Confinement 251

Chapter 251 Voting Results Announcement Part Two

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 In the middle of the room, a Russian folk song played with eight bits of electronic music echoes.

 ”NagaiLong bōstick, koicome! NagaiLong bōstick!”

 What I’m doing, while lying slumped over, is playing Tetris on my handheld game console.

 Pile up blocks on both sides, and space in the middle. If I insert a “I” block into it, the surrounding blocks will disappear at once.

 And then–

 ”It’s hereeeee, Mai! It’s hereee!”

 ”Aha! I’ve been waiting for it! N~nnn~nn~!”

 Mai straddled my waist, humming a Russian folk song.

 ”Okay, then, three, two, one!”

 I counted down as the “I” block slid into the empty space.

 And Mai moves her hips down, timing her movements.

 At the same time as the blocks disappear from the screen, Mai, who has penetrated her own womb with my thing, cries out, “Aan!”.

 This is a deathly degenerate game.

 The game begins when the “I” block is inserted. Then, as the block inserted, the cowgirl position started.

 It’s a game of whether I lose control of my body and the game is over, or Mai comes first.

 The reason I’m doing this is…

 It’s been about ten hours since Daruhame started.

 I’ve been alternately holding Mai and Kei-chan, enjoying in their embrace, only to be woken up by a blowjob from the girl who woke up first.

 I thought it was time for something different, and this is the result.

 Incidentally, Kei-chan is lying down beside me, sucking a Umaibou compota from the pile of sweets in the corner of the room, and has been blowing air all the time since a while ago.

 According to her, it makes the air taste like a Umaibou… Well, if that’s what she wants, fine.

 ”An! Anh, anh, anh! Fu~min, it’s good! It feels so good! Ah, ah, ah!”

 On the other hand, Mai is on top of me, shaking her hips wildly.

 Her use of her hips is honestly unbelievable. It feels so good that I wonder why it’s so different from other girls’ cowgirl positions.

 I guess she has a way of moving that makes men feel good, and it’s ingrained in her body.

 It’s a little frustrating to think that it was taught to her by some old man, though…

 And against to the twisting and writhing that make me feel pleasure incessantly, I frown and just keep on piling up the blocks.

 With this, the electronic sounds of a Russian folk song and Mai’s panting voice echoed in the surround sound.

 But… Kei-chan poked me on the cheek with umaibou stick, as I desperately stacked the blocks.

 ”Kan-chan… let’s play pocky game, and if you break away first, you lose”

 Then Kei-chan poked me with the end of the stick with a “mmm”.

 She was still going at her own pace.

 ”No, wait, I’m still, uh are you squirrel…? I mean, that’s not a pocky stick but umaibou, is it?”

 But there was no way Kei-chan would accept such a reasonable argument.

 She doesn’t care, and pushes the end of the stick to my lips.

 What is this situation?

 I couldn’t help but think so, but I put the end of the umaibou stick in my mouth. Yes, it’s a compote.

 And once this happens, there’s no time to look at the console screen.

 Pop, splat, pop, splat! With the sound of blocks being piled up and the lewd sound echoed in the background, Kei-chan came close to my face, crunching on the Umaibou like a squirrel.

 As for Mai, she was moving her hips even harder, looking up at the ceiling with her face look up at the ceiling, not caring about us.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah! I love it! I love it, this cock is divine… Ah, ah, ah!”

 At this point, my crotch had already been pushed to the limit.

 In the end, the game was easily over.

 Kei-chan’s lips came to mine, and she sucked on my lips with her tiny lips, chomping and chomping.

 The taste of the kiss was compota.

 ”Ahaha, I win! It’s a win! Aah! Aah! Ah, ah, ah!”

 Mai shouts happily.

 If Mai won this game, the three of us would go on a date together.

 That would be a reward for me. I don’t mind losing at all.

 Then, as the electronic Russian folk song sounded again, I repeatedly kissed Kei-chan with the taste of compote, and ejaculated into Mai’s vagina while listening to her beautiful voice.

 I’m afraid that if I keep doing this, I’ll become unable to ejaculate without the testosterone and it will become compota-flavored umaibou semen.

 But those umaibou sticks… they make me thirsty.

 Then, as I was holding Kei-chan and Mai was giving me bottled water to drink, Kayama-san came up to us with another girl.

 They had been having s*x together in the corner of the room all this time.

 It was immoral for me to see girls playing with each other, and I was hesitant to call out to them, so I left them alone for a long time, though I was curious about them.

 As far as I could see, Kayama-san was fine, but the girl behind her, Amemiya-san, seemed to be in a very bad state.

 Her skin was red and pale, her crotch was wet with honey, and her eyes were completely turned on.

 ”I’m sorry to keep you waiting, Master. This deaf masochistic lesbian girl didn’t want to give her virginity to Master, so it took me a while to get her to “say” it”

 It seemed to me that she and I had quite a discrepancy in the definition of the word “say”.

 ”You call yourself my servant, yet you call Master ugly!”

 When Kayama-san said this in an indignant tone, Mai also looked at Amemiya-san disapprovingly.

 ”She begged me to tear her up rather than give her to Master, so I took the time to teach her a lesson”

 That pretty much sums it up. It probably means that for the past ten hours or so, Kayama-san has been making Amemiya-san constantly stop in her climax.

 Until she agreed to give her virginity to me.

 ”Please, Master. Although she’s a boring masochistic lesbian, but please scatter her virginity like a snack. Of course, there’s no need for you to do anything. Let her do it all herself”

◇ ◇ ◇

 “Master…” I don’t feel comfortable calling him that, but when Yui-sama tells me to call him that, I can’t help it.

 Seeing the towering meat rod of such a Master facing the ceiling, Yui-sama let out a breath of admiration.

 ”Wow… as expected of Master… he just ejaculated and now he’s already like this… it’s wonderful”

 I couldn’t help but feel frustrated that the woman I loved was gazing at such an ugly thing.

 I felt as if Yui-sama’s voice, whispering in a lustful way, was echoing in my head.

 But when I still thought so, Yui-sama turned her cold eyes towards me.

 ”What’s wrong? Quickly, beg him. Didn’t I teach you well?”

 ”Ah… ah…”


 Yui-sama shouted at me, and I hurriedly kneeled down.

 I got down on my hands, my forehead hitting the soft floor, and raised my voice as I was taught.

 ”I’m sorry! Please give me your cock. I’ll do anything for it. So, please give me your cock to this stupid masochistic lesbian girl who doesn’t even know how great her master is! With your cock, please conquer me like you did with Yui-sama. Please, fuck me and make me cum. Please fuck me, defile me, and give me your cock in my filthy hole!”

 With tears streaming down my face, I rubbed my forehead and begged him to insert me.

 It was terrible. I was frustrated.

 If I didn’t give him my virginity, Yui-san would abandon me. But more than that, my body was completely horny after being held back for so long, and despite my frustration, I couldn’t stop wanting that stick.

 I love Yui-sama, but my body is trying to betray me.

 And the fact that it was her who made me betray her was also frustrating to me.

 The black gal looked down at me as I lowered my head and pleaded for a muscular p*nis, and giggled.

 ”Fu~min is so great, once you’ve tasted it, you won’t be able to get enough with girls anymore”

 ”U… uuuu, please, give me your cock, uuu, uuu… please, give me your cock, please…”

 Yui-sama had said so herself, that she was “Master’s living onahole”.

 Moreover, Yui-sama would rather be dumped in the same place with this ugly cock than be dumped by him… that’s what she thinks. If it meant being with him.

 After looking down at my misery, she smiled and whispered to Master in a flirtatious voice.

 ”Please, Master, do me a favor~. Could you please add this masochistic lesbian to the end of your harem~?”

 ”Okay, sure”

 ”Thank you very much. After that, she’ll do it herself”

 She grasped Master’s stiff, thick p*nis as she lay there, stroking it lovingly.

 It was large and taut, with veins showing, and the reddish-black glans was hideous.

 ”Then, Amemiya, come here and straddle your Master’s waist~”

 ”Y… yes”

 I did as I was told, straddling Master’s body and widening my slit with my own hands.

 Because I’ve been stopped on climax for the past ten hours or so, my slit has been secreting an obscene amount of nectar, and it’s already soaked in slime.

 ”Haa~… haa~…”

 With ragged breathing, I slowly let my body sink down.

 When the tip of his glans touched my muddy crack, it made my skin feel all warm and fuzzy.

 ”Fuah… it’s twitching, it’s great… haa~ haa~, the cock is hitting. The cock…”

 But I don’t think I can penetrate myself with this thing.

 However, when I stopped moving in my mid-section, Yui-sama grabbed my shoulders, and then–

 ”Get on with it~!”

 Yui-sama put her weight on me and push my body down.


 Immediately, I hear a splitting sound and feel pain as if my body is being ripped in half.

 ”Kiihi! Kuh…, Gah, oh…, my virginity’s been broken… I’ve been turned into a woman… I gave away my precious virginity… I gave my precious virginity to a man whose name I don’t even know, An… Aaah, Nku, it hurts, it hurts…”

 Tears spilled down my face.

 It hurts. It’s terrible.

 What irritated me even more was that the pain felt good.

 It felt as if I had a burning iron rod in my body. The pleasure of having my vaginal cavity mercilessly dilated. The wound was tingling with fever, and the sweet pain was tormenting my lower abdomen incessantly.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ah… ah…”

 ”You don’t look too anxious”

 Seeing my expression, Yui-sama looked a little surprised.

 My face was probably in the throes of pleasure.

 My vagina, which had been tormented for several hours and had lost all sense of reason, was now more than sufficiently moist.

 And I knew that my body was shallowly clamping down on the rod, following my instincts as a woman.

 ”Although you’re a masochist, I didn’t think you’d be able to take pleasure in the pain of deflowering”

 I was surprised at my own greed that I could turn even the pain of deflowering into pleasure, I knew that that I shouldn’t be pleased, but…

 Once again, I chewed on the existence of Master who filled my vagina.

 My lower abdomen trembled at the sensation of having my insides pried open by the muscular rod, and the overwhelming sense of pressure.

 I can’t hold back the sound of my voice leaking out.

 ”It’s amazing… it’s so deep inside me… it’s so terrible to lose my virginity like this… and yet… I’m so excited, so happy”

 Even though it’s only just entered me, I’m about to come just from that.

 As I was trembling in fear of further pleasure, suddenly, “Pan!”, Yui-sama hit my cheek.

 ”What are you fooling around with? You’re already a tool for Master to ejaculate on, so do your duty”

 ”I-I’m sorry”

 I hurriedly start moving my hips.

 I squat in an indecent manner as if I were straddling a Japanese-style toilet.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, anhh, it feels too good, ah, hin…”

 As I move my hips up and down, sweet breaths escape from my lips incessantly, as if I’ve forgotten about humiliation and shame, and my heart is burning with anticipation of climax.

 ”Ooh, it’s rubbing me so hard, Yui-sama, Yui-sama, I’m scared… I don’t want to, I shouldn’t, but it feels so good, it feels so good…”

 I raise my voice and keep moving my hips. My hips are shaking to increase the friction with his p*nis.

 When I lower my gaze, Master is enjoying the kisses between the black gal and Takasago-senpai alternately, as if he’s not interested in me.


 I was shocked to find myself thinking that he should look at me a little bit, and that he should feel good with me.

 (I… I’m really becoming his thing…)

 When I came to realize it, my disgust was almost gone.

 On the contrary, I felt the desire to make this man feel good rising up from the depths of my chest.

 ”Ahhh… I didn’t know that cock was so amazing, I didn’t know that…”

 Drunk with pleasure, I bucked my hips madly.

 The sensation of the lump of flesh gouging into my vagina was uncontrollable.

 ”This is my first time having s*x, but it feels so good. I, I, I, no, this is… I’m going crazy, ohhh, cock, cock is all I can think about”

 As I raised my voice, Takasago-senpai, in Master’s arms, murmured.

 ”Didn’t you know it felt good?”

 ”I-I didn’t know, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to call him ugly. Ah, it so deep… I can’t take itttttt… . Nnnnn, if I learn this, I’ll become a s*x-crazed, cock-crazed, stupid bitchh, I don’t want itttt, nooooo!”

 I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore.

 And Yui-sama chuckles at the sight of me.

 ”There are some virgins out there who are truly helpless masochists… I’m sorry, Master. Please put an end to this indecent woman. Please put an end to her”


 And with that, Master suddenly thrusts his hips upward. Immediately, the rod inside my vagina pulsed even more heavily.

 *Tremble*, *Spurttt*! *Spurttttt*!

 After ten hours of being stopped climax for so long that I hadn’t been able to climax even once, I shuddered with delight and screamed so loudly that my voice turned inside out.

 ”Kuhiiiiiiiiiiiii! I-It’s here, it’s finally here! The semen is coming out inside me, oh, oh, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, Yui-sama! Yui-samaaaa! Look at me! I, I, I, I’m cumming! Aaahhhh!”

 The mass of male juices was released with great force, and the scorching gush tried to reap my consciousness. The shock of intense pleasure made my eyes go completely blank.

 ”Aah, aah, aah… this, this, this, this, this is amazing…”

 As I was tormented for what seemed like an eternity, an unbelievable pleasure engulfed me, and I fell forward, unable to support myself.

 As I’m held by Master’s chest, an unstoppable feeling of happiness wells up from deep within my chest.

 (Ah, now… Master will continue to love me)

 At that moment, I was surprised to find out that I hadn’t even thought of Yui-sama in the slightest.

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