Confinement 243

Chapter 243 The strongest girlfriend ever

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 It doesn’t shake.

 I don’t want to say that, but it doesn’t shake. Unshakable.

 When she bends her back, her slender, though not skinny, body reveals a hint of ribs.

 Then, I slowly move my hips and look down at her.

 Since it was a good opportunity, I supported her body with one hand and pinched her breast with my free hand.

 There was not enough room to grab it, so I pinched it.

 ”Ah… geez, my breast again! I feel like I’m being hit on… is that my imagination?”

 ”Yes, it’s your imagination, it’s your imagination”

 Thinking back, the first time I felt desire for Mai was when I saw these little breasts.

 At that time, the contrast between her brown skin and the bright pink caught my eye.

 I don’t know why I’m so fascinated by them, but they drive me to desire them intensely.

 (Perhaps, I have a fetish for small breasts?)

 For a moment, I thought so, but I also love Masaki-chan’s breast, so I guess I’m simply a breast fetishist.

 (I guess I’m just like a breast)

 Earlier, I sucked her right nipple. Now I suck on her left nipple.

 ”Nhhhhaaa! Don’t suck on my nipple… it feels too much”

 As I roll the nipple with the tip of my tongue, the vaginal folds that tighten around my object twitch and react.

 Her tight hole squeezed mine *Kyuu*, as if she wanted to share her pleasure with me.

 It felt really good, and I worked on her nipples relentlessly.

 ”Ahn, Fu~min, ah, ah, ah, ahh!”

 Mai sucked her fingers desperately and twisted her body to escape the too strong pleasure. But I have no intention of letting go. I bit her nipple and pulled on it.


 She climaxes easily, and tightens her grip on my cock.

 It felt so good that I hurriedly tried to pull my hips back.

 I can’t cum yet. I still wanted to enjoy her body.

 ”Oh no, don’t run away, Fu-min, I want you to come all over me, and make me squirm!”

 As if chasing after the escaping rod, her throbbing hole is sucked my thing.

 The moist folds of her vagina clench lovingly around my cock, and a huge wave of pleasure hits me.

 My testicles are rising madly, urging me to hurry up and let them out.

 (I can’t stand it…)

 I let my animal desires take over and slam my hips down hard on her.

 *Squish*, *Squish*, *Thump*!

 ”No, ah, ah,ah, just now, I just came, but if you use your hips that violently, no!”

 ”I thought you said you wouldn’t let me go?”

 Mai’s cheeks were flushed cherry red. Her mouth loosens up as I work her vagina vigorously.

 ”Nhh, ah, ah, ah, don’t tease me… Nnn, Fu~min, I like you, I like you so much, I don’t care what happens, just give me more…”

 ”Then, feel free!”

 *Squish*, *Squish*, *Thump*! *Squishh*!

 As I thrust my hips hard, the folds of her vagina rub against my flesh violently. Her vagina is soaking wet. And with that, the pumping is smooth, and sweet pleasure runs down my spine with each stroke of the vaginal walls.

 ”Kuh! Aah, aah, aah, aah, iiii, nnnn, ahhh!”

 Even between the intense pumping, her vagina suddenly shuddered several times. She was probably cumming.

 Nevertheless, I was nearing my limit.

 ”I’m coming, Mai!”

 ”Uh, yeah. Fu~min, cum in my vagina. I want it all!”

 Her legs tightly wrapped around my waist, and she held me like she couldn’t let me go.

 I think she’s consciously squeezing me, but her honey hole is squeezing tighter.

 ”Uooo! Uooohh!”

 ”Nnh, nnnn… ahhhhh, it’s so deep! Spit it out! Fu~min’s big one is about to come out to my inside…”

 Two of us tensed up, and in close contact, I pushed and squeezed at the very back.

 Then, with a rush of pleasure, I pulled my hips back and gave her a last thrust.

 ”Aaahhhhhh! I’m cumming! Even though I’m coming, I’m still coming!”

 Almost at the same time as she cradled my head in her arms, the thick white liquid that had been brewing at the base of my cock burst forth in a torrent.

 *Spurt*! *Spurttttt*! *Spurttttt*!

 ”Hiiii, it’s hot! It’s coming out so much, I’m filling up with Fu~min, I’m being filled upppp! I’m so happyyyyy, I’m so happyyyyyyy!”

 We both hug each other tightly, our bodies jumping and jerking.

 Then, after pouring every last drop into her vagina,

 ”Haa~ haa~ haa~… Mai”

 ”Haa~ haa~… Fu~min”

 We held each other tightly once more, breathing on each other’s shoulders.

 It was a strange feeling.

 My heart is full, I’m happy, but it’s still not enough.

 I wondered why we couldn’t be together any more, why we couldn’t just blend into one… I felt such sadness.

 ”Fu~min… wait, you’re hurting me, if you hug me that tightly”

 ”Oh… sorry”

 When I raised myself up on the bed with my hands, she smiled softly.

 ”…Fufu, Ochinpo-chan is twitching inside me.”

 Mai put her hand around my neck again and kissed my cheek repeatedly.

 And when she released her hold on my waist…

 ”Fu~min, can I ask you to step aside for a moment? I’m going to clean your cock with my mouth”

 It was as if it was a lie that she had been cumming so much, and now she was saying such a thing.

 It was as if it was a natural thing to do.

 (… Does that mean she’s been trained that way?)

 Again, a vague feeling of discomfort comes over me.

 It must have come out in my expression.

 She chuckled and cupped my cheeks with both hands.

 ”Don’t look at me like that, I want to do that”

 Then she smiled softly again.

 ”You see, I’ve learned a lot of techniques from being made to do a lot of tricks. But you know, I was thinking…”


 ”If I could use all those things to make Fu~min feel so good, I’d think that all those bad memories were just training to make Fu~min… the boy, whom I love, feel all the love he deserves.”

 ”…That training is too hard, isn’t it?”

 ”Fufu, after overcoming such harsh training, the one who was born is, Baban! Mai-chan, the strongest Fu~min’s girlfriend ever!”

 ”Haha, what the hell…”


 We laugh together, forehead to forehead.

 ”That’s why. Fu~min, don’t look at me like that. I want to do whatever I want and make you feel good all the time”


 ”Then lie down”

 As I slowly pulled out my cock, white fluid dripped from her vagina.

 Then, as I lay down next to her, Mai raised herself up and gently reached for my cock.

 ”Ahaha… as expected, Fu~min’s is amazing. I’ve had so much of it inside me, and it’s still so hard. Isn’t this painful?”

 ”Ugh, it’s painful!”

 I said deliberately, and she laughed and started rubbing my cock.

 ”That’s terrible. Well, before I clean it up, let’s rub it again… then *Rub rub rub*”

 Every time she moved her hand up and down, a faint sensation welled up between my legs.

 ”Ochinpo-chan is twitching, why? Are you starting to feel better just from being squeezed?”

 In fact, her hand movements were perfect, and when she traced the tip and rubbed up the goose neck with her ringed fingers, I couldn’t help but exhale from the comfort.

 ”Haa~… it smells so nasty… you look so delicious, Ochinpo-chan. I love Fu~min’s Ochinpo-chan. Get bigger, get bigger”

 As she said that, she gently took my cock in her mouth.

 ”Hamu… chu, slurp, lick…”

 The warmth of her mouth enveloping the tip, and her slender fingertips rubbing up the stem.


 I moan as the tip of her tongue licks up the exact spot that feels good.

 Her golden side-tails swayed slightly. Her pink nipples move up and down in time with her breathing.

 (It’s kind of… erotic)

 Her nipples don’t sway at all, but it’s still erotic.

 Perhaps it is the sense of immorality, as if I am making an immature child do something wrong, that is erotic… I think.

 ”Haha, a lot of Fu~min juice has come out, it’s making me feel good in my mouth…”

 ”Fu~min juice…”

 ”Nfufu, delicious, delicious Fu~min juice”

 She smiled, and sucked on my erection again. And then, as if she had taken it into her mouth, she began to slowly move it up and down.

 *Sizzle*, *Sizzle*, *Sizzle*, *Sizzle*!

 ”N, nnn…”

 When I moaned, she bobbed her head up and down, looking more and more pleased. Then, with her left hand, she played with my scrotum, and because it wasn’t her dominant arm, the awkward way she did it felt good.

 *Sizzle*, *Sizzle*, Hamu, *Sizzle*, *Sizzle*! Lick, *Sizzle*!

 After she’s done sucking, she changes the angle a little and pushes my cock into her mouth.

 Mai’s cheeks puffed out in the shape of a glans, and my heart leapt at the sight of the obscene visual.

 ”NNnn, Ofuhiro-raha, Fuhinrehipa Hiraira, Amu, Yubuu”

 I don’t know what she’s saying at all, but she seems to be enjoying it. Her cheeks were also turning cherry red, and I could tell she was excited.

 ”It’s hime!”

 Immediately, the movement of her head suddenly became more intense.

 *Sizzle* *Sizzle* *Sizzle*! *Slurp* *Sizzle*!

 She was sucking with her whole mouth and rubbing up and down so hard that I couldn’t stand it.

 ”Kuh, Mai, I’m cumming!”

 ”Put hit hout!”

 When I wrinkled my brow, she pulled her mouth away and rubbed her hand up and down on my cock.

 ”Unh, unh!”

 Immediately, the hot mass swirling around the base of my p*nis shot up my urethra and burst with pleasure.

 *Tremble*! *Spurttttt*! *Spurt*! *Spurttttt*!

 The white muddy liquid flew through the air, staining her face and hair, which were waiting for her with her mouth open.

 ”Oh, it’s so hot, I’m going to get burned…”

 As she received my semen all over her face, her face was enraptured. And then…



 The last squirt hits the tip of her nose, and I relax, “Huh…”

 ”Ahaha, that was a lot of cum, you’re really marking me up”

 She says, smiling, her face covered in semen.

 A drop dripped down her chin, flowed down her wheat-colored skin, and hung like a drop of water at the tip of her pink nipple.

 ”By the way… it’s so slippery, it came out like a surprise. How was it, did it feel good?”

 ”Great, to say the least”

 When I said that, she smiled happily and said, “I did it!” with a peaceful laugh.

 It was still early in the evening.

 There’s still some time before morning.

 (We’ll take a bath together, and then…)

 Thinking of this, I felt my crotch getting itchy again.

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