Confinement 240

Chapter 240 Accept

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 The two swords spark, and the great sword knocks them away.

 It was a back-and-forth, stormy battle.

 ”Muu~! No way, what kind of attack is that, a lure and a devilish attack? That maid… she’s no ordinary person”

 Before my eyes, the goat-headed butler and the silver-haired maid were fighting to the death. As we watched intently, my Onee-chansister snorted.

 She seemed to be more excited than ever, as if a strange switch had been turned on. I suspect that she’s seeing something different from the scene we’re seeing.

 Before, I saw her holding a screw and a screwdriver in her hand and saying excitedly, “The screw is so sharp, yet the screwdriver is behind it…”, so I thought she might be seeing things differently…

 But the sword fight between the goat-headed butler and the silver-haired maid, even though I don’t know anything about fighting techniques, at least I know it’s awesome.

 When I couldn’t help but gulp…

 ”Both of you, please, let’s run!”

 I couldn’t help but laugh as Ponpoko-san pulled at my cuffs, crying hard.

 ”Onee-chan, we should run, too”


 My Onee-chansister raises an eyebrow. Of course, I understand what she’s saying.

 We’re saints given power by angels. So why would we run from a devil when we’ve found one?

 ”I think Onee-chan knows better than me whether you’re a match for the devil or not, don’t you?”

 ”That’s true, but…”

 Even to the untrained eye, the battle between those two was clearly on a different level than the ones my Onee-chansister had dealt with in the past.

 ”Geez, the cameras aren’t rolling anymore, so there’s no need to get involved in the devil’s fight.”

 I turn my attention to Hikari, who is still sitting dumbfounded behind the goat-head butler.

 I’m curious about her, but since she’s protected by a devil, I have to assume that she’s no longer compatible with us, that she’s hostile to us.

 ”…Okay. Let’s go”

 With a somewhat regretful look on my Onee-chansister’s face, she begins to run ahead of me.

 ”Let’s go, Ponpoko-san”

 ”Eh, ah, so sudden, wait a minute!”

 I grabbed Ponpoko-san’s hurried hand and ran out of the studio after my Onee-chansister.

* * *

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”Hahaha! It’s very impressive, maid-dono! I’d like to take back my insulting remarks earlier”

 ”That’s very kind of you. It is fortunate that I have met your expectations”

 We exchanged words as we continued to engage in a fierce battle with our swords.

 (As expected.. this man cannot be underestimated)

 Not only is he difficult to underestimate, but I even feel as if I am being pushed, though only slightly.

 I repelled the sword as it slid across the edge of the blade, and jumped backwards to reposition both swords.

 I have the advantage in the number of moves, and the speed of the attacks.

 However, he has offset my strong points by repelling all the dangerous attacks and completely ignoring the non-fatal blows.

 The many small wounds I inflicted on him may make me think that I am pushing him, but he probably does not take much damage.

 In fact, it is obvious that the longer the battle goes on, the more disadvantageous it will be.

 At this point, I should use my deadly “Oni Piston” to decide the game at once.

 With both swords in my hands, I close the gap between us with my feet. At the very moment when I am about to burst with a burst of energy, I hear a boom in the distance.

 Somewhere in the distance, a gunshot rang out.

 Immediately, Butler-dono’s murderous spirit, which had been overflowing with so much mischief, faded away and he suddenly drew his sword.

 ”What are you doing? Are you planning to surrender?”

 ”No, not at all, my Lord’s business seems to have been completed. There is no longer any reason for me to be here”

 With that, he bowed, and before I could react, he took the man and woman sitting behind him by the arm, hurriedly broke the space, and disappeared.

 ”Apparently, I’ve been rejected”

 I breathed out heavily and lowered my sword.

* * *

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”Stun! Stun! Stun!”

 I was completely out of my mind.

 I was so afraid of being counterattacked that I persistently invoked <StunParalyze>.

 Whenever Anna Teruya bounced her body, I became afraid that she could still move, and desperately shouted.

 ”Stop! Fumi Fumi! Stop, Devi!”

 Suddenly, Lili appeared in the air and shouted out, making me stiffen.


 ”It’s okay, calm down, Devi. She can’t move anymore, Devi, it’s okay to let go, Devi”

 With that, Lili landed beside me and began to pull my tense fingers away from Anna Teruya’s body, one by one.

 My body is trembling. My body is hot, I can hardly breathe.

 The sweat pouring out of my body was very cold.

 Come to think of it, this was the first time I had fought with someone.

 I was so excited that my body felt strange everywhere, as if my autonomic nervous system had been broken.

 ”Fumi Fumi, you did well, Devi. It’s okay, Devi”

 Her voice sounded gentler than ever. Lili smiled at me, as if she were soothing a crying child.

 Taking deep breaths, I finally let go of Anna Teruya’s body, and Lili laid her body down and slowly picked me up.

 ”Calm down, Devi?”

 ”Uh, yeah… I think so”

 My body has stopped shaking. Sweat dripped on the ground, forming polka dots.

 At the same time I let out a deep breath of relief, my shoulder was throbbing.

 ”Ouch… Lili, can you call Torture for me?”

 ”Sure, Devi. Torture! come here, Devi!”

 Lili shouts, and a fallen angel wearing a sack appears from the corner of the room.

 “Please”, I said, and Torture nodded and put her hand on my shoulder.

 Immediately, the wound closes up and the pain goes away.

 ”Lili, I don’t really know what’s going on, but it looks like things are going a little differently than I’ve heard”

 ”I know what you mean, Devi. I’ve sent Freesia and the maids to clean up the mess, Devi”

 ”Good, that helps. Then, Lili, I must return to Fujiwara- san’s…”

 ”Okay, Devi. I’ll make sure this woman is confined, Devi”

 ”Hmm, please”

 With that, I stood up and walked towards the door.

 When I walked out the door, I saw Fujiwara-san sitting on the floor of the studio, holding her knees.

 As soon as she saw me, her expression became distorted as if she was frightened for a moment.

 ”Hii, Fu-Fu… min?”

 She remains sitting, looking at me intently.

 Perhaps at a loss for words. Her lips make small movements and then close hesitantly. And there was a hint of confusion in her eyes.

 ”I’m sorry”

 I muttered, and she let out a deliberate laugh.

 ”Hahaha… why are you apologizing?”

 ”There’s a lot I haven’t told you”

 ”I-I guess so. That’s what I thought”

 ”That’s why…”

 As soon as I said that, she suddenly started shouting.

 ”So, what? You’re not going to break up with me, are you? I mean, I’m not breaking up with you! Fu~min is my Fu~min! I’m not afraid of Anna-senpai anymore, but what I’m most afraid of is that I won’t be able to be with Fu~min anymore!”

 Then she walked up to me, pressed her forehead against my chest, and spoke.

 ”Tell me everything. …I’ll accept it all”

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