Confinement 248

Chapter 248 Harem Member Draft Meeting, Part 1

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 When we arrived, there are cupcakes and tea on the table.

 Around the table, Kurosawa-san, Masaki-chan, and Tashiro-san are chatting together.



 When the girls saw Fujiwara-san behind me, they all looked surprised.

 Fujiwara-san, on the other hand, looked puzzled and asked me.

 ”Misuzu and Masaki-chi… and that’s Tashiro-san from the next class, right? Hiratsuka-kun’s girlfriend…”

 ”Ahaha… he’s my ex-boyfriend, though”

 Fujiwara-san and Tashiro-san didn’t seem to have any direct contact, but they probably knew each other’s faces.

* * *

 ”It’s bad… I feel dented. If I join this group, I’ll definitely look inferior”

 ”No, you won’t”

 ”Yes, I will! I can’t even handle Misuzu and Masaki-chi… and now, about Tashiro-san… do you know it? Tashiro-san is very popular with the underclassmen girls!”

 ”Is that so?”

 ”They call her the ShirayurihimeWhite-Yuri-Princess!”

 Instantly, Tashiro-san spurted out a mouthful of tea and wailed loudly.

 ”Is that so, ShirayurihimeWhite-Yuri-Princess?”

 ”Heh~… ShirayurihimeWhite-Yuri-Princess, how do you feel now? How do you feel?”

 Kurosawa-san and Masaki-chan are relentless at times like this.

 They lean forward on the table, grinning, and start to urge Tashiro-san on.

 ”I, I, I didn’t want this name!”

 Tashiro-san turns away, her face turning red.

 As Kurosawa-san tries to make fun of her further, Masaki-chan turns to me and says with a wry smile.

 ”In the end, Fumio-kun made Mai into your thing, too, didn’t you?”

 ”Yeah, she’s the Fourth Favored Princess…”

 ”That’s a little surprising. I thought she was just going to be a normal girl and not bring her into this room”

 ”Yeah… well, it just happened…”

 I stammered, and Kurosawa-san interrupted me, cowering.

 ”Well, as for me, I’m totally OK with Mai”

 ”Well, I don’t want to give the Confinement King a hard time by having the two favorite princesses quarrel with each other. Fourth Favored Princess! I’m counting on you”

 Fujiwara-san let out a sigh of relief when Tashiro-san said that.

 Normally, it would be a four-way fight. It was a scene that could have led to the outbreak of an argument, but when all four of them were [Enslaved], it was quite peaceful.

 As the table they were sitting around was for four people, I offered Fujiwara-san a seat first, and then pulled a chair from the next table and place it on the so-called birthday seat.

 ”So, the reason why I asked everyone to gather here early in the morning is to show off Fujiwara-san’s new status as the Fourth Favored Princess. Four of you are my top girls, so I’d appreciate it if you could get along each other”

 When I said that, Masaki-chan suddenly raised her hand, “Me, me!”.

 ”Outside this room, Mai-chan is still your girlfriend?”

 ”Eh? Oh, yeah, there’s no reason for us to break up…”

 Fujiwara-san nodded her head in agreement as I puzzled over the meaning of the question.

 Masaki-chan, however, glanced at Tashiro-san, nodded at each other, and left their seat.

 And then they both said…

 ”We demand better treatment! We demand it!”

 ”We demand!”

 Suddenly, they raised their arms and shouted loudly.

 Fujiwara-san rolled her eyes in surprise, while Kurosawa-san kept her mouth agape.

 They shouted even louder at us, while we looked on in bewilderment.

 ”Misuzu-chan got Fumio-kun’s virginity! Mai-chan got her position! Now that Mai-chan has become the favorite princess, Ui-chan and I have the right to get what we deserve! Treat your favorite princess equally!”


 It’s a scene that gives me a sense of déjà vu, but I can’t help but be confused.

 On the other hand――

 ”Hmm… Fu~min’s first time was with Misuzu… hee~”

 Fujiwara-san mutters in a very low voice, and Kurosawa-san says, “It’s not that I’m happy to have Fumi-kun’s virginity”.

 No, how can she be tsundere in this situation?

 I take it back. It’s not peace at all.

* * *

 ”Even though you want me to treat you equal, I don’t know…”

 I say, confused, and Masaki-chan pokes her finger at the tip of my nose.

 ”Then promise me that I’ll be the one to have your first child!”

 ”Hey, hey! Masaki!?”

 ”Ma, Ma, Masaki!?”

 Kurosawa-san stood up unconsciously and Fujiwara-san panicked. Then, Masaki-chan looked around at the two and sniffed.

 ”Misuzu-chan, you’re going to concentrate on entertainment after graduation, right? Of course you don’t have time to have a baby, do you? Mai-chan, you work at home as a housemaid, right?”

 ”Are you presuming I won’t be able to continue my education!?”

 Bang!? Masaki-chan left Fujiwara-san, who looked as if she had been hit on the head with a gun, and proceeded to talk.

 ”On that note, I’m planning to go to a women’s university in Hokkaido, away from my parents. That’s why I chose a faraway school as my university of choice. I can have a baby without my mother and father knowing about it! Once the baby is born, the rest is up to me”

 It’s outrageous.

 Masaki-chan’s idea is too crazy.

 It’s strange. Where did that frightened little animal from the library go?

 ”What are you going to do after the baby is born!”

 Kurosawa-san asks, and Masaki-chan smiles at her.

 ”I’ve got some ideas, but I think I’ll have to wait for Ui-chan’s request first”

 With that, Masaki-chan passed the baton to Tashiro-san.

 All eyes turned to Tashiro-san.

 Then she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Then she suddenly said something outrageous.

 ”Confinement King, I want to “live-with-you”!”


 ”No, I’m not talking about right now. After you go to college, you’ll start living on your own, right?”

 ”Y-yeah, I’m planning on it, but…”

 ”I’ve decided to go to the same university and the same department as Confinement King. In other words, there’s no one better than me to stay close by and take care of Confinement King. That means that I am the Confinement King’s girlfriend at the university”

 Immediately, Fujiwara-san jumped up from her chair and shouted.

 ”I-I’m going to the same university as Fu~min too!”

 ”It’s impossible, right?”

 ”Of course, it’s possible”

 ”Sorry, probably not”

 ”That’s unanimous!”

 Fujiwara-san’s face became small and sullen as she was denied at once.

 ”Uuuu… No, yeah, well, I knew that… but, we’ll still be lovers and have a long-distance relationship in our hometown, right?”

 ”That’s fine. If it gets out, it will look that Confinement King was cheating on you”

 ”I’m the one who’s bad!?”

 ”I don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re actually a much worse guy”

 If you say so, I can’t even gulp.

 ”Umu, it’s good! My dream comes true! We could huddle together in a small apartment, we could go to the public bath with a washbasin in our arms, and Confinement King hugged me as I waited outside in the cold weather. Yes, it’s good, very good!”

 What’s with that Showa folk world?

 Kurosawa-san looked at Tashiro-san, who was immersed in the world of her imagination, with a stare.

 ”You say you take care of him… But, can you cook?”

 ”No problem. “*Shima*-*is*-*a*-*good*-*cook”. In other words, it’s not an exaggeration to say that I’m a good cook!”

 ”That’s an exaggeration!”

 I can’t help but chuckled at this.

 Why Giant theory?

* * *

 ”…I mean, does that mean Shima-san is going to live with us?”

 ”Isn’t it obvious?”

 ”Oh, as I thought”

 Masaki-chan nodded with a twitchy smile on her face.

 ”Well, Shima and I are one and the same, aren’t we?”

 ”So are I and Kei-chan”

 Kurosawa-san, why are you competing with her?

 I mean, shouldn’t we just have to live together with Shima-san?

 ”Oh, by the way…”

 Masaki-chan claps her hands.

 ”Since Mai-chan is your favorite princess, she’s going to have someone under her, right?”

 ”Yes, I’m planning to, but I was thinking of Kayama-san”

 Suddenly, Fujiwara-san’s eyes widened.

 ”Kayama-san? You mean Yui-chan? You’ve been messing with Yui-chan too? Oh no, my boyfriend, he’s a monster…”

 ”Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it”

 Masaki-chan shook her head while Kurosawa-san gave a not-so-perfect follow-up.

 ”No, I refuse. You can’t give Yui-chan to me. It’s not every day that a girl looks so frustrated after being bullied”

 She rejected her with all the douchey reasons she could think of.

 “Then, someone else…”, I said, and this time, Fujiwara-san looked at me up and down, “Yui-chan, she’s our maid…”.

 (Oops… that’s not good)

 I smiled bitterly, but then…

 ”Leave it to Lili, Devi! “

 And then, spinning around, Lili appeared in the air.

 Yes, she is a reliable devil girl.

 ”Lili, do you have any good ideas?”

 ”Sure, Devi!”

 Lili puffed out her chest confidently.

 ”Faction rivalry! We’re going to have a Fumi Fumi competition presentation, Devi”

 ”…What’s that?”

 ”Each of the four factions will have their own ideas for entertaining Fumi Fumi, Devi, and they’ll write it down on a piece of paper beforehand, Devi”

 ”Yeah, and then what?”

 ”Then, Fumi Fumi will choose the one you think is the most interesting, Devi, and the winning faction will have the Fumi Fumi for 24 hours, Devi!”

 ”Well… I think it’s interesting, but does it matter now?”

 ”Depending on the members of the faction, they can play very differently, Devi. For example, Surako can play with mucus. Ryoko can do skewering, Devi”

 ”No, Ryoko can’t be skewered!”

 Tashiro-san snapped her fingers at me as I screamed.

 ”Umu, if I want Confinement King, I’ll have to use my skills… I see”

 ”Therefore, all four of you will select personnel for your faction to seduce Fumi Fumi, Devi. The Harem Member Draft meeting is now in session, Devi!”

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