Confinement 242

Chapter 242 Ikikano

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 ”Waaa! Amazingg!”

 Upon stepping into “the Confinement King’s bedroom”, Fujiwara-san scampered around excitedly.

 ”Oh! Wow! So this is Fu~min’s s*x room!”

 ”Don’t say “s*x room”!”

 Although she surprised me by suddenly becoming [Enslaved], she’s still the same… I feel like an idiot for worrying so much.

 She loves Fumio Kijima so much that she’s Enslaved, and because she’s Enslaved, she’ll never leave me again.



 I hug her from behind and kiss her neck. She wriggles a little ticklishly, then turns her head toward me, giggling.


 Our lips brush against each other, and our tongues tangle lightly. While doing so, I reached out, slipped my hand under her bikini bra, and touched her breasts.

 ”Ah, Hmm…”

 I fondle her almost flat breasts and pinch her nipples between my fingers, causing her to let out a muffled cry.

 Separating my lips, I sit down on the bed and push her down from the front this time.

 Looking at her again, my girlfriend is still cute.

 With no make-up on, she looked a little droopy-eyed, and even though she was a black gal with blond hair, she had a certain innocence about her.

 I covered her up and reached out my hands to her breasts, exploring her nipples from the top of her bra.

 ”Hiya, geez! Fu~min, it’s no fun to touch my breasts”

 ”It’s fun”

 When I breathe in, I can smell her sweet milk-like scent. Then I slipped my hand under her bra and played with her nipples.

 ”Ahh! Geez, there, suck it!”

 Then she holds my head with both hands and presses my face to her breasts.

 Of course, the touch is not soft. Still, the warmth of her skin made me feel a surge of desire.

 When I pushed up her bra–



 I ran my tongue over her pink nipples, which stood out against her brown skin.

 The buds, which are already hard and puckered, quiver a little as they are coated with my saliva. I squeezed my mouth tight and took it into my mouth.

 Of course, I can’t taste it, but if I concentrate on it, I can still feel a faint taste of her, or something like that.

 ”Nnn, geez… all you do is just breasts. Fu~min is amaenbo-sanspoiled-child”

 With that said, she pats my head as if to soothe me. Despite her sultry tone, her face looked very happy.

 I squeezed the barely there flesh of her breasts, sucked on her perky nipples, and rolled them with the tip of my tongue.

 ”Ahh, ah, don’t lick my nipple so much, noo”

 I wonder if her small breasts make her more sensitive, but Fujiwara-san’s twitching body is so cute that I lick her right nipple with my tongue relentlessly.

 ”Ah, ah, ah! No, s-stop it, Fu~min, don’t do that, it feels too much…”

 Gradually, her response becomes more and more erratic. As I gathered up the small amount of flesh, squeezing and licking her nipples, her breathing became erratic and she began to shake her body.

 ”Nnn, ah, ah, ah, ah, cumming, it’s coming. Oh no, this is so embarrassing, I’m going to come with just my nipples”

 I gently bite her nipple, which has become soft and sensitive from all the sucking. Immediately…


 Fujiwara-san arched her back and tensed up.

 ”Ahh… haa~, haa~… Fuuuh~, haa~”

 ”Maybe you came with just your nipples?”

 ”Yes… I’m sorry, Fu~min. I’ve… umm, I’ve been developed so much by those Ossanold men… that my body can come easily”

 In my heart, a squirming, jealous discomfort swirled inside, but there wasn’t Fujiwara-san’s fault.

 I’ll just accept her as she is, and love her as she is.

 ”So, do you want to try coming on your left nipple next? Or…”

 Before I can say another word, a pair of wheat-colored legs stretching out from her hot pants wrap around my waist.

 ”I don’t care if you think I’m a naughty girl… I just want Fu~min’s cute ochinpo-chan”


 Her impassioned pleading makes my male desire swell. Feeling my own cock pushing up against my pants, I raised myself up and bent down between her legs.

 Underneath her denim hot pants was a lemon yellow bikini, the same color as her bra. When I pulled it off from her legs, I could smell the scent of her pussy.

 ”No, don’t look so closely, my vagina isn’t beautiful”

 Her voice, which was a mixture of pleasure and shame, aroused me even more.

 ”That’s not true… Fujiwara-san is very cute”


 When I traced her crack with my fingertip, it was filled with a thick stream of love juice, as if she had just come.

 The tingling and quivering of her luscious petals and the rich smell of her pussy, The painfully erect member of my cock is screaming to be fucked.

 I raise myself up, put my hand on my belt, and take off my underwear and pants.

 Fujiwara-san let out a wistful “Haa…” as she looked at my nearly ripped cock.

 ”It’s amazing, Fu~min’s ochinpo-chan is already so hard”

 ”That’s because Fujiwara-san has shown me how she comes s*xually once”

 ”Y-yeah… Umm, right now, I also came when you touched my pussy, so that makes it two times”

 With that said, Fujiwara-san looks down as if ashamed.

 (Seriously!?… It’s not like she can come easily, right? Has she been modified to be 3,000 times more sensitive?)

 When I looked at her as if I was stunned, Fujiwara-san hurriedly raised her voice.

 ”No, no, it’s not that I’m naughty! It’s just that the thought of having s*x with Fu~min makes me so happy that just touching makes me go crazy”

 ”I see”

 ”Yes, but Fu~min, I don’t think you should call me Fujiwara-san after all this time”

 ”Okay, then… Mai, let’s feel good together”

 ”…Yes, I’m happy”

 Anyway, I’ve reached my limit. I put my raging cock into her crack.

 ”Oh, Fu~min’s tickling ochinpo-chan hitting me”

 Feeling her squirm, I rubbed my meat stick against it and rubbed it back and forth across her crack a few times. That was enough to make my cock slick with her nectar.

 I sank my well-lubricated rod into her vagina.

 ”Ahhh, ahh, Ochinpo-chan is so big, it’s coming in so fast! I-it’s amazing… I-I’ve never done anything like this before.”

 She widened her eyes and clutched her head madly.

 Her voice is tinged with rapture. The inside of her vagina was immediately entwined with my rod, as if she had been waiting for it, and she was trembling slightly.

 (Maybe, she’s cumming again?)

 ”Haa~, haa~… Ochinpo-chan is twitching, I’m so happy, Fu~min, how? Does my pussy feel good?”

 ”Yes, it feels great”

 ”Yeah, I got it!”

 Fujiwara-san’s eyes were already out of focus as she smiled happily.

 From now on, I wondered what would happen if I continued to make her come, and with a mixture of anxiety and anticipation, I laid her down in the missionary position and began to move my hips slowly.

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