Confinement 257

Chapter 257 Traveling with Onahole, Part One-Two

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 For dinner, we have Wagyu steak at the Teppanyaki restaurant next to the hotel.

 It’s said the chef skilfully manipulated the spatula and pepper on the iron plate, which was embedded into the marble counter, and cooks it in an acrobatic performance right before people eyes.

 But just as we were about to leave the room after finishing our preparations, Senpai tilted his head with a puzzled look on his face.

 ”What… are you trying to come with me?”

 ”Huh? But…”

 ”I’m having wagyu steak for dinner, but I don’t have any for you”

 ”…There you go again”

 ”I’ll give you 200 yen, so go to a convenience store and buy whatever cup of ramen you want”

 ”Huhhh!? S-Senpai, I want to eat steak too! I mean it! I don’t want to eat cup noodles by myself anymore! It’s my long-awaited tripppp!”

 ”*Sigh…* You’re such a selfish girl”

 Senpai looks at me with a scowl.

 But I know what he means.

 This is his usual teasing. It’s a twisted expression of affection from my cynical senpai.

 After a few bites, he’ll make sure I get a steak too.

 (I know, I know, despite Senpai saying so, he’s kind…)

 That’s why, as for me, I thought I was just playing along with Senpai’s joke.

 ”Tch… Well, whatever. Then, get changed”


 Senpai pointed to a black cloth folded up on the bed. As I picked it up, I couldn’t help but feel my cheeks twitch.

 ”Senpai… this is…”

 ”Yeah. We’re going to eat meat after you change into bunny girl”

 ――So now I’m a bunny girl.

 ”Mamaa… Uh, why is that Onee-chan a bunny?”

 ”Shh! Don’t look!”

 When I heard that voice from the family at the table, I instinctively shrunk back.

 It’s probably because it’s summer vacation. The restaurant is almost full. And I’m a bunny girl in the midst of families and couples.

 The stares piercing me from all over the place hurt like hell.

 When I was shown to the seat, the couple sitting next to me looked surprised.

 Her boyfriend, who was staring at my breasts, was pinched on the back of his hand by his girlfriend, and the chef behind the counter, while pretending not to see me, was glancing at my breasts.

 (Th-This is embarrassing…)

 Also, when we entered the restaurant, we were almost stopped by the staff saying “Dear guests, there is a dress code…”, but Senpai, said “I’m Kijima, what is it?” and a person who seemed to be the owner of the restaurant came running out from the back and showed us to our seats very politely.

 ”Th-This is a very unique dress”

 When the chef gave a twitching smile, Senpai said, “I told her it was embarrassing. But she said she felt uncomfortable unless she was dressed like this”.

 ”Senpai! Th-then, I-It looks like I wanted to wear it…”

 I was about to raise my voice to protest like that, but Senpai glared at me with a fierce look and said, “Huh?”.

 ”Ugh… Senpai… It’s embarrassing”

 ”Isn’t that great? You don’t want to be ignored, right? You’re the center of attention now”

 ”I don’t want this kind of attention…”

 It was too embarrassing that I didn’t have time to eat… but, the meat was delicious, as expected.

 After dinner, on the way back to the room…

 ”Senpai… You really are a pervert, aren’t you?”

 I pouted my lips in a sarcastic way, and Senpai grinned his mouth and said, “Then, I’ll respond to your request”.

 Oh, no! But by the time I realize that, it’s too late.

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”As you wish, I’ll entertain you with perverted play”

 And then, I was made to kneel, stuck my nose between Senpai’s butts, and stuck out my tongue.

 ”Nnn, that’s good, Rin, nnn…”

 Senpai gripped the window frame with his voice trembling with pleasure.

 (Ugh… How cruel, why am I doing this…)

 Senpai’s cock, reflected in the windowpane, warped to the limit, twitches happily and oozes precum at the tip.

 ”Id ish noh good, Id ish megging my assh sho good…”

 ”I don’t know what you’re talking about. Just lick it properly”


 I thought I was being sarcastic but it didn’t work. So, in frustration, I extended my tongue into his anus.


 At the moment when my tongue spread out the creases and entered Senpai, he let out a pathetic voice.

 (Ahaa! What’s with that voice? It’s so embarrassing for a man. Oh no, this might be more fun than I thought)

 As I wriggled my tongue, I remembered the feeling I had when Senpai had tortured my ass.

 His tongue felt surprisingly large against my sphincter.

 It couldn’t have been that big, but the foreign sensation was tremendous.

 When I thought that I was now giving Senpai a taste of that sensation, I felt something tingling up my spine.

 (Ahaha! Senpai, it’s the end of your luck that you let me blame you! All right, I’ll make you say hiihii!)

 As I wriggled my tongue desperately, I could feel the strength slowly draining from Senpai’s body.

 Then as I pulled out my tongue and made fun of him–

 ”Pervert-senpai, how is it? Does it feel good to have your ass licked?”

 ”Sh, shut up…”

 Hearing Senpai’s voice who doesn’t seem to have much time to spare, made my excitement rises. Maybe I’m a bit of S.

 ”Ahaha, Senpai, I’ll keep licking you until you become honest, so please be prepared”

 I think he made me lick his ass as an attempt to be mean, but he just exposed his own weakness, and this is his self-destruction.

 I put my tongue in again. And this time, I push it in deeper than before.

 ”Aaahh, Rin…”

 I move my tongue as if drawing a circle inside his, rubbing his folds.

 Gradually, Senpai’s resistance becomes weaker and weaker. I can see his breathing becoming ragged, as if he had just run at full speed.

 (Ahahaha! He’s feeling it! Senpai is feeling it so much!)

 His cock continues to twitch and rembling painfully. In the reflection of Senpai’s face in the window, his mouth was half open.

 ”Ugh, ugh…”

 ”Ish ith heel hood?”

 ”Uh, yeah…”

 Senpai’s head might be foggy. After all, as I asked, Senpai confessed his honest feelings.

 After a while, I pulled out my tongue and smiled.

 ”Ahaha… Senpai, you’re such a pervert. To be happy from your asshole being licked. You really are a pervert”

 ”Ugh… remember it”

 ”Ehehe… if Senpai going to punish me anyway, I’ll do it thoroughly just for now!”

 With that, I inserted my tongue again, and put my right hand in front of it, and squeeze the erect cock.

 ”Kuh… Ahhhh…”

 Senpai moaned.

 While wriggling my tongue, I rubbed his p*nis with a quick rhythm.

 ”Kuh!? R, Rin!”

 Both front and back at the same time.

 Senpai desperately braces her legs, gripping the window frame from the pleasure born of the cock and the dangerous pleasure born from the shallows of his hole.

 ”S, stop, I said stop, nn…”

 I guess he didn’t expect to be blamed like this. As I ridiculed his resistance, I furiously tortured him from front to back.

 I licked and sucked his asshole to the point of melting, while quickly handling the entire rod.

 The reflection in the windowpane was of a bunny girl kneeling behind Senpai who was leaning forward, giving oral services to his anus and handling his anger, a perversion of the highest order.

 Eventually, as I continued to blame Senpai from front to back, he let out an urgent cry.

 ”Cumming! Ah, it’s coming out, ahhhhh!”

 *Spurtt!* *Spurttt!* *Spurttttt!*

 Hot semen spurted out, staining my hands and dripping down the surface of the window pane.

 As he stiffened at the moment of ejaculation, his sphincter tightened around my tongue.

 Each time he pulsates, strength leaves his body.

 ”Ahh, ah, ahh… *pant* ahhhh…”

 Excited by Senpai’s girly moans, I continue to give him pleasure with my fingers and tongue in order to urge him to ejaculate.

 Eventually, Senpai collapsed in a heap.

 (Ahaha, I did it! I did it!)

 I’m so satisfied!

 I was so excited by the fact that I had made Senpai cum unilaterally.

 But that was as far as it went.

 After this, I was to be punished thoroughly with a series of perverted plays.

◇ ◇ ◇

 The next morning, after breakfast at the room service, the front desk informed us that the real estate agent was coming to pick us up, so we got ready and went down to the lobby.

 Today was the day we were going to cross over to uninhabited Island.

 Since we were going to the beach, I put on a lot of sunscreens, a swimsuit under a light purple linen one-piece, and a straw hat.

 In the lobby, there was a plump, round-glassed, and well-mannered man.

 ”Th-Thank you very much for choosing us”

 When the Oji-sanuncle bowed deeply, Senpai replied humbly.

 ”Yeah, well, I’m sorry, but I haven’t decided to buy it yet, so let me have a look at it first”

 ”Yes, yes, of course. We have an Island that fits your requirements. I’ll take you there”

 He wiped off his sweat and smiled flatteringly at Senpai. I wondered how hard it was to work, as he kept his head down.

 ”Well then! There’s a car waiting outside, so please, come in”

 When we got to the roundabout, a limousine was waiting for us. Then, an old man opened the door and invited us in.

 In the car, I asked Senpai.

 ”Senpai, what kind of island did you want?”

 ”Hmm? It should be far enough away from the land that people can’t swim across it, it should be uninhabited, it should be a reasonably large Island, it should be out of radio range, and it should have enough mountains and rivers for survival…”


 ”It’s a good way to get rid of people I don’t like. Like you.”

 ”There you go again… Wait, Senpai, you are kidding, right? It is really a joke, right?”

 ”Yes, well, it’s a joke for now”

 ”Not yet!?”

 ”I guess it depends on your attitude”

 Eventually, we arrived at a small fishing port and were led to a boat that looked like a fishing boat.

 ”Since this is a completely uninhabited island, there is no other way to get there except by renting a boat. And as it is a fishing boat, I wouldn’t say it’s a very comfortable ride, but please bear with me for a while”

 ”How long?”

 ”About an hour or so”

 With that said, the real estate agent handed us a life vest, and the real estate agent also put on a life vest over his suit and got on the boat.

 It was the first time for me to go on a fishing boat, so it was fun at first, but halfway through the trip, Senpai started to get seasick.

 He was lying on the deck with a pale face using my lap as a pillow, which was uncool to say the least.

 No, well… yeah, he might be cute if he’s this weak.

 ”You see there, that’s the island. I’ll take you to the pier over there”

 ”…Pier? I thought you said it was uninhabited”

 ”Yes, it’s just a pier. We built it a few years ago because we couldn’t sell it as real estate without a pier to attach a boat to”

 ”…Well, if that’s the case, that’s fine”

 We docked at the pier and landed on the island. Because of the seasick, I helped Senpai down to the shore as he staggered, but he fell down on the beach. He was completely helpless. Yeah, he’s uncool.

 ”Well then, I’ve prepared a lodging set over there in advance”

 ”Lodging set?”

 While giving Senpai a lap pillow, I couldn’t help tilting my head.

 ”Yes, tents, sleeping bags, barbecue sets, and so on. I’ll just unload the food now”

 ”Wait, wait, we’re staying here?”

 ”Yes, that’s what Kijima-sama has requested. He said he couldn’t decide whether he should buy it or not until he spent the night here”


 Senpai growled with a pale face. I was puzzled, but the uncle smiled at me and spoke.

 ”Well, I’ll pick you up in the morning”

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