrust, bubbles of love juice were scraped from the frenulum.

“I’m going to cum! Hiii! I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum! Master, can I cum?”

My pupils dilated and tears spilled incessantly. Like a swarm of earthquakes, small orgasms hit me, one after another.

“Good, I’ll pour it in!”

“Masterrrr, please inside…… me! If you don’t hurry, I’m going to cum first!”

The next moment, deep in my stomach, the glans swelled to a full size.

Spurt, Spurtttttt!

“Cumming, Ahhhh! Cumming! Ah, the semen is spraying inside me! Ah, I’m going to die! I’m going to dieeeeeee… Ahhhhhhh!”

When semen rushes into my uterus, I have no choice but to pant and moan for the rest of my life.

This day, the fact that I am such a shallow person was etched into the depths of my mind once again.

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