Confinement 228

Chapter 228 Special training constitution girl

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 ”Then, Hotta-san, I’m counting on you”

 ”Y-yaesss! Just as y-you wish!”

 I pushed down my inner turmoil and hurriedly knelt down at Confinement King-sama’s feet.

 (I-I have to hurry, it would be rude if I kept Him waiting…)

 My mind is racing, but I’ve never served a man before. It’s a matter of inexperience, an unknown territory.

 (If this is the case, I-I should have gone out with more boys…)

 MukadeCentipede has a boyfriend and has been through it all.

 Even MimizuEarthworm and GokiburiCockroach have had boyfriends in the past, and have experienced at least kissing and petting.

 But I’ve been in sports since I was a child, and my age and my history of no boyfriends are tied together.

 Of course, it is not that I have never been courted by boys.

 I think I’ve been quite popular, but I’ve never been interested in love. In my mind, making a good time in the 100 meters has always been more important to me.

 Without hesitation, I look up and gasp when I see the reddish-black rod of flesh rising up in front of me.

 (T-this is the Confinement King-sama… Oh, how magnificent)

 I’ve seen my Ototoubrother’s thing many times in the bath, but it’s a completely different shape. It’s incomparable in size. I can’t believe it’s the same thing.

 (N-nasty shape. With my mouth…?)

 Is the slimy, glistening wet thing just the tip of a spear I heard about? Or perhaps it’s the nectar of the favored princesses.

 The animal-like scent that tickles my nose makes my breath come in ragged gasps.

 While I was terrified by the indecent appearance, the voice of the Confinement King-sama came down from above my head.

 ”Hotta-san, there’s no need to push yourself”

 ”I-I’m sorry to keep you waiting. I’m ready to serve you now!”

 (I-I can’t believe I’m making Confinement King-sama feel bad… I’m not a good maid)

 Slowly, I reach out my right hand and gently grip the rod with my fingertips.

 It’s warm. It’s beating fast and hard.

 I couldn’t help but be astonished at the feeling, as if it were a living thing in itself.

 (A-ahh… I’m touching it! Confinement King-sama’s body! On His p*nis! It’s so hard and it’s so hot, it’s throbbing!)

 I can’t even describe the excitement.

 I feel as if every pore in my body has been opened. I’m probably getting a rush of brain juice in my head. I felt my body jumping as if I were under a infrasound device.

 Then I slowly slide my trembling fingertips.

 As I began to gently work my way from the base of the flesh to the goose’s neck, I was immediately engrossed in the robust feeling. Confinement King-sama’s breathing seemed to become a little ragged, and I looked up at him and asked.

 ”H-how does it feel?”

 ”Yes, it feels good. That’s pretty good for your first time”

 As soon as Confinement King-sama smiled at me, I felt a flutter in the back of my chest.

 (Aah! Ohhhhhhh, Confinement King-sama, you’re so cute! So cute! What’s this! What the hell is this!)

 I’ve heard that cute is not a compliment to men, but I can’t help it. If something is cute. I felt it was so cute, that’s what I thought.

 I understood the feeling of “moe” with my body.

 The expression on my face was almost debauched, and I held back the drool that was about to spill out.

 I guess this is what it means to die of curiosity. In fact, my heart is already beating irregularly. I’m probably having an arrhythmia.

 (I’m dying, I’m dying, if I keep on like this, I’ll die!)

 I’m not exaggerating. In fact, I was in mortal danger. If I die now, I’ll really die of ecstasy.

 However, despite my inner thoughts, Confinement King-sama said to me.

 ”Then, will you stop your hand and lick the tip?”


 I have no choice. There’s no way I can fail His will.

 Even if it means risking my life!

 (L-lick it! Lick it, SanadamushiTapeworm! Haa~ Haa~ Haa~…)

 I began to move my face closer to the “Gorippa-samaImposing“, and with determination, I extended my tongue to its tip.

 (Ah, so this is, t-the taste of Confinement King-sama. I-It’s nasty…)

 The taste of the meat spreading on my tongue made my heart flutter. It was the first time in my life.

 ”Nnn *Lick Lick* *Flick* *Lick lick lick…*”

 With my tongue, I licked around the entire glans.

 I don’t know if I’m doing it right. However, the only thing I can do is to put my feelings for Confinement King-sama on my tongue.

 (Aah! Confinement King-sama, Confinement King-sama, Confinement King-sama, Confinement King-sama, Confinement King-sama, Confinement King-sama Confinement King-sama, Confinement King-sama, Confinement King-sama, Confinement King-sama, Confinement King-sama, Confinement King-sama, Confinement King-sama, Confinement King-sama sama, Confinement King-sama, Confinement King-sama, Confinement King-sama, Confinement King-sama ah!)

 As I chanted His name like a Buddhist prayer in my heart, I wriggles my tongue mindlessly.

 ”Nnn… okay. Hotta-san”

 When I look up, Confinement King-sama is looking down at me with a look of pleasure on his face.

 (H-he’s excited by my service!)

 Thinking that I’m arousing the one who is equal to God, I feel a sense of joy similar to that of superiority. Oh no, my heart is in trouble. I’ve never been so excited even in battle.

 Using my tongue desperately, I look up at the figure and ask.

 ”D-does hit heels hur liking?”

 ”Yes, it feels good, Hotta-san. I’m so excited because you look so cute in your maid outfit”


 Confinement King-sama looked surprised when I involuntarily jumped up and down and let go of my mouth.

 ”W-what’s wrong?”

 ”P-pardon me! B-but, if you don’t mind, could you repeat what you said one more time?”

 ”Eh, ah, okay, Hotta-san look great as a maid, and you’re very cute, so I’m excited..”

 My eyeballs involuntarily looked upward and I almost fell back. My heart was beating fast and furious, and not just my pores, but every hole in my body was about to open.

 (C-cute! I’m cute? Did He call me cute!? No, no, no, Confinement King-sama was just being kind and thoughtful)

 Although I think so, the effect of the compliment doesn’t subside.

 (No, I can’t. I can’t go on like this. I will die from ecstasy… I-I have to do something!)

 ”T-then, Confinement King-sama, I’ll suck your cock!”

 ”Ah, yes, Hotta-san, Nnn..”

 Relying on my limited knowledge, I swallowed the magnificent Confinement King-sama.

 When I sucked in all the way to the middle of the trunk, Confinement King-sama raised his eyebrows in a pleasant manner.

 (Uuuu, it’s much bigger than I thought. I can’t believe it got this deep just by sucking until the middle…)

 Just as I perceive mouth ulcers to be very large, I perceive things in my mouth to be much larger than reality.

 I felt as if I was holding a log in my mouth.

 Although I was at a loss for words because of the unexpected difficulty, I could no longer resist. I began to suck desperately, bobbing my head up and down while handling the rod with my fingers.

 ”Nnn, nfu… Nnn, Nslurp, Nnn… Nnnh, nnn, nfu, nnnn..”

 *Sizzle*, *Sizzle*, *Sizzle*, *Sizzle*!

 The lewd sound of water which was echoed making my arousal grow without limit.

 There was no time to worry about spilling saliva. I tighten my lips around the trunk and send my pleasure to my Master of whom I long.

 (Haa~, haa~, haa~… I’m sucking a cock. I’m slurping it, I’m really horny, I’m really a horny maid, I’m so happy with my cock in my mouth, I don’t want to let it go)

 I shook my head in disbelief.

 It’s unthinkable that my character would perform such a shameful service, even to my marriage partner.

 While I was thinking about this, I heard the voice of the Confinement King-sama above me.

 ”Uuu… your blowjob is really good”

 ”H-hank you hery much!”

 ”No problem, but it’s a little clumsy, however it’s refreshing..”


 I’m a little depressed by that comment. He said that the clumsiness was freshness.

 As the disappointment must have shown on my face, Confinement King-sama patted me on the head with a wry smile.

 ”Hotta-san, you’re so cute, trying so hard for me”

 I freeze for a moment.

 But the next moment…

 (My headdddd! He stroked my headddd! He complimented me, he complimented me! MukadeCentipede! MimizuEarthworm! GokiburiCockroach! Did you see it! Did you see it! Did you see it! Look at me! Aren’t you jealous! Confinement King-sama praised me! I’m cute! It’s cute, you know! Aaaaaaaaaaah!!!)

 As if a dam had been broken, my sense of superiority to my colleagues overflowed.

 ”Confinement King-sama! Please enjoy my mouth to your heart’s content! Nnn, nnn! Nmu *Slurp* chu, nnnn!”

 In the same mood of excitement, I give him an even thicker blowjob. I wanted to make Confinement King-sama feel good, I thought with all my heart.

 As I increase my suction, I shake my head quickly, my short hair swaying in the air.

 ”Nnn, it’s so intense..”

 ”Nfu *Slurp*! Nnnn, chu! *Slurp*, *Slurp*, *Slurp*!”

 (More! Harder! Ah, it’s making such a nasty sound! I can’t believe I’m sucking His cock while making such a nasty sound! I’m so happyyyyy!)

 I’m ashamed of the obscene sound I’m making, but still I can’t stop the sucking.

 Because it makes me happy. It’s the best.

 I shook my head as hard as I could, hoping to give my beloved master as much pleasure as I could.

 ”It’s amazing, Hotta-san… I feel like I’m going to fall..”

 Confinement King-sama turned his head away and relaxed his entire body, seemingly immersed in the pleasure of the oral caress.

 (Oh, he’s feeling it, he’s feeling it…)

 My excitement has reached its peak, and my body and mind are in a state of ecstasy. As I continued to serve him passionately with pleasure, I heard an urgent voice above me.

 ”I’m coming, Hotta-san!”


 The next moment…

 A cloudy white liquid shot out from the tip of His cock, and a bitter, hot liquid flooded into my mouth.

 The foul scent that passed from my mouth to my nostrils caused a complete meltdown in my already debauched mind.

 (Aaahhh… Confinement King-sama’s offspring… I’m so happy, so happy… so happy… so happyyy…)

 My brain is burning out from excitement.

 I can’t tell if it’s a dream or reality anymore.

 *Gulp gulp*… A sticky liquid stuck in my throat. But, I swallowed it desperately.

 (Oh… delicious, delicious… it’s so great…)

 Thinking that Confinement King-sama was coming inside me, my body trembled with joy. In my hazy consciousness, I can’t waste even a single drop. I thought to myself.

 I gulped down every last drop and sucked up every last drop that was left in my urethra.

 ”That felt good”

 Confinement King-sama said, patting my head as I gasped for air, and at that moment, love almost overflowed inside me.

 I felt that I would live for Him and die for Him. That is my happiness.

 (I don’t know what I should train to make Him more happy…)

 I can’t help it if I have to train. It’s my nature.

 As soon as I thought that, the images of the monsters I had defeated flashed through my mind.

 (Come to think of it, the males of those monsters had cocks… I should kill them without killing them (for example, squeeze them))

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