Confinement 259

Chapter 259 Traveling with Onahole, Part Two-Two

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 ”Ugh… where have you been… I, I…”

 Rin puffed out her cheeks as she clung to me. Her behavior was so childish that I couldn’t help but chuckle.

 (I just fell asleep while lying down in the Confinement King’s bedroom…)


 Just when I thought she had stopped crying, she started crying again.

 Rin’s eyelids were swollen and her face was a mess of tears and snot. Her flushed complexion was even turning purplish in places.

 ”*Sob…* don’t throw me away, please don’t throw me away, I’ll do anything…”

 ”Anything? Then stop crying”

 Immediately, Rin’s eyes widen with all the strength she can muster up.

 She’s probably trying to stop her tears, but her eyes are so bloodshot that it’s quite scary.

 (It’s like a horror movie…)

 If there is a girl who approached me and her face like this, I’m sure I would run away.

 When I was so distracted, I heard she was sniffing loudly.

 ”All right, all right. At any rate, get away from me. I haven’t had lunch and I’m hungry. Let’s get ready for the barbecue”

 ”No… I don’t want… to be separated from you… *Sob…*”

 But after threatening and appeasing a reluctant Rin, I managed to get her to let go of her hand and started setting up the barbecue stove.

 However, Rin, who was just sniffing and snorting, was completely useless.

 In the end, I set up the whole thing, and by the time I start cooking the meat, the sun has completely set.

 ”Senpai… please. *Sob* *Sob…* Don’t throw me away…”

 She said this all the while we were eating.

 I didn’t mean to, but it seems I’ve given Rin a full-blown trauma.

 By the time we had finished eating, the sun had completely set, and there were white waves on the black sea. And the sky was full of stars.

 Against the faint light of the cantera, I pulled Rin’s head to me, and forcibly pressed my lips to hers and inserted my tongue.

 ”Nfu, nmuu… Shen-pai *slurp* nn, nnnn…”

 When I sucked her tiny tongue as hard as I could, her whole body jerked and quivered. I enjoy her reaction and pour the saliva I’ve collected in my mouth into Rin.

 ”Nnn *slurppp…* Nnn *gulp…* Nnnn… Nh.. S-Senpai…”

 After enjoying the feel of her tongue, I pulled my lips away, grabbed her chin, looked her eye, and spoke.

 ”Don’t throw me away, don’t throw me away, shut up, you idiot. Don’t think I’ll let you go so easily”

 Rin looked startled, and her eyes welled up with surprise.

 ”I told you not to cry, didn’t I?”

 ”Ugh… I, I’m sorry…”

 ”That’s not what you must said! Hey, onahole, where’s your manner? Look”

 ”I… *Sob* I… Fukuda Rin is Kijima-senpai’s raw onahole. *Sob* *Snort…* Ueee… I’ll work harder to make Senpai’s muscular cock feel good. *Sob* please… keep on fucking Rin’s cunt hole for a very long time, very long timeeeeee…”

 Then she knelt in front of me, sobbing, unbuckling my belt and pulling down the zipper of my jeans.

 Then with a sob, she gently grasped my cock, which was already hard from the kiss alone.

 ”*Sob* Uuu… Senpai, it’s erected… Ueeee…”

 A girl crying while clutching my manhood.

 I don’t get it.

 While I was puzzled, Rin took my cock in her mouth without any warning.

 ”*Slurp* *Sob* *Sob…* *Lick* *Sob…* *Lick…*”

 But every time Rin sucked, I felt a sudden stimulus that made me shudder slightly.

 ”Uuu *Sob* *Lick* *Lick* Nnnn *Sob…* *Lick*”

 With tears streaming down her face, Rin continues to suck on my cock.

 Not only was it stimulating, but the sight of such cruelty made me feel more and more blood gathering in my loins.

 ”Fumu, fumu *Sob* *Kiss* *Smooch* *Sob…*”

 Rin continued to tease my urethra with her tongue. And when the tip of her tongue licks up my sensitive spot, it’s hard to resist.


 I let out an involuntary cry and Rin looked up at me with a sobbing smile on her face.

 ”Senfui… hits hood, hight? Hee hoo, I han’t shand it…”

 She looked up at me with clinging eyes while gently moving her right hand up and down, and licking up the glans with a rotating movement of her tongue.


 Then with tears streaming down her face, she took her mouth off the meat stick, stood up, and pulled up the hem of her one-piece dress.

 ”…Senpai… *Sob* Please, please, fuck me, Rin, your onahole, please do as you please Senpai…”

 As the white underwear illuminated by the cantera light, I saw her cloth which was covering her crotch is wet and changing color.

 ”Really, you’re such a naughty girl”

 With a twisted mouth, I walked behind her and twisted her bulge up over her clothes.

 ”Nnn, Senpai… that hurts”

 ”It feels good, doesn’t it?”

 ”… Nnn”

 Then I move my hand out of her breast and play with her nipple up and down with my index finger.

 ”Mmm, aah, Senpai, there…”

 At the caress to her sensitive nipples, Rin made a cry and arched her back.

 ”Nn, aaah, anh… aaah… this is too much… Senpai…”

 As Rin writhed in agony, I pulled up her skirt and quickly removed her panties. Then she wriggled and cried out.

 ”…Senpai, come here. Please use Rin’s bitch hole”

 ”Really, you’re such a helpless onahole”

 I aimed at Rin’s drenched crevice from behind and thrust my hips out at once.

 ”Nn, nnn…”

 I push open the narrow canal, and my cock enters Rin.

 With no support on the sandy beach, she almost collapsed to the ground. But I won’t let that happen.

 I grab her hips with my hands and thrust in to the base, using her hole like onahole to massage my cock.

 ”Ah, nnn… Nnn, ah, nnnn…”

 Rin couldn’t hold back and crawled on all fours on the sand. But I fuck her mercilessly. I thrust my hips hard into her, making her moan wildly.

 ”Nnnn *Sob* *Sob* Ueee… Anh, anh, anh…”

 Her tears smeared on the sand. Still, I accelerated the movement of my hips in excitement, and without realizing it, my thrusts became more powerful.

 ”Nn, sen… pai, aah, aah, aah… aah, aah, aah, nnnn…”

 ”What’s the matter, Rin, you’ve been squeezing me like crazy. Do you like my cock that much?”

 I said teasingly while thrusting with all my might, and Rin let out an indifferent cry.

 ”I like ittt! I love itttt! I really like ittt! Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!”

 The torment of the Doggy Style position must have aroused Rin. After all, her voice sounded like a scream.

 ”You’re getting too excited, you perverted onahole”

 ”Y-You can call me a pervert, Senpai, that’s what I want, nnn! Ahhhhh, ahh, nku, nnngh!”

 It seems, her arousal has no limits, and it’s rising rapidly.

 ”Ahh, I’m going crazy! I’m going crazy, Senpaiii!”

 As I rotated my hips, the pleasure of the tip of the glans rubbing her cervix made Rin shudder and let out a debauched moan.

 ”No, don’t do thaaaat, don’t do that, ah, ah, ah, aaaah?!”

 Encouraged by Rin’s writhing, I continued to grind on her cervix even more.

 ”Aah, nooo! Hahh, Senpai, you’re grinding me, ahh! Ahh, nwaa! Ahhhh!”

 This female onahole opens her mouth and squeals as she receives the penetration.

 (That should be enough for now)

 And so, I change my hips from a circular motion to a back and forth motion, and thrust my hips even harder than before.

 The dry sound of flesh slapping against flesh overlapped with the sound of waves.

 ”Nnn, you’re so rough, ahh! I can’t do this, I’m feeling it too much, nnnnn! Ah, amazing! Ah, stoppp, nhaa, nnnn!”

 I stomped my feet so hard that my ankles were buried in the sand, and began to shake my hips furiously. As if I were an animal, I fucked this onahole girl with all my might.

 ”Nnnnah, Senpai! Don’t throw me away! Don’t throw me away! Ahh! Violate me, violate me foreverrrrr!”

 ”I told you I won’t throw you away!”

 I gave her one last thrust, and my desire burst in her deepest place.

 *Spurt!* *Spurttttt!*

 ”Ahhh, I’m cumming! I’m cumming, ah, hii, ahhhhhhhhh!”

 Rin cried out in a high-pitched scream of climax, reaching the peak of her pleasure. And with only her hips raised high, she shuddered in ecstasy.

 My cock also pulsed intermittently, pumping a thick stream of semen into her womb.

 Then, after the release subsided, I stayed connected to her and gently stroked her head.

 ”…Please don’t throw me away”

 ”Really, you’re so persistent”

 And for a while, I just kept stroking her head.

 I think… she had already stopped crying by then.

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