Confinement 225

Chapter 225 Jealousy King’s Play

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 (It’s about time that I greeted Claudia-san’s onee-sanbig-sister, huh…?)

 I’ve heard the whole story from Lili.

 I may not get a chance to play for a while.

 [The king’s job is to stand his ground, Devi]

 That’s what Lili says, but it’s practically a notice of exclusion.

 (I wonder about it…. Well, it’s not like I’m going to do anything about it…)

 As I was thinking about this…

 ”Hee~? Boys, can feel on this place too?”

 Misuzu rolled my nipple with her tongue and looked up at me.

 In the Confinement King’s bedroom.

 Three girls are clinging to me on the bed.

 Masaki-chan is on my left side, Misuzu on my right, and Akira, for some reason, has her tongue on my stomach.

 Normally, today would have been the day to take care of Masaki-chan, but I accidentally said “tonight” to Misuzu and Akira, resulting in a splendid double booking.

 After appeasing Masaki-chan, I lay down on the bed, and the girls took off their clothes and clung to me.

 This is the harem play I’ve been longing for, but if I take my eyes off them, Misuzu and Masaki-chan will immediately start fighting each other.

 (Anyway, I have to take the initiative… I have to be strong)

 ”Nnn… just keep doing what you’re doing…”

 ”Buu… Fumi-kun’s being mean to me”

 Misuzu replies bluntly, takes her mouth off my nipples, and pouts.

 Then, Masaki-chan narrowed her eyes mischievously, as if she had a chance to appeal to me.

 ”Nfu, Fumio-kun’s nipples are so cute!”

 She licked my nipples and stroked my side lovingly.

 ”Wait… Masaki-chan, that tickles”

 I shuddered involuntarily, and Misuzu, perhaps displeased with my reaction, gave me a fierce look and she sucked furiously on my nipple, determined not to be defeated.


 She sucked hard, and as I let out a gasp, Akira, who was still clinging to my stomach, stretched out her tongue and started to lick my belly button.


 To be honest, I’ve never had my belly button licked much. The unknown sensation spreading in the center of my belly caused me to make a strange noise.

 Misuzu must have thought that she had made me scream. So, Misuzu became more and more vigorous, licking my nipples up and down in her mouth as if she were trying to catch them.

 And then–

 ”I’m the most make you heel good, right?”

 ”No, it’s me!”

 Misuzu and Masaki-chan glared at each other, sparking each other.

 ”*Lick Lick* Chuuuu!”

 ”*Slurp* hamu *Lick* chuuu!”

 They sucked on both sides of my nipples as if they were competing with each other.

 But then, a little apart from their struggle–

 ”Cock, cock, Master’s cock, haa~ haa~, Master’s cock…”

 Before I knew it, Akira, who had been licking my belly button, had licked down to my lower abdomen and started licking my cock lovingly, mumbling happily.

 ”Nnngh *Lick…*”

 She’s not sucking to make me cum, but licking to make me enjoy it longer. She didn’t suck hard, nor did she lick and flick, but she used a soft touch and ran her tongue over it.

 I couldn’t help but squint my eyes at the pleasure seeping into the core of my rod, and the two girls who had been staring at each other remembered Akira’s presence and shouted at the same time.

 ””It’s not fairrrrr!””

 It seems while Misuzu and Masaki-chan torture the left and right of my nipples as a result of their fighting each other, Akira took advantage of the situation.

 The fierce licking of the nipples on both sides and the slow but dense blowjob had already given me a full erection.

 ”…Master’s cock”

 ”Fumio-kun’s cock is mine!”

 ”No, it’s mine!”

 Misuzu and Masaki-chan tried to forcefully pull away Akira who was struggling, and the three of them each reached out and grabbed a handful of mine, and then they glared at each other, foreheads to forehead.

 ”I’m the one who can please my Master the most”

 ”Tell you what. I’ll show you what an 正妻official Seisaiwife can do”

 ”正妻official Seisaiwife? Don’t make me laugh, I’m Fumi-kun’s first partner!”

 ”Hey! All three of you, calm down!”

 I shouted, and the three of them nodded at the same time, though I don’t know what they were communicating.

 ”Eh, umm, hello?”

 My desire to take the initiative like a king was gone.

 In spite of my confusion, the girls came to stand side by side on all fours with their hips facing me.

 (W-w-w-w-w-what is it?)

 This is a world heritage of eroticism where I can see everything from their assholes to their pussies.

 This lavish amorous spectacle of two models and a beautiful girl with baby faces and big breasts has my heart racing. It was a self-assured Max Heart.

 ”You have to choose who’s the best, so try us in order!”

 Misuzu, with her bare ass sticking out at me, said such an outrageous thing.

 When I realized the exact meaning of that line, I was so excited that I lost all reason.

 (I’m not going to choose who’s the best, but…)

 ”If you insist, I won’t hold back!”

 I’m now a beast of s*xual desire. I walk on the bed on my knees and pull Akira’s ass who is on the left.

 ”Ahhh, Master…”

 Akira let out a squeal of delight.

 If I had to choose between Misuzu and Masaki-chan, I would have been in a corner. So I chose Akira by a process of elimination, but the girls didn’t think so.

 When Akira makes a smug face, Misuzu and Masaki-chan grit their teeth from the corner of my eyes. Especially Masaki-chan’s face looks dangerous.


 ”Idiot, Fumio-kun’s idiot, idiot, idiot…”

 Misuzu turned her red face away, and Masaki-chan stared at a point on the sheet with empty eyes, as if she had been denied the reason for her existence.

 (It’s not good, but… I’ll follow up later!)

 Immediately, I grabbed Akira’s waist with my left hand, placed the tip of her meat stick at her vulva with her right hand, and pushed my hips out at once.


 Akira joins a popular model on the cover of a fashion magazine. I thrust my hips as hard as my libido will take me.

 Come to think of it, this is the first time I’ve had unrestrained s*x with Akira.

 But that didn’t change anything.

 Her honey pot is as tight as ever, and her vaginal folds seem to be more supple than ever.

 Her mucous membrane wrapped around my object. The feeling of unity was exceptional.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah! M-Master, if you keep thrusting that far inside me… I’m going to fall apart immediately!”

 In the spacious bedroom, the dry sound of flesh colliding with flesh echoed with heavy panting.

 ”Nnn, ah, ah, ah, ah…”

 But as soon as Akira’s mind started to wander…

 ”Geez! Fumio-kun, you pound on Akira-chan too much!”

 Before I knew it, Masaki-chan, who seemed to have recovered from the shock of losing the first place, intervened without any hesitation.

 She got down on all fours right beside Akira, boldly thrust out her ass, and spread her labia with her fingers for me to see.

 ”Here, here, Fumio-kun! It feels better this way”

 A horny bitch invites her man to do the same. The beautiful girl with big breasts who was shaking her ass hurried me to stop having s*x with Akira.

 ”Nhh… Master’s cock is slipping out…”

 As I pulled out my meat rod, Akira, who had been on all fours, lost the strength in her limbs and slumped down on the bed.

 I stroked her hair, then grabbed Masaki-chan’s ass with both hands as she looked at me expectantly, and pushed my cock into her at once.

 ”Ahh! Here it comes, I like it, I love you Fumio-kun…”

 Masaki-chan’s vagina felt like a very familiar combination. The feeling of her insides, still as soft as ever, gave me a sense of security as if I were back home.

 Every time I move my hips, her large breasts vibrate in a way that I can see even from behind, and my excitement rises.

 In order to taste her goodness more carefully, I rub my cock hard against the folds of her vagina in a circular movement.

 As soon as I did this, a rush of pleasure ran through my body, and my hands gripping her hips naturally tightened.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ah, it’s great, in my inside, it’s so hard, Fumio-kun, I like you, I love you…”

 Masaki-chan’s big breasts jiggled and she turned her head to the side as I worked her over.

 Her hips are round and firm, and her belly a little fleshy.

 Only there, her breasts are extremely large and full.

 Her body is so nasty that it looks as if it has been bred just for the purpose of receiving men’s animal desires.

 ”Masaki-chan is really naughty. If someone pounds you from behind, you’ll feel it no matter who it’s with, no?”

 ”Ahhn, don’t be cruel. It’s only Fumio-kun, only Fumio-kun. I love the way your cock sticks out, the way it’s so long that I can feel how hard it is, I love it all”

 I also love it when my sassy girlfriend makes a pitying face in a mean way. We made love so intensely that I forgot the other two existed.

 ”Masaki-chan! Masaki!”

 ”Fumio-kun, I like you! Aah, an, aah, aah, aah, aah, aahhhhh!”

 No matter how hard I shake my hips, the folds of her vagina gently envelop my object.

 Masaki-chan’s wetness was so great that every time her round ass made a dry pound sound, her warm love juices splashed from my lower belly to my thighs.

 However, perhaps overwhelmed by the overheated atmosphere, Misuzu was the only one sitting on the edge of the bed, staring at me with resentful eyes.

 Perhaps she was sulking because she was left alone until the very end, but when our eyes met, she turned her head away.

 ”It’s Misuzu’s turn next”

 When I said that…

 ”Y-you’d rather have Masaki or Akira than me, wouldn’t you? I don’t care about Fumi-kun anymore!”

 And Misuzu turns away again.

 (Well… she’s a really tsundere)

 It’s almost like an art form.

 This… makes me want to abuse her. It makes me want to tease her.

 Then, I call out to Akira.

 ”Hmm…. Well, okay. Akira, you want to be held by me, don’t you?”

 ”Of course I do. I can’t wait to get a cock soon”

 The answer was immediate.

 She even got up from her slumped position and placed her ass right next to Masaki-chan’s again.

 Then, Masaki-chan let out a flirtatious voice while we were connected from the back.

 ”Aaah! No, no, no! Fumio, please keep fucking me like this…”

 I looked at Misuzu out of the corner of my eye while comparing their asses like a king.


 She’s not being honest.

 The conflict in her heart was directly reflected in her expression.

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