Confinement 255

Chapter 255 Shima-san’s potential

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 On a summer vacation, a day when I had no plans, at 11 a.m.

 I was standing in front of the Chobi statue in front of the station, looking at my phone.

 As the number of girls in my harem increases, I find myself communicating with more and more girls on social networking sites, which makes me smile a little, even though it’s troublesome.

 Just following their timelines is fun in its own way, but lately they’ve all been sending me pictures as if they were competing with each other.

 Many of them are pictures of themselves in the bath or s*xy shots of themselves in their underwear.

 I think they’re trying to tell me to call them to the bedroom.

 But not all of them, of course.

* * *

 Shiratori-san doesn’t send any pictures, and Kei-chan only sends pictures of sweets.

 And Shima-san, for some reason, sends me only Tashiro-san’s photos. They are a mixture of old and new one.

 There are some pictures of Tashiro-san in elementary school, but there are also recent ones.

 The photos are not necessarily s*xy shots, but just ordinary cute pictures of Tashiro-san.

 (Shima-san, you like Tashiro-san too much…)

 As for what I’m doing here, I got a message from Masaki-chan last night.

 [Fumio-kun, please. Go on a date with Natsumi-chan tomorrow]

 I didn’t know what it meant, but I didn’t have any plans, so I agreed.

 Shima-san is now a member of Masaki-chan’s faction, and Masaki-chan is a very caring person, so she might have been concerned about Shima-san’s reserved nature.

 After I agreed to the date, she immediately sent me the meeting place, the time and a detailed date plan.

 It wasn’t just about caring.

 After looking at my phone for a while, Shima-san appeared.

 She’s wearing a sleeveless blouse and a long skirt with hemp. Her earth tones, paired with her attire, gave her the appearance of an elder sister, and it’s very cute.

 Her makeup was natural, but it was also very refreshing to see her wearing it.

 ”Did you dress up for me?”

 I asked her, and she blushed and looked away.

 ”Well, I’d like you to think I’m cute, too…”

 ”Yes, you’re cute, Natsumi”

 ”W-wait… s-stop it, it’s embarrassing”

 I can’t help but smile at the sight of Shima-san turning red and repeating incomprehensible movements.

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”Umu, that’s good, Shima! Confinement King is mellowing! How about it, First Favored Princess, Shima is a girl who can do it!”

 ”Ui-chan, don’t get too excited, they’ll find us”

 Both Ui-chan and I were hiding behind a signboard of a pachinko parlor in front of the station, watching Fumio-kun and Natsumi-chan.

 I think it’s suspicious that we’re both wearing sunglasses as disguise, but it’s a matter of mood.

 The pretense is that Natsumi-chan said she had never been out alone with a boy before, so we set up a date for her.

 Ui-chan had a boyfriend named Hiratsuka-kun, until a while ago, and I, too, have been to the movies and amusement parks with boys, even if we have never been together.

 So, the fact that Natsumi-chan didn’t have such an experience came as a surprise to me.

 ”But is it good, First Favored Princess?”

 ”What do you mean?”

 ”If the Confinement King finds out how cute Shima is, he might not be able to take care of you as often”

 ”Don’t worry about it. I’m the only girl who got a love letter from Fumio-kun. No matter how hard other girl try, I’ll always be the best and everyone else will be just like everyone else”

 ”Hah! Do not say that! I heard I was admired by Confinement King. So to speak. Confinement King thinks I’m better than you”

 ”Yes, yes, good for you. Oh, they’re moving. Um, so the first thing is…”

 ”Umu, lunch at a fancy café recommended by the Third Favored Princess. We’ll follow them”

* * *

◇ ◇ ◇

 At this moment, I was watching Kijima’s back as he walked a little ahead of me.

 I thought a boy would walk with me in such a case…

 (Well, Kijima… he’s not used to dating)

 I chuckle and look at his hand.

 (I wonder if I should hold his hand…)

 Even though we’ve already done some erotic things, just holding hands seems like a very difficult thing to do.

 (I want to hold hands…)

 I gently reach out and pinch the hem of Kijima’s shirt.

 ”Oh, sorry, did I walk too fast?”

 Kijima turns around and I give him a small nod.

 No words came out.

 (E-eh? W-why? This is not my character. But my face is hot, and I’m choking. Why am I so nervous? Though, he’s Kijima)



 ”I’d… like… to hold your hand”

 (It’s embarrassing! What the hell am I talking about…!?)

 Then Kijima smiles and takes my hand.

 We’re holding hands in a lover’s way, like intertwining our fingers.

 ”You’re so cute, Natsumi”

 ”S-shut up, you idiot…”

 (He’s so nonchalant! He’s really annoying. Why do I have to be so nervous?)

 ”Shall we?”

 But I looked up as he pulled me by the hand, and my mouth relaxed involuntarily.

 I saw Kijima’s ears were red because he was walking in front of me with his hand.

◇ ◇ ◇

 We had dinner at a fancy cafe and went to a movie together. In the theater, we held hands the whole time.

 The movie was a thriller.

 Because I don’t like Hollywood romances.

 I can’t say anything back when he calls me a kid, but I’m not comfortable with that pushy “I love you” stuff.

 I think I’d prefer something more light-hearted.

 When I talked about this to Masaki before, she said, “Natsumi-chan’s view of love stopped at “りRi〇*んn” and “なNa〇*よしyoshi”.

 But I think that’s probably true.

 After watching the movie, we went to a fast food restaurant to have a rest.

 The movie was quite interesting. Kijima also seemed to enjoy it and seemed to be a little excited.

 ”Well… I kind of figured out that the girl was the culprit from the middle of the movie, but I didn’t think she was actually over forty. Isn’t that cheating?”

 ”That’s true. But it was interesting… When I watch that kind of thriller on TV, Shiratori always says who the killer is. When it gets bad, she’ll say “this guy is the killer” within the first few minutes. And when I lose interest in watching it, she changes the channel to the program she wants to watch”

 ”Oh… that sounds like her”

 ”Ui-chan and I don’t go out to watch thriller movies. After all, she likes “Boom! Boom! It’s all about “boom!” stuff”

 ”Action stuff?”

 ”Yes yes, and last time we went to see a thriller movie, she was thinking so much that her head was blowing smoke”

 ”I can imagine it. She doesn’t seem to be able to read things backwards”

 ”That’s right. But Ui-chan…”

 Just as I was about to say that, Kijima suddenly reached out and put a finger to my lips.

 ”Shima-san, I’d like you to tell me about yourself, not Tashiro-san”

 I was startled. I felt my body temperature suddenly rise, and my eyes swam involuntarily.

* * *

 (Wh-Wh-Wh-Wh-What’s with Kijima? He’s such a jerk…)

 ”I-I… Don’t care about me. T-There’s nothing interesting to say about me…”

 ”But, it’s natural to want to know about the girl I like, right?”

 ”The girl… The girl I like…”

 I wonder if this is what it means to have fire coming out of the face. I could feel my eyes starting to water.

 ”Let’s go… I think we’ll be late today. Are you okay?”

 ”G-Go… I mean, I don’t want to be late…”

 As soon as I said that, the phone I left on the table suddenly vibrated.

 On the screen, there was a message from Ui-chan.

 [Shima, I’ve informed Oba-sanaunt that you’re staying at my place today!]

 Unintentionally, I looked around.

 But there was no sign of Ui-chan.

 Anyway, the timing is too good…

 Kijima smiled when he saw the message on the screen of my phone.

 ”Then… I guess I should spend the night to learn everything about Natsumi”

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”It’s so easy! What the heck!? It’s way too easy! Natsumi-chan, I’m amazed, how did she manage not to be deceived by boys until now? She’s like a middle schooler!”

 As soon as they left the fast-food restaurant, First Favored Princess raised her face from the ground and made a noise.

 ”What are you talking about, Shima is by far the most maidenly girl I know. But then again, with Shima, she’s friends with everyone. It’s just that she’s never been considered as a woman before”

 ”…Then again, she’s been red in the face all day. Despite the fact that she’s already had do it with Fumio-kun many times…”

 ”Hmm, well, that’s Shima’s reserved side, isn’t it?”

 In fact, in Shima’s mind, intercourse with the Confinement King was not connected to romantic feelings, I suppose.

 ”But, First Favored Princess, I’m grateful to you”

 ”But if Fumio-kun take Natsumi-chan, you’d be so lonely”

 I narrow my eyes quietly.

 Now that Shima and I are splitting up, I realize how dependent I’ve been on her.

 Then, the First Favored Princess asked me if Shima was becoming too dependent on me.

 Or should I say co-dependence?

 I thought that our relationship was a bit twisted.

 So, I arranged this date.

 ”But that’s Fumio-kun, isn’t it? I didn’t tell him any details, but he treated Natsumi-chan as a girl”

 ”Umu, as expected, he’s my Confinement King”

 ”He’s my Fumio-kun”

◇ ◇ ◇

 Today, instead of going into “the Confinement King’s bedroom”, I took a room at La Vian Rose.

 Because I wanted to continue the date to the end, I thought.

 I know it sounds uncool, but I told my Okaa-sanmom I was going on a date and she gave me some money. A lot of money.

 ”It’s a date with a beautiful Ojouyoung sanlady, isn’t it?”

 Maybe my mom thinks I’m on a date with Fujiwara-san.

 At this moment, Natsumi was standing still in the room.

 She was so cute that I embraced her and kissed her.

 Our lips met, and when our tongues intertwined, I felt her body relax.

 ”Ah… Nnh… Kijimaa… I guess I really like you”

 ”I know”

 ”The way you say it… it’s a little annoying”

 She slumped over and I pushed her down on the bed.

 We undressed each other and held each other as we kissed repeatedly.

* * *

 ”Ah, ahn, noo… it’s so naughty…”

 We played with each other’s bodies, licking each other, and Natsumi’s cute moans got me more and more excited.

 Unable to take it anymore, I moved inside her and shook my body violently as I was aroused.

 I rubbed up and down inside of her.

 ”Natsumi! Natsumi!”

 ”Nn, K-Kijima! Kijima… I-it’s good! It feels so good!”

 And we both climaxed, calling each other’s names.

 When I tried to kiss her again, she curled up in the sheets, her face turning red and writhing.

 ”It’s so embarrassing. It’s like we’re lovers…”

 ”We’re going to live together after graduation, so it’s too late for that”

 ”That’s… I’m just an addition to Ui-chan…”

 I chuckled. Despite the boldness of her speech, I really like her reserved personality.

 ”Ui is Ui, Natsumi is Natsumi, right?”

 I said, looking into her eyes, and she smiled shyly.

 ”…You’re going to teach me a lot about Natsumi today”

 ”Yes, but… but first, Kijima, I… want you to make me feel good one more time…”

 ”Although, you just came a minute ago”

 ”…Can’t you?”

 She’s shyly looking up and saying that, and it’s absurdly cute.

 But if I keep doing this, I might not be able to listen to her anymore.

 So, I think for a moment.

 ”Well, if you can do an imitating of the subject I suggest, let’s do it again. If you can’t, we’ll talk for a while”

 ”Imitating’s a bit sudden… Well, yeah, I’m pretty good at it.”

 ”You’ll become an ostrich chased by its natural enemy, screaming and running away as fast as it can”


 I thought I was pushing her too hard.

 But I soon realized that I had underestimated her potential.

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