Confinement 230

Chapter 230 Conflicting Thoughts

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 ”He wants me to come with him because he’s worried… Ufufu, Fu~min is so cute…”

 After a flirtation with Fu~min that was too short to be called a date, I smiled like a dog in an American cartoon as she got into the waiting car.

 Although Fu~min left quickly because his okaa-samamother asked him to run some errands, we were kissing a lot, so let’s just leave it at that for today, shall we?

 Of course, I know that my boyfriend was not perfect.

 To be honest, I’m dragged by the thoughts and tastes of the original Mai Fujiwara, but that’s just the way it is. Otherwise, it would be impossible for me to be completely in character.

 Still, it’s a blessing to be able to make love with a handsome guy like Fu~min, and to be honest, I’ve been thinking that I might be able to take him home with me when I leave to the demon world.

 Just I thought so, Yui-chan opened the door on the other side of the car and got into the backseat. She stared at me with a big grin on her face, gave me a tired look, and lowered her voice.

 ”MaiMiss ojou-samaMai… please try to control yourself a little~. You two are too much of a couple~. Didn’t you notice the sound of tongues clucking all over the place every time you kissed him~?”

 ”No, I hadn’t noticed”

 Oh, no, Yui-chan? What’s with those eyes that look like they’re looking at a steamed clam that didn’t open? Don’t give me that look. I don’t want you to look like that.

 ”I’m kidding, I’m kidding”

 As I fluttered my hand, Yui-chan cleared her throat and opened her mouth.

 ”And about the special program that Kijima-sama mentioned… it’s pretty fishy, isn’t it~?”

 ”Hmm? Really?”

 ”Yes, very~. As a matter of fact, my okaa-samamother was also offered to be a commentator on that program~, but “the people who could see through the lies” that Kijima-sama mentioned were apparently those gaijinforeign sisters who came to extort us the other day~”

 As the car started to move, the body of the car shook with a jolt at the bump.

 (Those guys, huh… that’s definitely not very peaceful…)

 If Liliamos’ pawns have contacted Fu~min, then the real purpose of the attack may be me.

 It’s possible that they already know who I am, and that if I follow Fu~min unguarded, I’ll end up getting beaten to a pulp.

 ”Oh… so it’s KKO, then. Why don’t we contact the office and ask for details about the show? When it was being filmed, where, and what kind of show it is?”

 ”I understand”

 Yui-chan’s okaa-sanmother ―― Aoi Umidori, belongs to the entertainment agency KKO, which is part of the Fujiwara Group, so if I begged my ogifu-sanstepfather, he could move her like a limb.

 Perhaps Liliamos can be outsmarted and then captured.

 After returning to the mansion, I send a message to Anna-sama on social media.

 [Maybe we can get Liliamos’ tail]

 After a while, Anna-sama appeared, breaking through the void.

 Anna-sama herself is a mere human being, albeit one with abilities given to her by Master.

 There is no way she can break the space with her own power.

 The fact that she appeared by breaking the space without help probably means that the devil butler, Ophirus, has returned.

 Her belly was so stretched that it looked like she was in her last month.

 She might not be able to wear her favorite evening dress if her belly is that big. After all, she was wearing a violet maternity dress today.

* * *

 As Anna-sama lay down on the bed with her heavy belly, she looked at me and raised one eyebrow.

 ”So, Annabelle, what’s this all about? What do you mean you think you can grab Liliamos’ tail…”

 ”Ahaha, well, it’s not really clear yet, but…”

 After a brief discussion, Anna-sama spat, “You little devil!” .

 ”Kijima, right? That handsome guy. Apparently, Liliamos is trying to frame him for the kidnapping”

 ”Is that so? But to the devil, being accused of a crime isn’t a threat at all”

 ”Well, maybe for the devil, but not for the collaborator. Maybe Liliamos came up with that farce to distract the public from her collaborators”


 ”…Kasuya. She’s trying to blame the handsome guy from the ugly one. That’s a natural explanation”

 I don’t think Kasuya-chi is ugly, though he’s not as ugly as Fu~min.

 My honest impression is that if he’s in Anna-sama’s class, he’d be classified as unattractive.

 ”I see… but Fu~min said that the program seems to be able to clear his suspicions?”

 ”How can he say that they’re not going to blame him for the crime? I don’t know if Liliamos got a taste for the fact that I’m the one she’s blaming… or if it’s just a common trick of the little devil, but it’s easy for Liliamos to blame him when the gaijinforeign woman says he’s a liar”

 ”But, it’s only a program plan, right? I don’t think the police are going to act on something like that…”

 ”It doesn’t matter, as long as the public’s eyes are deceived. After all, on the police’s side, they still think I’m the culprit in that case, so all I want is divert their curious eyes”

 Well, that makes sense. However, if that were known, the solution would be simple…

 ”Well, if Liliamos cares about Kasuya-chi so much that she wants to protect him, why doesn’t we just kidnap him, take him hostage, or kill him? If we let Ophirus do it, it would only take a second to kill one person”

 When I said this, Anna-sama’s face turned surprisingly sullen. That’s right, a look of reluctance.

 Specifically, she looked as if a large amount of umeboshi had been shoved into her mouth.

 ”…If I could do that, there would be no trouble at all”

 ”What do you mean?”

 ”That bastard… he has my Hikari-chan in his clutches”

 ”Entrapped… Eh!? Teruya-chi, she’s dating Kasuya-chi?”

 That’s a surprise.

 After all, Mai Fujiwara was surrounded and stripped naked because she carelessly approached Kasuya-chi.

 Teruya-chi was so in love with Kasuya-chi that even approaching him would make her mad.

 ”They’re not just going out, they’re living together. I thought that was unacceptable, so I tried to persuade Hikaru-chan by messaging her, but she replied, “Don’t say anything bad about Junichi-sama!!!!” After that, I didn’t get any response. I sent her a lot of soothing messages, and somehow, yesterday, she started to reply back”

 …It seems that the tsumawife of a demon noble is no match for the imoutosister she loves.

 ”…Why don’t you just go in and separate them?”

 ”No! I want Hikaru-chan to have a normal life as a human being! She’s a good, kind girl, and I don’t want to drag her into this devil’s war!”

 (What a pain in the ass…)

 When I muttered this in my heart, Anna-sama looked as if she had realized something.

 ”Maybe Kasuya cooperated with Liliamos in order to get Hikaru-chan for himself…”

 ”I-it’s not impossible that it could happen…”

 ”There’s no way”, I thought as I smiled, and Anna-sama nodded as if she had made up her mind.

 ”I’ll make that ugly bastard pay for messing with my cute little Hikari-chan. I’m not going to let her get involved in the devil war… so be careful”

* * *

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”It’s so hot!”

 I wonder if it’s called heat island effect[1]. It’s been a long time since I arrived in Tokyo, but it was so hot that I was exhausted. (Heat islands are urbanized areas that experience higher temperatures than outlying areas)

 My onee-chansister looks calm and cool, but I have to admit that it’s too hot for an indoor person.

 That’s why we boarded the bullet train to Tokyo first thing in the morning, and checked into a cheap hotel with a view of the Shinjuku government building as soon as we arrived.

 We stayed in a single room for two people, a very cheap plan for couples.

 We didn’t know how long we would have to stay, and money was important. I’ll just have to put up with being touched all over by onee-chansister while I sleep.

 As I lay down on the bed in the air-conditioned room, I send a very brief message to Shiratori.

 [I’ve arrived in Tokyo. Please make arrangements]

 About ten minutes later, she replied.

 [The person in charge wants to meet you this evening. Specify the place and time]

 ”Wow… Shiratori’s a good worker after all. I really want her as our manager”

 When I say this, my onee-chansister looks a little worried.

 ”She seems a little overachiever to me. Are you sure you can handle her?”

 ”Oh, you doubt my eyes, which can “see through lies”? There’s nothing suspicious about Shiratori”

 ”…I hope so”

 Then, I specified the time and place on a cafe on the first floor of the hotel where we’re staying. The appointed time was 18:00.-

 As we were having sandwiches for dinner, a woman walked up to our table just before 18:00.

 ”You’re the two guys from Detective JK, right?”

 I look up to see her with her hair down to her shoulders. A young woman with freckles on the tip of her nose.

 She’s wearing a girly dress and has a round face with a gentle air.

 ”Eh, um, are you the person in charge?”

 I asked her, and she smiled and held out her business card.

 ”Yes, I’m Yasuko Kinuta, an entertainment consultant from キグナスKygnus. You can feel free to call me Ponpoko-san. OK?”

 This chapter is quite complicated……

 But, the most important key is that Anna Teruya still thinks Fumio’s name is Kasuya.

 And not really related to that, Ponpoko-san unexpectedly reappeared.

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