Confinement 262

Chapter 262 Claudia’s Hole

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 I, Ryoko Terashima, am getting ready to go home from my desk when I smell a sweet and spicy aroma coming from the seat opposite me.

 It’s the smell of barbecued meat lunchboxes from the bento shop behind the station. This is what Inomoto-senpai usually eats at night.

 ”Senpai… are you going to work late today?”

 ”Yes, because of the murder case…”

 The murder case… the one where the receptionist of a construction company was murdered.

 I wasn’t involved in the investigation of that case, but I was told that a suspect had emerged and that it would be solved soon…

 ”We’ll have to re-examine the case from the bottom up… After all, there was definitely someone suspicious. Like the victim’s husband who has been given a divorce letter by the victim. He has done a lot of stalking, and now he’s been banned from the courthouse”

* * *

 ”Is he the wrong guy?”

 ”Well, the victim’s husband had an alibi. It was impossible for him to commit the crime”

 ”A schedule trick or something?”

 ”No, there’s no such thing as a schedule trick nowadays. Well, it’s not a schedule trick. But, you see, he wasn’t in Japan. He was in Bali for a week before and after the attack. We checked his immigration records. I’m sure of it”

 ”Didn’t anybody say… that it might be the work of the Akumadevil?”

 ”Yeah. Almost as if I had calluses on my ears”

 The other day on Detective JK’s special, a devil appeared during the live broadcast and killed the security guards in an instant, which was broadcast to the nation.

 “It’s a trick! It’s a fake!”, some people said so, and one of the actors said, “It was amazing CG”, and many people thought it was an overdone production.

 But that was too realistic.

 In addition, the disappearance of the two detectives JK after that made the story of the devil incident more plausible.

 As a result, there was a sharp increase in the number of reports of “Devil Attacks”. In the case I’m working on, the victim is beginning to claim that it was the work of the devil.

 Even if only the saddle of a bicycle is stolen, it is the work of the devil.

 Even a dead cat thrown into the garden is the work of the devil.

 Even the onions stolen from the garden are the work of the devil.

 It’s also the work of devil who tear the paper shrink at the bookstore.

 Phone scam is also the work of the devil.

 An elementary school student is also said to be greeted by the devil.

 Moreover, an old man who mistook the gas pedal for the brake pedal and drove into a convenience store claimed it was the work of the devil.

 I mean how much free time do devil have…?

 The devils are working so hard, they’re about to die of exhaustion.

 Lili-sama also amused by the situation, but for those of us on the scene, it’s getting to the point where we’re sick of it.

 Some politicians are calling for the deployment of exorcists in the police force, and the line between manga and reality is about to become blurred.

 ”I never thought that kidnapping case would become so important. Come to think of it, Hikaru Teruya and Junichi Kasuya haven’t been found yet, have they?”

 While stirring the retort miso soup with his chopsticks, Inomoto-senpai said to himself.

 Ultimately, this devilry began with the kidnapping of Misuzu Kurosawa-sama, which he and I had investigated.

 Both Inomoto-senpai and I had met with Hikaru Teruya and Junichi Kasuya at an early stage. I guess Inomoto-senpai has his own thoughts on the matter.

 Then, as for the investigation of the two, a task force has been set up in the main office.

 There is no trace of them after they disappeared with the devil. However, since there were no signs of them using the city’s transportation services, it was assumed that they were still hiding in the city.

 Lili-sama seemed to already know where they were, but she did not tell us when I asked her.

 On the contrary…

 [Ryoko, watch out for yourself before you worry about those people, Devi. Now that your ex-fiancee has turned into Majin, the first one who will become his target is probably you, Devi]

 That’s what she warned me. That stupid guy turned into Majin and he’s after me.

 Just when I thought he was a jerk, he’s not even a person anymore.

 For the record, I don’t go back to my apartment at the moment, but live in the room that Master has given me, and it’s quite comfortable.

 However, it is a little hard for me to reduce the amount of alcohol I drink, because I don’t know when Master will call me to bed.

* * *

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”I’m bored…”

 In the mirrored room, I was just lying down.

 I’ve gotten used to laying on the hard floor without any bedding.

 For now, the situation is much better than when I was tied up in the Banzai position.

 Though I’m still wearing the same corset-type s*xy lingerie that doesn’t hide my important parts at all.

 Since the day he took away my first, Fumio has not visited this room.

 I don’t know exactly, but it’s been about a week since then. I don’t even know if it’s morning or night, so my sense of time has become quite numb.

 However, if I have nothing to do, I can’t help feeling that the day is too long. I sometimes wondered if this was the neglected play that I had heard about.

 But when I asked the maid who brought me my meal, she said, “Confinement King-sama is a busy man. She has no time for you, as she has many women to attend to”.

 To my annoyance, the color of those words was blue. She wasn’t lying.

 I once think, “Then let me go” but I keep my mouth shut because if I say it, it might lead to, “Then let’s get rid of her”

 I have to survive somehow until my Onee-chansister comes to rescue me.

 As the story goes, the maid visits this room four times a day.

 She is a short cut maid who calls herself MukadeCentipede. One of the maids who abducted me under Shiratori’s orders.

 In addition to bringing me meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, she comes to wipe me down with hot water.

 This room has a toilet, but no bath. Nevertheless, it is her job to keep my body clean because she never knows when Fumio will come to hold me.

 One time, I took her as a hostage and attacked her when she came into this room to escape.

 I strangled her from behind, but she easily broke free and pinned me down on the floor with one hand. No matter what I thought, it was not human strength.

 With one hand holding me down, she told me with a blank expression.

 ”I do not recommend you to resist. The Head Maid has told me that I can do whatever I want as long as I don’t kill you, so if you ever do this again, I will rip your legs out from the roots”

 It seems, she knows my ability to see through lies.

 But at the same time, I was horrified to see that she wasn’t lying when she said, “I’ll rip your legs off from the roots”

 However, as long as I don’t resist, I won’t be harmed.

 If I talk to her, she responds to me as usual, and if I ask her questions, she responds well.

 With this kind of situation, I can understand how precious it is to have someone to talk to. Even in prison, the more serious criminals are placed in solitary confinement, not in a cell.

 In order to gather information, I talked to her all the time.

 Many of the answers that came back were shocking. After all, her values are too different from those of ordinary people.

 ”This is a crime, let me go!”

 When I said this straightforwardly, the response was particularly shocking.

 The maid tilted her head curiously and spoke.

* * *

 ”Crime? Why do you think someone as good as Confinement King-sama is bound by human laws?”

 ”That’s absurd. So if Fumio told you to die, you would?”

 ”Of course”

 Unbelievably, there was not a single lie in her statement.

 To them, Fumio seemed to be a god or something more.

 There’s no point in being sorry, but it seems that we’ve stepped on the tail of something really bad.

 That’s the story up to yesterday.

 And now, I’m naked, and as the maid wipes my body with hot water, I ask her again.

 It’s because there’s been a slight change in this room where I’m confined.

 ”You know. When I woke up today, there’s a window-like structure on the wall near the ceiling… What is it?”

 It’s not high enough to see through.

 There were many small gaps in the wall near the ceiling.

 Considering the light, it looks like the other side is not connected to the outside, but to the next room.

 ”I don’t know. But I suppose… it’s for ventilation”

 It’s blue.

 She’s telling the truth. She doesn’t know either.

 Which made me even more worried.

 ”Is there any gas coming out of there?”

 ”Is it a joke?”

 Blue. At least I won’t be gassed. Then she spoke again.

 ”If it’s killing, just tell me and it’s over. I’ll mince you with my bare hands”

 I hope she’s not lying, because I really don’t like it.

 ”Claudia-sama, please spread your legs a little wider. Your private part needs to be especially clean. If there’s even a trace of dirt left when the Confinement King-sama uses it, I’ll be reprimanded by the head maid”

 ”Don’t say it’s filth!”

 I resisted at first, but it was useless. For now, all I can do is close my eyes and let the embarrassment pass.

 Every day, day after day, she never gets tired of inserting her finger deep into my vagina and carefully washing it without expression, as a task.

 In the end, she did not give me any information about the sudden gap that appeared.

 But I knew what the gap was as soon as night fell.

 I could hear the noise in the next room.

 That night, I could hear panting sounds like a dog barking all night long, and Fumio’s voice giving me a hard time.

 (I guess he’s trying to make me frustrated by making me listen to his lovemaking. It’s not an erotic manga… it’s ridiculous)

 Only an experienced whore would be frustrated by such a thing. To me, it’s just noise.

 If anything, it was convenient for me.

 I could sleep in peace, knowing that Fumio wouldn’t come to me at night when he was doing something erotic in the other room.

 It’s probably that dog-like devil.

 She seems to be resisting quite well, and I can hear Fumio’s voice saying, “It hurt, you bit me” but then the sound of slapping and screaming echoed.

 If it were a normal girl, I would have felt sorry for her, but she was a devil too, so there was no need to show mercy.

 Just do more, do more recklessly.

 If she falls together with him, nothing to worry about.

 Then, the next night, I heard the devilish panting of a dog.

 It sounded a little weaker than yesterday, as if it was trying to be a little more obedient.

 The next day, however, I heard a completely different girl’s voice.

 ”Kyahaa ☆, Taka-chi’s here! Geez, you never call me! So, hurry, give me your hot thing! Hurry! Hurry! I won’t let you sleep tonight!”

 This time, it was the voice of a girl who sounded very stupid.

 ”So many variations…”

 It made me dumbfounded.

 Volume 5 start.

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