Confinement 226

Chapter 226 They’re good friends after all

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 ”I-I don’t want to lose to Masaki… I-I have no choice…”

 Despite the wrinkles between her eyebrows, Tsundere’s cheeks are flushed, and she slowly got down on all fours again.

 ”T-there, look, it feels good in here. Fumi-kun… you can do whatever you want with me”

 If a girl as beautiful as Misuzu had said this to me, I would have felt as if I were in heaven.

 But now, it’s not a flower in each hand, it’s an ass in each hand. Masaki-chan’s honey pot is tightening up on me, refusing to let go, and Akira is spilling honey all over the sheets, making a stain.

 There’s no need to cling on. And most of all, Misuzu’s attitude makes my S part go wild.

 ”If I have no choice, I don’t mind”

 ”W-w….what!? Muuuu~!”

 Even though she glared at me with the same sharp eyes she used to have when she bullied me, Misuzu’s eyes welled up with tears as I poked Masaki-chan in the back and made her squeal high pitched.

 It seems Misuzu can’t live without me anymore.

 The sound of her best friend and biggest rival’s charming voice makes her body tingle.

 She lets out a feverish breath, “Haa~…” and clears her throat. Then, with a bright red face, she waved her hips like a dog and pleaded.

 ”I’ll be honest~… Fumi-kun… please p-put your p*nis inside me… i-it’s so hot, it’s tingling…”

 (The dere’s part is here!)

 Misuzu’s sweet voice is special. The gap between “tsun” and “dere” makes my excitement soar to unbelievable heights.

 ”Honest Misuzu is so cute”

 I pulled out my meat stick from Masaki-chan, with whom I had been engaged in intimate intercourse, and while listening to her disappointed voice, “Noo…” I grabbed Misuzu’s ass next to her and pulled her over me.

 Her thighs on all fours. The insides of her thighs are so wet that they glisten with slime.

 I placed my cock in her honey-filled hole and thrust deep into her at once.


 Her s*xual senses, which had already been heightened by the delay, broke through with the insertion. The folds of her vagina, which were slippery and wrapped around my object, suddenly contracted as she climaxed.

 Apparently, she had climaxed with one thrust.

 Her breathing became erratic. Even from her back, I can clearly see that she is turning red up to the tips of her ears.

 But I’m not going to stop here.

 ”Come on, Misuzu, I’ll make you cum as many times as you want!”

 I give a big twist of my hips and push in at once. “Ahhhh!”, Misuzu screamed, and I start to pump hard.

 ”Hnn, hiii, I-I’m cumming! I-it’s too much, F-Fumi-kun, nnn, ah ah ah, Cumming, I’m cumming againnn!”

 ”Tell me honestly! What does Misuzu think of me?”

 ”I like you! I love you, I want you to love me, ah, ah, ah, ah, I love everything about Fumi-kun, ah, ah, I love you so much I’m going to cummm”

 The “tsun” part has been blown away, and Misuzu is now a completely “dere”, screaming “I love you” without any shame and arching her back.

 However, Masaki-chan could not remain silent when this happened.

 ”I-love Fumio-kun more than you do!”

 She then slid her body under Misuzu’s, who was now on all fours.

 ”Fumio-kun, this way! Put me in here!”

 I looked down and saw Masaki-chan squeezing her big breast and inviting me with a nasty look on her face. It seems that she has finally realized how to use her weapon.

 Of course, my eyes are glued to her breast as they squirm and squirm in her hands. I had no choice to look because that’s where the breast is.

 I have no choice but to do so.

 I pull my p*nis out of Misuzu’s tight honey pot and lower my body. Then, with Misuzu’s nectar dripping down on my cock, I place the tip of my cock against Masaki-chan’s vagina and becomes one with her.

 ”Ahhhh! I’ve suddenly been penetrated all the way innnnnn!”

 Immediately, Masaki-chan arched her head back, slamming the back of her head against the bed.

 ”A-amazing… That quiet Masaki is like this…”

 Misuzu, who was still on all fours on top of Masaki-chan, let out a strangely passionate and deeply moved voice.

 In her mind, Masaki-chan was her imoutosister she was supposed to protect, and the sight of such a childhood friend writhing uncontrollably must be something she feels in her own way.

 ”Ah, Masaki’s been turned into a woman by Fumi-kun too…”

 It seems the same is true for Masaki-chan below. Once again, she is gazing up at Misuzu above her while her vagina is being worked over and over.

 She lifts her hands, which had been gripping her breasts, and wrapped them around Misuzu’s thin neck.

 ”Eh? Ma-Masaki… Nnn?”

 Then she pulls Misuzu’s head tightly against her, and suddenly puts her lips on hers.


 It was so sudden, that I was surprised too.

 I wasn’t the only one who was surprised. Akira, who was beside me, was also widening her eyes.

 From behind, I couldn’t see Misuzu’s expression, but she jerked for a moment. After that, Misuzu is at the mercy of Masaki-chan.

 *Lick* *Smooch* *Slurp….* *Lick*

 Misuzu’s lips were devoured by Masaki-chan with a look of ecstasy on her face.

 (Oh no! Oh no! That’s too much! It’s too erotic!)

 I was so excited by this scene. That I pulled out the meat stick that was deeply embedded in Masaki-chan, and replaced it with Misuzu’s who was on top.

 ”Nnnn, Fugu…!? Nnnn… Fumi-hyun… is coming in, Nnnn!”

 ”Nwaa… I’m getting it… Fumio-kun is thrusting into me… *Lick Lick*!”

 I continued thrusting several times, moving my rod up and down, and devouring them both.

 I don’t think I’ve ever been this aroused before.

 I muttered to myself as if I were having a dream.

 ”When I put my cock deep inside you, both of your bodies jerked so much… Kuhh!?”

 As I was penetrating both of them in turn, immersed in the pleasure, I felt a sudden rush of pleasure from the inside of my ass.

 When I turned around in surprise, Akira was burying her face in my ass.

 ”Don’t leave me out, Master, because I love you too”

 That’s all she said, and to please me, she started to lick the valley between my ass again.

 (There’s no way I can stand this!)

 My sensual arousal swelled rapidly to the point of explosion in my waist.

 (Yes, this is the time!)

 I pulled out my meat stick and activated the <Tandem twinGlans-in-Row (Two Cocks)>

 Although it is difficult to move my hips, I managed to get this far. So, I held Misuzu’s body down, brought their bodies close together, and inserted the two meat sticks at the same time.

 ”Kyaaan!? It’s so great, it’s so good!”

 ”Fumio-kun’s cock is rubbing against mine, ahhh!”

 They put their foreheads to each other and writhe.

 ”Ahhh, poke meeeee!”

 ”Fumi-kun, keep rubbing me hard!”

 The two s*xually sensitive women’s vaginal cavities jerk and spasm with each sharp sensation, and the vibrations of their pleasure resonate directly with my two male cocks.

 (Oh, no. I’m getting double the pleasure…)

 By the time I thought that, it was too late.

 ”Oh! Oh, no! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

 As soon as I announced my limit, Akira’s tongue started to dance even harder.

 The beautiful model’s tongue is still licking my anus relentlessly.

 Two meat sticks, stimulation from behind. Sandwiched between these luxurious pleasures, I turned over vigorously.

 ”Kuh! I’m coming!”

 I grabbed Misuzu’s slim waist and pushed it down. As a result, the two meat sticks, swollen to the limit, crushed the depths of their vaginas simultaneously.

 *Spurt*! *Spurtttt*! *Spurttttt*!

 The pleasure of burning mucus rushing through my urethra and a nerve-racking sensation runs up my spine.

 ””I’m cummmmmmming!!!!””

 The bodies of all three of us tighten.

 Underneath my body, our screams synchronized perfectly.

 However, perhaps because of the unusual excitement, my ejaculations did not end.

 Moreover, with Akira’s tongue twisted into my anus, I climaxed for a surprisingly long time, squeezing it to the beat of my heart.


 Oh no. This pleasure is so bad.

 I fall on top of the two childhood friends, who are breathing hard and overlapping each other up and down, with my head still in a state of debauchery.

 Then, with a slightly puzzled look, Akira came and fall over to me with an “Ei”.

 Apparently, she doesn’t like to be left out.

 For a long time after that, we lay on top of each other like a mille-feuille[1], soaking up the aftermath.

 So, it was a complete reconciliation between Misuzu and Masaki.

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