Confinement 253

Chapter 253 Dog Training

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 Let’s go back in time a little.

 Specifically, the day after the track and field competition. It was a week before the broadcast of the TV special “The World’s Surprising Phenomenon”.

 ”It’s quite a troublesome order”

 Terra-san, who was walking in front of us, turned around and said so.

 She had chestnut-colored hair with an overhang bob. The length of her hair was just below her shoulders.

 She was wearing a brown blazer and a red skirt, an unfamiliar uniform.

 She――Nefuterra-san, is a trainer.

 Even though she said her position was the same as us maids, I hesitated to take a casual attitude when I was told that she was the niece of the Head Maid.

 ”Is that so?”

 ”That’s right. It’d be easy if it were just to degrade her into an onahole. To be honest, it’s a difficult task to make her physical and mental abilities submit while she’s in a serious state”

* * *

 What I’m talking about is the training of the wolf girl we captured yesterday.

 The order given to Terra-san by the Head Maid was to make the wolf girl completely submit to the Confinement King-sama.

 Furthermore, the order was to train her so she could be used as both an onahole and a fighting force.

 Of course, that was the order of the trainer, Terra-san, but I, GokiburiCockroach and MukadeCentipede, have been asked by the Head Maid to assist her.

 ”Hmm… I wonder what I should do”

 Terra-san made a thoughtful gesture with a duck mouth.

 I saw her as a cheerful character who seems to have many male friends.

 Although she has that kind of atmosphere, we can’t trust her because she is a specialist in poisons and medicines and is so dangerous that the Head Maid wants us to be careful.

 Perhaps realizing our caution, she laughed and flapped her hands.

 ”You don’t have to look like that. Lord Ami, whom I was previously serving, has been destroyed, and there is nowhere else for me to go. Looking at the current situation in the demon world, I think it’s better to bet on this. First of all, that Confinement King-sama, right? I have to do my best to get in touch with that person”


 I replied, making eye contact with Centipede. I felt the word “get in touch” seemed disrespectful.

 And now, the place we’re heading to is the newly established “prison area”.

 In response to the appearance of a devil hostile to Lili-sama, any non-humans captured are to be imprisoned here.

 ”I’ve never trained a female werewolf before, but I have to show it that I can be useful”

 ”First time?”

 ”Yes. Males are usually killed as soon as they’re captured”

 ”Do you kill them!? The male!?”

 ”Of course not. What a waste! Male werewolves are amazing. When they’re in heat, they don’t wilt no matter how many times they ejaculate, and one ejaculation lasts for about 30 minutes. And because they are dogs inside their heads, they can’t sit still for thirty minutes, so they shake their hips while ejaculating”

 ”T-thirty minutes?”

 Centipede choked next to me.

 She’s the only maid who’s ever been with a man, so she might know what it’s like, but thirty minutes doesn’t really ring any bells with me.

 ”There’s no way a succubus would leave such an erotic creature alone, right? So, we overhunted them and drove them to the brink of extinction. Basically, werewolves hate succubi very much”

 ”Of course they hate it. If they were driven to the brink of extinction…”

 ”However, from our point of view, female werewolves have no use for anything. We have no idea how to keep them as pets and we don’t want to wait for the increase of their number. Because succubus are only epicureans”

 Then, Centipede suddenly interrupted.

 ”You said they must in heat earlier to do it, so, umm… they can’t do it unless they’re in heat, right?”

 ”Yes, normally. After all, they only come into heat about once a year, even as an adult”

 ”Then what kind of training…”

 ”That’s the thing. I can fix that with drugs”

 ”You mean like aphrodisiac?”

 Centipede’s question was met with a shrug from Terra-san, as if to say she was dumbfounded.

 ”There are no truly effective aphrodisiacs in the world. Even the ones that are said to work are usually just placebos”

 Then she points to the area between my eyebrows, just above it.

* * *

 ”It’s the same with humans, right here on the head. There’s a part of the head about the size of the tip of your little finger, shaped like an almond. It’s called the corpus callosum[1], and living things have senses of sight, hearing, smell, and touch. When a stimulus is captured by these sensory organs, the organism instantly responds in some way. That’s the part of the brain that determines whether the stimulus is pleasant or unpleasant”


 ”So, in the case of males, if I feed them the drugs to make that area swing to the pleasant side, I can create a simulated state similar to estrus. Then, if I give them a lot of drugs to keep them from going back into heat, I can make a great meat vibrator”

 There’s no other way to say that they won’t be able come back from heat state.

 Of course, centipede and I were both shocked by this.

 However, Terra-san continued to talk without regard to our condition.

 ”I suppose I could do the same thing with a female, but then we’d only be able to use her as an onahole. Well, I don’t know if it’s possible, but I guess I’ll have to experiment and try a new method”

 While she was talking, we arrived at the room where the wolf girl was being held.

 ”Grrrrrrr! Urrrrrrr!”

 As we unlocked the door and stepped into the room, the wolf girl growled like a beast in the corner of the room against the wall.

 A dark-skinned girl with ochre hair. Her feet are bare, and she has a petite frame with only fur covering her chest and waist. On top of her head, her ears are like those of a beast..

 ”Oh my, it’s a small dog breed. It doesn’t look like a puppy, but… it seems immature for an adult”

 ”You smell like a succubus! Stay away from me! If not you’ll die! I’ll tear you to pieces!”

 As if to interrupt Terra-san’s words, a wolf girl shouts.

 Although her face is cute, the wolf girl’s expression is not cute at all. Her fanged double teeth peeked out from her distorted mouth in displeasure.

 ”She’s talking like that, are you sure we shouldn’t restrain her?”

 ”Yes, I’ve heard that Lili-sama use <ProhibitionBan> to prohibit fighting”

 When I replied, Terra-san rolled her eyes and whistled.

 ”Heh~… LiliamosMiss JouLiliamos can do that too? I’m going to have to seriously change my mind about this…”

 ”So, what do we do now?”

 To my question, Terra-san said, “Well, you can hold her down for a bit”. Then she dropped the bag she was holding on the floor, stuck her hand inside, and started fumbling around.

 Centipede and I nodded at each other, and when we approached the wolf girl, she growled menacingly and shook herself slightly.

 Probably, as soon as she was about to attack, she got stuck due to the effect of the <ProhibitionBan>.

 ”Grrrr! Let me go! Let go of me! I’ll bite you! I’m gonna scratch you! Let me go!”

 She writhes around, screaming, but Centipede and I grab her arms and legs and pin her down on the floor.

 She’s strong, but not strong enough to bounce off.

 I think it’s partly because I’m twisting the little girl around, but also because she’s scared inside. When I saw her curled tail, I felt so guilty.

* * *

 ”Yes, thank you. It’s OK now”

 She walked up to me, holding a small syringe in her hand. Inside it, I can see a black liquid marbling and flowing back.

 Then, she stabbed it into the neck of the wolf girl, and with a flick of her fingers, poured the suspicious liquid into her veins.

 ”It hurts! What are you doing! No, stop! I’ll kill you succubus! I’ll kill you! Idiot! You idiot! Die!”

 As I struggled to hold back the flailing wolf girl, Terra-san, still flicking her fingers, pulled out the needle and smiled.

 ”Yes, it’s okay! You can let her go now”


 As soon as we let go, the wolf girl jumped away from us at a great speed, and glared at us with a snarl against the wall again.


 ”Nnn!? Ah, ah, ah, ah…”

 Suddenly, her body jolts, and she sits up, shaking slightly.

 ”Ah, ahhhhh… ah, ahhhh, ah, ah, ah… ah…”

 Her skin was burning red. Her expression is ecstatic, and her mouth is sloppily half open like an infant’s.

 The wolf girl moans and scratches the air with her fingertips, as if she doesn’t know what to do.

 ”Yes, she’s in heat now. She’s not a full-grown dog yet. This is probably her first time in heat, right? I think she’s probably really confused”

 ”Is she going to be okay? Is she gonna stop coming back or…”

 ”Oh, it’s fine, it’s fine. It’s been diluted to the very limit. It’ll probably go away after she come once or twice”


 As soon as I let out that sound, the wolf girl suddenly jumps on me.

 Fighting is forbidden in this area. So, I was so careless that I didn’t react fast enough.

 ”Eh!? W-what? Wait, wait, wait!”

 While I was confused, she clung to my leg and moved her hips, rubbing her private area against my knee.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ah, bark, wahiii, kyan, ah, ahh…”

 Just like a dog in heat.

 Her eyes are completely out of control. Her black eyes are looking at completely different places on each side, and her raspy breath is just like a dog’s.

 ”Ahaha, right?”

 ”Right? No, it’s not! Please help me, my clothes are getting dirty!”

 Terra-san laughs with amusement, and I desperately raise my voice. Centipede was completely taken aback.

 ”Well, since it’s her first time, why don’t you let her do whatever she wants? The s*xual urge of a werewolf is very strong. If they don’t get their fill, they’ll bang their head against a rock and die. Next time, just hold her down and rub her area to make her come”

 ”Oh, no…”

 I didn’t expect her to use my legs for satisfy herself.

 In the end, she come in less than five minutes, and although she let go of my legs, everything below my knees was soaked.

 I couldn’t help but get teary-eyed, and Terra-san happily said to me.

 ”Now, I’m going to make her come repeatedly for the next three days, until she comes in heat by conditioned reflex”

 ”Three days!?”

 In the end, for three days Centipede and I took turns giving the wolf girl injections, wearing rubber gloves, and rubbing her private area.

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