Confinement 256

Chapter 256 Traveling with Onahole, Part One-One

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 ”The start of the island… Don’t tell me it’s the start of the island”

 Suddenly, I, Rin Fukuda, was alone on an isolated island surrounded by the sea on 360 degrees.

 And I uttered a phrase that I had heard somewhere before in a daze.

 Why am I alone in this place?

 It’s a long story, but if I want to tell it in order, I should start from yesterday morning.

◇ ◇ ◇

 When I was waiting for Senpai in front of the Chobi statue, the girls from my class pass by.

 They passed by and whispered something like, “What’s is she doing here?”, “She must go on a compensation date”, and “Ah, I saw something gross”.

 (Ugh… I should’ve worn a disguise…)

 If I had worn a pair of sunglasses, I probably wouldn’t have felt this way.

 In fact, I usually wear a hat and sunglasses even when I go to a convenience store.

 Today, however, I was a little carried away because Senpai told me to look cute.

 So I wore an off-the-shoulder pink summer knit and a flowery skirt with a pattern that looked like Jillstuart.

 It’s been a long time since I’ve dressed up in such a proper way.

 I ordered this combination from an online shop after a lot of worrying about what Senpai would say “cute”, and it just arrived yesterday. For the time being, I decided to wear a neat and clean style, the complete opposite of Fujiwara-senpai.

 I thought Senpai might like something more gal-like, but being compared to Fujiwara-senpai would be too much for me.

 If Fujiwara-senpai was the main character for Senpai, then I, as a sub, should have a different style so that Senpai wouldn’t get tired of me. I think it’s a clever idea, but I don’t know…

 Then, from the Boston bag in my hand.

 I took out my phone and checked the time, and found that it was already thirty minutes past the appointed time.

 (Uuu… No way he left his phone behind…)

 To be honest, considering the way Senpai usually treats me, it’s quite possible.

 But I had survived the flat summer vacation, looking forward to this day alone. When I thought of it, I felt a surge of emotion.

 (Ah, no, I’m going to cry, I mean, I really going to cry…)

 At that moment, I heard Senpai’s voice from behind me.


 When I hurriedly turned around, Senpai was tilting his head dubiously.

 ”Ah? Why do you look like you’re about to cry?”

 ”Y-you’re late! Senpai!”

 ”Ahh? All you had to do was leave the dormitory late enough to match my arrival. You should at least know your Master’s arrival somehow”

 ”Isn’t that too unreasonable?”

 ”Shut up, let’s go”

 He says this without hiding his displeasure, and starts walking towards the ticket gate without paying attention to me.

 ”W-wait a second! Geez, if you keep acting like that, Fujiwara-senpai will get tired of you”

 I hurriedly chased after him, but he didn’t even turn around and spoke.

 ”Don’t worry. I’m super nice to everyone except you”

 ”Whoa, isn’t that too mean? Oh… Oh, I get it, I get it. Geez, Senpai, you’re not being honest. That means I’m special, right? Right?”

 ”Are you crazy? You’re just Onahole”

 ”Yes yes, I know it, I know it. I’m Senpai’s favorite, right? Even took me on a trip”

 ”AhoAre you kaan idiot?”

 I forcibly twined my arms around him, and even though he looked annoyed, he did not shake it off.

 As the ticket has been prepared by Senpai, I just followed him.

 We took the down train and transferred to the limited express at the Chuo station.

 The passengers were sparse, and the seat number on the express ticket was for two people in the rear of the train.

 Now that I think about it, Senpai was strangely empty-handed.

 (What is he going to do about his change clothes?)

 While I was thinking about this, Senpai snatched my Boston bag and put it on the shelf.

 It’s funny how kind he is sometimes, despite what he says.

 Then, as soon as we sat down, Seboau put his hands behind my back, hugged me, and started to fondle my breasts.

 Of course I don’t resist.

 ”Nnn… Ah, by the way… Senpai haven’t told me, Nnn, where we’re going yet…”

 ”Pre-sale inspection”

 ”Pre-sale inspection?”

 ”Yeah, inspecting the island I’m going to buy”


 ”It’s almost my birthday, so Fujiwara-san, and her old-man said he’d buy me anything I wanted”

 ”Eh… umm, I completely have no idea what you’re talking about…?”

 ”I mean I said to Fujiwara-san that I don’t really want anything, but she wants to do something that would make me happy. So, when she asked me what I wanted, I said “Uninhabited Island”…”


 The scale of the story is wrong.

 (Making his girlfriend pay for an uninhabited island, what’s that? A rank one Himo[1]!? A world class Himo!) an indolent man who financially depends on his girlfriend excessively like a parasite and is reluctant to work by himself

 It was really creeping me out. Even if my nipples are twisted with his finger, I was so distracted that it doesn’t bother me.

 ”Well, we won’t be landing on the Island until tomorrow. So, today we’re staying at an inn in the port town for the night, and they’ve arranged for us to cross over to the Island tomorrow”

 ”S-Senpai, w-wait a minute. Who… made the arrangements?”

 ”Who? Of course, Fujiwara-san”


 ”Don’t worry, I told her that I’m going with Rin, so she made reservations for two people”

 ”Eeeeeeeek!? Wh-Wh-Wh-What will happen to me!?”

 (I-I’m going to be killed. I, I have to run, but, w, where to? I don’t care where… but I have to run!)

 My face tenses up greatly. But without caring about that, Senpai put her hand through the gap in my shirt and grabbed my breast.

 ”What happen to you? Fujiwara-san know that Rin is my onahole, and I don’t think she do anything to you?”

 ”No, no, no! What kind of relationship is that? Is it a swapping couple?”

 ”She doesn’t need to be jealous by Onahole”

 ”Oh… I see…”

 I don’t think it’s a story I should agree with, but I can understand if she only sees me as her boyfriend’s toy, and if she doesn’t like me, she can destroy me at any time.

 ”More importantly, even though your Goshujin-samaMaster went to the trouble of loving you, are you licking and not reacting?”

 ”Umm, but… even though… if you talk like that, wait!? Senpai! It hurts, it hurts! Don’t use your nails like that!”

 In the end, taking advantage of the fact that there weren’t many passengers, Senpai continued to play with my chest for two and a half hours before arriving at the station.

 While making me sip and savor the station lunch, he kept on rubbing my nipples.

 It tingled, and I think it was a little too much for a breast lover.

 But more than that, I was filled with the feeling of “What kind of life-and-death act is this?! Damn it!”.

 From the station, we took a cab. I thought it would be a guest house or something like that, but it turned out to be Minshuku[1]. (private home that runs inn providing room and board, but it was still a resort hotel)

 ”FW Pa… Paradise Hotel?”

 It was the same hotel company that I stayed at in Okinawa.

 When Senpai gave his name at the counter, a man who seemed to be the manager came out in a hurry and treated us like a VIP.

 We were ushered to the Imperial Suite on the top floor, where a tropical drink and a fruit platter were prepared on the table.

 ”Wow… wow!”

 I was really excited to be staying in such a luxurious room.

 ”Senpai! Senpai! Amazing! here’s even an open-air bath on the balcony!”

 ”You’re getting too excited, idiot”

 It was only four o’clock in the evening, so the sun was still high in the sky, and as I stepped out onto the balcony, I could see the beautiful sea beyond the railing.

 ”We have time before dinner, right? Do you want to go sightseeing or something?”

 ”Huh? What are you talking about? You look like you want me to fuck you”

 ”Is it showing on my face…?”

 ”You’ve got the face of a horny bitch”

 ”Ugh… it’s Senpai’s fault. All those breasts…”

 ”Oh? Whose fault is that?”

 ”Geez… you threaten me so quickly, I get it, it’s me, I’m the one who’s the bitch!”

 With that said, I lifted up my skirt and flirted with Senpai with my eyes.

 ”I… Fukuda Rin is Kijima-senpai’s onahole. I can’t hold back any longer. I’ll do my best to make your muscular cock feel good. Please, fuck Rin’s cunt hole as hard as you want”

 It’s a line I’ve said many times before, but every time I say it, a shiver runs up my spine.

 ”You helpless bitch, get your hands on the wall and point your ass at me”


 I lifted up my skirt and wiggled my shorts-covered hips in an inviting manner. In fact, I couldn’t hold back any longer.

 ”Senpai… hurry up, please fuck Rin”

 ”You’re such an impatient onahole”

 With a look of annoyance on his face, he unbuckles his belt and slides down his pants.

 Then, he grabbed my waist, pulled down my shorts, and pushed his muscular cock into my pussy.

 (*pant* *pant…* I’ve been tormented all day, I’m so wet…)

 ”Nnn, nnnn…”

 When he thrusts his hips forward, the sensation of having my narrow opening pushed open causes me to stiffen up and raise my eyebrows.

 But I was already so aroused and wet that I easily being penetrated to the base without much resistance.

 ”You really are a bitch, huh? You’re soaking wet”

 ”Because… I’m Senpai’s… Master’s onahole, so my body is ready to be used at anytime, so… please thrust me a lot. Please pound me”

 I think it’s cruel to call me a bitch after playing with my breasts so much, but it would be terrible if he gets upset and quits in the middle of the session.

 ”Yeah, I’ll make you feel good”

 With that, he starts to move his hips slowly.

 I felt that he was kind enough not to do anything rash, despite what he said.

 ”Ah, Nnnn… Nnnn, ah, nnn…”

 With my eyes closed, I let out a faint gasp from my lips as they spill out.

 (I-I feel more than usual, maybe because the environment has changed… or maybe it’s because my Senpai’s cock is stirring inside me…)

 I feel the sensation of his glans spreading open and rubbing against my vaginal walls. And with each stroke, the pleasure spreads out.

 ”How does it feel?”

 ”It feels good. Senpai’s cock feels so good, nnn, nnn…”

 It’s no lie that it feels good, but whenever I compliment him on his cock, he always hums in a good mood. Is it that boys are simple or Senpai are simple?

 ”Then I’ll make you feel even better”

 The movement of his hips suddenly accelerated and his thrusts became more powerful.

 ”Aan, senpai! Aah, aah, aah, aah!”

 As the movement of his hips changed, the pleasure increased rapidly. I could feel Senpai’s hands gripping my waist.

 (Oh, it’s hitting the back. Oh, it feels so good)

 My head goes numb from the shock as if my spine is being directly stimulated.

 ”An, senpai… Aah, nnh, aah… Haa~, nnnn… It feels good, it feels good”

 ”You’re getting so tight. Do you like my cock that much, you bitch?”

 Senpai said teasingly, as he moved his hips with ease.

 That makes my cheeks burn. It seems, I still have some shame in me.

 ”B-Because, Senpai is…. Amazing, you know, I don’t know about other cocks, but yours is the best, ah, ah, ah, it’s good! Senpai is definitely the best”

 I shouted, and Senpai became even more vigorous, thrusting furiously into me from behind.

 ”Aah, aah, aah, aah, aah, aah, aah, nnnn!”

 I opened my eyes and let out a high-pitched cry as he thrusted into me hard.

 (Oh, it’s so intense… oh, no, no, no, I’m being forcibly fucked by Senpai…)

 The tormenting sensation that only Doggy Style can bring makes me excited.

 Perhaps because of this, the scene of the first time I was raped flashed through my mind.

 On the rooftop, while holding the wire fence, I was made into a woman without knowing why by Senpai. And now I’m being fucked again, and I’m screaming with pleasure.

 (It’s thrilling… Senpai, Senpai!)

 Whenever he penetrated me deeply, a shock hit my deepest part, and a sweet cry of pleasure came out of my mouth.

 ”Ah! Aaah! Ah, ah! Nnah, hahhn, fuuuunn!”

 As I writhed and screamed loudly without shame or embarrassment, Senpai pushed his hips forward and changed his movements in a circular motion.


 I shuddered involuntarily at the intense pleasure of the tip of his glans rubbing my cervix.

 ”Ah, no, no! Senpai, don’t do that! It feels too good, I’ll break!”

 ”If you break, I’ll just buy a new one”

 ”No! Don’t break me! Please don’t break me!”

 As if to ridicule my plea, Senpai continued to grind on my cervix.

 ”Ahh, no! No, please forgive me, don’t grind it! Aaah! Ahh, no! Ahhhh!”

 I squirmed and squealed with my mouth wide open at his overly insistent torment.

 My drool dripped from my mouth, and I felt so embarrassed.

 (I can’t take it anymore… I can’t think of anything else…)

 Almost at the same time as I thought this, his hips returned from a circular motion to a back and forth movement, and the pumping began even more intensely than before.

 The sound of his hips slapping my ass and the dry sound of flesh colliding with flesh echoed through the room.

 ”Nnn, you’re so rough, ahh! I can’t do it, I’m feeling it too much, ah, amazing! Ahh, no, nhah, ahhn!”

 I no longer felt any shame. And wanting to feel even better, I desperately begged Senpai.

 ”Aan, Senpai, poke me harder! Mess my insides! Senpai, please use me, Rin, your onahole for all she’s worth!

 Perhaps even more aroused, Senpai covered me and began to shake his hips furiously while grabbing my breasts from above my clothes.

 ”Ora! Ora! Does it feel good!”

 ”Nnnn! It’s good! It feels good! Senpai, I love you! I love it when it feels good! Nnn, Nnnn!”

 His animal-like furious pistons caused a rapid upward curve of pleasure.

 And now, the luxurious hotel room must be filled with the sound of my screams and the sound of water being pumped in and out of me.

 And finally, we reached our limits.

 *Fwup*! The final thrust hit me in the deepest part of my body.

 *Spurtt*! *Spurttttt*!

 Immediately, I saw the light flicker in front of my eyes as I felt the rage surge deep inside me.

 ”Ahh, I’m cumming! I’m cumming, ah, ahhhhhhh!”

 I arched my back and screamed my climax like the roar of a fierce beast, reaching the peak of my sensuality.

 (Ah, I can feel it… it’s throbbing… my insides are full of my Senpai’s…)

 I felt his cock pulsing constantly, and thick semen filled my inside. Then I collapsed to my knees.

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