Confinement 245

Chapter 245 There are certain areas that one should not enter

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 A faint breathing is echoing.

 It has a steady rhythm.

 I don’t know exactly what time it is, but probably the sky is about to turn white outside.

 Now, I’m looking at Fujiwara-san’s face, who is sleeping next to me.

 (Looking at her like this, her face is surprisingly childish…)

 Fujiwara-san’s face looks happy in her sleep. The white streaks of drool at the edge of her mouth are quite charming, I suppose.

 Slowly, I shift my gaze to her body.

 Her body has a gentle curve. Perhaps she has been exposed to the sun at a tanning salon, but every inch of her skin is wheat-colored.

 Her nipples are pale pink, standing unobtrusively on her small breasts, and unconsciously my eyes are drawn to them.

* * *

 (It’s a… mystery why she’s so erotic when I have bigger breast than her)

 Once again, I recall what we had just done.

 After taking a bath together, we continued our lovemaking, staying close to each other.

 It felt so good to feel her body heat, and I was in a state of seed press all the time. We hugged each other tightly, and I shot my semen into her vagina over and over again.

 (But then again…)



 ”I like you❤ I like you so much❤”

 ”Me too, chu~❤”

 (There was no way I was say that…)

 Even though the tension was too high, I was completely out of my mind.

 The mindless exchange, as if the level of civilization had degenerated remarkably, makes me cringe and hold my head in my hands when I recall it later.

 It felt as if I had an overstock of black history.

 After that, we continued to mate for several hours. In the end, to my surprise, she began to breathe in her sleep while being pounded hard in the missionary position.

 (To fall asleep in that state… well, I guess it means we exceeded the limit of what we could do together…)

 Almost at the same time I couldn’t help but laugh.

 ”Fumi Fumi, you’re having fun, Devi”

 Lili appeared in the air, smiling and laughing.

 ”Shut up”

 ”When you started saying things like, “Ah, boku-chinI’m going byubyu tooo” I freaked out, Devi”

 ”Seriously, stop it!?”

 My black history was leaking out in seconds.


 Lili spoke up again, looking down at me with amusement as I writhed in embarrassment.

 ”Don’t worry, the shame on the bed is good thing, Devi”

 ”Can you listen to me!?”

 ”Well, it doesn’t matter, Devi. Actually, I captured the saint’s little sister, Devi”

 ”Does it matter, Claudia-san?”

 ”Devi Devi”

 ”I see, so you captured her after all”

 As for her, I left that completely up to Lili.

 I said, “You can capture her, or you can let her go”. To be honest, I wasn’t too keen on the idea.

 Although she was trying to trick me, she didn’t do much harm, and although she was beautiful, she had too strong an image of being just a friend.

 Besides, when it comes to a relationship, she looks like a foreigner, which makes me, as a timid person, feel uncomfortable.

 Therefore, if someone asks me who I want to hold, Fujiwara-san or Claudia-san, the answer is obvious.

 So, that’s why I don’t feel comfortable when I’m told, “Confine her up and let’s get crazy!”. Moreover, there’s not enough love, and not enough hate.

 To my unhappy face, Lili put her face close to my ear and whispered.

 ”I’ll tell you something good, Devi. These guys suspected Saori of being a devil and said, “I was about to throw a metal ball at her from behind” and they were giggling, Devi, that’s what Shiratori said, Devi”

 ”Okay, I got it! “Let’s-rip-them-apart-right-now”!”

 I take it back. My hate filled about one hundred and twenty percent.

 I must teach them that there are certain areas of the world that they must not touch, even by mistake.

 (Saori-chan, your Onii-chan will avenge for you!)

 Lili shrugs her shoulders at my sudden exuberance and claps her hands.

 ”As the time comes, Devi. Let’s practice how to corrupt a saint, Devi”

 ”How to corrupt a saint?”

 ”Devi Devi. Saints and priests are just people who can’t stand on their own feet, Devi. They are weak people who somehow survive by leaning on God and other vague things, Devi”

 Normally, the image of a saint or a priest is that of a respectable person, but from the devil’s point of view, it’s like that…

 ”So, what we need to do is brainwash these people and take their worship away from God, Devi, and make them worship the Confinement King instead of God, Devi”

 ”Like Ryoko?”

 ”No, Devi. That was a very traumatic event, Devi. Sure, it could have gone that far, Devi, but it could have been cured, no matter how reckless it was, just like Torture’s secret technique, Devi”

 ”Well, I suppose so.”

 ”Assuming it doesn’t use Torture’s power. Half-hearted violence is counterproductive against a saint. In fact, when saints are violated, they start to have convenient fantasies that it’s a trial and grow stronger in their faith, Devi”

 ”That’s a pain in the ass. What do we do then?”

 ”Step by step brainwashing, Devi, but first the basis of the saint’s faith, the source of her confidence, must be torn to pieces, Devi”

 ”Source of confidence?”

 ”Three things, Devi: reverence for the angels, given abilities, and self-esteem of being righteous”

 Then, Lili begins to explain the specifics. It’s quite simple. Then it’s not so difficult.

 After that, I pull my arm out from under her and gently raise myself up, so as not to wake Fujiwara-san.

 ”When Hinyu wakes up, I’ll have the maids take care of her, Devi”

 ”Oh, please”

 I put on the clothes I had left on and walked out into the hallway with Lili.

* * *

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”It’s not good… The situation”

 When I woke up, I found myself in a dark room.

 As I recall, while I was struggling against the maids, a girl with horns suddenly appeared in the air and reached out her hand to my forehead.

 (I guess she’s the devil… she had horns)

 I thought devils were supposed to look more sinister, so it was quite a surprise to me.

 (So… where I am, this place?)

 As I twisted around, I heard the sound of chains jangling.

 It looks like I’m being bound from the floor and the sky, with my arms and legs spread wide open, as if to say “Banzai”.

 (I’ll have to survive somehow until my Onee-chansister comes to save me…)

 In any case, my only weapon is my eyes, which can see through lies.

 I’ll have to use that to my advantage and survive by talking a lot. But that’s useless if there’s no one to negotiate with.

 While I was thinking about this, I heard the sound of a door opening in the darkened room. There seemed to be no particular light coming into the room. Does this mean that the other side of the door is also pitch black?

 But there was definitely a sign of someone.

 (Someone… is there)

 As I stared into the darkness with bated breath, I suddenly heard a familiar voice.

 ”Hello, Claudia-san”


 ”Yeah. You’re looking better than I thought”

 As soon as he opened his mouth, a blue light flickered about five meters away.

 (Okay, even in a situation like this, I can still use my powers. Besides, if it’s Fumio, I can handle him somehow… he’s good-natured)

 As soon as I got my hopes up…

 ”If it’s Fumio, I can handle him somehow… I’ve been underestimated, huh?”

 I felt a chill run down my spine when Fumio said that.

 (N-no way, is he reading my mind?)

 ”Yes, that’s exactly what you thought”

 The blue light flickered again.

 ”Haha, ahaha… peeking into a girl’s secret is terrible. So, Fumio… who the hell are you?”

 I stare at the area where the blue light was flickering. But, as expected, the darkness is so deep that I can’t even recognize the outline of a person.


 I see, when Shiratori said “Confinement King VS Detective JK”, I thought it was quite an interesting thing to say, but apparently, it wasn’t Shiratori’s original.

 ”So, what are you going to do with me?”

 ”That depends on Claudia-san’s attitude. The people I’ve confined in the past have been mutilated, had their spinal cords ripped out, or raped until they were dead”

 To my horror, Fumio’s statement is now blue.

 I can feel the blood drain from my face. Immediately, cold sweat broke out all over my body.

 (Devil… Dear Angel, please punish him!)

 When I muttered this in my heart, Fumio burst out with a “pfft”.

 ”W-what’s so funny?”

 ”Everything. Well… first, I’m not a devil. And no angel is going to judge me or come to Claudia-san’s rescue”

 (Blue? That’s ridiculous!)

 Whether Fumio is a devil or not, the fact that angels will never condemn him is unacceptable.

* * *

 ”W-w…. What do you mean?”

 ”In a word, it’s not interested. The idea that angels are watching over you is just a fantasy of yours”

 ”That’s ridiculous! What makes you think…”

 ”I have a fallen angel under my command… and she’s a lot higher than the angel that gave you your powers”

 ”F-fallen angel?”

 ”Yes yes, that’s what she… no, that’s what the devil told me. Angels give humans abilities just to pass the time. Give an ability to anyone who catches their eye, and they’ll make a big deal out of it and become religious on their own. They’ll watch your stupidity with amusement for a while, and when they’ve had enough, they’ll throw you away”

 ”How can I believe that! No way!”

 ”How do you know I’m not lying?”


 It’s true, the light flickering in the dark is always blue.

 I felt as if I was being accused of my own ability to detect lies.

 ”Well, if you want to doubt your own abilities, be my guest. But I’m neither a demon nor a devil. Though I’ve been tainted by evil, I admire true goodness, if there is such a thing. If you’re really worthy of being called a saint, I can let you go”

 At Fumio’s sudden words, I raise my head.

 (There’s no doubt about it. I’m a righteous person! I’m a saint!)

 And then, proving that his words of liberation are not a lie, a blue light is slowly approaching me.

 About ten centimeters in front of me, the blue light stops. Even at this distance, I can’t even see Fumio’s outline.

 Just when I was hoping that he might unchain me…

 ”I heard you were going to hit Saori-chan with a shot put”(shotgun -> shot put)

 I involuntarily jumped.

 ”Oh, t-that’s…”

 ”A saint? A righteous person? Don’t make me laugh, you little scoundrel. You tried to hurt an innocent girl and now you’re a saint? I’ll punish such a scoundrel instead of your beloved angel”

 Then he whispered in my ear, his voice trembling with anger.

 ”You’re guilty, Claudia-san”

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