Confinement 247

Chapter 247 In the End, The Four Heavenly Kings

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 As I stared at Claudia-san, whose head and hair were still dangling from her shackles, I inclined my head.

 ”It’s impossible, huh…”

 As I thought, no matter how long I waited, I couldn’t hear the electronic sound.

 Lili had told me beforehand, with that kind of response, it should be no surprise that she had fallen into a state of [Submissive].

 But I remembered my previous conversation with Lili.

 [Saints are extreme people, Devi. That’s why when they fall, they fall all at once, Devi. It’s just that it’s hard to get them to that point, Devi. There’s a tricky problem unique to those who serve God, Devi]


 [The basic premise that God doesn’t make mistakes, Devi]

 [Really? In recent novels, the main character is often killed by mistake and reincarnated in another world?]

 Lili smiles bitterly.

* * *

 [If they seriously believe in God, they wouldn’t write something like that, Devi. Rather, they’d be upset about it, saying “it’s inappropriate”. In fact, Devi, saints are the ones who make a big deal out of such things]

 [Oh, I see…]

 [Back to the point, Devi, this basic premise that “God does not make mistakes” is a strong chain that binds believers in religion, Devi]

 [I’m sorry, I don’t get it at all]

 [What I mean is this, Devi, “God doesn’t make mistakes”, so no matter how bad the situation gets, “it’s not a mistake”. Therefore, it was a “necessary part of the process” whom serve a God and it was a convergence of thoughts, Devi]

 [So… it’s kind of invincible?]

 [Devi Devi. Even if the prophecy is wrong, it’s a “necessary part of the process”, even if a large donation is requested, it’s a “necessary part of the process”, and even if a priest touches a believer, it’s a “necessary part of the process”, Devi. And what’s more, if it’s the process of getting to heaven after death, it’s out of control, Devi]

 [It’s a scam, huh?]

 ”Many of them are, and maybe some of them are not, Devi. However, humans are weak creatures, Devi. I think it’s not a bad thing to keep giving people hope that their lives will get better, Devi”

 ”That’s a very un-devil thing to say… but if that’s the case, then there’s no point in hurting Claudia-san, right?”

 ”Devi, Devi… No use, Devi”

 Lili nodded exaggeratedly and held up her index finger.

 ”So, there’s only one way to free a saint from God’s clutches, Devi!”

 ”What is it?”

 ”To betray God of her own will, Devi”

 I think I probably looked pretty confused. Lili’s talk was too abstract for me today.

 ”Nevertheless, what you have to do now is the same, Devi. You have to torment that gaijinforeign woman thoroughly, Devi. You have to show her the difference in power and make her understand that Fumi Fumi is a superior being, Devi. Fumi Fumi is the one to cling to, Devi”

 ”I see… so what do we do after that?”

 ”Don’t be in a hurry, Devi. The rest will be explained to you when the time comes, Devi. And Fumi Fumi is lucky, Devi”

 ”Lucky… why?”

 ”About her Anesister who has escaped, Devi. Fortunately, her sister is not here. This will be a big advantage for Fumi Fumi, Devi”

 Looking back, I still don’t understand what Lili is trying to say.

 (But… I’m not going to question it now)

 ”Well… I have to go back to Fujiwara-san’s place…”

 Tomorrow, I’m going on a trip with Rin. I have a lot of things I need to finish before then.

 There’s no time to relax.

 I turned my back to Claudia-san who was still unconscious and left the room.

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”Anna-sama’s probably not coming back anymore”

 The akumadevil with the head that looked like a goat’s bone said without any inflection.

 He took Junichi and me out of the studio, and now we’re sitting on our knees in a bleak place of who-knows-where.

 ”Not coming back…?”

 I look up and the devil says in a tone that still doesn’t seem to contain any emotion.

 ”I mean, she fell into Liliamos’s hand. In that case, the Lord has order me to abandon her and return home”

 ”Why!? You said you worked for my onee-chansister’s service!”

 ”Yes, I did. But only as the Lord’s wife. My Lord likes beautiful women, but at the same time, he’s not attached to them at all. As soon as they fall into the hands of the enemy, they are forgotten as dead”

 ”No way!”

 At the same time as I raised my voice, Junichi-sama stood up vigorously and shouted the goat-skull headed butler.

* * *

 ”W-wait a minute! What about us! What about me?”

 ”By all means, just do what you want”

 ”That’s irresponsible of you! If you’re going to help us, you should take care of us until the end!”

 The goat’s skull, which was supposed to be expressionless, seemed to take on a vaguely unpleasant air.

 ”If you want me to finish you off, I can finish you off right here”

 As he said this, the goat-head dug his hand into the space and pulled out his greatsword.

 ”What!? Y-you’re kidding!?”

 The goat-head looks at the panicking Junichi with his hollow eye sockets. Hurriedly, I jumped in between the two of them and protected Junichi-sama behind me.

 ”I-I understand! Please! Just go!”

 Then the goat-head slowly lowered his sword and gave me a small bow.

 ”Now, if you’ll excuse me”

 Instantly, a rift appears in the space and the goat-head disappears into it. Then, I sat down slumped on the spot.

 Just as I let out a huge sigh, I was kicked from behind and fell nose first to the floor.

 ”Hey, you! What are you deciding on your own? I’ll kill you if you do that!”

 ”I-I’m sorry, but if you keep doing that…”

 Junichi-sama’s shout came down from above my head, and I shrank back involuntarily.

 However, perhaps this attitude annoyed him even more, he stomped on my cheek and shouted.

 ”Shut up! It’s all your fault that I’m like this! What are you going to do about it, bitch!”

 ”I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

 As I felt the pain on my cheek being trampled, I felt sorry for Junichi-sama (I should take care of him).

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”Fu-Fu~min! Wait! Y-you have to do something!”

 When I came back to the bedroom, I found Fujiwara-san, back in her bikini bra and denim hot pants, standing on the bed with a weak face.

 Around the bed, there were short-cut maids on their knees, rubbing their heads on the floor.

 (Oh… maybe this wasn’t considerate enough on my part)

 If I think about it, the shortcuts have been punished for messing with Fujiwara-san, and have been reduced to their current situation.

 This is what happens when they see the person in front of them.

 Rubbing their heads on the floor, Fujiwara-san let the crying maids back down and sat down on the floor, letting out a sigh of relief.

 ”Why are they doing this…? I’ll be afraid if they go down on their knees and cry as soon as they walk into the room”

 ”Oh, haha… well, they’re the girls who, you know, stripped Fujiwara-san naked in the old school building. They’re Teruya-san’s juniors from that time”

 ”Eh? They’re the girls from that time?”

 (Well, I guess she doesn’t remember their face…)

 ”Yeah, well, they messed with my girlfriend, and as punishment, they’re working here as maids”

 ”I see… but Fu~min, please forgive them already. To be honest, I don’t hold a grudge against those girls at all, if anything, I’m grateful to them”

 ”Thanks? Why?”

 ”Because, thanks to those girls, I met Fu~min”

 ”You met me…? But Fujiwara-san and I have been in the same class since last year…”

 ”That’s a no-brainer. Well… I didn’t realize how good Fu~min was… I guess it’s my lifelong regret, or something”

 I laughed at Fujiwara-san, who looked in the direction of the day after tomorrow and said, “Haha” as if to cover up her mistake.

 ”Well, now that Fujiwara-san has become my favorite princess, I’ll introduce you to the other three… though they’re all your acquaintances”

 ”Your favorite princess?”

 ”The top girls in my harem, including Fujiwara-san, that’s four”

 ”Ahaha, seriously, that’s the Four Heavenly Kings”

 I knew that she wouldn’t get angry because she was [Enslaved], but when she was so casual about it, it really threw me off.

 In the case of Fujiwara-san, even if she wasn’t Enslaved, I think she would react in the same way.

 ”Well, let’s go to the dining hall. They’re waiting for us”


 And Fujiwara-san and I walked out of the Confinement King’s bedroom.

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