Confinement 255 5

Chapter 255

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 ”Fumi-kun, wake up…”

 I could hear Misuzu’s sweet voice, and feel my body shakes a little.

 ”Nn, nnn… Let me sleep a little longer…”

 I responded in a hazy state of consciousness, and pulled the blanket over my head.

 ”It can’t be helped… Fumio-kun…”

 After that, Masaki-chan muttered with a wry smile.

 The next moment, the blanket was pulled off, and something soft and squishy covered my face.

 ”Okay, Fumio-kun. It’s Fumio-kun’s favorite, Masaki’s breast~”

 ”Mmph, mmm…!”

 I unconsciously shook my head from side to side in response to its softness with slight suffocation, and enjoyed the touching sensation enveloping my entire face.

 (Ahh, So soft… So tender…)

 Not only was the touch wonderful, but the sweet peach-like fragrance that drifted faintly in the air was so pleasant.

 After enjoying the feeling for a while…

 ”Fu~min, you’re already awake, aren’t you?”

 ”Yes, definitely”

 I hear Mai and Ui’s voices.

 Then, when the thing covering my face came off and my vision opened up, I saw the four girls looking at me.

 The four girls were dressed in pure white lace wedding lingerie and a wedding veil, and were wearing incendiary bridal gowns.

 Misuzu Kurosawa, Masaki Haneda, Ui Tashiro, Mai Fujiwara.

 These are my four favorite princesses.

 Now that I look closely, I can see Masaki-chan’s massive twin breasts are resting on top of her sliding bra.

 Needless to say, this must be the one that was on my face just now.

 ”W-what’s going on? Why are you all here…?”

 I looked around and saw the familiar Confinement King’s bedroom.

 And then, the four of them looked at each other, smiled, and clapped their hands around me, saying…



 ”Umu! Trully happy!”

 ”Ahaha, Fu~min, Omecongratulations!”

 What’s that supposed to mean? Scary.

 I mean, being surrounded by people and being told, “Congratulations…” (*Note: Evangelion?)

 ”Is this the last episode? Something like, “I musn’t run away””

 I asked with fear, and everyone turned puzzled at the same time.

 ”Umm… are you sure you don’t know? It’s our anniversary”

 ”Anniversary… of what?”

 Misuzu complained a little, and when I tilted my head, the four of them shrugged their shoulders as if they were taken aback.

 ”Well, if you don’t know, then there’s nothing we can do”

 ”Well, anyway, since it’s our anniversary, we thought we’d celebrate with a harem play for the four of us on our wedding night”

 Ui nodded humbly, and Mai poked the tip of my nose with her finger.

 ”First night harem…”

 I don’t know what it is, but when all four of them are dressed s*xually like that, there’s no way I can resist.

 ”Well, Fumio-kun, enjoy your favorite breasts”

 Masaki-chan said, covering my face.

 Then, without reservation, I grabbed the white fruit in front of me with both hands and sucked on the cherry-red nipples.

 ”Nnn… ah, ah…”

 She raised her eyebrows in agony, and blushed her cheeks with a face that was still childish.

 While squeezing her heavy breasts, which were hanging down above my face, I licked and sucked her nipples, including the nipple rings, which were as indecent as her face.

 ”Ahn, Fumio-kun… Ahn, heheh, you’re so cute when you’re so desperate. I can’t wait to have a baby and let you drink my milk”

 ”Even if your breast can’t produce milk, Masaki-chan’s breasts are the best”

 As I said that, I brought Masaki’s twin breasts to the center and sucked on both nipples at the same time.

 ”Nooo, Fumio-kun, that’s way too perverted..”

 I sucked on both nipples at the same time, and Masaki-chan let out a cry of pleasure.

 ”Geez, you’re so mean, only Masaki-chi, it’s not f-a-i-r!”

 ”Yes, that’s right. Isn’t that a violation of the Confinement King Antimonopoly Act?”

 ”When did you make that law?”

 I chuckled at Mai and Ui’s protests.

 ”Then, Masaki, move a little”

 Misuzu whispers to Masaki. After that, she slips off her bra, exposing her breasts.

 Of course, they’re not as big as Masaki-chan’s, but they’re taut and beautiful.

 ”I’m going to punish you, Fumi-kun, for not being able to let go of the breast no matter how old you get”

 When Misuzu whispered this in my ear, Misuzu nodded to Masaki and pressed her breasts against my face at the same time.

 *Squish Squiiiish*, a soft swell of elasticity immediately covered my entire.

 ”Nnn, nnnn!?”

 They cover my vision along with my mouth, making me almost impossible to breathe.

 (It’s so soft!? But it’s painful!? But I’m happy!?)

 The feeling of the four breasts interweaving together is exciting. But I’m out of oxygen. The feel of Misuzu’s beautiful breasts, the feel of Masaki-chan’s super breast.

 The volume may not be twice as large, but the pleasure is surely more than four times as great.


 I somehow managed to push my way through their breast and Misuzu and Masaki burst into laughter.

 ”Okay, I’m gonna squeeze your milk, Fu~min”

 Saying that, she gently grasps my morning erection through her sweat pants.

 ”Wow… it’s full of energy even in the morning”

 ”F-Fourth Favored Princess, I-I won’t allow you to monopolize him to yourself!”

 Saying that, Ui also grasps my things over my sweat pants.

 Then, both Mai and Ui pulled down my sweatpants and boxer shorts, and began licking my erect p*nis from both sides.

 ”Aaahn, Fu~min’s ochinpo-chan, it’s been so long. It tastes so good… I want to lick it forever *lick lick lick…*”

 ”Umu. It’s so firm and manly, just licking it makes my heart pound… *lick lick lick…*”

 ”Ah, Mai, Ui…”

 Two tongues crawl all over my thing.

 (What’s this, having my face buried with breast while my cock being serviced with mouth? Is this heaven?)

 Mai is a slow, underachiever student, while Ui is a formal honor student. They are too different from each other, but surprisingly, they work well together.

 When Mai licks the glans, Ui licks the underside, when Mai licks the underside, Ui licks the glans, and so on.

 ”Fourth Favored Princess! It’s not fair that you only lick the tip!”

 ”Ui-chi, you’re always complaining, why don’t you just lick it with me?”

 My lovely brides with their tongues intertwined between my glans. Under the wedding veil, the blonde side-tails and black ponytails sway.

 The sight of them kissing made me more and more excited.

 ”It feels so good, both of you. It feels so good I think I’m going to come right out”

 I’m not kidding. I’m going to cum.

 The two of them are giving me the most exquisite pleasure, and I let out a gasp of pleasure as my whole body relaxes.

 ”No, Fu~min, this is not how our service are supposed to be”

 ”That’s right, Confinement King, this is where it all begins!”

 As soon as they said that, Ui started licking one side of my testicles.

 ”Nnn, Confinement King, it’s steaming, it smells so lewd, it turns me on… *lick lick lick lick lick…*”

 And then Mai sucked on the other side.

 ”Fu~min, when I think about how much of your lewd juices are packed in here, my heart starts pounding… *kiss* *kiss…*”

 While they licked and sucked on the sac, they didn’t forget to serve the meat pole. Ui massages the glans with the palm of her hand, and Mai gently squeezes the trunk.

 ”Kuh, it’s amazing, it’s…”

 At the same time, I lifted my hips to the simultaneous assault on my pole and sac. The sensation of pleasure sent numbness down my spine.

 ”Ahaha, looks like you’re really about to cum. So, is this the end?”

 As she said that, Mai took my cock in her mouth and swallowed it. Eventually, she took it all the way down to the base, and then she gave me the double piece with a smile.


 ”I-Isn’t that painful?”

 ”That’s… scary”

 As expected, the other three people’s eyes widened.

 That’s true, of course. If they wanted to swallow my larger-than-human-sized p*nis to the root, it would go down their throats and reach their chests.

 Normally, it would have been no surprise if she had been choking.

 But Mai is unconcerned. On the contrary, she smiled proudly and began to move her head up and down at a furious pace.

 ”Nn, nnn! Nhh, *suck*! Nmm, *suck* *suck* *slurp*!”

 ”Kuh, I can’t lose”

 For some reason, Ui says this in frustration, then takes the entire sac in her mouth and starts licking and rolling it.

 ”Nhaah, *lick lick lick…*”


 I frowned, desperately enduring the pleasure.

 If I let my guard down for even a moment, I’m sure, I’ll cum instantly.

 The double oral stimulation of cleaning my balls and deep-throating me made me feel as if I were about to reach my limit, and I tightened my grip on my lower stomach.

 ”You two are amazing… Masaki, we can’t lose to them”

 ”Yes, Misuzu-chan. Hee hee, Fumio-kun, you’re so cute when you look like that”

 With that said, Misuzu and Masaki-chan are both pressing their nipples against my mouth.

 I opened my mouth wide and sucked on the cherry-red protrusions presented to me from both sides.

 ”Ah, Fumi-kun…”

 ”Hyaa, Fumio-kun…”

 Misuzu and Masaki-chan shuddered at the same time.

 (Ooh, breast! To be able to suck the breast of two best friends at the same time is a bit exciting)

 In my excitement, I sucked on their nipples.

 At the same time, I pinched the vacant nipple with my index finger and thumb, and twisted it around.

 ”Aah, Fumi-kuun, you’re just like a baby… Aah, that’s good, suck more, lick me more, aah, aah, haaanh…”

 ”Mnh, Fumio-kun, you’re so pervert… Aahhn, being sucked together with Misuzu-chan, you’re so pervert, aaahh, nnh…!”

 The two of them were breathing heavily with their pink-hot bodies twitching and shivering.

 On the other hand, the two women who were torturing my lower body must have noticed that I was close to ejaculating. And they continued to work on me with even greater vigor.

 ”*slurp slurp*, *suck*, fuuhinro ish dewicioush, dewicioush, *lick* *suck*!”

 ”*lick* *lick* *lick* Honfinement Hing, hit’s good, hight? *lick* *lick* *lick*”

 The two of them, in perfect combination, are pushing me to my limits.

 ”Kuh… I can’t hold it again, I’m cumming…”

 The sweet taste of their nipples and the pleasure that welled up between my legs.

 As I savored the warmth and softness of the four beautiful girls I loved, I finally reached my climax.

 *Spurt!* *Spurtttt!* *Spurttttttt!*

 ”Nnn!? Nnnnnn!!”

 I unleash the first thick semen of the morning in the back of Mai’s throat while she still has my cock in her mouth.

 The black gal’s bride was bewildered for a moment, but she doesn’t stop sucking. She continued to shake her head passionately as if to encourage me to ejaculate.

 ”Kuh… Mai, it’s getting too sensitive…”

 The pleasure was so acute that I involuntarily pulled the nipple from my mouth and writhed.

 (Ah, oh… oh no, this ejaculation feels too good…)

 It’s too good to be true. With each pulse, a sweet s*xual sensation runs up my spine, and a pleasant sense of weakness permeates my entire body.

 ”Mn *smooch!* puha!”

 When Mai removed her mouth from my thing, Ui suddenly placed her lips on hers.

 ”Nm, nnnn… Noooo, don’t take Fu~min’s juice, *kiss* *suck…*”

 ”*kiss* you can’t keep it all to yourself… *suck* *slurp* *kiss…*”

 Mai and Ui’s tongues entwined with each other as they transferred my thick semen in their mouths. Their pink tongues writhe as they are coated with white mucus.

 The semen-covered kiss between the two beautiful girls is so perverse that Misuzu and Masaki-chan, who are watching them, let out excited gasps.

 (Kissing between girls is really dangerous. Moreover, it’s between my legs. And the white semen is all over their tongue…)

 As I gulped, each of the four girls looked into my face.

 ”There’s more to come… Fumio-kun, today I’m going to make you cum until I’m full”

 Masaki-chan smiled and said so, and Misuzu became a tsundere.

 ”I-it’s not that I want to do it with Fumi-kun, you know…. It’s our anniversary, and I have no choice”

 ”Heh~… now you’re being so tsundere? Misuzu-chan isn’t honest… but, Fumio-kun, I’ll make you feel good all the way today, since it’s our anniversary”

 ”Yes, let’s make it the best anniversary ever”

 ”Ahaha, I’m going to use all my erotic skills to make you feel good today, since it’s our anniversary!”

 ”So… um, what’s the anniversary for after all?”

 The four of them looked at each other again and smiled at each other.

 And so then…

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