Confinement 260

Chapter 260 Asakusa

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 Confinement King-sama is gone on a trip.

 Lili-sama says that He will return back soon, but since the person accompanying him is insisting, he will stay another night with her in her room.

 I’m sure it’s one of favorite princesses who is accompanying Him, still I envy her because Confinement King-sama is willing to listen to such selfishness.

 That’s why, today, there are no visitors from the favorite princesses, and we are leisurely enjoying our afternoon tea in the dining hall.

 ”Hey, GokiburiCockroach. How is Takata-sama?”

 MukadeCentipede asked lazily while leaning her elbows on the table.

 ”What do you mean?”

 ”If it goes on like this, will she end up in Confinement King-sama’s harem?”

 ”Hmm… I don’t know… The Head Maid said, if Takata-sama reaches her goal, she’ll restore her original appearance and release her, but… MimizuEarthworm, did Takata-sama say anything?”

 ”I think Taka-chi planning to do that too… she said she would quit from the bar after the summer vacation”

 Then SanadamushiTapeworm interrupted while chuckling.

* * *

 ”No, that’s impossible. Confinement King-sama must be thinking that she’ll lose her patience and return anyway”

 ”That’s it, that’s what I’m talking about! That doesn’t sound right to me”

 At Tapeworm’s comment, Centipede wakes up and opens her mouth.

 ”What do you mean?”

 ”You see, unlike everyone else, I’m experienced. I’ve had done it with my boyfriend quite often, and I’ve always thought it felt good, but… to be honest, I don’t think I’ll be able to hold it. Regardless of how big it is. Of course, I’d like to be held by Confinement King-sama”

 That’s not a very acceptable comment.

 We couldn’t help but be annoyed.-

 ”Isn’t that just because Centipede’s boyfriend is not very good at it?”

 ”Well, an unpopular Earthworm like you wouldn’t understand”

 ”Centipede, are you picking a fight?”

 ”Now, now…”

 I divert the conversation, appeasing the irritated Earthworm.

 ”But, aside from Takata-sama, Confinement King-sama’s harem is expanding rapidly… We should think of a way to gain his favor, shouldn’t we? After a year, we’re going to have to move out of here”

 Then Tapeworm drank a cup of tea and made a proud face.

 ”In that sense, I’m a step ahead of you. After all, I’m the one who gave the Confinement King-sama oral service!”

 ”Well… if he doesn’t want to hold you after you’ve sucked his thing, doesn’t that mean you’re not attractive?”

 ”All right, Centipede, come out! Fight me!”

 ”Go play with your dragons, you idiot”

 ”Now, now…”

 As Tapeworm burns with murderous intent and Centipede sticks out her tongue, I step in between them to intervene.

 Then, Earthworm opens her mouth while putting a finger to her chin as if to think.

 ”But in fact, if we want to appeal to the Confinement King-sama, the sooner the better, right? If there are more Favored Princess in the future, our chances will decrease”

 ”Yeah… you’re right. Even if I can’t be a Favored Princess, if I can at least be a semi-Favored Princess apprentice…”

 ”The question is, how do we appeal?”

 As Tapeworm agreed to Earthworm, Centipede joined the conversation.

 I also think about it.

 In fact, there are not many opportunities to meet the Confinement King-sama.

 How could we appeal to him so that he would invite us to his bedroom?

 And then–

 ”Oh right!”

 ”Then, Earthworm-kun”

 Tapeworm points her finger at Earthworm, who suddenly raises her hand.

 ”If I remember correctly, the Confinement King has a slightly sadistic tendencies. So, how about showing off our clumsiness?”

 ”I see, clumsy maids are popular in manga as well. They make you want to bully them…”

 ”But how exactly is a clumsy maid?”

 At my question, Tapeworm showed some thought and opened her mouth.

 ”Like bumping into someone in the corner of the hallway with a piece of toast in your mouth…”

 ”If someone bumps into you, they’re dead”

 ”I thought the stronger the impact, the more memorable it would be…”

 ”They’ll never forget you in a different way”


 Chuckling at Tapeworm, Earthworm opened her mouth.

 ”Then how about this? You know how it is in TV dramas? Like falling on a hill and having someone pick up a bunch of oranges from a paper bag you’re holding”

 ”I can only hope that Confinement King-sama gets the ability to create a hill in the room…”

 I chuckle, and Earthworm says, “Well, how about this?” and comes up with another idea.

* * *

 ”When I pulled a handkerchief out of my p-pocket, it turned out to be a pigeon. Then I say, “Oh sorry, I mistook it for a handkerchief and put a pigeon in here””

 ”Why, a pigeon?”

 ”Well, it’s memorable, isn’t it? It looks fun. I don’t mind if it’s a flag or something”

 ”Why does your clumsy idea have to be entertainment?”

 Then, Centipede, who had been listening in silence, opened her mouth.

 ”I’ve been thinking about it, maybe it’s dangerous to be clumsy…”


 ”Think about it, there are people here who are even more S than Confinement King-sama… if they catch your eye, you know what happen, right?”

 A huge pair of breasts crossed my mind.

 Yeah, that’s definitely not a good idea.

 Suddenly, Earthworm changed the subject.

 ”Yes yes, this is a different story. But, you know, Amemiya-senpai? She officially joined Confinement King-sama’s harem. The other day”

 ”Oh, yeah. She’s a semi-favorite princess apprentice, right?”

 ”That’s right! And Lili-sama told me. That Confinement King-sama seems to like Amemiya-senpai a lot. I think he’ll call her quite often from now on…”

 ”Seriously! Is she going to come? Is it like the era of Amemiya-senpai is coming?”

 Centipede let out an unenthusiastic voice when I started talking.

 ”Well… but, Amemiya Senpai likes girls, right?”

 ”Is that so?”

 ”You didn’t know that? See, at the spring camp, she was in the bath the whole time. She was staring at the new recruits’ member bodies”

 ”Eh? Really? Is that so?”

 ”So, what did Confinement King-sama like about Amemiya-senpai?”

 ”Well… He said her vagina feels really good”

 That’s when we unintentionally went back to our basics.

 ”That’s not really helpful… we’re talking about how to convince Him to embrace us…”

 ”That’s right…”

 Then Earthworm clapped her hands.

 ”Centipede! Speaking of which… You said your boyfriend confessed his feelings to you, right? What did your boyfriend like about you?”

 ”Hmm… It’s kind of embarrassing for me to say this, but… He said, “I was attracted to you because of the feminine side that you sometimes show””

 ”Femininity, huh…”

 ”I wonder if I should grow out my hair or something?”


 ”You know what people say. Like, while they were passing each other, the hair brushed the tip of the nose and the smell of shampoo made the heart skip a beat”

 ”…Maybe we only smell blood”

 ”Ugh… well, I’ll do my best to wash it, but ordinary shampoo won’t do. And I think it has to be a scent that Confinement King-sama likes…”

 ”What does Confinement King-sama like?”

 ”I remember the other day, he was eating yakiniku with a delicious smile on his face…”

 ”””That’s it!”””

 We both stood up involuntarily.

* * *

 ”If it looks so good, it makes Him want to bite into it!”

 ”Lili-sama said that appetite and s*xual desire are close too”

 That’s right.

 I remember that Lili-sama told Confinement King-sama when they were chatting once, that the success rate of so-called pick-up would be much higher when the girl was hungry.

 By that logic, men must be tempted to have s*x when they are hungry.

 We got excited without even knowing it.

 From that point on, we acted quickly.

 We pulled out meat and a roaster from the kitchen and roasted the meat in the dining room. Then we four maids put our heads above the roaster.

 Everyone sniffed at the delicious smell of roasting meat. There’s no way we can resist this enticing aroma.

 ”Oh, this is good, isn’t it? “

 ”It’s a perfect example of a carnivorous man!”

 ”There’s no way Confinement King-sama isn’t a carnivore!”

 We continue to let the juicy smoke wrap our hair as we shout.

 But then…

 I suddenly calmed down and took a step back.

 I wondered if He would really be attracted to a girl who smelled of yakiniku, no matter how much he liked it.

 Then, as usual, I felt a sense of déjà vu at the sight of the maids happily fanning themselves with their hands and letting the smoke roll around their hair.

 ”Oh, I’ve seen this before in Asakusa”

 I think it was called an incense burner.-TinnyTL

 If it is exposed to smoke, it is said to have the power to improve one’s intelligence.

 Later on, of course, there was no way that the Confinement King-sama would give us his blessing for this, but it did have an effect: more and more of favorite Princesses said they were hungry when we came near them.

 And, according to Tapeworm, her training partner, a demon Majuubeast, has become excessively excited.

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