Confinement 239

Chapter 239 Confinement King, bared his fangs

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 The hallway suddenly became noisy.

 The sound of footsteps and screams of a group of people running through the hallway echoed like radio noise.

 ”Hey, you guys over here! Evacuate! Run!”

 ”Dangerous! Dangerous! We’re in trouble! If any of you get caught, you’ll be in big trouble!”

 The men peeking into the studio from the hallway shouted in desperation.

 The staff and actors of the commercial shot looking at the men’s abnormal appearance looked at each other and said, “I-Is there a fire?” as they rushed out of the studio.

* * *

 ”Fujiwara-san, I-I don’t know what’s going on, but we’re also…”

 ”It’s okay, you don’t have to worry about anything, Fu~min”

 ”But they want us to evacuate…”

 I have no idea what’s going on.

 What the hell happened to the live broadcast?

 What’s the meaning of the devil doll bringing me to the scene of this commercial shooting?

 Could it be that she really did it to save me from Detective JK?

 No way, that’s impossible. So, what is she up to?

 As I struggled to grasp the situation, the devil doll smiled at me.

 ”Ehh~… that’s fine, outside is outside, inside is inside. Now we can be alone together”

 With that, she leans down on my chest, reaches down to my crotch, and starts kneading my things from the top of my pants.

 ”You know… ehehe, I’m feeling a bit naughty”


 My skin is getting all tingly.

 Of course, it’s not a feeling of pleasure or excitement.

 The appropriate word for that feeling is disgust. It’s just an unbearable repulsion towards the monster with Fujiwara-san’s face.

 When I involuntarily turned away, the devil doll twisted its mouth more and more happily, and undid the zipper of my pants.

 ”Ahaha, Fu~min’s so frightened, aren’t you? Don’t worry, no one’s watching”

 ”Fu-Fujiwara-san, s-stop…”

 At about the same time as I let out that sound, “Bump”. A sudden, blunt sound echoed through the studio.

 The black eyes of the devil doll turned upward and collapsed with the white eyes. Almost unconsciously, as if it were a conditioned reflex, I hold her body in my arms and look behind her.

 There was–

 ”Haa, haa, haa… Don’t touch my Fu~min, you idiot”

 There was Fujiwara-san figure in a bikini, holding a hammer that seemed to have been picked up from somewhere, breathing heavily

 ”Fujiwara… san?”

 Looking down at the devil doll in my arm, the back of her head was severely crushed. Probably this is her original form, she was gradually transforming into a creepy spherical jointed doll.

 ”Uwaaa!? Gross!?”

 I hurriedly pushed it away, and the devil doll fell to the floor like a stringless marionette, making a hard clanking sound.


 Fujiwara-san threw away the hammer and jumped toward me, almost tackling me. I hurriedly caught her body, and fell on my buttocks as if I were being pushed down.

 ”Ueeeeee, Fu~min, I’m so glad you’re okayyyyy!”

 She clung to me with her arms around my body, rubbing her face against my stomach and sobbing. I couldn’t help but relax my mouth at the sight of her.

 ”I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to worry you…”

 ”Nooo, it’s not Fu~min’s fault”

 ”What the hell is going on? Do you know it?”

 ”Well, umm…”

 Her story was a bit slurred, but if the exaggerated onomatopoeia and mimetic words were removed, it became clear what was going on.

 The detective JK claimed that the person in the statue of Tutankhamun was the kidnapper of the track and field club, but when she rushed into the studio, for some reason, Kasuya-kun was there.

 Kasuya-kun went into a rage and tried to escape. However, this time, Teruya-san broke into the room.

 Fujiwara-san said that when the guards restrained Kasuya-kun and Teruya-san, she ran out of the studio to look for me. Then she found me in the arms of a devil doll.

 ”Fujiwara-san somehow took care of it herself…. Maybe it’s all back to normal now”

 Now that the devil doll was destroyed, Fujiwara-san should have regained her existence.

 It should have been a joyous moment, but for some reason she furrowed her brows.

 ”Umm… I mean, this is… troubling”

 Troubling? Why?”

 ”Because… riding the bullet train on the way home in this outfit… it’s just not right”

 ”Well, that’s true…”

 Anyway, considering she was invisible, she was wearing a bikini bra and hot pants, California girl style.

 As long as she was in the TV station, people might think she was wearing a costume or something, but when she was on the bullet train dressed like this, she was just a pervert.

 As I was smiling, I suddenly heard the sound of firm footsteps in the dimly lit studio.

 The sound was light for a man, probably the sound of a woman’s heels.

 Turning my eyes in the direction of the footsteps, I saw the figure of a woman walking toward me in the dimly lit studio.

* * *

 ”N-no way…”

 When Fujiwara-san turned her head, her eyes widened and she stiffened.


 With a sudden sound, the blood drained from Fujiwara-san’s face. Her body shivered slightly. As if she were in the cold outdoors, her teeth chattered and chattered.

 The woman standing in the darkness was wearing a bright red evening dress and looked like a cabaret girl.

 –It was Anna Teruya.

 I remembered what Lili had said and unconsciously raised my eyebrows.

 (I remember that she was pregnant…)

 That’s what Lili said. But her body is so slender now. It doesn’t look like she’s pregnant at all.

 ”It’s been a while since we saw each other at the police station, huh… Koganei”

 At Anna Teruya’s words, Fujiwara-san’s cheeks twitched in fear. She let out a painful gasp and held her chest tightly as if she couldn’t stand the painful breathing.

 ”Haa Haa Haa Haa…”

 She’s in trouble. She appears to be hyperventilating.

 I hugged her weakly trembling body and stared at Anna Teruya.

 Then Anna Teruya, glared straight back at me with her cheeks twisted as if she was trying to shoot me.

 ”You’ve got some guts, Kasuya-kun… it seems you’re working for Liliamos after all”


 (…She means Lili? I mean, Kasuya-kun?)

 My mind instantly flashed back to the time I had barged into the Kamishima clan’s office.

 (Come to think of it, he mistook me for Kasuya-kun back then…)

 Apparently, that misunderstanding is still intact.

 ” I think the word “pawn” is a little wrong”

 ”It doesn’t matter. Either way, you’re done for now”

 She kicks me off, and pulls a gun from her chest.

 I can’t tell what kind of gun it is, but I’m sure it’s a Tokarev or a Makarev or something like that from those chivalrous manga.

 (Oh, well, it’s not surprising that she has one of those… things. But, this is bad…)

 As expected, a gun would be too much. Normally, a gun is not something a person would come across in their daily life.

 ”I wish I had done this earlier”

 Anna Teruya spat out with a triumphant look on her face, her mouth twisted into a grin.

 (It’s a desperate situation, isn’t it…? I have to do something…)

 Almost at the same time as I started to think, Fujiwara-san stood up shakily.


 Despite my panic, she stood between me and Anna Teruya, breathing heavily on her shoulder and spreading her arms.

 ”Haa, haa, haa…”

 Fujiwara-san’s face was pale, and her legs were shaking uncontrollably. Anna Teruya looked at her and sniffed as if she were making fun of her.

 ”Koganei… you’re still as stupid as ever. Doing that will only change the order in which you die”

 ”Haa~ Haa~… shut up. Haa~ Haa~, I won’t obey you anymore, and I won’t let you kill Fu~min either!”

 Anna Teruya looked surprised for a moment, then raised one eyebrow in displeasure.

* * *

 ”Hee~… now you’re talking back, huh. Althought, you look like you’re about to die”

 I ask myself as I watch Fujiwara-san’s back.

 Fumio Kijima, are you okay with just being protected by her? Are you okay with being such a pathetic Confinement King? Huh!?

 Inside my head, I felt myself clutching my chest, urging me on.

 And finally, I bared my fangs.

 ”It’s not okay!!”

 As I suddenly screamed out loud, Anna Teruya looked at me in disbelief. The next moment, I roughly pushed Fujiwara-san’s body away and jumped in front of her.

 She must have been wondering who to aim at, Fujiwara-san or me. The gun’s muzzle shakes widely in Anna Teruya’s hand.

 (Hurry up, aim at this side!)

 At the same time as I shouted this in my chest, a gunshot rang out.

 I feel a burning sensation on my shoulder, and blood splatters.

 It hurts. It hurts like hell. But it’s not unbearable.

 Show some guts! It’s just a scratch!

 Then I summoned the door and rolled into it with all my might.

 ”Tsk, he got away!”

 On the other side of the closing door, I heard Anna Teruya screaming hysterically through the crack in the door.

 Then, as soon as the door closed, I regained my stance and rushed towards the door again.


 I connected the door to a different place than before.

 It was behind Anna Teruya.

 As I bump into the door with my shoulder, I see the back of a bright red evening dress behind the open door.

 ”Who’s going to escape! You bitchhhhhh!”


 Anna Teruya turns around with a shocked expression on her face.

 But it’s too late.

 I grabbed her hand holding the gun and strangled her thin neck from behind.

 ”Kuh… L-let go of me! Get off of me! You little shit!”

 Anna Teruya struggled desperately, and the bullet she fired in desperation struck the steel frame of the studio, causing sparks to fly.

 (I’m not letting you go!)

 I dragged her into “the room” with all my might and shouted at the top of my voice.


 Then, in my arms, I felt her body jerk!

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