Confinement 250

Chapter 250 Voting Results Announcement Part One

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 [Now, based on the above presentations, Fumi Fumi-sama’s choice is–]

 (This is… quite troubling)

 I can’t stop thinking about it.

 First, I’m worried about Shima-san.

 (I never thought I’d actually feel the danger of mixing the two…)

 Secondly, I’m worried about Tashiro-san without Shima-san.

 (Yes, no doubt she’ll mess up. She’s clumsy)

 And then, there’s Kyoko, the idol.

 (I can’t help but laugh…)

 And then there’s Daruhame.

 (No way, Is Kei-chan’s going to sleep longer than usual? She’ll never be able to return to society, right?)

 I am a rather sensitive Confinement King, and I can’t help but focus on my worries.

 And after much deliberation, I chose…

◇ ◇ ◇

 In a hollow near the ceiling, many candlesticks were lit up.

 The lights’ rays from the candlesticks created complex shadows on the stone walls.

 ”Moho, moho, mohoooooooooku!”

 ”Moho, moho, mohoooooooooku!”

 A shrill, foul, muddy voice is echoed. However, the voices had a controlled pace, similar to a military yell.

 While his men praise his name, the Baron steps forward.

 His steps were echoed with a thud, thud, thud, like the earth trembling.

 Then, he flips his cloak and sits back in his chair, then stops abruptly and raises one eyebrow suspiciously.

 ”How was it?”

 When I, his confindant, asked this question, the Baron replied in his usual austere baritone voice.

 ”Fumu… I say it’s 90% scary and 10% serious. For some reason, I felt a presence of being sought after like that… or was it my imagination?”

◇ ◇ ◇

 Beneath my body, I felt the warmth of human skin and above my body, something soft and pliable was covering my face.

 When I opened my eyelids, my face was covered by a pair of breasts.

 In this fluffy state of waking up from sleep, I shook my face from side to side, enjoying the feeling of the soft skin.

 (Oh, so soft… wonderful)

 It’s not just that the touch is wonderful, but the sweet citrus aroma wafting faintly in the air seems to soften my heart.


 (Hmm… w-what?)

 As I relished the fluffy luxury of half-awakening and the soft touch, I noticed that my crotch felt strangely comfortable.

 I twitched my p*nis, and the girl’s dreamy breathing, which I had been listening for a long time, shuffled, along with a lovely, debauched “Funyaa… uhn…”.

 (T-this feeling…?)

 When I opened my eyes and look up, I saw Kei-chan’s sleeping face, breathing comfortably.

 ”It’s in…!?”

 When I woke up, I was surprised. No way, it’s already inserted. Kei-chan’s small hole was tightly squeezing my swollen, erect p*nis.

 (What kind of situation is this? What state is this?)

 Desperately trying to regain my memory, I remembered that at the end of the draft meeting, as soon as I said my “choice”, Lili appeared in front of me… Then, I don’t remember anything after that.

 (That means I was pinned down… so…)

 When I tried to get up, someone pull me from behind, as if to prevent me from doing so.

 ”Haha, are you awake? Fu~min”


 I felt the hard nipples of her breast on my back. Apparently, she was naked too.

 As Mai’s body weight increased, Kei-chan suddenly “Uuun” moaned heavily. But it didn’t appear to wake her up.

 ”Is this… um… Daruhame…?”

 ”Yes, we’re going to relax and have s*x all day, and we’re all going to help Fu~min recover”

 Mai whispered in my ear as she clung tightly to my back.

 ”If you’re hungry, I’ll make you cum while feed you, and if you’re thirsty, I’ll make you cum while giving you a drink. Fu~min can just laze around, and I’ll do everything else for you”

 ”That’s… the kind of thing that ruins people, isn’t it?”

 ”It’s fine, go ahead and ruin yourself. I’ll take care of you”

 ”…In that case, thank you for your care”

 While burying my cheek in Kei-chan’s breast, I jokingly said that, and Mai chuckled in my ear.

 ”Well? Kei-chan is your mattress and p*nis case, and I’m your comforter… Doesn’t it feel good to have cute girls become your mattress?”

 ”Well… it feels good, but…”

 ”You know, you don’t have to work so hard today. Just fuck when you want and sleep when you want. So, Fu~min, it’s fine and sleep well!”

 The feeling of being sandwiched by a soft girl’s body, the warmth of human skin and the comfort of being stroked on the head like a child makes me feel sleepy.

 Then, with my head still half-awake and fluffy, I close my eyes and feel Kei-chan’s small hole between my legs.

 ”Munyu… suuuu, suuuu…”

 Kei-chan’s quiet sleep comes to my ears.

 In spite of everything, I must have been tired in my own way. As I lie still, wrapped in the warmth of the two of them, my consciousness begins to fade away in earnest.

 (It would be too good to fall asleep like this, but…)

 However, when I moved back slightly, Kei-chan’s breathing became slightly uneven. Then, when I deliberately moved my p*nis…


 A cute voice escaped from her small lips, and I couldn’t help but chuckle.

 ”Ahaha, Kei-chan is really cute, I can see why Misuzu is so obsessed with her”

 Mai whispers as she peers over my shoulder at Kei-chan’s face.

 Her skin is whiter than most people’s, her face is doll-like, and she’s certainly cute.

 If she were as motivated and affectionate as other people, scouts from entertainment agencies would be lining up to visit her.

 ”Hmm? Speaking of which, where are the other girls?”

 I look around again, this is an empty room. The entire floor of the room is pure white with spring-loaded cushions.

 In addition to Kei-chan, Mai must have had Kayama-san and an unidentified Amemiya-san under her command.

 ”Yeah, the two of them are over there”

 Mai pointed right behind us.

 When I turned my head to look behind me, I saw two girls hugging each other and devouring each other’s lips furiously.

 (Eh? Is that the kind of relationship they have?)

 Somehow, I felt as if I had seen something I shouldn’t have, and I involuntarily looked away.

 (The ringlet on top is Kayama-san, so the girl on the bottom is Amemiya-san…)

 At a glance, she’s pretty cute.

 She has a short cut of black hair, and she must be a member of the track and field club. I could see that she was tanned in the shape of her uniform. She was a little taller than Kayama-san, probably.

 ”That Amemiya girl, she was reluctant to serve Fu~min. Yui-chan said she would punish her…”

 ”Eh? She’s punishing her?”

 ”Ahaha, I don’t really understand… Anyway, Fu~min, if you’re not sleepy, I should make you feel better… Hamu”

 As she says this, Mai nuzzles my earlobe from behind my back and plays with it on her lips.

 My crotch twitched in response to the comfort, and Kei-chan jumped beneath my body.

 ”Funya… Kan-chan?”

 ”Oh, sorry, did I wake you?”

 ”…No problem. Kan-chan, that felt good… just twitch your cock”

 ”Like this?”

 I put pressure on my hips and wiggle my p*nis.

 ”Nnn… your cock is twitching inside me… it feels so good…”

 Then she squints her eyes like a cat’s and twists her mouth in a pleasant way.

 (So cute…)

 That thought makes me want to make her feel even better.

 I lifted my face from her breast and grabbed it with both hands.

 Although not as big as Masaki-chan’s, I fully savored the feeling of a rather large ball of flesh with ten fingers and the palm of my hand.

 Unexpectedly, it’s indecent breasts. I squeezed them to my heart’s content as they bounced around in my hands.

 ”Nyan, an, an, nyaa…”

 Kei-chan closed her eyes and let out a faint sweet breath from her pretty cherry-red lips.

 ”Nn… nya, do you enjoy rubbing my breasts?”

 ”It’s good, Kei-chan’s breasts are so big…”

 As soon as I said this, Mai bit my earlobe with her teeth.

 Umm, I blundered.

 ”Well, small ones are fine, too…”

 With a wry smile, I move the hand that’s squeezing her breast out of the way and start to play with her nipple up and down with my index finger.

 ”Funyaa, ahn, yan, an, ah, ah, ah…”

 Kei-chan immediately let out a muffled cry.

 I rubbed her hard pink bud with my fingertip, and she jerked and shook more violently than before.

 ”Aah, no, nya, nya, nya, nya, no! Kan-chan, no!”

 ”Why not?”

 ”After all, you’re driving me crazy, nyan, ahn, ah, ah”

 Meanwhile, Mai is rubbing my nipples with her fingertips and sucking on my earlobes to the point of melting.

 It was more ticklish than pleasurable, but every time a stimulus was given, the p*nis would twitch and jiggle, and that seemed to make Kei-chan feel it.

 ”Haa~, haa~… Kan-chan is messing around with me, even though I said not to… Hate it!”

 Kei-chan’s cheeks puffed up as her face turned red, and Mai smiled at Kei-chan over my shoulder.

 ”So you don’t like it. Then I’ll have Fu~min all to myself…”

 Instantly, Kei-chan raised her voice like a spoiled child.

 ”No! No! You can’t! Mai-mama, you can’t take Kan-chan!”



 Mai and I couldn’t help looking at each other.

 Before I could even think of referring to Misuzu as “Misuzu Mama,” Mai tapped me on the shoulder.

 ”Oh, no, Fu~min, what’s this, what a cute little creature!”

 (Yes, that’s exactly the same reaction as Misuzu’s…)

 Kei-chan has easily acquired a second mother.

 But still, cute thing is cute thing.

 The thought of her being cute led me directly to desire.

 And I want to hear more of her cute moans, so I start to move my hips slowly.

 Not that I wanted to follow the concept, but since it was a good opportunity, I decided to take my time and enjoy it.

 With my cheek buried in Kei-chan’s breast, I relaxed my entire body and just slowly shook myself. Behind me, Mai was playing with my body in a loving manner.

 ”Nyaa, nyaa, nnn… nyaa, ah, ah, ah…”

 It wasn’t a vigorous movement, but slowly and thoroughly rubbing up and down inside her.

 ”It’s rubbing… nyah, nyah, nyah, aah, hii…”

 At such a slow pace, the feeling was so vivid that I could picture the inside of her vagina in my mind.

 The tip of the wide open glans was rubbing the vaginal wall covered with countless folds in a moist manner.

 The narrowness of the vagina grew wetter and wetter, and a large amount of lubricating fluid flooded out, gradually making the extraction smoother and smoother.

 ”Ah, nyaan, anh, anh, ah, ah, ah…”

 She wrapped my neck with her arms while her lovely lips playing a sweet tune.

 Her hot vagina tensed up as if she couldn’t take it anymore, and then it squeezed my cock.

 ”Kei-chan’s vagina is so tight it feels good”

 ”Ah, yes, I know…”

 I couldn’t help but burst out laughing at her reply. Mai, who was peeking over my shoulder, couldn’t help but let out a “pfft” as well.

 Despite being left to her own devices, Kei-chan’s face was softened by the pleasure I was bringing her.

 When I noticed, she was shaking her hips and wriggling her vagina in spite of her dazed state.

 Of course, she didn’t seem to be aware of her movements, but the shallow wriggling didn’t match her face. Her soft cavity, with the meat stick inside her, begged me for more and more.

 Then, after a much longer and more prolonged pumping than usual, I ejaculated suddenly, but quietly.

 Like the protagonist of a Haruki Murakami novel, I ejaculated quietly.


 Kei-chan’s body twitched slightly in time with the throbbing sensation, and her voice, like that of a cat in heat, spilled out of her throat.

 ”Nnnn… it’s coming, it’s inside, it’s all over…”

 The white slime released by the deeply penetrated manhood instantly flowed into her womb, filling her depths.

 ”Uuu… Kan-chan, you’re giving me too much, it feels good… my stomach’s full”

 And then, me, Kei-chan, and Mai. The three of us hugged each other like a single body, soaking up the afterglow for a while.


 ”Hey… Kan-chan, Pat my head. It felt good…”

 Kei-chan said sweetly.

 ”Pat? Can I do that?”

 As I reached for her head, a cherry-red hue of embarrassment and pleasure spread across her face.

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