Confinement 246

Chapter 246 Rape of a Saint

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”You’re guilty, Claudia-san”

 As soon as Fumio whispers this, the room lights up.

 The light pierces my retinas, and I squint involuntarily.

 Eventually, my eyes began to adjust to the light, and I began to recognize the surrounding scenery with information.

 The room is quite large. In the center of the room, I’m bound by chains. The floor is a mosaic of black and white tiles, the walls on all sides are mirrored.

 ”…Wait, wait! W-what is this outfit?”

 What I was wearing was a blue corset-type s*xy lingerie. My breasts were bare, and there was a white frill around my waist. The pants had no fabric in any of the important places.

 I was so embarrassed that my cheeks flushed with heat.

 Just dressing girlishly in the first place is embarrassing, but now I’m leaping over it.

 ”Yes, I thought that Claudia-san’s white skin would look good in cool colors”

 Behind me, I hear Fumio’s voice, and I look up to see him standing behind me in the mirror.

 ”S-stupid! You should at least put some clothes on!”

 Fumio is naked, with his arms folded and his chest bent over.

 (No way, he was talking naked the whole time? That’s insane!)

 ”Put some clothes on? We’re going to do something we can only do when we’re naked.”

 Immediately, the blood drained from my face.

 No, I knew that might happen when I was captured by the Akumadevil.

 Through the mirror, I can catch a glimpse of Fumio’s crotch.

 I don’t know what he’s excited about, but his crotch is already erect, and there are many blood vessels standing out on his flesh.

 (A, awa, wawawa, w-wait… Are all men’s things that big!?)

 I had intended to remain a virgin for the rest of my life as a saint. After all, adultery is the devil’s sin. That’s why I’ve never looked seriously at a man’s thing.

 The same should be true for my onee-chansister, but in her case, her mind was too restrained and she somehow became rotten.

 Well, it’s limited to the 2D world, and I can tolerate it.

 However, when I look at it again, the shape is already a disaster. It was twitching and twitching over and over again, as if it were a different creature.

 With that thing hanging between their legs, I felt that all men should be exterminated as devils.

 ”Hey, Claudia-san, God is omniscient and omnipotent, right?”

 Suddenly, I wondered what he was going to say, and Fumio asked me something so obvious.

 ”Of course. So, Fumio. I can see through you and all your bad deeds”

 ”I see. Then God knows all the terrible things Claudia-san will have to go through, so to speak”

 Fumio’s words made me gasp.

 (Oh, eh, well, t-that’s true… But? Eh?)

 I know it sounds silly, but I was really confused.

 If the Almighty God approves it, it’s not strange to think that it’s His will.

 ”Wait, wait, wait! Fumio, y-you’re my friend, right? W-wait, l-let’s talk…”

 ”Don’t worry, I’m not so stupid as to interfere with my friends’ trials”

 As I twist and scream, Fumio in the mirror responds with a grin.

 The man’s manhood, long enough to reach my stomach when thrust into me, is slowly approaching.

 ”No, don’t come, seriously, Fumio, don’t joke about it!”

 My feet are on tiptoe. I try to close my thighs, but they’re held wide open by the chains and I can’t do anything about it.

 And then there’s the obscene blue underwear that seems to be used only to arouse men, its crotch cloth is open wide and its defense is zero.

 ”Well, I wonder what a saint’s virginity tastes like. Sorry, but it’s a trial. It won’t do you any good if it doesn’t hurt, and there’s no foreplay”


 Fumio whispers in my ear, and I choke on it.

 He was already grabbing my waist from behind, and his mouth was twisted in the mirror.

 He presses his erect cock against my tightly closed crack without asking any questions.

 The next moment…

 *Sizzle*! *Sizzle Sizzle Sizzle*!


 I screamed.

 My body was torn in half by the pain.

 The huge glans was forcibly tearing apart my scaly flesh that was closing to keep out the intruding thing.

 My eyes widened to the point of splitting open, and the loudest voice I’ve ever let out came rushing out of my throat.

 My body arched back, and my limbs, suspended in a Banzai position, tightened painfully.

 ”Hii! It’s! Hurts! No more, hii, hiiiii!”

 The too-thick object thrust into me from behind slips deeper and deeper into me.

 For a moment, the meat stick’s progress seemed to stop, and the next moment, something was ripped out of my stomach with a thud.

 ”Gyaaaaa! It hurts, it hurts, it hurtsssssss!”

 I shake my head violently at the intense pain I’ve never felt before, and scream out without shame or embarrassment.

 The sensation of something that had been a part of my body being penetrated terrified me.

 But the rod continues to penetrate me.

 The folds of my flesh are entwined with it, trying to stop it from moving. But the swollen glans ravaged my vagina without mercy.



 There was a jolt in the pit of my stomach, and the meat stick stopped moving.

 ”Fuuh… it’s all in, Claudia-san”

 ”Uuu.. Uuuuuu…”

 My stomach is hot.

 I’m struggling to breathe through the burning pain. But Fumio grabbed my chin and made me look up.

 ”You see that? You’re happily sucking it in”

 My reflection in the mirror showed my lower belly bulging from the erection thrust into me. My pubic flesh was wrapped around the rod and twisted inward.

 The sight of the huge stick sticking into me was too shocking to bear.

 ”…Pull it out! Pull it out of meee! I said pull it out!”

 ”Hmm? Fin.”

 I shouted angrily, and Fumio started to slowly pull his hips back. Immediately, the sharp pain hits me again, and I scream again.

 ”Nhiii! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! D-d-don’t move!”

 ”You’re so selfish, telling me to get out of the way, telling me not to move”

 ”Aaahhhhhhh!? Y-you’re hurting me!”

 As if enjoying my screams, Fumio pulls his meat stick more than halfway out of my vagina while laughing vulgarly.

 ”Haa… haa, haa, that’s enough, p-please let me go…”

 In the mirror, I can see that I’m out of breath.

 Between the legs of my nasty underwear, the folds are being pulled outward, one by one.

 The crack that had been tightly closed just a moment ago was now painfully wide, and I despaired of ever being able to get it back.

 ”It’s no good. It’s not even a trial at this level. Don’t worry, I’m sure the angels will come to your rescue when you get to the point where you can’t go any further”


 The color that clung to Fumio’s words was red. He didn’t believe that the angels would come to help me, not even a little.

 ”So, let the trials continue”

 Fumio announced, and thrust the erection into my vagina again.


 The sudden thrust shook my body, which was still on its toes. But that was not the end of it. Fumio immediately pulls out the meat stick and starts thrusting again.

 *Splat*, *Splat*, *Splat*!

 ”Nghh, ah, ah, kuhh, oh, ah, ahh!”

 The lewd, wet sound rhythmically echoes off the walls. Every time my hips slammed down hard, sweat splattered all around me.

 ”Dahii! I-it’s moving! It’s inside! I-it’s so big! It’s rattling! It hurts! It hurts! No, stop it!”

 I was being pierced by the meat spear, like a toy. My body was shaking with the movement of his hips.

 ”It hurts, it hurts, you’re so annoying…. Then I’ll make you feel better”

 Then Fumio began to play with my breasts from behind.

 ”Ah, no, not like that, ahn…”

 Fumio’s hands began to crawl over my white skin, rubbing my nipples slowly while his palms squeezed my entire breast.

 The nipples that had become so hard and crunchy caused an electric current of pleasure to run through my body with each rubbing.

 ”No, it doesn’t feel good, no, don’t touch my breasts…”

 ”Come on, a saint shouldn’t lie. It’s not just your breasts, it’s your vagina too, it’s starting to feel good, isn’t it?”

 ”Haa, haa~… that’s not possible”

 Then Fumio seemed to have an idea, and nodded.

 ”<MannersManners Coachinstructor> ―― manners setting, it’s good manners to say thank you when you feel good!”


 I raise my eyebrows at Fumio, who suddenly starts saying something I don’t understand.

 But as if to mock me, he thrusts his hips up hard.


 I let out an involuntary squeal, and the next moment, without my will, my mouth starts to overflow with my own voice.

 ”Thank you so much!”

 ”Look at it, it feels good, doesn’t it?”

 ”No, no! Fumi! W-what are you doing to me?”

 But Fumio ignores my voice and suddenly starts moving his hips hard.

 ”Ahii!? Ah, thank you so much. Thank y, nhii! Thank you very much! Ah, ah, ah, ah, thank you very much!”

 My body was betraying me. I’d reached my limit. As soon as I thought that, I felt my reason melt away.

 ”T-thank you so much! Yes! An, an, thank you so much! Aah, thank you so much!”

 I can’t think of anything else.

 Before I know it, I’m shaking my hips in time with the movement of the rod.

 In the mirror, I see not a saint, but a slut.

 Her blue eyes were filled with tears, and drool was running down her slack mouth.

 ”T-thank you, thank you! Thank you very much! Hnn! Ah, ah, anh, thank you!

 (No, this is a lie…)

 I’m constantly thanking you for fucking me, and desperately denying the situation I’m in.

 I tried to convince myself that this was a dream, not reality.

 But the sensation of a pulsating rod in the pit of my stomach won’t go away.

 In fact, the more I become aware of it, the more its presence fills my consciousness.

 ”Thank you, thank you very much, ah, ah, ah, ah, it feels good, ah, ah, thank you very much!”

 I’m writhing in agony, and during the hard pumping. The erection inside my vagina begins to twitch and spasm. I feel the glans, pressed against the vaginal wall, suddenly swelling up.


 The sudden changes that occurred in my womb filled me with a sense of dread.

 And then――

 ”I’m going to put it allllll in your vagina”

 With that one word from Fumio, I felt as if my heart was plunging into a deeper place. It’s horrible. I’m horrified just thinking about it.

 ”No! Don’t do that! Please don’t… I don’t want to have Fumio’s babyyyyy…”

 The more desperately I pleaded, the more Fumio’s nose grew hoarse.

 The back and forth movement of his hips became more and more violent, so fast that the folds of my flesh were almost worn out.

 It was as if he was trying to burn away my thoughts.

 ”Stop, stop it! Thank you very much. It’s breaking! It’s breaking!”

 But, as if my pleas hadn’t been heard, Fumio slammed his meat stick into my vagina even harder.

 Tremble*! Spurttt! Spurtttttt!

 A moment later, from the swollen tip of the glans, a large amount of white muddy liquid overflowed into my womb.

 ”Noooooo! It’s ejaculating! Inside my vagina, i-inside my body, inside my bodyy, thank you very much, it’s hott, it’s hotttt!”

 The baby seed is pouring in.

 It’s so hot it almost burns, and it seeps into my vagina and flows into my womb. It pushed me to climax at once.

 And then…

 ”Ahh… thank you… thank you so much… ahhh…”

 When Fumio had finished ejaculating every last drop into my vagina, he pulled out the meat stick he had been thrusting into me.

 The rod, which had been pulled out of me, was glistening wetly with liquid.

 Looking down, I saw that the cleft that had until a moment ago protected my purity had been cruelly torn open.

 The hole, dilated by the huge rod, remained open and unclosed. The folds were twitching and twitching, and the frothy white liquid was dripping from the hole.

 I had reached my limit.

 I slumped my head down in the “Banzai” position.

 And then, just before I lost consciousness, my mouth moved again on its own, against my will.

 ”Thank you… very much…”

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