Confinement 249

Chapter 249 Harem Member Draft Meeting, Part 2

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 With colorful lights and mirror balls flickering in time with the loud house music.

 The four favored princesses are seated at a round table in the center of the dance floor.

 On the chairs that surrounded the table, my other girls, who had been hurriedly gathered, were sitting in a row.

 There were nine girls: Ryoko Terashima, Akira Mizuki, Saki Shiratori, Natsumi Shima, Kei Takasago, Yui Kayama, Kyoko Terashima, Chihiro Kijima (aka Kaneko), Kiyoka Yamauchi (aka Lolisla Yamauchi).

 I was seated in what seemed to be a special seat some distance away…

 (…what’s this?)

 I was just bewildered.

 The whole thing made no sense, and they’re all dressed in swimsuit for some reason

 The only ones with serious faces were the four princesses in the center.

 The other girls looked puzzled or confused.

 Except for one who has fallen asleep, obviously.

 Then, as if the volume of the house music had suddenly been turned down, a cheerful female voice came from the speakers on the ceiling.

* * *

 [Well, it’s finally begun! The Harem Member Draft Meeting! The host is me, Freesia, and the commentary will be provided by the mysterious masked devil]

 [Thank you, Devi]

 (What do you mean by “masked”!!)

 [In addition, the live coverage of sub-voice will be provided by the four Short Cuts from NoisyKashimashi Maids]

 (What sub-voice!?)

 Not only me, but even Shima-san was shaking her head in confusion, because there were so many things to talk about.

 [Now, this event, in which each of the four favored princesses will compete for a faction member, is simple: all four favored princesses will write the name of the person they want to be their member on a flip chart and announce it, and if there is a conflict, the winner of a simple game will win the right. Although it is a draft, it is not a right to negotiate. The member is confirmed at that point]

 [The members have no right of refusal, Devi]

 [By the way, masked devil. Why are everyone wearing swimsuit?]

 [It’s partly a service, Devi, and now the game has already begun, Devi. An appeal to Fumi Fumi, Devi]

 [I see. By the way… they’re all wearing rather revealing swimsuits, aren’t they? Masaki-sama is almost a pimp. It’s really quite revealing]

 [Oppai-chan recently learned to use her weapon, Devi]

 [On the other hand, Shiratori-sama doesn’t seem to be motivated at all. It’s a one-piece swimming suit, and it’s of the spats type]

 [Well, actually, she’s unwilling, Devi]

 [Lolisla is going for it, isn’t she? The classic old school swimsuit. Also… is Tashiro-sama an idiot? She is dressed in a seashell swimming suit]

 [This is a good example of an uptight person desperately trying to appeal to the public and then doing something crazy that turns everyone off, Devi]

 [I see]

 [By the way, those are scallops, Devi]

 [So, she is scallop girl]

 Tashiro-san’s face turned red and she was trembling. Even Shima-san couldn’t follow up on this.

 Still, Lili and her friends do as they please.

 [Now then, we will begin with the nominations for the first order. All the favored princesses, please write the name of the member you want on the flip chart at hand]

 All the favored princesses pick up the magic ink at once. Some of them pretend to think about it, while others suddenly start writing.

 [Now, for the first round, what do you think, masked devil?]

 [Well, Devi… each of them has their own target, Devi. I predict they’ll get their hands on it first]

 [I see. Thank you for your thoughtful comments. Now that everyone seems to have finished writing, please show your flips at once!]

 The next moment, the room was abuzz.

 [Masaki Haneda nominated ―― Natsumi Shima!]

 [Ui Tashiro nominated ―― Natsumi Shima!]

 [Misuzu Kurosawa nominated ―― Kei Takasago!]

 [Mai Fujiwara nominated ―― Kei Takasago!]

 [Whoa! This has been a turbulent opening! What’s the meaning of this, masked devil?]

 [Oppai-chan’s strategy is to reduce the power, Devi. Once she gets “Why NotNandeyanen” , the ponytail is just a scallop, Devi]

 [So, what’s the Fourth Favored Princess Mai’s choice…?]

 [I don’t know, Devi. I don’t think she’s trying to be like Oppai-chan, Devi…]

 [Then let’s ask her. Mai-sama! Why are you choose her?]

* * *

 ”Well… Honestly, butchakejust go noriwith it?”

 [Otto, she’s showing her gal-like side here. She’s a little more innocent than I thought!]

 [So, we will begin the simple game in case of conflict, Devi… Freesia!]

 [Yes, I’ll announce it then. It’s not really erotic, but it makes you fantasize about erotic thingsss…]

 (It’s like a late night variety show!?)

 [The rules are simple: Each of you will write one word on the flip side that is not really erotic, but makes you have an erotic fantasy. Then, Confinement King-sama will judge which one is more erotic based on his own judgment and prejudice]

 ”Eh!? I’m judging!?”

 Ignoring my confusion, Freesia-san said, “Then please write!” and Freesia-san goes on with her story.

 Masaki-chan finished it easily, and Tashiro-san, after much hesitation, somehow managed to finish it.

 [Then, Ui-sama, let’s open the flip!]


 [Then, Masaki-sama, open the flip!]


 Although it pains me to do so, I’ll make a judgment.


 [Otto! Masaki-sama wins! Now Shima-sama is Masaki-sama’s faction]

 [Chinsuko is a middle-schooler’s level of eroticism, Devi. Compared to that, Numeri-tori is a dissatisfied housewife and it’s kind of erotic, Devi. It’s eros, Devi, I think it’s a fair judge, Devi]

 As I look towards the table, Tashiro-san is slumped down. Shima-san, who she had said was like a part of her, had been taken from her. The damage must have been unimaginable.

 [Next, Misuzu-sama, Mai-sama, please write!]

 Fujiwara-san finished easily, while Kurosawa-san took much longer, but nodded with satisfaction when she finished.

 [Then, first, Mai-sama, open the flip!]


 [Then, Misuzu-sama, open the flip!]


 [Otto! Confinement King-sama is twisting his neck!]


 [Apparently, the eroticism of Mentaiko didn’t get through to Confinement King-sama]

 That’s right.

 I had no idea what was so erotic about Mentaiko.

 [You see, Devi, Mentaiko is a little too advanced for Fumi Fumi to feel eroticism, Devi. That form, those muscles…]

 [To put it another way, Misuzu-sama, who brought this out, is quite a dirty girl, isn’t she?]

 ”Who’s a dirty girl!!”

 Kurosawa-san shouted at the speaker.

 However, the two people on the other side of the speaker don’t seem to care at all and quickly proceed with their conversation.

 [Then, the two losers, please choose again!]

 Tashiro-san was stunned and Kurosawa-san was pouting, but somehow they managed to finish writing the flip chart.

 [Ui Tashiro nominated ―― Ryoko Terashima]

 [Misuzu Kurosawa nominated ―― Akira Mizuki]

 [I see, it seems, both of them have succeeded in getting the best candidates. Now let’s move on to the second round of nominations! Now, please write your flips!]

 While the other three princess finished writing quickly, only Tashiro-san wrinkled her brow and pondered for a long time. I wondered if the loss of Shima-san was too much for her.

 [Then, please show your flips at once!]

 [Masaki Haneda nominated ―― Yui Kayama!]

 [Ui Tashiro nominated ―― Chihiro Kaneko!]

 [Misuzu Kurosawa nominated ―― Kyoko Terashima!]

 [Mai Fujiwara nominated ―― Yui Kayama!]

 [Otto! Masaki-sama has been covered again!]

 [No, maybe…. She’s attempting to play with PettanHinnyu, who has just won, Devi. She’s pretty naughty, Devi]

 When I look at Masaki-chan, she’s making a face like “I don’t know what she’s talking about, ehehe ☆”.

 Masaki-chan has been scaring me a bit lately.

* * *

 [Now, as before, it’s a showdown of words that aren’t really erotic, but make you have erotic fantasies! Masaki-sama and Mai-sama, please write a flip chart each!]

 The two of them finish writing without any hesitation, and each of them seems to be very confident.

 [Then, Masaki-sama, open your flip!]

 《Nameko djiru》

 [Then, Mai-sama, open the flip!]



 When I pointed to Fujiwara-san, Masaki-chan puffed out her cheeks.

 [This turned out to be quite a good match!]

 [Devi Devi. Nameko djiru is a pretty high-level erotica, Devi. The immoral eroticism with the feeling of a mother who’s tired of life, Devi, and the fact that it’s called “Djiru” instead of “Jiru” is a very clever little trick, Devi]

 [Even so, I think Fumi Fumi-sama’s perverted nature was revealed when he chooses “experiment”]

 ”Don’t send a stray bullet in my direction!!”

 As usual, my protests were ignored, and the two people on the other side of the speakers proceeded without a care in the world.

 [So, Masaki-sama, please pick another name!]

 With a pout, Masaki-chan took up the pen.

 And wrote…

 [Masaki Haneda nominated ―― Saki Shiratori!]

 [Whoa! This is not good. This is a ridiculous combination. In a sense, this is the strongest, but in a sense, it’s probably the worst combination]

 [It’s a combination that could kill you, Devi]

 [And here, the special rule comes into effect!]

 ”Special rule?”

 A question mark appears above the heads of everyone on the floor.

 [Now, three of the four chosen will be accompanied by an extra person]

 [For various reasons, they’re inseparable members, Devi]

 (I mean… I think Lolisla is the only one who hasn’t been selected yet)

 [Lolisla Yamauchi-sama for Chihiro Kaneko-sama, and KibouNozomi Amemiya-sama for Yui Kayama-sama. Incidentally, Amemiya-sama has already been taken to another room]

 (Who is that? Amemiya…)

 To be honest, I can’t think of anyone. I think I’ve heard of her somewhere before.

 [And Shiratori-sama is accompanied by Detective JK Claudia-sama, a detective who is currently being trained to great trial]

 ”Huh? Wait, wait, wait! I haven’t even gotten Claudia-san to fall for me yet, have I?”

 [As a condition of cooperation, after the two detective JKs are corrupted, they will be under Shiratori-sama’s control, Devi]

 I heard from Lili that Shiratori-san played an active role in the Detective JK plot. However, I didn’t expect it to be such a story.

 (Shiratori-san, a detective JK with abilities… and on top of that, Masaki-chan… isn’t that a big deal?)

 I feel like things could easily spiral out of control.

 Despite my uneasiness, the two on the other side of the speaker went on talking again.

 [Now, the whole process is finished. Now let’s see the results]


 The First Favored Princess, Masaki Haneda――Natsumi Shima, Saki Shiratori, Claudia

 The Second Favorited Princess, Ui Tashiro――Ryoko Terashima, Chihiro Kijima, Lolisla Yamauchi

 The Third Favored Princess, Misuzu Kurosawa――Akira Mizuki, Kyoko Terashima

 The Fourth Favored Princess, Mai Fujiwara――Kei Takasago, Yui Kayama, Amemiya Kibou


 [Since Kurosawa’s faction is the only one with one member missing, we can dispatch a member from Short Cuts if requested. Now, here’s the main topic!]

 [Faction rivalry! Let’s start the Fumi Fumi competition presentation, Devi!]

 [Each team will split up into a separate room, and decide what they will play]

* * *

 And then the girls leave the dance hall, chattering away.

 They looked like they were having a good time.

 All that was left was me, alone in the huge dance hall.

 There was the sound of house music and lights turned down, and the sound of mirror balls spinning when it got quiet.

 (Stop the mirror ball… it’s making me lonely)

 [What do you think, masked devil? Look at the faces of the various factions]

 [Well, Devi… Kurosawa-chan’s faction seems bland, Devi… and the Ponytail’s team… seems like they might be limited in their play, Devi]

 [The age range is high…]

 [Devi, Devi. PettanHinnyu‘s team seems safe at first glance, Devi, but having an uncontrollable slacker is a good thing or a bad thing, Devi]

 [I guess so. But in many ways, it’s Masaki-sama’s faction that’s in trouble. I can’t help but feel sorry for Shima-sama, the most sensible person in Confinement King’s Harem]

 As I watched the mirror ball spinning, I listened to what they were saying without thinking.

 (Indeed, Shima-san seems to be a bit worried…)

 [Oh, it looks like the teams are ready to play. Fumi Fumi-sama, please pay attention to the projection on the wall]

 And when the lights went down, the words were projected on the wall.

 [First up is the faction of the First Favored Princess, Masaki Haneda-sama!]


 [Natsumi Shima and Claudia! Thoroughly humiliating M training 24 hour pack]

 Masaki Haneda and Saki Shiratori, the Double S, will train them to be a complete M!


 [It’s so predictable! I’m sure that Shima-sama’s opinion is not reflected in this one]

 [Taking advantage of the fact that Detective JK is in training, Devi]

 [Next, we have the faction of the Second Favored Princess, Ui Tashiro-sama!]


 [Image Play! Threatening Rape and Humiliation of a Female Boss]

 You are a dull businessman working for a lingerie manufacturer.

 You’re always being mocked by your female bosses and your seniors, and when you get a hold of their weaknesses…


 [Is this Lolisla’s entry in the adult mode? She seems to have made good use of the relatively high age bracket]

 [Pantyhose ripping is a must, Devi. The reason why this group didn’t go for the “Babu (baby?)” angle is probably because they wouldn’t stand a chance if Oppai-chan went for that angle, Devi]

 [I see, it’s a deep reading. Next, the faction of the Third Favored Princess Misuzu Kurosawa-sama!]


 [You’re the manager. Lovey-dovey with Idol!]

 The four idols all love you! It’s a great way to get to know your fellow idols.


 [I’m sure they want to use the fact that they are entertainers to their advantage. Even though Kyoko is an indie, she has performed on stage. It’s a little hard for Kyoko to be an idol, but I guess that’s the charm of image play]

 [The four of them, including one maid, Devi]

 [Last but not least, the faction of the Fourth Favored Princess, Mai Fujiwara-sama!]


 [Daruhame 24 Hours](Slow and relax?)

 I have no motivation. I’m not sure what am I to do. I feel sorry for Amemiya Kibou, who loses her virginity to such play.


 [This is terrible www]

 [Whose idea was it, obviously, Devi?]

 [It’s very interesting to see if they made the most of Takasago-sama, or if that’s the only way they could have done it]

 [That last one was the work of Ringlet, Devi]

 [The important thing is that Amemiya-sama didn’t participate in the meeting… Is she okay?]

 [Well, it doesn’t matter what she wants, Devi]

 [Now, based on the above presentations, Fumi Fumi-sama’s choice is…]

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