Confinement 241

Chapter 241 Fujiwara-san Always Surpasses My Expectations

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 ”I’m back”

 When I returned to “my room”, the Ohime-samaprincess was looking down at the woman lying on the bed with satisfaction.

 ”Thank you for the hard work, Devi, Ophirus seems to have gone away, didn’t he, Devi?”

 ”Yes, somehow. By the way… who is that person?”

 I asked warily, to which the princess replied without hesitation.

 ”Anna Teruya, Devi”

 I am familiar with this person, Anna Teruya.

 She was the one who was shouting in the back when I fought the butler-dono before. That’s what I remembered.

* * *

 However, her current attire is a latex suit that exposes only her private parts, and a latex mask with a hole in her mouth where a tube can be inserted.

 Her nipples and cleft are the only parts of her body that are visible, making her appearance quite bizarre.

 As expected, there are no factors that would indicate that this is a woman who looks like a prostitute.

 ”Is this woman also going to be Fumi Fumi-sama’s thing?”

 When I asked, the princess shrugged her head.

 ”She’s “*u*-*n*-*u*-*s*-*a*-*b*-*l*-*e”, Devi, in that sense”


 (…That’s a strange way of putting it)

 When I tilted my head, the princess shrugged her shoulders.

 ”Lord Andras is quite a devil, Devi. This woman has been given some very interesting modifications, Devi”


 ”Devi. Her whole womb is a magic tool, Devi”

 ”Magic tool?”

 ”It should be called <Rebirth>, Devi. As soon as a normal human has intercourse with this woman, they’ll be pulled into her womb and reborn as a DemonMajin, Devi”

 ”That’s… hard to say”

 ”At the very least, I can’t let Fumi Fumi hold her, and the DemonMajin to be born will be conditioned to be loyal to Lord Andras, Devi”

 Come to think of it, when I first fought Butler-dono, I remember she had a big belly.

 That means she must have already given birth to at least one DemonMajin.

 That’s quite dangerous.

 ”I think… this person should be disposed of as soon as possible”

 However, the princess replied with a a naughty and wry smile.

 ”Don’t be silly, Devi. Even if it takes a little time, she can be reused as an incubator for DemonMajin who swear allegiance to Lili if she is properly adjusted, Devi”

 ”I see… an increase in strength”

 ”Devi Devi. Well, it’s better if Fumi Fumi doesn’t know about it for a while, Devi. Fumi Fumi isn’t evil enough yet to allow people to turn into DemonMajin, Devi”

◇ ◇ ◇

 A police siren is wailing in the distance.

 In the dimly lit studio, Fujiwara-san’s eyes were staring straight at me.

 Cheating? No, that phase is long gone. As expected, there was no way to just muddle through.

 When I try to speak, my body shakes unconsciously. My throat is dry.

 Even though I’ve already confined many girls, I now feel a fear I’ve never felt before.

 Yes, I’m scared.

 If I were to be honest, the reason why I hadn’t confined Fujiwara-san until now, for various reasons, was because “I didn’t want to”.

 Currently, I’m surrounded by a lot of girls.

 Of course it’s not a lie when they say they like me.

 But that’s the result of brainwashing.

 However, that’s not the case with Fujiwara-san.

 Because I haven’t brainwashed her in any way.

 She genuinely fell in love with a dull guy named Fumio Kijima.

 Only her.

 At first she was one of my revenge targets.

 And for some reason, she was annoying to be honest.

 But no matter how much I treated her badly, no matter how much I left her alone, she kept saying she loved me, and eventually I accepted it.

 In other words, it was Fumio Kijima she loved, not Confinement King.

 But if I told her everything here and she rejected me, I would have no choice but to confine her and brainwash her.

 And then she will love the Confinement King more than Fumio Kijima.

 Both of them were me, but I felt as if I would lose something.

 In the quiet studio, our breaths echoed, and I couldn’t help but clear my throat.

 When I looked away, hating the way she was staring at me, she gently reached out and pinched my cheek with her palm.

* * *

 ”Don’t look away. I’m not going to betray Fu~min. Trust me…”

 With her words, I made up my mind.

 ”Lili showed up…”


 ”Believe it or not… she’s a akumadevil girl”

 ”Ahaha, I believe you. I’ve seen a devil before”

 With that, Fujiwara-san smiles as usual.

 The rest of the story was quite long, if I do say so myself.

 Because I was afraid that if I cut it short, it would sound like a lie, but I told her everything that had happened since Lili had appeared until today, as honestly as I could.

 As the story progressed, her expression changed from time to time.

 Most of the time she smiled and nodded, but sometimes her cheeks would twitch, and at other times she would have a look of obvious dismay.

 As the story came to an end, she stretched widely, while her voice was muffled by her thirst.

 ”Nnn… I see, I’m the one who’s at fault here. It was me who made you take the first step, wasn’t it?”

 I don’t think so. I’m the one who decided to take revenge.

 I’m not going to blame anyone else for it.

 Then she opened her mouth, a little nervously.

 ”Umm… do you still want to get revenge on me… I wonder?”

 ”No, I don’t”

 ”Ahaha, I’m a little relieved”

 With that, she turns away.

 ”…First Teruya-chi, then Tateoka. The one who saved me from them was Fu~min, and even the Confinement of the track and field club was to protect me, right? Even though I became invisible, you found me and finally defeated Anna-senpai”

 Then, she looked at me again.

 ”…If I don’t like you after what you’ve done to me, then I think I should quit being a girl. That’s why, I’ll love Fu~min no matter what. I’ll never leave you. I’ll stay with you forever”

 And she smiled shyly.

 But I don’t really know how to look at her.

 When I turn my head, she bends down and looks into my face.


 Suddenly the tone of her voice lowers, and I look up to see her puffing out her cheeks.

 ”I don’t understand why I was left out while Misuzu and Masaki-chi were yours. Well, I knew there was something going on when I saw that timid Masaki-chi flirting openly so much…”

 ”Eh? Y-you mean?”

 ”Because, it’s a harem, right? Isn’t it strange that your girlfriend, Me, isn’t included in it?”

 Suddenly, her story goes off on a tangent. Then she smiled and spoke.

 ”What I like is the whole of Fu~min. Even the embarrassing aspect of your name, Confinement King, I love you all the same. So, Fu~min, open the door. Let’s make love to me”


 ”Just hurry up!”

 Then, as if pushed, I summoned the door, and we stepped into the Confinement King’s bedroom together.

 I was wondering if this was really the right thing to do…

 But then…

 Just as Fujiwara-san stepped inside the door…

 Suddenly, the electronic sound echoed.


 ”Mai Fujiwara’s state has changed to [Enslaved]”

 ”Along with that, the following functions are now available”

 ”● UndoRedo

 ”You can redo the previous ten minutes as if it never happened. The effect extends outside the room”


 (Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! W-w-w-what!?)

 Fujiwara-san, who hasn’t heard the electronic sound, tilts her head with a puzzled look on her face.

 Even though I haven’t even held her yet, she’s in a state of [Enslaved].

 That is to say…

 (Does that mean she already liked me on an [Enslaved] level?)

 Fujiwara-san always exceeds my expectations.

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