Confinement 252

Chapter 252 The self-destruction of Nozomi Amemiya

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 It was a little past 8 o’clock in the evening, and I was on my way home from a convenience store to buy some ice cream because I could not stand the heat.

 ”Paisen… Kijima-paisen!”

 I turned around and saw a girl under the streetlight.

 She’s wearing barefeet sneakers. As I look at her again, I see her suntanned calves and her taut thighs stretching out from her denim hot pants.

 Her small breasts are pushed up against a yellow tank top with the logo of a surf brand. Her short haircut and eyes looked very defiant.

 However, her eyes were not as bad as Shiratori-san’s.

 (Well, in the case of Shiratori-san, although her name is Shiratori, her eyes are like those of a civet. Anyway, who is this girl? Am I mistaking her for someone else?)

 That’s how I didn’t know who the girl was at first.

 That’s because about a week ago, while she was on a presentation project, she had been looking at me with her eyes wide open.

 That’s why it took me a while to realize that she was Kayama-san’s Jushaservant, Nozomi Amemiya.

 ”What are you doing here at this hour?”

 ”Pai-sen.. I heard you live in the same residential area as Moribe, so I thought I could meet you if I wandered around here”

 ”You don’t have to do that, you can just ask Fujiwara-san… I’ve installed a door in her room too”

 ”I don’t want Fujiwara Paisen or Yui-sama to hear about this”


 ”Let me get straight to the point. Please release me and Yui-sama”

◇ ◇ ◇

 I’ve already stripped off my clothes and I am lying on the bed in “the Confinement King’s bedroom”, waiting for Amemiya-san to finish changing.

 This is what she told me when she was waiting for me on the way home from the convenience store.

 She said that she had been in love with Kayama-san before I kidnapped the track and field club.

 According to her, it was love at first sight.

 It’s happened from the first day she joined the club, thinking how cute she was, like a doll.

 And, since she had no interest in boys and wasn’t completely immune to love, she wanted to tease the girl she liked more than anything else. She was like a grade school boy, so she’d mess with Kayama-san repeatedly.

 But, the relationship between them worsened when Kayama-san’s father’s company went bankrupt.

 Coincidentally, the bank Amemiya-san’s father works at ended Kayama-san’s company with a loan cancellation…

 (It’s not that I don’t understand how she feels, but it’s like a bad treat for Kayama-san…)

 However, the relationship between the two of them suddenly turned around after the kidnapping incident that I caused.

 Although they are Master and Servant, they even comfort each other’s body.

 She was so happy, but one night after the result of the recent meeting, she realized the reality.

 The sight of Kayama-san in my arms, panting uncontrollably, both excited her and made her heart ache. Moreover, every time Kayama-san whispered her love to me, it made her heart ache even more.

 ”If you let us go… I’m sure we could become lovers”

 She insisted with a serious face, and I asked her in amazement.

 ”So, what’s the benefit to me if I let you two go?”

 The benefits she mentioned were too interesting.

 Now that she is the captain of the track and field club, she could freely offer me any member of the club.

 If not, a member of another athletic club will do. After all, she has their contacts.

 She’ll give me any girl I want in exchange for that. Any number of girls.

 I couldn’t say anything because I was amazed.

 Either way, it’s obvious that Kayama-san won’t like it, and once I’ve corrupted her to [Enslaved] status, I can use those contacts through her as I please.

 In other words, there’s no advantage.

 But since it was a good opportunity, I decided to play with her.

 ”Fine, but for the last time, I’m going to hold you for one night. If you don’t change your mind, I’ll let you go”

 I promised.

 So, tonight, I’m going to make love to her until she begs me not to leave her.

 As I was thinking about this…

 ”…Thank you for waiting”

 The door opened and she walked in, wearing s*xy lingerie with lots of lace.

 She was wearing a cupless bra, a bra with her breasts exposed, a garter belt, and white tights.

 I had asked the maids to prepare this kind of lingerie, thinking that it would look good on her healthy wheat-colored skin, and it really looked good on her.

 She blushed, but gave me a sharp look.

 ”There’s no way I’d look good in something like this. Well, you can do whatever you want. But you have to keep your promise”

 ”Of course I’ll keep my word. Now, come here”

 I invite her up onto the bed and continued to spoke.

 ”Well, I guess I’ll let you get ready yourself. While imagining Kayama-san”

 ”What do you mean…. by myself!? “

 ”Of course, by yourself. I want you to take your time to show me how Amemiya-san usually does it”

 Instantly, a look of disdain appeared on her face.

 ”Are you a pervert…?”

 ”Yeah, I guess so”

 She stared at me with a chuckle, her expression tense, and puzzled for a while.

 Eventually, she lies back down and with her eyes closed, begins to gently run her fingers between her legs.

 ”…Haa~ haa~ haa~ haa~… Nnn… ah… ah…”

 With sweet, nasal breath, her fingers crawl in circles on her underwear, but make no sign of touching her breasts. Apparently, she is a clitoralist. I don’t know what other types of factions there are, though.

 ”Ah, ah… ah, hmm, hmm… ah… ah… ah…”

 She had been playing with her crotch over her underwear for quite a long time, but when the stain appeared clearly on the fabric, she finally put her hand inside her underwear.

 ”Oh… Yui-sama… it’s so good…”

 Is she imagining Kayama-san’s fingertips? While leaking such a voice, her body convulsed.

 (…Well, it’s about time)

 I grabbed her hand that was trying to play with her crotch, made her stop jerking off, and smiled at her.

 ”Well, let’s get started, shall we?”

 ”Fueh… what do you mean, start… Hii!?”

 In front of her somewhat flustered eyes, I expose my already erect cock.

 And then…

 ”Ow, ouch!”

 I grabbed her hair as she tried to turn her head away from me, and put my cock right in front of her nose, where her face was twisted in pain.

 ”Uuuu… No…”

 In spite of her dislike, her eyes stare at my reddish-black glans, and I can see that her eyes are becoming more and more debauched.

 It seems that her body was imprinted with the pleasures of this rod.

 After all, the day I had taken her virginity, I had loved her until morning.

 No matter how much she dislikes me, she cannot lie about the memory of the pleasure imprinted in her body.

 Her eyes, which was staring at the erect p*nis, gradually narrowed like a thread, and she swallowed her saliva.

 It was as if I had put a pill in front of an addict’s eyes. No, it’s not like that. She was already an addict herself. She’s already addicted to the pleasure the meat stick brings.

 ”Get down on all fours right there! Now!”

 ”…I-I understand”

 I yell at her, and she rushes to get down on all fours.

 She looked like a masochist, happy to be told what to do, and unconsciously acted as if wanting to cum as soon as possible.

 ”Raise your ass more, spread your legs and arch your back!”


 She did as she was told, lowering her upper body so low that her breasts crushed on the floor, and raising her ass high.

 The way she positioned herself, it looked as if she was appealing with her whole body, “Please fuck me quickly”.

 She was so obedient that it made me feel uncomfortable inside, but her condition was not only [Submissive] but also M. In fact, it may not be so surprising.

 Then, placing both of my knees between her spread legs, I grabbed the thing that was warping so strongly, and placed the tip of my meat against her entrance.

 ”Aah, ahhh…”

 And with that, her whole body shuddered, her hips wiggling as she rubbed her crotch against mine.

 ”Hey, hey, don’t move on your own, you pervert”


 When she turned around, her face was bright red, and she looked ashamed at the fact that I had pointed out her leaking desire.

 ”Now look my eyes and repeat what I say, with all your feelings”

 As she’s an M girl, I decided from the start that today I would give her a thorough verbal torture.

 ”I, Nozomi,…”

 She bites her teeth in frustration as I finish my sentence. Then she opened her mouth, trembling with lust and humiliation.

 ”Nozomi is a cock-hungry woman who has never had a man in her life… Until I got fucked by Master’s cheating cock when I thought that I only liked girls… Ugh, that’s terrible”

 ”Oh, you can’t say it, then I guess that’s it”

 ”Wait! I’ll say it! I’ll say it! I’m a woman who loves cock. I love you… so much… and I want you to make me cum with your cock!”

 I can’t help but laugh at the fact that she seems to be more resistant to the idea of loving me than to obscene words.

 But the thought that I had brought such a strong-minded girl to her knees excited me to an unusual degree.


 I grabbed her tight hips firmly with both hands, and thrust my hips into her with a single stroke, following my overflowing desire.

 My cock, which had been resting against her wet slit, was at once enveloped in hot flesh, and pleasure crawled up my spine.

 The hard spear of flesh pierced her center in a single breath, and her elastic ass and my lower belly pounced.

 ”Kuh, Aaaaahhhh! Aaahhh!”

 She turned her head to look at me, and as if she had been hit with a burning iron, she bounced her upper body up and down on all fours.

 Immediately, I began to slam my hips against her ass with great force.

 ”Hiii, aah, aah, aah, aah, aah, aah!”

 Immediately, her body collapses forward.

 She clutched the sheet tightly, her hips raised high in the air, and screamed lewdly.

 (Kuh… it’s too tight, it’s too tight!)

 Perhaps it was because she had just lost her virginity. The flesh of her vagina tightened around my object as if it was held by hand.

 And the shivering of pleasure, or the violent trembling inside her vagina, stimulated my object even more.

 (It’s really too bad, she’s getting absurdly well…)

 Hiding my inner surprise, I whisper to her.

 ”How’s it, Nozomi?”

 ”D-don’t call my first name! It’s only Yui-samaa, Yui-samaa… ah, ah, ah, ah!”

 ”It’s not Kayama-san who’s making you feel good”

 While panting, her face is twisted in frustration. That is also arousing.

 Excited by the good condition of her honey hole and the look of humiliation on her face, the movement of my hips naturally accelerates.

 ”Aaan, your cok is good, your cock is good, ah, ah, ah, ah, ahiii!”

 This might be an unexpected find.

 She was, so to speak, Kayama-san’s servant. And I’d seen her like that, however she wasn’t bad at all. In fact, she was actually pretty good.

 Then, as I get down on my knees, bend at the waist, and cover her back.

 I whispered into her ear.

 ”Who’s making you feel so good?”

 ”It’s… Master….”

 She didn’t want to say it. But it would be painful if I were to stop here in a bad mood. Such a conflicted expression of anguish. It makes me horny.

 ”Your voice is so quiet”

 With that, I thrust the tip of my meat deep into her, then twisted my hips and rubbed her vagina all over.

 ”Aah! Master! Master! Master’s cock! I want your cockkkk!”

 ”You’ve always been a vulgar woman, you know that?”

 ”No, no, no, don’t say that…”

 At that moment, I put my right hand between her legs and rubbed her clitoris with my fingertips.

 ”Don’t talk back to me! Say yes to everything I say!”

 ”Ahhhh! I-I’m sorry!”

 Nozomi nodded in desperation.

 Then, with my left hand, I pinch her breast and whisper in her ear again.

 ”Okay, then do as I say! “Nozomi is yours, Master””

 ”Haaa~ Haa~… Nozomi is… Master’s thing”

 ””I’m a slut who came instantly after having Master’s cock shoved in my virgin cunt””

 ”Kuh…. I-I’m a slut… who came instantly… after having Master’s cock in my virgin cunt”

 ”I can’t live without a cock. I love cock more than Kayama-san! I love Master more than Kayama-san”

 ”Y-you’re terrible… although, y-you know how I feel”

 ”If you don’t say it, we’re done here. I’ll throw you on the side of the road dressed like that, don’t ever show your face again”

 ”Uuuuuu… Sob…”

 Nozomi begins to cry raggedly. But despite this, her vagina was trembling and her nipples were hard and tense with excitement.

 And then…

 ”I can’t… live… without… a… cock. I love your cock more than… Yui-sama… I… love Master more than Yui-sama…”

 She muttered in tears, and I slapped her ass with all my might!

 ”I can’t hear it!”

 ”Aaah, aaah, aaah, I love you so much! More than Yui-sama! I love Master very muchhhhh!”

 As soon as she cried out in tears, *Twitch Twitch*. Her vagina spasmed violently.

 She had betrayed the one she loved by giving in to pleasure. She must have felt the shame and misery of it.

 (Hahaha, this is too good! It’s too much fun!)

 The gap between the sharp look in her eyes when she appeared today and her current miserable appearance, halfway between sorrow and pleasure, made my heart jump.

 My hips started to move impulsively.

 The restraint I’d been exercising until now was no longer possible.

 That’s right, she’s mine now.

 ”Nozomi! I’m going to shoot you right in the vagina!”

 I let go of her breasts, which I had been toying with for a long time, and raised her upper body vigorously. I grabbed her waist as if I were clawing at it, and thrust my hips forward with all my might.

 ”Aaahhhh! Aaahh, aaahh! Ahhhh!”

 Immediately, she bounced up and down, shaking her head and screaming as tears and drool sprinkled down her face.

 ”Aah, aah, aah, aah, aah, aah, aah, aah, aahhh!”

 Her rational mind was already being torn apart by the pleasure of being tortured.

 I was so excited that I couldn’t keep my cool at all. I reached out her hair with one hand then making her shake her head violently and shouting at her in a loud voice.

 ”Come on! If it feels good, tell me my cock is good! You pervert! Come on!”

 ”It’s gooddd! Your cock is gooooodd! Ahhh, your cocckkkk”

 I can see Nozomi getting more and more excited with each obscene cry.

 She writhed on all fours, scratching the sheets with her hands.

 My S-side is out of control.

 The tension is rising to a strange level.

 And it made me thrusting my hips hard, twisted her hair in my grasp and shouted.

 ”Tell me, “I love Master!” Tell me, “I want become your woman!” Keep saying it! Say it!”

 The last part, “Say it!” is just for fun. It is the result of too much tension.

 ”Mwasterrr, ah, ah, I hove you! Nozomi is halready love Mwaster! Ah, Mwaster, I hove you so much! Nozomi hove Mwaster hery muchhh!”

 Her mouth is full of drool, her speech is slurred, and she struggles to speak in a muffled voice. But her excitement knows no bounds. Her heart must be jumps around and hurts.

 ”Nozomi! Catch it!”

 I shouted, and at the same time, the burning rage that had been swirling around my base rushed up my urethra.

 *Spurtt*! *Spurtttt*! *Spurttttt*!

 ”Aaaaahhh! Mwaster, I hove youuuu! I hove huuuuuuu!”

 Nozomi screams and arches her back like a wild horse.

 Her whole body shuddered and jerked as the semen hit her deepest parts. And finally, she spurts out a climaxing squirt, soaking my crotch.

 I looked down at her buttocks, which were shaking in time with my pulses, and her anus, which was twitching in the valley between them, and spewed everything I had into her.

 ”Ahh… ahhh…”

 Even after I’ve taken it all out, she just lets out a sloppy squeal of pleasure as she blows her mind.

 Still on the connected position, I covered her back and grabbed her slender chin to turn her around.

 Her expression was ecstatic, her eyes were bewildered, and her lips were half-opened in the aftermath of her climax.

 (This could be a real find. I can’t let her go any longer)

 The light of desire lights up in my chest again.

 I let go of her chin and begin to move my hips again, without pulling out the rod that is still in her.

 The feeling of torturing her is unbearable. With a hole this good, I felt like I could get off as many shots as I wanted.

 It’s been a while since I’ve seen Fumio-kun at his S full power

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