Confinement 258

Chapter 258 Traveling with Onahole, Part Two-One

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 ”Senpai, are you alright?”



 Honestly, it’s cute when Senpai is weak.

 Probably, when I see other boys doing such things, I just think it’s annoying, but when it comes to Senpai, I feel like doing anything for him.

 (Maybe… I’m really, really falling in love with him…)

 His appearance is the opposite of what I like.

 He’s mean and not nice at all.

 The only difference between him and others is his thing… and yet I want to be with him so badly.

 Of course it feels good doing it with him.

* * *

 Although I’ve never do it with anyone else, and maybe I’m just favoring the guy who take my virginity, I don’t think there’s anyone who can make me feel better than him.

 But that is not the reason, I guess.

 (…”Maybe” I’m just stupid, huh?)

 While holding Senpai who is groaning in my lap with a pale face, I looked around.

 Right now we’re on the sandy beach, right next to a wooden pier. Behind us is a dense forest, and in front of us is the ocean.

 The sea reflects the sunlight and sparkles, but it is not so clear, and if I look closely, I can see some garbage washed up on the shore.

 To be honest, it doesn’t have much of a resort atmosphere. It is more like a rocky beach than a beautiful seaside.

 Maybe if we go fishing on the pier, we can catch some fish.

 Though I’ve never been fishing, so it’s just an image.

 ”Alone with Senpai in an inhabitant island…”

 I realized it when I said it out loud.

 There’s no one here who’d look at me negatively, no one who’d harass me.

 I don’t have to be afraid of Tattakata-senpai, who’s staring at me with fierce eyes, and best of all… Fujiwara-senpai isn’t here. I can have Senpai all to myself. There’s no one to interfere.

 ”Isn’t it… great!?”

 Almost at the same time as I muttered this, Senpai stood up unsteadily with a pale face. And then――

 ”I’m… going to throw up”

 ”Are you okay? Do you want me to go with you?”

 ”It’s fine… just set up the tent, upuu”

 Senpai raised his hand lightly while holding his mouth, and then started walking along the shore, and disappeared behind a rock some distance away.

 ”I’ve never set up a tent before…”

 Looking again, I noticed that there was quite a lot of stuff being unloaded from the ship.

 Upon checking each one, I found a disc-like object wrapped in a plastic case about one meter in diameter.

 On the front of the case was written “ONETOUCH TENT” along with the logo of a famous brand of camping equipment.

 ”This is… the tent, right?”

 I began to set up the tent while looking at the instruction manual inside the case, but to be honest, I was surprised.

 Just take it out of the case, throw it on a flat surface, and the tent will inflate into a dome, and the tent is set up.

 All I had to do was to peg it to the ground so that it wouldn’t blow away in the wind.

 ”Amazing… It’s like something out of a manga”

 I don’t usually do anything outdoors, so I don’t really have an image of tents. I only remember the campsite staff at my elementary school’s forest school setting up tents with great difficulty.

 I never thought that tents had evolved to this level.

 ”After that… put the polyurethane mat inside, and… I don’t think we will use sleeping bags…”

 Because there was no way Senpai would let me sleep.

 When I entered the tent, I found that it was about 130 centimeters high, and it was barely big enough for two people to sleep side by side.

 ”It’s a bit cramped, but… well, we usually overlap at night, so…”

 I feel a little embarrassed when I say it out loud.

 ”Maybe I should prepare a barbecue…”

 I say, hiding my embarrassment, and crawl out of the tent, even though no one is around.

* * *

 ”Still… Senpai sure is late…”

 It’s been almost twenty minutes since Senpai went over there.

 (No way, is he passed out?)

 I became worried and went towards the direction where Senpai had gone.

 However, even though I looked behind the rock, he was nowhere to be seen.

 ”Senpai! Senpaiiii! Where are you? Senpaiiii!”

 I raised my voice, but there is no reply.

 I walked along the shoreline calling out, but there was no sign of Senpai.

 My sense of anxiety became stronger and stronger.

 (Don’t tell me he’s been swept away by the waves… No, no, that’s not possible in such a calm sea. Maybe he’s lost in the forest… but it’s not that big a forest…)

 ”Senpai! Senpai! Senpaaaiiii!”

 I must have walked for about an hour. And before I knew it, I could see the tent I had built in front of me.

 Apparently, I had walked around the perimeter of the Island.

 ”Senpai… where have you gone…?”

 I peeked into the tent, but there was no sign of him.

 (Maybe we just missed each other when he came back…)

 I sat down on a rock near the tent and waited for Senpai.

 The sun was shining brightly. However, in spite of the brightness of the scenery, I began to feel uneasy and the scenery around me seemed frightening.

 The waves rushed in and out of the water. The cries of seabirds echoed in the distance. The sound of leaves swaying in the breeze echoed louder than ever.

 ”Uuu… Senpai… where are you?”

 At that moment, I couldn’t help but think about what Senpai said to me in the car.

 [It’s a good way to get rid of people I don’t like. Like you]

 Immediately, I felt as if someone had shoved ice into my back, and I leapt involuntarily.

 A creeping sense of fear crept up on me.

 ”No… way…”

 For example, maybe Senpai has a ship somewhere else on the Island, and he’s already gone.

 If that’s the case, there won’t be a boat to pick me up tomorrow.

 ”No way…”

 Being Senpai’s onahole made me feel like I was forgiven.

 But what if Senpai hadn’t forgiven me at all?

 What if I was the only one who fell in love with Senpai, but Senpai was annoyed by me?

 And if this trip was planned to get revenge on me, then it makes sense that Fujiwara-senpai is cooperating fully.

 ”N-No… that’s not right…”

 There’s no one here who’d look at me negatively, no one who’d harass me.

 There’s no need to be frightened of Tattakata-senpai staring at me with fierce eyes, and Fujiwara-senpai isn’t here either, but it’s meaningless without Senpai.

 And so, tears are falling down from my eyes.

 ”Uuuu, Uee… No, Senpai, please don’t leave me alone, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I don’t want to be alone, I don’t want to be lonely…”

 Only my voice was heard in the sea, and no reply came back.

 I don’t have time to think about whether I can live alone on the island, or how I can ask for help.

 After all, Senpai was not there, and he might have abandoned me. It was so painful, so sad, that I just cried out loud.

 I cried and cried. I was so exhausted that my voice is all rattled.

 By the time I thought all the fluids in my body were gone, the sun had already set and the sky was painted with a gradation of orange and blue.

* * *

 ”Uuuuh… Senpai, Senpai… don’t leave me alone…”

 The thought of being alone made me afraid of the night. I was too scared. I was so lonely I felt like my heart would be crushed.

 Being alone in the dormitory was tolerable if I thought about the next time I’d see him.

 But now it was gone.

 Thinking of that made me feel sad all over again.

 ”Ueeeeeeeee… *Sob* *Sob*”

 My throat tightens with sobs, but just as I open my eyes…

 I saw Senpai in front of me with a troubled look on his face.

 ”Do you know how ugly you look?”

 ”*Sob…* Sen-pai…?”

 Senpai is here. By the time I thought that, my body moved of its own accord. I jumped on him and pressed my face against his chest.

 ”Kuwse drftgy Fujiko lp! Wh-Wh-Wh-Where did you go! *Sob* you stupid, you idiot, Senpai, Senpaiiii!” (*Note: くぁwせdrftgyふじこlp?)

 ”Aah! Hey, you idiot, get off from me! Don’t snot on me!”

 ”No! I’ll never leave you, no, no! *Sob* *Sob…* ueeeee…”

 I clung to him and cried, and he looked at me in astonishment.

 Even so, Senpai hug me until I managed to stop crying.

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