Confinement 229

Chapter 229 Perfect copy

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 (It was quite exciting…)

 As I walked along the street in front of the station, I thought of the events of last night, or rather, today, to be exact.

 As Misuzu, Masaki-chan and Akira had stopped moving from exhaustion, Lili appeared in front of me.

 ”Fumi Fumi, can you still do it, Devi?”

 ”Yeah, I’m a little unsatisfied, so I’m planning to call Kyoko”

 When I said this, Lili gave me a shocked look.

 I had worked so hard all day with Ui and Natsumi, and now I had to deal with three of them, but I was still unsatisfied.

 It may seem abnormal, to be sure.

 But in reality, I was just playing while frequently recovering with demon world energy drinks, so it was all doping.

 ”W-what’s wrong?”

 I heard that one of the maids had fought off Claudia-san’s onee-sansister.

 ”Reward and punishment is the key to any organization, Devi. I want Fumi Fumi to reward her, Devi”


 ”Semen, Devi”

 ”What kind of reward is that!?”

 Lili said with a smug look on her face.

 ”The maids have been brainwashed to worship Fumi Fumi, Devi. Even a scrap of your nail is a reward if it belongs to Fumi Fumi, Devi”

 ”Really… so I can hold her?”

 ”No, you can’t. She still needs to work hard, so it’s more appropriate to let her do it with her mouth, Devi”

 Hence, the maid. The first year of the track and field team, Hotta-san, gave me oral, and it was quite exciting.

 She’s not a pretty girl, but she has a boyish face, and the sight of her sucking on my cock and trying her best to serve me is visually quite exciting. I was even more excited when I thought of the scene when Fujiwara-san was surrounded.

 Finally, I asked her to show me her boobs, and she shyly pulled off her maid’s uniform and showed me.

 The sunburn marks from her athletic uniform were faintly visible. Her breasts are taut and cocoon-shaped. They were a little small, but still cute.

 Above all, the way she turned her face away in embarrassment was quite a point.

 If Lili hadn’t given me a warning beforehand, I would have dragged her to bed.

 After she left the bedroom, Lili reappeared and we had a short talk about the future.

 ”About the TV special we talked about before, Devi. Shiratori has already figured out the gaijinforeign’s ability. We can make the results suit us, Devi, and use that to prove that Fumi Fumi had nothing to do with the kidnapping of the track and field club, Devi”

 ”I’m very involved, though”

 I chuckle.

 It’s true that when the kidnapping of the track and field club is still talked about on social media, my name is often mentioned as a suspect.

 It’s not that I have any evidence. It’s because of my overly upstanding character as a shady guy who ran into a yakuza’s office by himself.

 I think I’m going to break through even that.

* * *

 ”Also, we’ll lure Anna Teruya, Devi”

 ”You mean you’re going to use Claudia-san as bait?”

 ”Devi, Devi. Anna Teruya thinks the gaijinforeign is working for Lili, Devi. She had lost track of the gaijinforeign now, Devi, so if we leak the special program…”

 ”You mean she’ll show up there?”

 ”Of course, she’ll be suspicious of Fumi Fumi, Devi, and if the gaijinforeign is involved, there is a high chance Lili will show up too. Anna Teruya will think so, Devi, and we’ll round up all the the gaijinforeign girls, Devi”

 ”I see”

 ”So. I’ll have Fumi Fumi and Tatemaki RollRinglet act as leakers, Devi”

 Then, the first thing in the morning, I sent a text message to the devil doll pretending to be Fujiwara-san, saying that I wanted to meet her, and arranged to meet her at a family restaurant.

 The restaurant was a low-end family restaurant with Italian cuisine as its main menu. As I pushed open the door, I let out a sigh.

 (I say to myself that do things as usual. Well, if it’s normal with Fujiwara-san, it’s pretty lovey-dovey. But, kissing a devil doll… I’m not sure I’d be comfortable with that)

 I looked around the store and saw a devil doll pretending to be Fujiwara-san saying, “Fu~min!” and waving her hands around like a child, without caring about what others thought.

 (Amazing… she’s really acting like Fujiwara-san. It’s a perfect copy, isn’t it?)

 ”Aha! Fu~min asked me out, I’m really excited! I couldn’t wait, so I came about an hour ago”

 ”I’m sorry about that.”

 ”No, it’s just what I wanted! Here! Sit here, sit here!”

 And with that, she pats the seat next to her.

 Oh, yeah. There’s that guy who’s irritating when he looks his surroundings. After all, there is a couple sitting next to each other at a table for four in a family restaurant.

 (Even such a thing is like Fujiwara-san, huh…)

 As soon as I sit down next to her, she clings to my arm with a happy and says, “Ehehe”.

 I try told the waitress with a slightly twitchy smile, “One drink bar–” but the devil doll said, “I’ll get it for you!“ and left her seat.

 (The same as usual… does that mean she’s copying her memories? That’s amazing…)

 As I look around, I see Kayama-san in her normal clothes sitting a little far from me. Apparently, she’s accompanying the Ojouyoung samalady and refraining from disturbing her.

 ”Here, coffee! Two sugars, no milk. The rest is my love!”

 ”Oh, love is no good”

 ”Fu~min, that’s terrible!”

 The usual exchange.

 (If I hadn’t met the real Fujiwara-san first, I never would have noticed this)

 ”So, what’s the deal?”

 ”Well, actually, I got an offer to appear on a TV station…”

 I said, and she rolled her eyes.

 ”Fu~min, you’re finally an actor!? Oh, they found you. Of course they did, if the guy is as handsome as Fu~min, it’s only natural!”

 ”Wait! Your voice is so loud!”

 (The stares from the people around me hurt like hell. They’re all scurrying around looking for a good-looking guy!)

 ”I’m not an actor or anything like that, I’m just doing a small part in a special program. You know, I got noticed in that mass kidnapping case”


 ”It’s Fumio”

 ”No, I mean, Tashikaniyou’re-right!”

 Apparently, it’s gal-speak.

 ”It’s a program to find the culprit by people who can see through lies, and they’re supposed to prove that I’m innocent”

 ”Well, isn’t that a bit fishy?”

 ”Well, a little. It’s going to be filmed in Tokyo, but I’m not sure if I can do it alone, so I was wondering if you could come with me”

 ”Seriously! I’m going! A trip to Tokyo with Fu~min! Of course I want to go! I’ll send a helicopter! Can we stay at the Imperial Suite of the Imperial Hotel in Dai Nippon?”

 ”Hey, calm down, it’ll be fine, just fine! I heard that they’ll pay for transportation and a little bit of money”

 ”I see… a trip to Tokyo with Fu~min… I’m so excited!”

 The devil doll smiling at me was really like Fujiwara-san herself.

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